Friday, April 13, 2012

Chapter 14: Don't Speak Teaser

A/N: Teaser for the next LAMTAF chapter. The real one will be up in a few days. Enjoy!

"What do you want from me? I gave you everything I had and you betrayed my trust. I'm not an angel, and I can't save you," I whispered softly.

He held his hand up, as if he was reaching out to touch my cheek. "Please, babydoll. I'm trying to be a better man. Please."

It would have been so easy to believe his lies again. My whole body physically craved the comfort he could give in his strong arms, but it would never last. Edward and I sparked fast and burned out even quicker. The only good thing that came from our union was Dante.

"You can let yourself out. I'm tired," I said, turning my back to him. 

I heard him mumble, "Mi Dispiace," and then the door closed.


  1. I can't wait for the new chapter!!!

  2. It's time for him to try harder to come back with his family.