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Chapter 7: The Way That I Love You-Part 1

A/N: Happy Mother's Day, readers! I planned to get this up earlier but it was a hectic day. I hope you got everything you wanted. There are lemons in this chapter. Bella is still in denial and Edward is an idiot .Dante brings the cuteness. I encourage people that can't handle the story to read something else. I won't be offended. Please review/ Pictures and songs have been added.

After all of the times that we tried, 
I found out we were living a lie And after all of this love that we made, 
I know now you don't love me the same 
The way that I love (The way that I love you) 
The way that I love (The way that I love you) 
The way that I love (The way that I love you) 
I woke up kinda early today, 
and something told me from that moment it wouldn't be the same 
Felt like you were hidin' something, but I didn't push it,
 I didn't complain or say nothing I tried to act like
 I didn't see it, 'cause deep down I know I didn't wanna believe it..
The Way That I Love You-Ashanti


I woke up with Edward's long fingers buried deep inside of my pussy. It had been a few weeks since we had any kind of sexual activity. After our talk, things had gotten somewhat better, but we were a long way away from the good times.

As he stroked my slick flesh, I fought a private war with myself. A part of me really just wanted to get off, but mostly I felt repulsed by Edward's touch. He was no longer the man whom had free reign over my body.

"Stop," I whispered groggily, pushing his big hand away.

Instead of cooperating, he nibbled on my earlobe and began rubbing faster. Ashamedly, I cried out for him. While I came undone, he moved his lips to my shoulder, licking and sucking on the delicate skin like a leech. I gripped his arm to hold him in place.

"Don't fight this, babydoll," he mumbled, pinching my clitoris. After that, I didn't care about anything but the euphoric feeling and tremors that ravaged me. I hadn't realized how much sexual energy I had pent up inside.

As I let myself ride the waves, I felt Edward's erection pressing forcefully against my backside. He wanted me just as badly as I wanted him. Well, maybe not me per se, but he craved the sex.

I was catching my breath when he turned me over and inserted his muscular leg between my knees. I'd only worn a small t-shirt and panties to bed, so I was now bare. I figured Edward must have shed my underwear sometime during the night.

Looking deeply in my eyes, he lifted my The Kills concert shirt and tossed it on the floor. "Tell me to stop and I will, babydoll. I'm not going to hurt you anymore," he promised, kissing the lower swell of my breast.

Hearing him say those words slaughtered any sexual lust I had been feeling. Edward always hurt me. Always. I knew I was a fool to stay after all the things he had pulled lately, but there was no reason for him to lie straight to my face.

"Stop! I don't want to have sex. I can't trust you, Edward. We can't just go back to what we had," I snapped, sitting up.

He glared at me as I retrieved my t-shirt and angrily marched to the bathroom. A few seconds later, he was pounding on the door begging to be let inside. I put on some classical Christmas music and ignored him. Pretty soon things got quiet, and I stepped into a hot shower.

Where had it all gone wrong? We used to be so happy together. While I bathed, I reminisced on our early relationship. Edward was always scary, but I knew he loved me. No other woman ever caught his eye, which used to make me feel special. We'd had our ups and downs, but our love won in the end...or so I thought it had.

"You used to touch me so gently," I whispered aloud, while washing between my thighs. "You used to love me, Edward."

After showering, I wrapped a towel around myself and walked back to the room. Edward was still in bed staring off into space. His green eyes appeared to be so dark and haunted. I wanted to uncover all of his secrets, but I knew he wouldn't share them.

With tears in my eyes, I walked over to the closet and pulled out some clothes. I could feel Edward's intense gaze on me. My plan was to go back to the bathroom and change before getting Dante ready for the day.

As I was looking for a pair of jeans, Edward walked up behind me. "Bella, I know I haven't taken care of you the way I should have... and I'm really fucking sorry for hurting you. I need you and DC so much. Without you, I'm in the flames of hell all day, every day. Please don't leave me."

I closed my eyes and turned to him. "Edward, I'm so scared. You're not acting right. What can I do? I want to help you, honey. I miss us. I thought what we built would be harder to break than this. We're barely at the year mark of our marriage and the foundation is already crumbling."

He dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around my waist. I reached down to stroke his hair as he sobbed. My heart felt like it was breaking. For a few moments, the world stopped. The only thing I was aware of was the pure and utter sorrow in the room.

" Sei la mia anima gemella,"" Edward murmured quietly.

