Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bipolar Divorcce Info

Bipolar divorce occurs in an alarming 90 percent of marriages in which one partner is suffering from bipolar disorder. The most obvious reason for this disintegration is the substantial social morbidity that results from the bipolar individuals maladaptive behavior. Serious social drawbacks associated with reckless behavior like abuse of alcohol or drugs, accidents from excessive risk taking, financial burden from over spending, inability to remain gainfully employed are have the potential to unravel even the most loving of relationships.

Of course, the daily interactions of manic-depressives can be a threat to any social relationship, including marriage, as bi polar people have trouble containing their emotions. Their response to a usual joke might be shockingly unexpected (an extreme of elation or depression). A word of mild reproof can bring thoughts of suicide. And so, it is not difficult to link bipolar disorder and divorce. Living with someone having the condition is very stressful and teeming with misunderstandings and conflicts. That is why diagnosis of a spouse with bipolar disorder has been called diagnosis for the couple.

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