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Chapter 21: Together Part 1

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I know to be there
When and where, I'll be there
You know what's to be said
We said out loud, we never said
premonition of the world comes to me
A sun in your hands from the middle life
Says I'm alright. You said you don't have to speak
I can hear you
I can't feel all the things you've ever felt before
I said it's been a long time
Since someone looked at me that way
It's like you knew me
And all the things I couldn't say
Together, to be
Together and be
Together, to be
Together and be
Together, to be
Together and be
Together, to be

Together-The xx


I watched Dante out of the corner of my eye as I cracked eggs for a tomato and basil quiche. Mi figlio was having an exciting morning playing his new loud-ass drum set from the comfort of his cushy playpen. I couldn't complain, though. I loved it when my babydoll and son slept over. Without them, the fucking Penthouse was lonely.

"Da da, dis!" he yelled, pointing at his mouth. It was his way of telling me he was hungry.

I smiled and began putting small pieces of prosciutto and Focaccia bread in his favorite bear bowl. Then, I poured some organic apple juice into his bottle--he still preferred the bottle over sippy cups.

"Here you go, figlio," I said, sitting the food down next to him. "You're fucking lucky I love you."

He picked up a piece of bread and tried to shove it in my mouth. After a few minutes of play time, I left him to eat in peace. Later, I planned to take him out with me. It was important for me to bond with him since I'd missed so much in the beginning.

I was just removing the sticky buns from the oven when I felt Bella's presence. After putting them aside to cool, I glanced over. She was standing in the doorway watching me closely. I almost fucking bust a nut when I got a good look at her long legs and hard nipples. Pregnancy always made her hot, so she only slept in shit like camis and underwear.

"Good morning, babydoll," I greeted nicely. "How did you sleep?"

Her beautiful eyes met mine. "I slept well, Edward. What is that delicious smell?"

I adjusted myself while she went to stand by the stove. She put a piece of Focaccia on a plate and covered it with fresh mozzarella cheese. Then she handed it all over to me. I turned the grill on and warmed it to perfection.

"You always spoil me when I come over," she said, a blush covering her cheeks.

I smirked. "I could have spoiled you so much more if you'd come to my bed last night."

My babydoll pulled on the tie of the periwinkle silk robe she was wearing and smiled. I took the opportunity to take off my t-shirt, leaving me in basketball shorts and nothing else. Bella made a small sound and crossed her legs. She fucking loved my bare chest.

"It's pretty fucking hot in here," I said before rubbing some cool water on my abs. "I woke up and boxed this morning."

Bella practically squeaked,"Um, I should go eat..."

Fast as lightening, I picked her up and placed her on the counter. She breathed heavily as I put a warm piece of bread to her lips. Slowly, she opened her mouth, taking a huge bite. I leaned forward and licked a crumb from the corner of her mouth.

"Is it good, babydoll?"

"So good," she replied, opening her legs so I could come closer.

"Do you want more?"

"Yes," Her voice was almost breathless.

Who knows what the fuck would have happened if our son hadn't chosen that moment to throw his bear bowl out of the playpen and scream, "Ma ma, no!"

Bella scrambled off the counter, running over before I could get myself under control. She lifted DC out of his playpen, covering his fat face with kisses. I swear he fucking winked at me as she cradled him to her breast. Mi figlio was still the best cockblocker on the West coast.

Sighing, I finished making breakfast and put it all on the table. Dante oohed and ahhed as my babydoll fed him a piece of warm sticky bun. When our eyes met, she shrugged and mouthed, 'Later'. I really fucking hoped I'd get some pussy later, but I had my doubts.

Breakfast was great. We put DC in his high chair and made conversation. Bella refused to tell me anything about my birthday gift while I begged ridiculously. Our son mainly ignored us and played with his alphabet blocks.

"So, what have you got planned today?" I asked Bella casually.

She took a sip of orange juice before replying. "I'm going over the schedule for our next few book tour stops with Angela. I think I want to postpone New York until after I have the twins."

I nodded. "Good idea. I'm going with you so have her add it to my schedule when you decide."

"Um, well you see... Giles is supposed to join us at the New York stop. It's easier for him to meet there since he's coming from London," she informed me, her voice nervous.

