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The Dirty Thirties Smuttake-Part 2

A/N: This is the second part of Dirtythirtyward. I know you all wanted a happier ending. These are just AU's where I put Donward and Babydoll in another time or outtakes from the real LAMTAF. I know some people don't like them, but they help me write. The regular LAMTAF chapter will be up soon.

This takes place after year of Bella missing. It's not 100% historically accurate, but I tried. Rolls Royce Phantoms did exist back then and you know Donward had one :)
I changed my penname to Dreamquill on FFN. It's also my Tumblr and Twitter name.

Everybody loves my baby
 But my baby don't love nobody but me nobody but me 
Now everybody wants my baby 
But my baby don't want nobody but me 
That's plain to see!

Everybody Loves My Baby-Roswell Sisters

Washington State, September 1933


"Turn up that wireless, Bella. We need to put a smile on your pretty face," Rose suggested, handing me a glass of milk.

In less than a year, things had changed so much. After I left Edward, I went downtown to join the nunnery. I was walking across the street when a little boy darted in front of a car. Somehow, I just managed to pull him out of the way in time.

The little's boy's name was Brady. A Mr. and Mrs. Rose and Emmett McCarty turned out to be his parents. He also had a twin brother named Colin. They were so grateful to me for saving their son's life. I was still planning to join the nunnery but fate had other plans.

As I turned to leave, Rose stopped me and asked if I had any family. I broke down and told her my whole life story, right there in the middle of the street. By the time I got to the part about Banner and the factory job interview, I was a mess. Rose said something to Emmett, and before I knew it, they were loading me into their car.

They'd been in Chicago to check up on some of their investments and show the boys the big city. I'd never seen a woman talk to her husband the way Rose McCarty talked to Emmett. It was like she was the one in control.

We ended up driving all the way to Washington State. I'd never spent so much time in a motor! Along the way, we stayed in hotels and at friend's houses. Everyone accepted me so easily and I thanked God that I wasn't alone and without a home.

Angela Cheney, another one of the ranch's residents, handed me a sugar cookie. "Bella, you look ready to drop. Has that little angel been keepin' you awake at night?"

Smiling, I shook my head. "No, he's perfect. God couldn't have given me a better baby. Sometimes I look at him sleeping, and I feel like my heart is going to burst."

"Where is he? I wanted to have him try on more of C and B's hand me downs." Rose questioned.

"He's out in the field with Bree. She's planting today and volunteered to watch him for a bit to give me a break. He's loves being outside," I mused happily.

Rose took my now empty cup and refilled it for me. "That's nice. Was his father fond of the outdoors?"

I choked on my cookie. Everyone at the McCarty Ranch was under the impression that I was a widow. I'd told them that my husband was killed in one of the mining camps. It was the only way to ensure that my baby boy grew up with all the opportunities in life.

Angela stared worriedly at me as Rose smirked. I tried to get myself under control while contemplating why Rose looked so smug. She and the women of the Ranch were the closest I'd ever come to having sisters. I just hoped that they'd never find out the truth and shun me.

Help me, God!

The girls began talking about the Depression while I finished my snacks. There were Hoovervilles popping up all over the State. The government was proposing new plans but none of them were working. We helped where we could by delivering leftover food and blankets to the camps near us, but it didn't seem to ever be enough.

"What about you, Bella? Do you think The New Deal is going to take us out of this Depression?" Rose asked, in an attempt to bring me back into the conversation.

I shrugged. "I'm not sure. I pray that it does, though. I want Dante and all our kids to grow up in a better America. It pains me to see babies crying for milk and mothers being treated like dogs."

Both Angela and Rose nodded. Times were hard, but we all hoped that things would turn around. Charlie always believed in the great spirit of America. He would have seen the Depression as a test. It was our duty to survive and learn from past mistakes.

"Dante is such an exotic sounding name, Bella? I know you said you picked it because your love of his books, but was Dante's father Italian-American?" For some reason, Rose was being unusually curious today.

"I have to go check on my little lamb," I mumbled, shuffling out of the kitchen. Rose was getting too close to the truth. I couldn't go down that road again. It was the past.

On my way to find Bree, I passed all the migrant workers. Rose and Em employed as many people as they could with the Ranch's profit. They had rules to keep us safe, and so far, there hadn't been any incidents.

When I got to the corn field, I saw Bree down on her hands and knees digging into the dirt. My little boys' laughter could be heard over the silly song she was singing to him. I stopped for a minute and let them finish their game before approaching.

"I hope to have baby like you someday, Dante," Bree murmured, kissing his rosy cheeks.

"Maybe you will if you stop ignoring that Riley fellow. He's sweet on you." I must have startled her because she let out a small scream.

I kneeled down on the ground and patted her back. "I didn't mean to frighten you, dear. I just came to get my little lamb. It's time for another feeding and changing. He smells a bit ripe." We laughed as Dante sucked on his fingers and made happy noises.

A few minutes later, my baby and I headed to the house. At three months old, he was much heavier than he'd been at birth, but even then he was ten pounds. It had felt like I was pushing out a watermelon. I'd really thought that I was going to die.

Rose and the girls had been great. They stayed with me all day and night as I struggled through the pain. A few times, I got weak and called out for Edward. At that time, I wished that he'd been there with me in the room, but I knew that it would have never happened. Edward had made it very clear that he didn't want to be a husband or a father.

