Monday, May 13, 2013

Naughty Rendezvous 9: Lost Without You

A/N: This is just some lemon juice to keep you happy until the next update. It's Edward and Bella's time at Surrender from Chapter 20. Enjoy.

I'm lost without you
Cant help myself
How does it feel
To know that I love u baby
Tell me how u love me more
And how
you think I'm sexy baby
That u don
't want nobody elseYou don't want this guy u dont want that guy u wanna
Touch yourself when u see me
Tell me how u love my body
And how I make u feel baby
You wanna roll with me u wanna hold with meYou wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me
I just love
to hear u say it
It makes a man feel good baby
Tell me
you depend on me
I need
to hear it
'm lost without you
Cant help myself
How does it feel
To know that I love u baby

Lost Without You-Robin Thicke


Bella was fucking killing me. I had her in my lap, her hot pussy right over my throbbing cock. She alternated between licking a cherry lollipop and kissing my neck. The hornier she got, the closer her hips came to mine.

"Mmmm. Edward," she murmured lazily. "I want... I want..."

I reached down and gathered some of her honey. My babydoll moaned loudly, her head falling onto my shoulder. I let my hand slide up and down her elegant back. She shivered, her hardened nipples pressed against my chest. I had to have her or die trying to make us one.

"Tell me, babydoll. I'll do anything for you."

She grabbed my cock, her little hand unable fit all the way around my girth. "I want to suck it."

I fucking tried to control myself, but I ended up coming all over Bella's lower body. She She kiss me hard, her little noises prolonging my orgasm. For a long time, I saw nothing.

When I came back to my senses, Bella was on her knees licking my dick head. It didn't take long until I rose to the occasion again.

"Condom?" I asked, not really giving a fuck if we went bareback.

She shook her head. "Just you."

My babydoll gazed up, a small smile on her lips. I stroked her hair and closed my eyes. If I watched, I'd just end up embarrassing myself yet again. Everything Bella did felt fucking fantastic-she made me want more with each lick.

Soon, her smooth hands joined the mix. I groaned, pulling her hair more forcefully than was comfortable to her. She pulled back a little and changed direction. Each time she stroked me, her nails would gently side against my balls.

"Fuck me! I missed this so much, babydoll."

She began sucking the tip, her tongue circling the whole head. I thrust, which caused her to swallow. Bella gagged before coming back to finish the job. By that time, I was all out fucking her mouth.

"Come," she mumbled. "I want to taste you."

I creamed my babydoll's sweet little tongue. She lapped up every last drop and kept licking me through my entire orgasm. Then, she clibmed back up into my lap and shared the taste with me.

"You're turn," I whispered, laying her down on the bench.

She opened her legs wide, her eyes watching me carefully. I attacked my babydoll's clit first and used my fingers to open up her center. She raised her hands above her head, letting me lead while she rode my tongue.

"Ahhh, Edward!" she screamed, her hips gyrating. "I can't take it!"

I crammed three fingers into her pussy as I nibbled on her thighs. Bella whimpered and thrashed so much I thought she'd accidentally hurt herself. On and on we went until she pushed me away.

"I think I have to pee," she admitted shyly, pushing me away.

I laid down on the floor, licking my lips to savor Bella's taste. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Remember when I made you squirt before?"

My babydoll slapped my shoulder. "How can I forget, Edward? It was one of the weirdest sex things we've ever done. I need... I need to take a shower."

I led Bella back to the shower rooms and tried not to whine too much when she pushed me out of her stall. We bathed quietly, both of us rushing to get finished quickly. I felt like I'd died and gone to pussy heaven.

After awhile, we were clean and sated. Bella was hungry, so we stopped to eat. She was way too sexy for her own good, making googly eyes and licking her fork suggestively. I wished I could have thrown the table aside and fucked her in the booth.

"Why did you blow me without a rubber?"

Bella almost choked on the Coke she was drinking. "I missed having you in my mouth. It turns me on."

An hour later, I opened up door number three. Bella glanced at me, her eyes sparkling. She fucking loved fantasy and role play. Smirking, I slipped the tiny robe off her shoulders and pushed her inside the room.



I couldn't see a damn thing, but I knew Edward was behind me. For a long time, nothing happened, and then a large hand covered my breast. I bit down on my lip to suppress the scream threatening to come out of my mouth.

"You're trembling, babydoll. Do I make you nervous?" he asked, biting down on her earlobe.

I guided his hand towards my nether regions. "You make me feel naughty."

Suddenly, I was pressed against a padded wall. Edward's lip bruised mine in a punishing kiss which left me weak in the knees. He grabbed my ass, lifting me until I wrapped my legs around his hips.

One move, and I'll be balls deep inside of your pussy," he said, his voice husky.

I regrettably had to push him away. "I'm not ready."

Edward began to fall, taking me with him. I expected to feel a hard floor, but we were obviously on a bed. I held onto him tightly as he rolled us around, his tongue tangling with mine in the age old dance of seduction.

"I'm gonna give you what you want," Edward promised while squeezing my left tit.

Before I realized what was happening, he was mounting me. I clawed at the mattress, my nails an afterthought. Edward smacked me hard on the ass. Then, I fet something warm and sticky around my rosebud. I spread my legs wider.

"I want you to come hard, tesoro," Edward ordered, his voice shaky.

He inserted what felt like a glass dildo into my ass, going slowly as to not cause me pain. I yelled and tried to get away, because the pleasure was too much too soon. Edward bit down on my ass cheek which made me yelp.

"More," I begged, my desperation almost embarrassing.

Soon, the dildo was inside of my rosebud. Edward grunted, working it in and out until I
was almost insane. The deeper he went, the more I screamed. The dildo felt great but nothing was as good as Edward's long thick cock up my ass.

"I want you!" I exclaimed, reaching back for Edward.

He groaned. "You're not ready. I won't...I won't push you."

I raised my hips and jiggled my ass to taunt him. "Please."

The sound of a condom wrapper being broken echoed through the room, and then, Edward was inside of me. I pushed back and came hard. He lifted me up, his arms wrapping around my torso. My body swayed from side to side as he took his pleasure violently. It hurt so damn good.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"


Edward's finger which had been in my cunny was suddenly in my mouth. I nibbled and sucked until he removed his hands, using them to hold my hips in place. It felt like I was being torn apart but in the most glorious way possible.

Much later, we laid tangled in each others arms. Edward clapped his hand, causing several lights to come on at once. We were in a dark blue padded room with a large bed in the center.

I rolled over and kissed the tattoo over Edward's heart. "That was... I really don't know how to describe it. I feel so good."

Edward caressed my cheek, his eyes closed. "Next time I want to feel you without any barriers. I hate fucking rubbers."

Laughing, I rubbed my cheek against his chest. "You're lucky to be getting anything."

He rolled, trapping me under his large body. "I know, babydoll. I love you so much. Thanks for tonight."

The next morning we left SURRENDER. I told Edward I'd give the club five stars on Yelp, which made him laugh his ass off. Even though it was no longer our place, I knew I'd never forget the night of fantasy sex I'd spent with Edward. He really was special to me, and I hoped we remained friends and lovers even after the divorce.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as me. Stay naughty.


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