Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chapter 22: Together Part 2

I know to be there
When and where, I'll be there
You know what's to be said
We said out loud, we never said
My premonition of the world comes to me
A sun in your hands from the middle life
Says I'm alright. You said you don't have to speak
I can hear you
I can't feel all the things you've ever felt before
I said it's been a long time
Since someone looked at me that way
It's like you knew me
And all the things I couldn't say
Together, to be
Together and be
Together, to be
Together and be
Together, to be
Together and be
Together, to be

Together-The xx


“Honey Roast Ham and Cranberry chips? You have shit taste in foods, motherfucker,” I grumbled, pouring the rest of the bag into the garbage.

Atwood glared at me from across the room. I had fucking panicked when he didn’t wake up with the smelling salts; so I’d tied him to the chair and waited until he regained consciousness. While he was out, I’d decided to raid his fridge or whatever the fuck the British called it.

“Well Bella happens to like that flavor of crisps. I brought her a case back on my last trip to Seattle.”

I turned around, taking a deep breath. “You must really have a death wish, Atwood.”

His face paled. “I always knew you were a nutter, but I have done nothing wrong. She kissed me. You two are broken…”

I pulled out my SIG. “I told you she will always be mine,” I snarled, pointing the gun at his head. “You chose not to fucking listen.”

“I can’t believe this! If you had kept your John Thomas in your bloody knickers, Bella wouldn’t even be an option for me.” The fucker was actually trying to loosen his binds.

“You don’t know anything about my situation! My babydoll was slumming it with you, Atwood. Bella and I are soulmates. How the fuck do you think you can compete with that?”

He had the nerve to smirk, his bloody lip making him look grotesque. “It’s her choice. You call her babydoll and play the big bad gangster, but you don’t give her everything she needs to be happy.”

“I gave her my soul, motherfucker! You can’t take care of her. What kind of man goes after a pregnant mother anyway?” I asked before lowering my SIG.

“Tell me something, Cullen. If Bella had been up the duff and separated from some tosser when you met her, would you still have chased?”

I sighed. “Fuck yeah.”

All the fight seemed to drain out of his body. “Then you understand my predicament. Let me free, Cullen. I won’t call the Coppers. Just stay the hell out of my flat.”

I paced the room for about twenty minutes before cutting the ropes. Atwood stood up and hobbled to the bathroom. While he was occupied, I checked out his office looking for stuff I could use to make him look bad to Bella. I didn’t find anything.

“Are you done here? My offer not to call the Coppers does have an expiration date,” he threatened, coming up behind me.

I turned around. Atwood was about an inch shorter than me. His hair was coal black and his eyes were a piercing blue. “You’re fucking ugly.”

He laughed. “The birds have always found me acceptable. I reckon I’m just not your type.”

“I’m only sparing your fucking life tonight because Bella doesn’t need the stress. If you continue to see her, I’ll have no choice but to kill your stupid ass. Leave Bella alone, and I leave you alone, Capisce?”

He shook his head as his eyes made contact with mine. “No. It’s Bella’s decision.”

“She’ll always choose me,” I stated arrogantly.

“Will she? May the best bloke win, Cullen. If Bella asks, I’ll tell her I’ve caught a bit of the dreaded lurgy. I also don’t want her ‘stressed out’.”

What the fuck? “This isn’t over, Atwood.”


After driving around for a long time, I checked into a master suite at the Milestone Hotel. Two bitches eyed me like dogs in heat as I passed the bar, but I kept on towards my room. I tipped the bellhop to go out and get me some good curry. I hadn’t eaten in over twelve hours, and my fucking body felt horrible.

He arrived less than thirty minutes later. I’d already asked the front desk to make sure I wasn’t disturbed. Once I ate and showered, I planned to call my babydoll. She deserved to know the truth.

“Bella,” I said into the phone once she answered. “I’m sorry, babydoll…”

She didn’t say a word as I explained my trip and reason for lying. There were a few gasps when I described roughing up Atwood. It fucking broke my heart to hear her cry for that motherfucker.

“Where are you, Edward?” she asked calmly. “Should I call Marcus or Caius?”

“I’m at the Milestone in Kensington. I’ll be home in a day or two.”

“Are you, um, high? Is there a woman with you?” Her voice faded into the whisper on the last question.