"I'm sorry it's just us, little lamb," I cooed, kissing my baby's forehead.

Being a mother was a hard job. Dante was totally dependent upon me. I had to boil his diapers, feed him from my breasts, and make sure he didn't fall out of anything. It seemed like my little lamb was always rolling! It was hard labor on top of my other work, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

Emmett and Rose had been kind enough to give me my own room in their main house. Bree, Angela, and I were the only ones that shared it with them. The rest of the workers were in cabins and bunkhouses spread throughout the property. Some of the more temporary ones lived in tents along the river.

Angie's husband, Ben, worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps, so he was only on the Ranch for a few months out of the year. During those times, she stayed with him in one of the small private cabins.

Bree was the daughter of Russian immigrants who died of fever. She was one of the hobos that had caught a runaway train out West. She'd been smart and dressed as a man to avoid rape and other assault. When she got to Washington, a friend told her about the McCarty Ranch. Rose, liking the brains of the girl, hired her on the spot. Bree was only eighteen, but she had an old soul.

The girls were great housemates. They doted on Dante and didn't mind helping me out with him. We worked very hard during the day, but we also had fun and shared our dreams. They were the best friends I'd ever had in my short life.

"Now you smell like mommy's angel," I said, sprinkling Dante's bottom with talcum powder.
He laughed and put his fat little hand over his stomach. It was something he did when he was hungry. Smiling, I began to unbutton my work smock. Motherhood had given me much bigger breasts. Dante's little cupid's lips were suckling before I even lowered the straps of my Kestos bra.

While he fed, I thought about my parents and how much they would have loved their grandson.

Then, I began to think of Edward and our magical night together. Maybe if I'd have known I was pregnant, I would have stayed.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up, there were sounds of a commotion in the hallway. I was about to cover my breast when Edward burst through the door. Oh, Lord. He looked like an angry bull until he saw Dante in my arms. Then, his eyes softened considerably.

I quickly covered myself as Rose rushed into the room.

"What's going on? Why is he here?" I asked warily.

She began ringing her hands and pacing the floor. "Oh, I wanted to prepare you first, Bella, but this…this man burst through the door and demanded to see you at once."

Finally, I got the courage to look up into Edward's emerald eyes. He hadn't changed at all unless you counted the fact that he looked even more prosperous. I wanted to get up and run away, but I had Dante to think about.

"Shouldn't you be asking me that, babydoll?" He stepped inside the room and knelt down by my rocking chair. "I'm not going to bother to ask. Everyone can see he's mine. It's like looking at me as a baby. Can I hold my son?"

I nodded and passed Dante over.

Nothing had prepared me for the sight of them together. It was pure beauty and it took my breath away. My little lamb latched onto his daddy's finger and just stared. It was almost like he knew who was holding him.

"Hello, Dante, I'm your daddy. It's nice to meet you," Edward said softly, as he kissed our little boy's cheeks.

Half an hour later, Rose came to check on us. She took Dante out so that Edward and I could talk. I felt nervous about being alone with him. We'd had sex and conceived a child together, but we were still almost strangers.

I also hated my traitorous body. When I got here, I read every scripture of the Bible that mentioned fornication and adultery, but Edward still had a spell on me. Looking at him in his fancy blue suit and smelling his expensive cologne made my lower body moisten. I was ashamed of myself.

"Edward, I…" Those were the only words I was able to utter because he attacked me. His lips were fierce and hungry as he begged for entrance. Wanting to please him, I eagerly opened up my mouth. We both groaned as our tongues met and massaged each other.

Edward's eyes darkened as he looked down at my breast. In my haste, I hadn't put it away. He got rid of the bra before I could protest. Then, I felt his soft lips on my nipples. It caused a burning feeling deep in my stomach and made me crave release.

"Edward, don't…" I pleaded unconvincingly. "I've been feeding Dante. The milk…"

Smirking, he puckered his lips and pulled hard, drawing out a strong spurt of my mother's milk. I felt dirty. Surely, this wasn't something that a man was supposed to do! The milk was for my baby and no one else.
 Sensing my fear, Edward stopped and looked up at me.

"Don't fucking push me away, Bella. I love your milk. It, your skin, and your pussy are the best things I've ever tasted. I've spent a year looking for you. Don't deny me," he growled before giving my other nipple the same exquisite torture.

"Ungh! No, we can't," I cried out. "It goes against the Bible."

Unfazed, Edward reached down and slipped his fingers into my undergarments. It felt wonderful and oh so wrong! I'd tried touching myself down there a few times but my fingers didn't give the pleasure that I'd known from Edward.

"There's sex in the Bible, Bella. Besides, you want this as much as me. You're wet."

Blushing, I finally managed to push him away and stand up. "This is wrong. We are not married. I have already sinned once in your arms. I will not sin again."

It was quiet for a long time. Then, Edward walked over to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and I leaned back onto his strong chest. Even though I was half naked and leaking milk, I felt safe in Edward's embrace.

When he began taking the rest of my undergarments off, I couldn't find it in myself to protest. Seconds later, his suit joined my clothes in a pile on top of the bed. Before long, we were as naked as Adam and Eve in the garden.