I laughed. "I don't fucking care, Bella. We're still very much together. The sooner Giles realizes he doesn't have a fucking chance, the better."

Bella balled up her fists, her eyes shooting fire my way. "In case you missed the memo, we are getting divorced! You can't tell me who I can and can't be friends with, Edward. Giles and I..."

"Stop using him to make me jealous!" I snarled, my own anger matching hers. "It's obvious you don't care for him."

"Oh really! Is that why we spent half of last night talking via webcam?" Her fork dropped the moment she finished the sentence.

I chewed the quiche slowly, letting her sweat it out. "You spent the night talking to Giles. If it was me and you we'd have been fucking long distance. Remember when I made you touch your pussy and pretend it was me? I bet that motherfucker has never even seen your treasure."

"You're so damn cocky," Bella hissed, standing up. "Well I may be knocked up and alone, but I still have options."

"I never said you didn't babydoll! I fucking love you. I'm your soulmate, remember? The divorce doesn't mean shit to me, because you'll always be mine."

She sat back down. "You've had years of experience... I've only had you, and it turned out badly. I'm not saying I can ever be sexual with any man, Giles included, but I need time to explore my feelings. I know I shouldn't have led you on in L.A., but I was having a weak moment. We can't stay stuck in this rut, Edward."

"You're free to do whatever you want," I said curtly. "Just don't think I'll sit idly by and let some other man take my family away. You know deep down we belong together."

After breakfast, Bella went to get DC ready for the day. I took a quick cold shower and dressed in some casual clothes. I only had a half day of work for the Polaris business, and then DC and I could hit up the city. I liked showing him shit and watching his reactions.

A few hours later, I helped Bella into the Phantom. She was wearing some short ass purple dress and wedge shoes. The whole ensemble showed off her tits and ass way too much. I tried to hold my fucking tongue, but it was driving me batshit crazy.

"Go ahead and say it," she muttered, glaring at me.

I exhaled loudly. "Please go change. That shit is too fucking short and tight. I won't be with you. What if some fucker grabs your ass? Do you want me to commit a homicide today?"

Bella leaned across the console and kissed my cheek. "I'll be fine, Edward."


"Mister Cullen, would you like to see the striped bunny dresses in pink or yellow," the sales assistant asked while I gazed at the rack.

DC sat quietly and played with his toys while i used my shoe to push his stroller back and forth. Three women had come up to me the minute I entered the baby boutique and after they saw my son, they'd really stuck to us.

"Both," I answered. "I also want the Gingham silk for infant sizes in all colors."

"You have wonderful taste," the sales lady gushed, clasping her hands together.

I smiled graciously. "Oh, and my wife is very fond of sunflowers so anything with those I'll buy."

While they went to wrap up boxes, I picked out a few pairs of jeans and polo shirts for Dante. His little but was growing out of shit every day. It was a good thing we were rich, because feeding and clothing small kids was fucking expensive.

"You like this," I asked, holding up a 7 For All Mankind jean set for Dante. He tried to chew the fucking hanger, so I took it as a yes.

An hour later, Felix was loading boxes in to my trunk. He rolled his eyes when he saw all the shit I'd brought. Everyone, including my babydoll, said I went overboard with the kids. I just wanted them to have the best. Besides, I'd spent my entire life fucking up shit and killing so they could live well.

A little after two, we met up with Carlisle to have lunch. He'd picked a spot near the hospital and it was busy with medical school students getting takeout. Bitches kept giggling and coming up to talk to me, so I kept my Tungsten ring in full view.

Carlisle tickled DC's stomach before sitting down. He looked fucking tired but still really happy. I noticed young and old women flirted with him, too. My mom was lucky to have a husband who loved her and remained faithful. These last few years had really made me look up to Carlisle--I wanted to be more like him.

The restaurant was cafeteria style, so we'd gotten our own food. DC had tried to shove his french fries up his nose until I showed him the correct way to eat them. A little bit of ketchup and he was good to go.

"This place has the best turkey club in Seattle," Carlisle remarked while adding mayonnaise and mustard to his sandwich.

After eating some of my steak sub and Greek salad, I had to agree. Though I preferred fancy restaurants, there were some casual places which were just as good. I made a mental note to get something to go for my babydoll.