I jumped up, nausea rolling off of me in waves. “Fuck no, babydoll! I promised you I’ll never cheat or get high again. I’m alone. I just had curry and…”

Bella sighed. “I’m mad at you for hurting Giles. He’s my friend, Edward. I’m the one who kissed him. He’s never gone further than I wanted him to go. We are in the middle of a divorce, and that means you don’t get to treat me like your property anymore.”

“Then why are you fucking me? I know I’m crazy, but you send me mixed signals all the time.”

She screamed, “Because the flesh is weak, Edward! I can’t seem to quit you. Sometimes you’re so sweet but…”

“But what?”

“You broke my heart,” she whispered. “We’ll never be the same again. I admit using Giles was wrong of me, and I’m going to work it out with him. Just… just get home safely. Dante misses you.”

She hung up on me before I could think of anything more to fucking say. Feeling exhausted and angry, I went to the bathroom and flushed my bag of Bipolar meds down the toilet. I needed clarity, and pills weren’t going to help me figure shit out.

Later, I napped for a few hours and then went out to run some errands. I ended up stopping at a high-end jewelry store and spending close to a half a million on jewelry for Bella. I also hit up the baby stores and bought enough shit to fill up the Maserati.

After a large lunch, I began to feel pretty fucking fantastic. I jotted down some notes for my next Senatorial meeting and sent emails to the team at Polaris. Then I texted Bella to let her know I was fine and working on business matters. I hadn’t had so much energy since Uley put me on Lithium.

Since I had spent the morning calling animal adoption centers, I decided to go check out a few dogs. I fucking disliked Onyx, so I figured it was time I got my own pet. I just had to find a fucking mutt I could stand.

A fat fucker took me around to the various kennels. I noticed the dogs were clean and well fed. There were cute dogs I’m sure Bella would have loved but nothing called out to me. I was about to give up when I saw a handler walk a new addition into the room.

The Great Dane was almost taller than the woman who held his leash. “What’s his story?” I asked, eyeing the shiny gray coat and clear blue eyes.

“Oh, he’s a good boy. His owner died and none of the children wanted him. Pure bred, too. They sent him over with his papers. He’s four-years-old…very good with wee ones as his previous owner had grandchildren…”

I zoned out while staring at the dog. He was as big as a horse and would probably tear up my fucking Penthouse. I would also need to pay the maid extra to clean up after the beast.

“What’s his name?”

“Alphie.” Upon hearing that, the dog began barking and trotted over to sniff our shoes.

I laughed. “I’ll take him. I’m heading home tomorrow. Give me whatever the fuck he needs to travel and anything else I can use to take care of him. My wife is gonna fucking kill me.”

Because I had a lot of cash, there was no problem to get papers and shit made up so I could take Alphie to America. I slid a loaded clip of money into the owner’s hand promising to pick up my new dog in the morning.

Bella called just as I was having dinner. “Hey, babydoll. Put me on FaceTime.”

When she and Dante came on the screen, I broke out in a big fucking grin. “I miss you. I’ve got some surprises. Today…”

“Da da, mine,” DC said showing me an apple slice.

Bella set him aside and adjusted the screen. “Edward, you look kinda weird. Are you sure you’re okay? I’m no snitch but if you need help...”

“I just feel really great Bella. I’m just ready to get home and celebrate my birthday. Things are going to be different. I’ll be better. We’ll work out all our shit and welcome the little babydolls in style…however you wanna do it. I’m not going to let you down again.”

Her eyes widened. “You said all of that without taking a breath. Please swear to me you haven’t taken any drugs. I can’t go through this again with you, Edward.”

“Babydoll,” I pleaded. “Please don’t be angry at me. I swear I’m sober.”

She relaxed. “Have you taken your medicine?”

“Yeah, I brought it with me.” It scared me how easily I still managed to lie right to her face.

“Okay. Sleep well. We’ll see you in the morning. Say bye bye to daddy, Dante,” she ordered, holding his little arm up for a wave.

“I love you DC. Love you, Bella. See you soon.”

I spent the rest of the night going through business contracts and writing. Then I took a long bath, rubbed my cock, and imagined I had Bella with me. Her tight pussy was just milking me when I heard his voice.

“Why don’t you go downstairs to the bar and let some pretty little thing handle that for you, son.”

I closed my eyes and counted to ten. “You’re not real. Leave me the fuck alone.”

He laughed. “I’m alive and well inside your mind. I made you what you are today. Show me some fucking respect.”