Because I was ashamed, I covered my breasts and womanhood. Edward quickly removed my hand and kissed the palm. "I'm not the same," I whispered sadly.

He got down on his knees. "You're fucking perfect, babydoll. Do you know how long I've wanted this?" he asked as he began licking me." I dreamt about you every night. I've spent all these months looking for you. My heavies think I'm insane. All I could think of was being with my babydoll."

Slowly, I began pulling him up and back us against the wall. Edward took charge and picked me up. I held his muscular arms as he slipped inside of me. I'd had a very poor memory of his lovemaking.

"Tell me what you want me to do, dame? Do you want it hard or fast?" he asked, grunting.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, kissing the light sprinkling of hair on his chin. "I just want you."

"Then you shall have me."

My body spasmed as the first round of pleasure overtook me. I didn't have time to come down because Edward was pounding me into the wall. I reached down and touched his manhood while he dug his fingers into my backside. I hadn't the strength to keep standing, so he was supporting both of our weights.

"There…there, Edward! It's happening again," I murmured, clawing at his sweaty back.

Suddenly, he slammed into me, sending me into another fit. I dug my heels into his backside and pulled his hair as we began to kiss savagely. There was nothing sweet and gentle, because it was the kiss of two lovers that had been apart for far too long.

"Fuck! I'm going to come, babydoll. Your pussy is too tight, even now. Shit!"

I pushed at his chest and wiggled away. "Let me down, Edward. You'll have to pull out." Groaning, he did as I asked.

Not wanting to deny him anything, I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth. This was something I'd seen in one of those sinful books I'd read, but I instinctively knew that Edward would enjoy it. His eyes were already rolling back into his head as I inserted his shaft into my mouth.

The minute my tongue touched him, his eyes flew open. "Fucking hell. You don't have to do that, babydoll. Get up from there."

Shaking my head, I began slowly licking him. A few seconds later, a thick fluid began coating my mouth. I swallowed the sweet and salty globs as fast as I could. Pretty soon, Edward was using my hair as a pulley. I choked on his manhood a few times but soon got the hang of it all.

"Ti amo, babydoll. Yes, yes, hell yes! Your fucking mouth is the sweetest fucking torture," he mumbled, holding me in place.

Eventually, he became limp and pulled out. Now that it was over, I felt ashamed again. Crying, I stood up and walked over to the bed. Then I wrapped my favorite quilt around myself and began to pray. I asked God to forgive me and to tame the evil temptress inside of me.

I was still praying when Edward joined me. He pulled me into his lap and held me as I sobbed. "Shhh, babydoll. I can't stand to see you cry. Nothing we've done was wrong. I love you."

"This is the will of God, that ye should abstain from fornication, First Thessalonians, chapter four and verse three. I'm going to Hell," I stated sadly.

Edward began to laugh. The more he laughed, the angrier I got. Before long, we were wrestling on the bed. I managed to get on top. I was tugging on his unruly hair when he slipped his manhood inside of me again. All the Biblical thoughts left my mind as he began gyrating.

"You're on top, babydoll. Ride me like you mean it. I want to feel it deep in my soul," he commanded.

There were horses on the ranch so I'd gotten a lot of practice in riding. I put those skills to use as I wantonly bounced and moved on top of Edward. He made noises that reminded me of the animals in the barn.

"You sound funny," I said, giggling.

He slapped my backside and pulled me down for another smoldering kiss. "You're my perfect woman, Bella. You're a tigress in the bed and a lady outside. No wonder I love you."

My heart soared, but I knew they were just empty words. "Don't lie to me."

A little while later, I was writhing under Edward as he licked my juices. I buried my fingers in his hair and lost myself. The only thing I felt was his long tongue sliding in, out, and over me. Pretty soon, it got to be too much.

"Edward! Yes. Please. Yes. Ungh! Ungh! I'm dying," I screamed, as the final orgasm pulsated throughout my body. I felt it everywhere.

Lazily, I watched as Edward stroked his manhood as his thick fluid coated my nether curls. "I love your cock," I moaned, instantly regretting it and covering my mouth. Cock was not a word ladies used.

He threw his head back and laughed. "You're full of fucking surprises, babydoll. Say pussy and fuck."


Suddenly, he began tickling me. To stop the torture, I said what he wanted to hear. "Fuck. Pussy. Now get off of me, you…you Devil!"

"Remember to add my in between those words, and you've got the only sentence I want to hear coming out of your pretty mouth," he instructed while laughing at me.

I should have known! All Edward wanted from me was fornication. He didn't care about Dante or marriage. Once again, I was the stupid one. What kind of woman let a man use her this way? Surely, it wasn't healthy.
Edward Cullen was bad for me, and I knew it. As I shuffled to the washroom, I thought about what I could do to be rid of the demon.

Beside a shady nook a moment's bliss we took 
To talk of love beneath the stars above I held your hand and whispered 
Dear, I love you, I love you
And though it's just a dream An idle scheme of mine to win your heart 
And yet it seemed divine, it must be true 
I am with you and you are mine, all mine

It Must Be True-Bing Crosby


My babydoll fucking confused me. I wanted to join her in the washroom, but she looked like she needed time, so I grabbed a cigar out of my jacket and lit up. Her room was kind of small for my tastes, but she'd decorated it comfortably.