"How are you, son? Any questions about the pregnancy you want me to answer? As far as I can tell, the girls are developing normally. Your mom and I are over the moon. We love it when you guys add to the family."

I smiled. "Nah, I think I know a lot about pregnancy and changing hormones. Bella drives me fucking crazy, but I'm glad I'm here to live the experience with her. I won't fuck up again."

He nodded. "I know it's going to be stressful on you both with three small children. Plus the next few months will be crucial for Bella. I'll do everything within my power to make sure she stays healthy."

"I didn't think I wanted kids," I admitted, glancing over at my son. "Now, I can't imagine my life without DC and the little babydolls. I'm just worried about Bella. I know giving birth to twins can cause...complications."

Carlisle patted me on the back. "Bella is a healthy young woman who has already been through one successful birth. The odds are in her favor. If she shows any signs of distress, I'll have her put on bed rest. So far, her blood pressure and vitals look fantastic. Just keep taking care of her the same way you did last time."

After our talk, I felt much better. I knew it would literally kill me to lose Bella or the twins. I had done some bad things, but those were my sins not theirs. Doctor Crowley was always telling me to stay positive, though. With my illness, I couldn't afford to stress out about shit that might never occur.

DC and I spent the rest of the day at the Seattle Children's Museum and the mall. I made sure to use plenty of sunscreen on his fat rolls and tried to keep a hat on his head. We attracted lots of female attention, but I only had thoughts for my angel.

It was almost seven when we pulled up to the Penthouse garage. DC had fallen asleep in the car, so I carried his little limp body up to the Penthouse. Felix stayed down to load up the boxes.

"Aren't you off work yet?" I heard Jessica's nasally voice ask as I stepped off the elevator.

Then I watched in horror as Jane and she practically fucked against the wall. Jane was much taller, so Jessica had to wrap her legs around Jane's waist. They were dry humping and fondling each other's breasts.

I cleared my throat loudly. "Stop that shit! There are children present, and I really don't want to be accused of making porn without a license."

Jane jumped away from Jessica, straightening her gray vest. "Sorry, boss."

I decided to go easy on her. "It's alright. Where's Bella? Did anybody touch her ass today?"

Jessica rolled her eyes. "You are such a stalker, Edward. It would have never worked out between us."

I laughed. "Like you had a chance."

"I'm glad you're happy," Jessica said sincerely. "I'm happy, too, but I'd be happier if you let my lover come home early. Pleassssse."

I waved them away. "Go ahead."

There were some female squealing and slurping noises before I finally managed to open the front door. The first thing I noticed was Bella passed out on the sectional. She was still wearing the same dress, but her shoes had been removed. She looked so fucking peaceful curled under a yellow throw blanket. Of course the demon cat was perched next to her feet.

After I put DC in his bed, I went to join my babydoll. I had to splash the fucking cat with water to get it to leave before sitting down. Bella mumbled and shifted, which made the blanket fall a bit. I drooled as I got an eyeful of her creamy tits.

Making sure to stay quiet, I began rubbing her feet. Everything about her was so small and delicate. I thought it was amazing her little body could bring forth something as huge as Dante. Women really were the strongest beings on Earth. I'd been such a goddamn fool to think all females were worthless.

"Edward," she whispered, her eyes fluttering open. "What time is it? Where is my little lamb?"

"It's almost eight. DC is asleep in his bed. I tired him out, so he should sleep through the night. How do you feel, babydoll?"

"Exhausted," she answered, sitting up. "I don't remember being this tired with Dante."

I had to put my foot down. "I'm cutting you to ten hours a week. We have enough money, so you can stay home and write. I know you're stubborn as fuck but think about the babies."


She laid back down so I could finish the foot massage. I put pressure on her insoles and rubbed her upper foot. She whimpered, her eyes widening. I kissed each of her tiny toes, which made her giggle. My angel was pretty ticklish.

I told Bella about the hand painting DC and I made for her and how well he did with the other kids. Sure, he had tantrums but he got over shit pretty quickly. My babydoll loved hearing about our day, her smile almost blinding me.

"He loves it when you spend time with him. Thank you, Edward."

I opened a bottle of water and took a long slug. "No problem. He's my son, too. I like the little dude. He's pretty funny."