I turned around, watching as he inspected the silk pajamas by the door. “At least I gave you good taste, huh?”

“Because of you I’m crazy. I can’t be all… I fucked up with Bella. I don’t want to be you. I won’t ever cheat on her again or get murdered in some whore’s apartment. I’m not you.”

“I had a good run,” he said smirking. “Your saint act is getting very old, Anthony. She’ll never be able to keep you faithful. Men like us aren’t made for the domestic life.”

“I’m made for her,” I mumbled, shivering because the water had started to cool. “Stay out of my head.”
When I was sure he had left, I dressed and exited the bathroom. Then, I took out my laptop and began writing Bella a poem. My dad had been wrong; my angel could save me. She had done it many times in the past.

“What is all of this?” Bella asked, holding up the various jewelry boxes and bags.

I took out one of the sapphire necklaces and held it up to her neck. “This will look perfect with the Versace dress Alice…”

She swatted me away. “No! I don’t need these things. Please take them back.”

I put the stuff aside before taking her hand. “You deserve the best, babydoll. If the old jewelry is tainted because of what I did, then I’ll buy you all new pieces. Let this be a start.”

“Honey,” she said, gently pushing me away. “We need to talk about some things.”

“Okay.” I sat on the couch frowning when Bella chose to sit on the chair across from me.

“I’m still not happy with what you did to Giles. You bruised one of his ribs. I know you, um, kill people… But he isn’t in your line of work. He’s done nothing to you or the Volturi.”

I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose. “I’ll pay his fucking hospital bill. Is that it?”

“This is serious! You could have killed him and… and it would have been all my fault!”

“It was his fucking fault for going after what’s mine! I warned him, Bella,” I said, glaring at her.

She shook her head. “You’re wrong. Please don’t hurt him again. He’s important to me.”

“What the fuck else do you want to talk about?” I asked harshly.

“Um, I want to buy a house, Edward. It really doesn’t make sense for me to stay in the mansion once the divorce is final,” Bella said, her dark eyes darting around the room. She was obviously looking for a fucking escape route.

“Hell no! I built that mansion for you and our children. End of discussion!” I screamed loud enough to make her cry.

She sniffled. “You never listen to a word I say.”

I glared at her petulant expression. “Because you never make any goddamn sense. Now come over here and give me a kiss before I head to the Capitol.”

“You’ve just insulted me and treated me like trash. I’m not giving you anything. I’ll see you at your birthday party tomorrow,” she said, standing up to leave.

I grabbed her arm. “This conversation is not over. You’re not moving! It’s not about your feelings—the mansion keeps you all safe. I won’t budge on this, Bella.”

“Get your hands off of me before I call for help,” she threatened, trying to run away.

I pulled her to my body, smirking when I felt her nipples against my chest. “Let’s go to my room and have a quickie before Felix drives me to Olympia. You’re just irritable because you’re horny. Come on, babydoll.”

I was reaching peak hardness when she kneed me in the groin. “What the fuck?” I squeaked, struggling to stay upright.

“I asked you to get your hands off of me and you didn’t. I don’t want to have sex with you when you’re being a bastard. Goodbye, Edward.”

She left the room calmly like she hadn’t just almost fucking castrated me. I replayed the conversation in my head, not finding anything wrong with what I’d said. If Bella thought she could defy me, her ass was going to learn the hard way that what Edward Masen-Cullen says is motherfucking law. Plus, I was pretty sure the dog would soften her up.

After fixing my sore cock issue, I had Felix drive me to Olympia for a last minute meeting. He looked at me funny but didn’t say a fucking word once I gave him the best Don glare. I was done arguing with people for the day.

“I don’t know what your problem is but fix it,” Felix said as he opened my door.

I gave him the middle finger. “Go fuck yourself.” Then I put on my brightest smile before going to greet my future constituents.


“Happy birthday, Edward!” Everyone yelled as Bella and I entered Garrett’s restaurant. It was all done up with Greek colors and motif. My babydoll looked completely fuckable in a long strapless dress which showcased her tits. I’d tried numerous times to feel her up on the ride over, but she was still fucking pissed at me.

“Dude you look like a Starburst candy,” Emmett said, laughing.

I’d chosen bright yellow slacks and a hot pink Polo shirt. Sure it was different from my usual shit, but I needed a change. I thought I looked rather young and in style, especially with the new Lebron sneakers.