Seeing the baby crib in the corner and her cheery artwork on the walls gave me pause. This was unfamiliar territory for me. I'd had a million molls, and dames threw their pussy at me, but no one lighted a fire in my heart like my little tigress had done.

The day she vanished, I sent all my goons out to find her. Pretty soon, they all began returning empty handed. I went mad and drank my weight in Cognac. My godfathers had me taken to the main mansion and questioned. I told them all about Bella and how she'd stolen my heart. They agreed to help me.

From then on, I didn't care about anything but finding her. As we looked, we heard horror stories about dames that had been raped and killed. I knew the odds weren't good for a woman like Bella. She had no family, friends, or money, and that made her a target.

I was crueler than normal in my business dealings, so I put more than a few people in Chicago overcoats. These were bloody times, and like my father, I was a man that had to set an example.  The Great Depression wasn't bad for ruthless people like me. It was a time to make loads of green.

Just when I'd started to believe that Bella was an angel granted to me for just one night, we got a tip from one of the Russian Mobsters out West. I'd circulated Bella's picture among various Organization members, and he'd recognized her.

He told me that there was a girl fitting my babydoll's description at a McCarty Ranch in Washington State. When he described her, I knew he was talking about my Bella. When he told me that she had the cutest little copper haired and green eyed baby, I almost had a heart attack. Bella had given birth to my baby!

I had to make sure, so I asked Riley to inquire about her the next time he had business dealings with Emmett, the head of the Ranch. Then, I began preparing for the trip and put Felix and Kate in charge of HADES in my absence.

My mom and sister blew their wigs when I told them everything. They insisted on joining me. The next day we started the long journey from Chicago to San Francisco. I'd done it a few times on business, so I knew the route well.

Three days ago, we made it to California. I had several cars, various furniture, and trailers waiting for us. Mom and Alice had shopped every store in the Nation at this point. They'd brought enough baby clothes, dresses, and blankets for thousands of people. By the time we pulled up the Ranch, I was fucking whacky.

Emmett McCarty was away in Denver on business, so Riley led the way. He was a young guy, but the head of the biggest Russian outfit on the West Coast. The Seattle Mafia outfit was unfamiliar to me, but my godfathers had friends here.

The minute the car stopped, I ran into the house. A tall blonde woman, who I assumed was Rosalie, tried to stop me, but I was faster. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I pushed open the door. I wasn't prepared for the sight of my angel breastfeeding. I wanted to fall at her feet and weep tears of joy. Instead, I acted like a fucking caveman and took her against a wall.


Twenty minutes later, I was still waiting for Bella. I hastily got dressed and began pounding on the door. There was no answer. I was about to break it down, when she finally came out of the room. Her eyes were red from crying, and she looked sick.

"Bella, what's wrong?" I asked worriedly.

She wrapped her small arms around my waist and hugged me tightly. "I know you don't want any of this, but I have to thank you for coming. It was nice for Dante to meet his daddy. You two are beautiful together. Don't worry about us. We'll be fine. I'll raise him to be a great young man."

What? She thinks… Shit!

Returning the hug, I lifted her small body into my arms. "I'm not going anywhere, babydoll. If you want to stay in Washington, I'll buy a house here. If you want to go back to Chicago, you and Dante can move in with me."

She laid her head on my shoulder and whispered, "Move in?"

I smirked. "As in live with me. By the way, what's my son's middle name?"

She beamed upon hearing the question. "His full name is Dante Charles Emanuele Swan."

"That's beautiful, babydoll. You gave him a mostly Italian name. Who is Charles, and why isn't my son a Masen?" I asked, frowning.

Sighing, Bella told me the whole story about how she'd lied and said she was a widow. I was angry, but I understood her need to protect our son. I just wished that she never fucking ran from me, but I knew that the old me wouldn't have handled the news of a pregnancy well.

My babydoll was so brave. I listened intently as she also told me about her father and how she nursed him throughout his sickness. When she got to the part about some sleezeball, named Banner, making a pass at her for a job, I made a mental note: I bet the motherfucker wouldn't be coming on to poor, unsuspecting girls after my goons broke his goddamn kneecaps!

Realizing that it had gone quiet, I looked down at my angel. "What's wrong? Why did you stop talking? Tell me everything, Bella."

She blushed and laid her head on my shoulder again. "The day that Dante was born, I called for you. I was delirious with pain, and I almost wished that you had of been there. I know it's not common for a man to attend a birthing, but I wanted you."

"I would have been right by your side, babydoll," I reassured, kissing her nose.

A few minutes later, we walked downstairs hand in hand. There was no one in the house so we went outside to find them. It was late afternoon, which meant work would be going on for a few more hours.

Bella had changed into a pretty green and white gingham dress. She looked healthy and even more beautiful than I'd remembered. Her tits were definitely bigger and so was her ass. Making love to her after all this time had been pure-fucking-heaven.

"He loves being outside," she whispered, pointing to our son. He was lying down in some kind kind of basket wrapped in blankets.

I picked him up and cradled him to my chest. "There you are. Sorry I kept mommy away for so long. You've had her for months, and I just found her again."

The small blonde girl that had been watching my boy stood up and held out her hand. "I am Bree. It is nice to meet father of Dante. I glad that Bella and him not alone anymore," she said in a thick Slavic accent.