Suddenly, Bella climbed on my lap and started kissing me long and hard. I placed my hand on her ass, pulling her close. She hummed and nibbled on my top lip, letting her palmhand wander to my crotch. I stilled her hand before she could continue further.


She laid her head on my shoulder. "I know, and I"m sorry. It's just... Sometimes I want you so much. Why do you have to be so hot and sweet all at the same time?"

"A gift," I quipped, sniffing her hair. She smelled so fucking sweet.

She began sucking on my neck, her little tongue occasionally licking my ear. I was so hard it hurt. Luckily, I managed to remove her dress without changing our position. Despite the words Bella said, her body told me something different. She needed the sex as much as me.

"Let's go take a bath," I suggested, standing up with her in my arms.

After I set up the Jacuzzi jets and bubbles, I sat Bella on the edge of the tub. I opened her legs and buried my face in her snatch. She was already soaking wet and swollen with need. I ate her out while she ran her fingers through my hair.

"Don't stop," she begged, her nails digging into my bare back.


The first time I took her from behind, the force of my pumps making water splash over the edge. Bella came fast and hard, gasping and reaching back for me. The second time I laid against the tub while she rode my cock. My eyes never left her tits as they bounced proudly in front of my face. Occasionally, she'd lean down so I could get a taste.

"Delicious," I mumbled, squeezing her tight ass.

By the time we got out of the water, I felt like I was about to drop. Bella ordered food and fed me while I dozed in front of the television. She'd stolen one of my Harvard tees and cut out the shoulders. I thought she looked fucking sexy.

"Our babies might be made of pasta," she warned playfully, "I just want to eat it all the time!"

We didn't talk about the divorce or our lovemaking. I suspected she knew I needed a night of normality before things turned to shit. Holding my babydoll close, I drifted to sleep. She still felt something for me, even if it wasn't love.


Scowling, I looked down at Phil Dwyer. It was fucked up that a man I'd never heard of or met had the ability to hurt my babydoll worse than any foe. He looked harmless enough and had passed the background checks, but I was still fucking leery of his motives.

"Don't say shit until I tell you to speak," I ordered, pounding the table for emphasis. "If it was up to me, she'd never have to meet you."

Phil nodded. "I understand, Mister Cullen. My therapist says I need closure before I get married and..."

He didn't get to finish, because my babydoll entered the room. I had guards everywhere, and Dwyer had been strip searched. I figured he had to be desperate to consent to all our demands. When he saw Bella, his face turned white.

"You're as beautiful as your mother," he said, startling her.

I smacked him on the back of his head. "I fucking told you not to speak yet!"

Bella took a seat and held up her hand. "It's okay, Edward. Let him talk."

I took my post behind her and began rubbing her shoulders. She patted my hand, smiling to let me know she was fine. We'd chosen to have the meeting in my office conference room where there was a long table separating Dwyer from my angel.

"First off, I have to say what an honor it is to meet you, Bella. I knew you when you were little, but Renee kept our contact brief. She was always so worried you'd say something to your dad," he said, leaning forward.

Bella sniffled, using a tissue to wipe her nose. "You have to understand, I never knew my mom had an affair. Did my father know?"

Phil nodded, sadness all over him. "He threatened me once. He said he'd kill me if I didn't stop seeing her. Renee was bored in Forks, and I was missing Florida. It started out as a few one-night stands, but soon...soon I fell in love with her."

Bella gasped and squeezed my hand. "Why? I just don't understand. I have so few memories of my mom, but I know she loved Charlie."

"She did love him," he admitted. "She just made a mistake. I was younger than her and fool enough to believe she'd run away with me. She chose Charlie and you, and it just about killed me,"

"Why do you want me to know all this?" Bella asked, her shoulders trembling.

Dwyer stood up. "I need closure. After Renee died, I turned to the bottle. Two years ago, I entered hard core rehab. I met a wonderful woman who has changed me for the better. My therapist says I really won't be able to complete my journey until I let go of the past. I just... I just wanted to apologize to you. It's my fault Renee is dead."

"How so?" I asked, putting the guards on alert.