Thankfully, Esme came to my rescue. “My handsome son can wear any color. You look good. Let’s get you some food.”

“A midlife crisis is no excuse to be tacky,” Alice whispered, giving me a tight hug. “Seriously, I need shades to look at you.”

Jasper and Emmett teased me mercilessly while Garrett made sure everyone got fed. My babydoll fucking ignored my ass. DC kept me company, though. He didn’t seem to mind my new wardrobe.

“Happy birthday, cucciolo. It’s been a tough year but you made it,” Caius said, kissing me on both cheeks.

Marcus repeated his brother’s actions. “Happy birthday. You are the son I never had and you have given me plenty of gray hairs.”

Di poked him in the ribs before pecking me on the cheek. “I probably gave him the rest.”

We ate heartily until it was time for dessert. DC sat in my lap while I blew out the candles on a huge cake with a replication of the Acropolis on top. Bella managed to put her anger aside and pose for a couple of pictures with me.

“To many more…” everbody sang while Mom and Di led me to the gift table.

There was lots of cash and shit from people I barely knew. Some Sheik I’d done business with gave me a new fucking yacht. The family got me the most personalized shit. As usual, it was a great haul.

“My gift is next,” Bella said quietly.

I opened the heavy package she was pointing to. “You got me a bulletproof vest, babydoll. Hey, it even has my name on it. I love it.”

She smiled while I kissed her rosy cheeks. “It’s made exactly to your measurements. I just never want anything bad to happen to you. Happy birthday, Edward. Your second gift is from me and Dante.”

Mi figlio beamed. “Me, da da.”

“Yes you,” I agreed, ticking his belly.

The lights dimmed and a large projection screen television lowered from the ceiling A video of Bella and DC at a piano bench began to play. My babydoll was in a white gown and DC in a black suit. He sat next to her while she played the piano. By the time she began to sing, I had tears in my eyes. She’d managed to get DC involved with the lyrics and his small fingers helped play the last notes.

“Do you like it?” she asked, once the lights turned on again.

I pulled her into my lap, ravaging her mouth. “I… I love it. I love you, Bella.”

“Da da…”

“You too, DC,” I said, placing my other arm around his small body. “Thank you both.”

“I wrote the song,” Bella admitted shyly. “Esme helped me learn enough piano notes to play, and we arranged it together.”

I squeezed mom’s hand and mouthed ‘thank you’ as she passed. Carlisle winked at me.

The rest of the group let us have our moment. As long as Bella loved me, I could face any battle. There would never be another woman who knew me that well. Hell, maybe it meant Bella didn’t want to divorce me.

Around nine, Mom and Di informed us they were taking the babies for the night so I could have another party at HADES. Felix drove Bella and I back to the mansion so we could change. We made out the whole time, her hands fisted in my wild hair.

“Fuck, Bella. Let’s forget the party. I just want to be with you.”

She came out of the walk-in closet wearing a short red dress, which barely covered her ass, and high stiletto heels. Her hair was bone straight and glossy falling to her shoulders.

“No can do. They worked hard on it. I promised Jasper we’d be there.”

“You look…” Words failed me as I took in her tits. “I’m about to nut in my pants, babydoll. Tell Jasper to send us some pictures.”

I pouted when she sidestepped me. “You look good enough to eat yourself. We’ll go and stay long enough to have fun. Then we’ll see how the night progresses.”

“You’re going to kill me with your sexy ass. This fucking party better be worth it.”

Bella rubbed her small baby bump. “Come on, old man. I turn into a pumpkin after midnight.”


HADES had been decorated to look like an artist’s image of hell. My party was on the VIP floor so we wouldn’t have to put up with basic fuckers. There were still too many men eye-fucking Bella, including some shitheads from Polaris. I quickly sat on the throne, which had been set up for me, and placed her on my lap.

“For the king and queen,” Rosalie said, putting a crown on my head and a tiara on Bella’s. One of Alice’s photographer friends snapped pictures of us until I shooed him away.

Several performers dressed up like gargoyles and devils did acrobatics from the ceiling. Bella clapped enthusiastically for the fire eaters and jugglers. I was just glad to see the fucking safety glass and shit Jasper had set up. Jessica walked around the room leading a few of the top strippers on a leash while the single fuckers drooled at the spectacle.

“This is a wild party, but it’s so much fun,” Bella said, nibbling on my ear.