"Dobriy den'. My name is Edward. Any friend of Bella and Dante is a friend of mine."

"You speak Russian?" Bree asked, looking astonished.

I nodded and began lightly bouncing my son. He'd started to whine a little, but I wasn't ready to hand him over. Bella looked like she would grab him from my arms at any minute, though. I hadn't been here for long, but I could already see that she was a wonderful mother.

"I'm a businessman, dear Bree; therefore, I speak many languages. Thank you for taking care of my little boy. He seems to like you a lot." Like Bella often did, Bree blushed and looked away.

A few seconds later, I heard footsteps coming our way. Instinctively, I reached for my heater. I never went anywhere unarmed. The world wasn't a safe place, and now I also had my woman and child to protect.

"Don't shoot me, Masen. I was just getting the lovely Bree some lemonade," Riley said, taking his place by the blonde girl, who blushed redder as she took the offered glass.

I looked to Bella for an explanation, but she was too busy beaming at the both of them. Clearly, my soon to be wife was a matchmaker. In my experience, dames were never satisfied unless all their girlfriends were married with babies.

"So, we'll leave you two alone," I mumbled, doubting that they heard me anyway.

By the time we got back to the house, Mom and Alice were inside. They practically ran over to Bella and me, snatching Dante along the way. He cooed and smiled at his grandmother and aunt, effectively earning their hearts for life.

"He's beautiful," mom sobbed.

Alice practically vibrated with joy. "He looks just like you, Edward."

I nodded proudly. "He's a sturdy little fellow, too. I just had a sample of what he eats, and I can see why he's so big."

Bella gasped. "Edward!"

Laughing, Rose walked into the room. "Don't play shy now. We all heard your reunion, doll. I had to take the babies outside."

"Oh god," Bella groaned as she laid her small head on my chest. I leaned d own and kissed her temple, inhaling the scent of her arousal. She still wanted me.

Smirking, I led Bella over to the living room suite. Mom and Alice sat down on the sofa with Rose while Bella and I chose the loveseat. It felt so fucking good to have her in my arms again. I felt like if I blinked, she would disappear.

"Why didn't you tell me, Bella?" Rose asked, breaking me out of my spell.

My babydoll sniffled and wiped her nose. "I couldn't. I didn't know I was pregnant the day we met up, but I knew there was a chance. That's why I told you I was a widow. Then later, when my suspicions came true, it was just easier to keep lying. I'm so sorry Rose."

Smiling, the tall blonde woman took a sip of her tea. "I'm not mad at you, sweetie. I'm just sad we missed all those months of good gossip!" Rose's declaration made my mom and sister laugh. Not to be outdone, our son began cooing.

Deciding to just go ahead and bite the fucking bullet, I turned to my angel. "When do you want to get married?"

Mom screamed, Alice jumped up, and Rose chocked on her tea before Bella said the words that broke my heart, "I don't want to marry you."

Taken aback, I recoiled from her. "What the fuck, Bella? Why not? We have a kid. I thought this was what a dame like you would want."

She stood up and put her small hands on her hips, glaring at me. "I want a man that loves me for me. You're just doing what you think is right. We won't last if Dante is our only reason for being together. I'll always feel like I forced you into something you didn't truly want. What about all the molls you have back in Chicago? I can't live knowing that you're with other women."

I pulled on my hair as I leaned forward. "I'm not… I can't…just give up my life. You know what I do, Bella. I promise that you and Dante will have the best of everything. It's just a piece of paper that makes our son legitimate before the eyes of the law."

She smiled sadly and looked at Esme and Ali. "It's nice meeting you, Mrs. Masen, Alice. I feel a little lightheaded. If you don't mind watching Dante, I'd like to lie down now."

Esme smiled at my babydoll. "You couldn't pry this beautiful darling out of my arms. Get some rest, sweetheart."

Rose stood up to help my babydoll up the stairs. After sticking her tongue out at me, Alice followed. I knew that my mom was about to grill my ass. She had that serious look in her eye and little line in her forehead.

"Spit it out," I demanded, looking down at my dozing son.

"Edward Anthony Masen, I'm ashamed of you. That is no way to ask a woman for her hand in marriage. You can't continue on the path you've been going. Don't you want to be alive to see your son grow up?"

I sighed and played with the edge of my jacket. "Of course I do, Mom. You know it's not that easy. I'm a fucking Mobster. Look at Bella, she's fucking innocent. How can I bring her down to Hell with me?"

Mom kissed my forehead before transferring Dante to her shoulder. He was emitting a light snore now, and it was one of the sweetest sounds I'd ever heard. I reached out and felt the skin on the back of his neck. It was silky soft and pure.

"I know you can't change your world, but you can change the way you live in it. Don't be selfish like your father. Bella loves you, and she seems like a sweet young woman. If you really care about her, you'll fight. Fight for your son. Show him that a real man takes care of his responsibilities. Whoring will get you nothing but an early grave," Esme pointed out honestly.

That night, we stayed over for dinner. Bella didn't want to see me, but I met all her friends. I made sure all the motherfucking men saw my heater, my cars, and my goons. I had to send a message that Bella was mine and off limits.