"That night... I called Renee and threatened to tell everyone about our affair. I said I'd put up pictures of us all over the police station where Charlie could see them. She...she was coming to see me that night. If I'd just left her alone... I'm so sorry, Bella. It's my fault you grew up without a mother."

Bella hiccuped as I pulled her into my arms. My father had been a serial cheater who didn't take his marriage vows seriously; however, Renee had chosen her family and husband over the affair. I didn't want my angel to hate the memory of her mother..

"I'm so sorry," Dwyer whispered, rocking back and forth.

Bella stopped crying and asked for a drink of water. Then she sat back down, composing herself beautifully. I was so proud of her strength and grace. She handled bad shit like a pro--she really was the right woman for me.

"I forgive you, Phil Dwyer. You weren't the drunk driver who hit my mother. Go ahead and live your life.

"Both of my parents are gone, but I know they are still somewhere looking down on me.  Despite Renee being gone, I had a great childhood. Though my time with my parents was brief, I experienced more love than most people will ever know. Don't let it weight you down any longer."

Dwyer thanked my babydoll repeatedly before being led from the room by a burly guard.
He took one last look at Bella before the door closed. I didn't know the fucker, but he had balls for even trying to make it right.

I dismissed everyone and held Bella while she played with a button on my shirt. For a long time, we didn't say anything. I paid special attention to her face to make sure she wasn't feeling sick.

"I don't hate my mom, Edward. She was weak, but I know she loved Charlie and me."

I kissed her forehead. "You're so brave, babydoll. I'm proud of you."

"Edward, Mister Dwyer isn't the only one I need to forgive today. I need to forgive you for what you did. It still hurts, and I suspect I'll always feel pain knowing you cheated on me."

"I'm so sorry, Bella," I whispered, holding her tightly. "I wish I could erase those months from our life together."

She squeezed my hand. "You know I still love you. I forgive you, but it's over. The marriage vows we took don't mean anything. Just give me some time, Edward. I'm not saying we'll never get back together, but we need to start over."

I wiped some stray tears from my eyes and kissed her silken cheeks. "Anything for you, babydoll. The divorce will be hard on me, but I understand completely. Promise me you won't abandon me. I really can't survive without you."

"I promise," she whispered. "I promise to always be your friend and partner. If it's meant to be, we'll end up together in the end."

Later, I managed to get Bella to tell me about the surprise birthday party Esme and Di had planned for me over the weekend. I told her I didn't want anything but her naked in bed, but she assured me her gift was even better than sex. I was pretty fucking skeptical.


I stepped off the private jet and hopped into a shiny black Mercedes Benz. The driver already had his instructions, taking off as soon as my bags were in the trunk. I'd told my babydoll I had a last minute work trip, because she would have killed me if she really knew my destination.

Even though it was after midnight, the streets were full of people. I watched from my window as a young man and woman embraced under the stars. I imagined it was my babydoll and I enjoying each other's company, though I was prepared for her never to speak to me again after she found out about my deceit.

I checked into my hotel suite to change before going back out. Wearing all black, I picked up an unregistered Maserati in the garage. Law enforcement in the States was bad enough, and I didn't need the Interpol fuckers after me, too.

The ride from Mayfair to Chelsea didn't take long. Luckily, there were places to park outside of the flat. Unlike the seedier parts of London, these streets were clean and safe. I made sure my Glock was loaded before exiting the vehicle.

It was too damn easy to pick the fucker's locks, so I used the excess time to go through his drawers. He was extremely organized and had way too many pictures of my babydoll in his office. Growling, I grabbed a bottle of his most expensive wine and poured it down the kitchen drain.

I was sitting on his white leather sofa when he walked through the door. Immediately, he pulled out the phone. I ran over and slapped it out of his hand. I really didn't see what Bella saw in the fucker, but I had to know she was safe with him. If it had of been up to me, he would have been swimming with the fishes long ago.

"Edward Cullen," he asked, confusion on his face. "Why are you in my flat?"

I smirked. "Sit down, Atwood. We need to talk about some shit."

The dumb fucker tried to run, so I was forced to knock him down. We wrestled on the floor, his weak punches nothing against my fists of fury. Soon I got tired of the shit and hit him with the butt of my gun. I checked his pulse to make sure he was passed out and not dead. Unfortunately, he was still breathing. It was going to be a long fucking night.

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