I smirked. “Keep that up and your party time will over very soon.”

Suddenly, a white tiger in a cage was wheeled out. “What the fuck is this?” I asked, looking around the room.

Strand and Meriwether from Polaris stepped forward. “Happy birthday, Cullen,” Strand bellowed, shaking my hand.

Meriwether followed suit. “He’s great, isn’t he?

Bella stared at them as if they were missing a few brain cells. “This is very generous of you, but we can’t keep a tiger. Our babies…”

“Bella is right,” I said, silencing her with a quick kiss. “Re-gift it to one of our friends and say it’s from me. Thanks. Enjoy the fucking party.”

When they left, I turned to Bella and showed her my phone. “I got a dog. He’s a Great Dane. What do you think, babydoll?”

“He’s huge! What’s his name? Where did you get him? Are you sure it’s safe for him to be around Dante? Is he good with small babies and children?” she asked, taking the Iphone from my hand.

“I got him during my trip to London. He’s being tested and trained by a guy who does security for our Organization. I’ll be allowed to bring him home next week. I think Dante will love him. His name is Alphie, but I’m gonna call him Capone.”

My babydoll giggled loudly. “Only you would have a dog named Al Capone. He’s very handsome. I just have to make sure he’s fine with the babies. Onyx might be afraid of him, though.”

I laughed. “I’m not responsible if he eats Onyx or some shit.”

“Edward! He better not hurt my baby. She is so special to me.”

Still smiling, I kissed the tip of her nose. “I was only kidding. Capone’s a lover, not a fighter unless there’s real danger.”

A few minutes later, Jasper walked up to the throne. “Dude, stop feeling up my baby sister and tell me how you like the party.”

I noticed Alice was wearing a skin tight black bodysuit and Jasper’s hand was on her ass. “I’ll stop when you stop, motherfucker. Quit feeling up my sister.”

“Boys.” Alice and Bella said in unison, rolling their eyes.

“Seriously, though, how is it?” I had to admire the way Jasper had taken over HADES.

“It’s fucking nice, man. Thanks for going all out. I appreciate it.”

“Cool. The guest DJ is about to do a set of your favorite dance songs. Then we’ll have cupcakes. I got a mix of pot and regular. I didn’t know if you can have weed with your, condition and stuff…” He said, nervously rubbing his neck.

Bella smiled. “I don’t think one pot cupcake will lead you down the road of destruction, do you, honey?”

“Mhmm, I think you’re right,” I agreed, rubbing the soft skin on her upper thigh.

“I’m ready to dance,” Bella declared, standing up. “Come on.”

Groaning, I let her drag me out onto the floor just as one of my favorite old school hip hop jams started blaring from the speakers. People were going wild. The DJ was hype as fuck.

Bella bent forward, popping her ass and rolling her hips. Two fuckers close to us almost lost their lives staring at her. I was about to pull out my ankle piece when Felix moved them along.

“What the fuck are you doing, babydoll? Come here.”

She walked right into my arms. “I was twerking. Bree and Maggie taught me how to do it. It’s a little harder when you’re pregnant.”

“Fucking twerking,” I mumbled, settling my hands over her ass cheeks. “Forget that new shit. I like old school grinding just fine.”

She turned around, positioning her ass right over my bulge. “Like this, Edward?” she asked, swiveling her hips.

“Just like that, babydoll. Fuck.”

We dry humped through a couple of slow Jamaican jams. Bella’s breathing had sped up dramatically, and I was about to bust a fucking blood vessel. I needed to fucking come.

Somehow I managed to maneuver Bella over to a dark secluded corner. She was about to get down on her knees, but I stopped her. “Save it for later. A handjob will work now.”

“Anything you want, honey. It’s your birthday,” Bella purred before unbuckling my pants. She spit in her hand and started working me from base to tip.

“I love you in jeans,” she said, licking the skin along my jaw. “The way they encase your big cock is so sexy. I always imagine removing them…having my way with you.”

“Fuck,” I hissed, halting her wrist movements. “A little slower, babydoll.”

She looked up at me, batting her long eyelashes. “That’s not what I’ll be screaming later.”

I was so gone all I could was mutter, “What?”

“Later. When you’re in my mouth, when you’re in my pussy, when you pound my ass… I’ll be screaming for you to go faster.”

“Ungh! Shit!” I came hard, coating her hands in thick globs of semen.