Because my mother didn't want to impose, we drove to a nearby town and rented an inn. The couple that ran it lived in the cabin out back, so we had the whole place to ourselves. It was furnished nicely, and the couple went out of their way to make us comfortable.

Sometime after midnight, I fell into a fitful sleep and dreamed of my angel and our son. If it was the last thing I did, I was going to get them back. My days of being a fucking screw up were over. I needed Bella like the flowers needed water.

The next day I woke up at the crack of dawn. My main heavy, Felix, drove me to the town's only small bakery. The man and his wife looked scared until I laid down a couple of bills. Then, they seemed to relax considerably.

I had no fucking clue what my babydoll liked, so I had them fresh bake batches of donuts, fritters, and cinnamon rolls. Alice had mentioned that Bella had something of a sweet tooth. They'd gotten to know each other a little last night.

After the bakery trip, we swung by the inn to pick up Esme and Alice. They'd brought enough baby shit for a hundred babies. Alice had even been thoughtful enough to get a few comfortable dresses for my babydoll.

The sun was already high by the time we arrived. I didn't wait for the car to stop before hopping out. I needed to see my babydoll. After talking with Rose, we were informed that Bella was already in the field picking. I was fucking angry that she wanted to work, but I tried to hold it inside. The last thing I needed was for my fucking temper to scare her off.

Wanting to get some alone time, I asked mom and Ali to stay so that I could go find Bella. Thankfully, Rose went through the bag and picked out some donuts that she thought my angel would like. Then, she grabbed a bottle of cold milk and two glasses before putting it all into a small picnic basket. I wanted to kiss her, but I knew that Emmett was a big motherfucker and I liked my balls where they were.

Whistling, I set off to find my family. I wasn't prepared to see Bella with her ass up in the air, singing softly as she dug up corn. I looked around, making sure there was no one close. I wanted to try something, and I didn't want anyone around to see it.

"Everybody loves my baby but my baby don't love nobody but me," Bella sang happily.

"I do love you, babydoll," I murmured, stepping up behind her.

Gasping, she turned around. "You scoundrel! Why did you sneak up on me like that," she whisper-yelled.

I smirked and sat down on the wet dirt, not caring that it was ruining my custom Italian wool suit. Bella was wearing a pretty shirt dress with short sleeves, and even her fucking bare arms drove me crazy. The dress looked a little tight.

"Bella, why are you wearing that out of the house? Motherfuckers better not touch you, or I swear I'll fucking shove their dicks up their asses!"

She slapped me on the cheek and pointed to the side. Dante was sleeping in some kind of basket with a cover to block out sun. He made a sighing noise but didn't open his eyes. I smiled sheepishly at my angel.

"Edward Masen, you have the worst language I've ever heard. What do you want? I have work to do."

I pulled out the bag with the bakery treats and handed it to her along with a cool glass of milk. She looked surprised for a minute before thanking me. I watched hungrily as she bit into a frosted donut. Her full lips encasing the food reminded me of last night when she'd taken my dick into my mouth. That shit was shocking.

"Mmm, it's so good, Edward," she groaned, licking her fingers.

After adjusting myself, I bit into a glazed donut and tried to gain focus again. My babydoll was too sexy for her own good. At this rate, I would fucking cream my pants like a virgin runt.

"So, um, tell me about the corn," I mumbled.

She took a stalk and pointed to the end. "Corn has to be picked while it's cool. You can see the silk has turned brown."

I grunted, taking another bite of donut. "That's neat."

Bella sat the ear of corn aside and smiled playfully. I was about to ask what she was doing, when she turned Dante in the opposite direction, so that he faced away from us.

The sun was really fucking bright, but there was a cool breeze. We still seemed to be the only two in this section of the field. The smell of wet dirt and growth was thick in my nostrils. It was strange for me because I was always a city rat. I'd never spent much time on a farm unless it was to pick up moonshine or some shit.

Slowly, my babydoll began unbuttoning her shirt dress. My dick jumped in my pants. I wasn't fucking prepared for this so early in the morning. She giggled and undid her bra, leaving her succulent breasts bare. They were perfect.

"Staring is rude," she teased, kissing my cheek.

I nodded, unable to form any coherent sentences.

"Well, corn is a lot like these," Bella stated, pointing to her round white breasts. "You check the kernels on the end to make sure they're firm and milky."

Dumbly, I reached forward and pinched her nipples. She leaned into me, crying out softly. "I want you, Bella."

She held up the ear of corn. "You have to give it a squeeze to see if it's full, rounded, and firm."

I kneaded her breasts, moaning as she looked deep in my eyes. "Feels ripe to me."

"Have you tested for the milk?" She asked, leaning further into me.

I lowered my head and devoured her nipples. Bella's mother's milk tasted even better than it had the previous day. She buried her fingers in my hair and held me close as I suckled and teased her tits. My cock was so hard it hurt.

"After it's picked, you have to cook and eat the corn or store it. Sweet corn is one of my favorites," she finished, taking a bite and handing the kernel to me.

"Delicious," I mumbled, staring at her leaking breasts.

All decorum gone, we became animals. Bella helped me take off my suit while I ripped her undergarments and dress all the way off. Our lips crashed before my shirt was off. I turned Bella around so that she was on her knees.