I took off my shirt and used it to clean us up. Bella seemed to be mesmerized by my fucking abs. I kissed her soundly, letting my hands explore her wet pussy. She was so ready to be fucked.

People tried to drag us into conversation as we passed. Jasper and Alice took one look at us and started laughing. I let Bella grab some food from the kitchen and then we headed straight to the lair.

I had my babydoll’s dress off before the panel was closed. She tried to run to the bedroom, but I caught her. While she put up a weak ass fight, I spanked her ass. Her little red thong didn’t stand a chance once I bent her over my knee.

“After all these years, you still surprise me, Bella. That dancing shit was hot. Total MILF moment.”

She wiggled, her tight little body making me harder than ever. “Are you going to talk or fuck me?”

Next thing I knew she was deep throating my dick while I worked her pussy. “Come on my fingers. I want to taste you.”

She climbed into my lap. “Not yet. I want you to destroy my pussy. Make me squirt, old man.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist as she rode me hard. Bella’s pussy was always tight and it was fucking amazing how she stretched to fit my girth. I bent down, suckling on her nipples while she pulled my hair.

“I’m coming, Edward. Oh my god!” she screamed, biting my shoulder.

When she calmed down, I guided her to the armrest. “You promised me your ass and it is my birthday.”

I used some of the moisture from her first orgasm to work my cock into her rosebud. Bella quickly relaxed and helped me play with her clit. Her ass was pure heaven. I’d been a fucking fool to ever… Not gonna go there!

“Ungh! Faster… Right there…Oh god! Oh god! Yes, yes, yes,” she squealed, her nails digging into the sofa.

“I’m going to fucking come, babydoll. I’m going to cover your ass with my spunk. Do you want to join me?” I asked, grunting hard.

“Oh god, yes!”

She clamped down on me like a steel trap. I pinched her breasts, prolonging her pleasure. Then when I couldn’t take anymore, I came gloriously over and over again until I saw nothing but darkness.

The next time I opened my eyes, Bella was hovering over me. “Let’s shower. I think you deserve a cupcake after all your hard work.”

Of course I ended up fucking her in the shower. We barely made it out of the steamed up bathroom alive. I helped Bella into one of my old Harvard tees. She looked fucking cute and it did things to my heart.

We ate again, this time feeding each other. Bella practically devoured the whole spread. My angel was always magnificent, but when she was pregnant… there was just an inner glow which drew me like a moth to a flame.

“Okay, here’s your dessert,” she said, handing me a cupcake with a pot leaf design in the frosting. “Mine is a regular one but it has chocolate filling.”

“Have you ever smoked weed, Bella?

She wrinkled her nose. “No, and I know that makes me a prude in this day and age. Jasper had a bong, and even Angela smoked a few joints. I was just really into being a good girl.”

I kissed her forehead. “What we just did proves you’re not a prude, babydoll. I like your commitment to stay away from drugs and shit. I’m still going to eat this cupcake, though.”

There wasn’t enough weed in it to get me high; instead I just felt really blissed out and mellow. I didn’t know if it was because of the marijuana or Bella’s lovemaking—probably the sex.

For the rest of the night, Bella let me have her in every way imaginable. We had to be a little more inventive since she was pregnant and tired easily, but it was fucking magical. I even made her fucking squirt.

“I love you, babydoll,” I whispered, drifting off into a perfect sleep. We were great again. I planned to call Jenks and have him end all the divorce shit. Then I’d talk to Bella about moving back into the mansion.

Our love had survived many obstacles. I didn’t need pills; I just needed Bella and our family. She was my miracle. One day I would make her proud—first as a Senator and afterwards maybe as the Governor. With my angel by my side, anything was possible.


Everything went to shit Monday afternoon. Jenks refused to return my calls. I’d made love to Bella all weekend long, but then she began avoiding my texts and messages. Since I had a busy day at the office, I wasn’t able to see her. Jane promised me Bella was fine, just busy.

I fired three interns for wearing cologne that smelled like road kill. Everyone in the office was acting like I was crazy. There were whispers about me being a fucking tyrant.

Eventually it was time to clock out. I drove the Phantom straight to Bella’s mansion. William answered the door. He told me Bella was in the library reading a book, and Dante was napping. I thanked him and made small talk before going to find my lovely wife.

“Hey, babydoll. I missed you today,” I said, holding my arms out for a hug.

She set her book aside and patted the spot next to here. “Come sit. We have to talk, Edward. Jenks called me. Um, you left a voicemail…”

I sat beside her. “Yeah, I wanted to make sure he cancelled all the divorce shit. When can I move back into the house? I promise it’s going to work this time.”

“We’re still getting divorced. Why would you think I’d changed my mind?”

I had to be fucking hearing things. “Stop joking, babydoll.”

“I’m not joking.” I searched her eyes, my heart beginning to beat faster.

I backed away from her. “We spent all weekend fucking. You… You said you loved me. What the hell is going on, babydoll?”

She sighed. “I’ll always love you, Edward. Love doesn’t mean I can still be your wife after the infidelities. Our marriage is over. I just…wanted you to have a good birthday. I was saying goodbye to you in my own way. I’m sorry if I led you…”

“You fucking bitch!” I screamed. “How could you get my hopes up and then stomp on my motherfucking heart? You’re worse than the other whores!”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered pathetically. “I never promised you anything besides friendship. The sexual stuff just kind of happened. Please don’t be mad.”

I took out a switchblade. Then, I walked over to her bookcase. I removed the rare books Atwood had given her and began ripping pages. I tore it all to shreds, kicked over tables, and threw glass picture frames all around the room. Bella begged for me to stop, but I ignored her.

“Fucking bitch,” I mumbled, lighting the fireplace. I threw everything I could get my hands on into the flames. Bella didn’t want me, she didn’t want the mansion, and she didn’t want my love. Well fuck her!

I was vaguely aware of Felix and Jane coming to subdue me. Later, Dr. Uley walked into the room. I confessed everything about not taking my meds. I told him I wanted to go back to the white padded room—nobody could hurt me in the nuthouse.

“Edward,” he said, shining a light in my eyes. “You are in the middle of a manic episode. Have you taken any drugs or drank any alcohol?”

I bent over, suddenly feeling nauseated. “I had a pot cupcake on my birthday, only one. I haven’t touched liquor or anything else.”

“The cupcake had nothing to do with this episode. We’ve been over this time and time again—you can’t go off your medicines. They work to stabilize the chemicals in your brain which lead to this type of behavior. I bet you’ve been feeling on top of the world lately, right?”

I nodded. “Bella was going to take me back.”

He looked at me with pity in his eyes. I hated it. “No. She blames herself, but this is not her fault either. Look, I have to drug test you just to be sure. You don’t need the white room; you just need your medicine and a good night’s sleep.”

I didn’t even remember riding to the clinic, but I accepted the cup Uley’s lab tech put in my hand. After I went to the bathroom and filled it up, Uley gave me a bunch of pills. He told me to drink plenty of water. Then, he asked Felix to drive me to my Penthouse and to make sure I went to bed.

“Are you going to tell Marcus and Caius?” I asked, my voice sounding thick and foreign.

“I have to disclose all information about relapses. I’m sure they’ll understand. What’s important is for you to get better. You gave Bella quite a scare.”

I hung my head in shame. “Are the babies okay? Did she get sick? Please, I need to see her.”

“She’s fine and so are your children. You can’t see her tonight, Edward. Go home.”

The trip to the Penthouse was long and boring. Felix practically carried my ass to the bedroom. I took a quick shower and changed into my pajamas. Soon after that, I noticed my phone was buzzing with missed messages.

“I’m so sorry, Edward. Please forgive me. I never wanted to make you sick. I’m so sorry.” –Bella

I typed a quick reply.

“I was sick way before I met you, babydoll. I’m sorry. I’ve been off my meds. I just… I just wanted to win you over. I’ll replace all the shit I broke. Please stay in bed and keep our babies safe.”—Edward

Her text came almost immediately.

“I don’t care about the books and stuff. Feel better, honey. Married or not, I’ll always be here for you. Goodnight.”—Bella.

My eyes had only been closed a few minutes when I heard my father laughing. I turned around, spying him sitting in a corner chair. Uley had warned it would take a while for the pills to kick in…

“Cheer up, Anthony. In about six or seven years, you’ll be just like me,” he said. When he stood up I realized he was covered in blood. He looked the same as when I’d found him dead in his mistresses’ apartment.

“Fuck off. I’m going to be around a long time. I’ll be here to hold my grand kids and even great grand kids.” I prayed to God it was true.


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