"We have to be quiet, Edward. Dante was fussy last night. He needs his rest," my babydoll whispered quietly.

I kissed the back of her neck and lined my cock up to her entrance. I wanted to take her sweet little asshole, but her pussy was glistening and shining for me. Besides, anal sex might not be her thing. Most dames were squeamish about that type of shit.

Determinedly, I pushed into Bella's tight pussy. She purred and dug her nails into the dirt. I reached around and softly squeezed her breasts, burying my head in her back because she felt so fucking good. My balls began constricting after three pumps.

"Fuck. You're so fucking tight," I whispered.

She looked back at me and licked her lips. "Fuck. My. Pussy."

It was the hottest shit I'd ever seen in my life. Snarling, I grabbed my babydoll around the waist and began thrusting and pounding into her wetness. She keened and met me move for move. I slapped her ass a few times, remembering that she liked it slightly rough.

"I love you, Bella. Fuck! It's never… It's never been like this. No one else," I sputtered, trying to keep my orgasm at bay.

All of a sudden, my babydoll began to scream. Thinking quickly, I covered her mouth and pushed my cock deep inside of her. She whimpered and shook uncontrollably as I watched a single drop of sweat fall down the crease of her back.

"Harder, Edward. Ungh! Almost there again."

I pulled out and got on my knees. Bella turned around, immediately crawling into my lap so that we were face to face. Her small arms encircled my neck ans I slid back inside of her. In this position, I was able to hit her G spot.

"Edward, Edward, Edward, oh my god!" She moaned, biting down on her lip.

"Come for me, babydoll," I implored while I rubbed her clit.

Suddenly, the world stopped. Bella's pussy clamped down on my dick hard. I threw my head back and looked up at the sun as the first feelings of orgasm hit me. My stomach felt like it was on fire. Bella's small teeth sank into my neck as I used her waist as leverage.

"You're killing me," I grunted, hugging her tightly.

She panted and wiggled in my lap. "I didn't plan this at all. It's just… Last night, I dreamed about us making love out here. I'm sorry. I don't know what I want anymore, Edward. This whore has taken over my soul."

I kissed her forehead. "You're not a fucking whore. Do you love me?"

She smiled and looked up into my eyes. "I love you so much it hurts me to be apart from you. I want you all the time, but not only for what we just did. Edward, I want to share the good times and the bad."

I was about to profess my love again when my son woke up. He had a set of lungs on him. Bella quickly pulled on her clothes and took him out of t he basket. I pulled on my pants and shirt, wrapping the jacket around her small shoulders.

"Where do you want to live, Bella?" I asked, using her cloth and water to clean up.

She looked down at Dante before smiling up at me. "I do miss the city. I like the noise and the bustle, but I want to be close to the fields. I like it here in Washington. Chicago is too crowded for me. I like being able to see the trees."

As Bella breastfed my son, I began to put plans in motion. The Volturi needed a strong West Coast operation. All the Italian Dons were in the East, but there was money to be made out here. With their permission, I was about to finally take my place in Mi Famiglia.

The next few weeks, I got shit ready. Bella refused to live with me without being married, but I spent almost all my time with her. We worked in the fields together. She and the women visited the Hooverville camps by the river and handed out food and clothing, so I joined them.

The men in the camps were strong, but there was no work. I found the one that seemed to be the leader and offered him a job. He trained the rest for what I needed. Pretty soon, my cars from Chicago arrived. By that time, most of the men were on my payroll.

"I need you to drive up to Seattle and pick up a shipment from the docks," I told my men, handing out a fistful of green.

The women and kids who were once starving and dirty were now growing gardens and keeping house. Bella and her friends continued to help until the men got deep into the business. My babydoll had such a kind heart, and people loved her.

One night, after we fucked in my suite at the inn, she laid down on my chest and asked me what I did. I told her everything, not sparing one detail. By the end, she was still in my arms. I knew then that Bella accepted me for the Mobster that I was, and I fucking loved her even more.

Dante was with my mom and sister, so Bella and I could be as loud as we wanted. Their rooms were on a whole different floor. I had my babydoll on her hands and knees calling out my name, against the door, and even in the clawfoot tub.

Two months later, I couldn't wait anymore. The Washington operation was running smoothly. My godfathers were planning to come out and meet Bella. Our son was growing bigger by the fucking day.

"I need the ring, Mom," I said, holding my hand out.

She kissed both my cheeks and squealed "I'm so proud of you, So many weddings for me to plan. Mark my words, you sister will be next. Jasper is sugar sweet on her."

After disentangling myself from my mother, I set off to find Bella. She was in the kitchen with the women cooking something. Dante laughed happily as Bree danced him around the kitchen. I winked at the ladies before asking Bella to accompany me.

Alice took her upstairs so that she could put on the black and silver dress that I'd bought. It was fucking custom and Kate had helped me pick it out. The black lace corset was all me, though. I paced the floor as the hour passed.

"Do I look okay?" Bella asked, stepping down the stairs.

I met her halfway, pulling her into my arms. The women began to catcall, which made Dante make strange baby noises. I kissed Bella thoroughly before carrying her to the landing. She looked up at me with pure love in her eyes.

When we got outside, Felix helped us into my new Rolls Royce Phantom. It was an ostentatious car in these parts, but it was as much a part of me as my Tommy gun. Bella smiled before putting Dante into his carrier and getting in herself. She was probably the only dame that preferred walking over driving in a luxury vehicle. We'd taken many a walk together over the last few months.

Dante liked the car. He giggled almost the whole way to our destination. When we arrived, Bella gasped and pointed to the opulent mansion. I nodded, letting her know that it was indeed our new home.

When we got inside, I showed her all the rooms. My mom was still having shit shipped from Italy, Paris, and Chicago, but it was almost done. Bella touched the secretary's desk and stationary reverently. When I showed her the library, she began to sob.

"Babydoll, I want the best for you and Dante," I whispered, kissing away her tears.

Mom had decorated the living suite in expensive mahogany furniture. Bella took a seat in one of the Queen Anne chairs and began bouncing Dante on her knee. He looked up and reached for me. Smiling, I picked him up above my head and blew raspberries on his stomach. His laughter was the perfect complement to the room.

After putting my son in his new crib, I walked over and got down on my knees. My babydoll was still crying and seemed overwhelmed.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I want to wake up and go to sleep with you for the rest of my life. I'm not worthy, but I'll spend my life trying to be the man that you need. I love you and the beautiful baby boy we created. Will you do me the honor of taking me as your husband?" I asked with authority.

"Oh, Edward, nothing would make me happier," she cried, wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

Sighing, I placed the antique ring on her finger. The main stone was a large diamond, but it had two emeralds on the side. Ti Amo, Bella was inscribed on the inside of the gold band. Her hand was still trembling when I let go.

"Promise me that you'll never take it off. Well, at least until I get you pregnant again, and your fingers swell," I joked, standing up.

She swatted me softly. "Let's wait a while before anymore kids. Dante was a little miracle."

I walked over to the crib and lifted my smiling son. "You want brothers and sisters, don't you?"

He wrapped his tiny hand around my fingers and gurgled.

Bella groaned, taking him away from me. "Don't encourage him, little lamb. Daddy is a very bad boy."

I smiled and wrapped my arm around her waist. "How about we put our son to sleep, and I show you how bad I can really be, Bella. A cop friend of mine sent over a supply of handcuffs…"

***Five years later***

I woke up still naked in bed with my glorious wife. Bella had taken to the Mafia lifestyle better than I'd ever hoped. She could shoot a gun and stare down the scariest motherfucker. I was so fucking proud to have her by my side.

"Get off, Edward! It's so hot. I swear this is the last time I let you do this to me," my babydoll stated, pointing to her large stomach.

I smiled and kissed her navel. "You say that every time. If you just stopped using your big brown eyes to seduce me…"

She hit me over the head with a pillow. "You were the one that wanted to make love in the car under the stars that night. I told you to pull out."

Smirking, I lifted her leg and slipped inside of her. It didn't matter to me whether Bella was pregnant or not. I always fucking wanted her. It had taken years, but she didn't have all the old hang ups about sex anymore. My angel was willing to try everything as long as it was with me.

"Daddy, we come in," I heard from the other side of the door. It was one of my baby girls. As punishment for my past sins, I'd been given three.

"Hold on," I mumbled, pulling out of Bella and slipping my pajama pants on. My wife giggled and stuck her tongue out at me. It was a habit she'd gotten from Alice. They were both pains in my ass.

After I made sure Bella was decent, I opened the door to the little cockblockers. Dante was in front, holding his sisters' hands. Our youngest son began crying from the nursery across the hall. He was another one that didn't like me getting good early morning pussy.

My little babydolls clung to my ankles as I walked to the nursery. Dante had a baseball mitt, letting me know he wanted to play. It would be a cold day in hell before I got laid again, but my kids owned my ass these days.

"Daddy, can we have cake?" my daughter, Catalina, asked enthusiastically. She always wanted sugar.

Dante shook his head and pointed to the mitt. "Daddy is playing baseball. You have cake later."

This caused an argument between the children. They were all too young to really speak properly, and since Marcus and Caius insisted on teaching them Italian, they were more confusing than most little kids.

I wrinkled my nose and laid the youngest on the pad. He had Bella's eyes and my hair, but he definitely had her stubbornness.

After cleaning him up and putting the diapers away, I went back into the bedroom. The maid had brought Bella a bunch of Belgian waffles. She was propped up on the pillows eating happily. She looked radiant. My heart skipped a fucking beat.

Smiling, she held out a forkful to me. Dante stole it before I could take a bite. His sisters and baby brother laughed as he passed around the rest of the offered waffle. The bed was a fucking mess, but all my children were healthy, happy, and loved.

Later that night, Bella and I were finally able to make love. I slipped inside of her and rocked us gently. She moaned loudly, placing my large hand over her leaking breast. I still loved drinking her milk.

"Faster," she mumbled, putting her hand mine.

My hips began moving at the pace she wanted. While she reached her peak, I buried my nose in her long chestnut hair. It always smelled like sweet flowers and honey.

When I knew my babydoll was close, I pinched her clit and raised her leg higher. She came, whimpering my name. Her walls clamped down, triggering my own release. In that moment, everything was fucking perfection.

Who knew one night with an angel could bring a lifetime of happiness? Not me..I was still the fucking Don, but more importantly, I was he man that Isabella had chosen for life.

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