I smiled because I knew that particular Italian phrase. He'd said it to me many times before. "You're my soulmate, too, Edward.

Because I so desperately wanted the old Edward and Bella back, I dropped my robe and got down my knees. Edward pulled back and stared at me. He was wearing a pair of blue boxer briefs--the only barrier between us.

I watched raptly as his shaft swelled. Growling low in his throat, he stalked forward like an angry tiger. I laid down and held my arms open for him. The darkness and pain in his eyes was gone and in its place was lust and affection.

"I don't deserve you, babydoll.

I cupped h is cheek as he laid on top of me. "We deserve to be together. We almost died for it, Edward. I love you."

He licked my bottom lip, biting down on it gently. "Ti amo, Bella Cullen. I'll love you forever. No matter what happens...please know that I love you. You alone have my heart."

As I digested his words, Edward licked his way in to my mouth and kissed me heartily. My insiders were burning and craving his touch. Luckily he didn't make me wait. I opened my legs wide as one of his big fingers probed my entrance.

"You're so fucking wet, babydoll. Is it all for me?" he asked.

I nibbled on his top lip, pulling him closer. "It's always for you. There's never going to be anyone else."

He snarled, sinking his teeth into the underside of my left breast. "There…better…not  be! You're mine, Bella. Always mine."

Not giving me time to register the pain, he plunged in to me with one mighty thrust. I cried out and scratched my nails down his back. We'd gone a few weeks without sex, so my body wasn't as used to the onslaught of his girth.

"Ungh! Edward…Please…"

He cupped my buttocks, lifting me so he could go balls deep. I felt him in ever single cell, and it was amazing! Wrapping my arms around his neck, I held on for dear life. Then I let my mind go blank. Nothing else mattered while we were joined.

"Shit, babydoll. It's always so good. I…can't…much longer. Come for me," he demanded, rubbing my rosebud gently.

I shuddered and shook as he began pounding. "Put it there, Edward. I want to feel you in both places."

He stopped to look down at me. "You're still my bad little tigress, huh? You want to feel me in your ass while I destroy your pussy. Fucking say it, babydoll!"

I pulled his hair, licking his strong jaw. Then in my best babyish voice I said, "I want you to feel you in my tight little ass while you destroy my pussy, Mr. Cullen."

My husband went mad. He used his thumb to gather some of my wetness and began pushing it in to my rosebud. I came again, this time squeezing his balls in the process. He hissed and pushed my hand away.

"Fucking hell! This is what happens when we go a long time without fucking. You're going to kill me, babydoll," he yelled, panting like he had just ran a marathon.

Using the last of my strength, I rolled on top and started slamming my pussy down on his dick. He felt huge inside of me, and his finger up my ass only made me tighter. As he struggled to hold on, I rolled my hips and fondled on his nuts.

"Oh, fuck me, Bella," he grunted loudly.

I giggled and placed my hands on his rock hard chest. "I think that's what I'm doing."

All of a sudden, Edward pushed his finger farther up my ass and squeezed my breast. I felt myself clench him hard and was rewarded with his cry of release. His pleasure triggered my own, causing me to collapse onto his chest.

He came for a long time, filling me up so thoroughly his seed began to leak down my thighs. All I could do was lie on his chest and listen to his thundering heartbeat. We had reaffirmed our love and need for one another on the floor of our walk-in closet. It felt good.

"Next time I want to come in your ass," Edward said, massaging my back.

I smiled and kissed my name over his heart. "Next time I'll let you, big boy. Being here is great and all, but our baby will be up soon."

He groaned as I disconnected and sat up. "Fuck, Bella. I think we just made another kid."

Laughing, I kissed his heated nose and cheeks. "I'm on Depo, Edward. There aren't going to be any more surprise babies for us."

In typical Edward Cullen fashion, he smirked and smacked my butt. "All that birth control shit is no match for my seed. You might as well stop using it. You'll be pregnant again in a few months."

Shocked, I stared wide eyed as he walked to the bathroom. He went slowly, flexing his muscular ass because he knew I was looking.

Did Edward really believe we would have more kids so soon? I knew it was no use arguing with him about how we conceived Dante, but was he right? Maybe my eggs did really like his sperm and no prevention would keep me from having more babies. Yikes!

Thankfully, the sound of Dante crying on the baby monitor brought me out of my musings. One baby was more than enough for me. I vowed to diligently take my birth control and start using spermicide to be extra safe. My little lamb would just have to wait a few years for siblings.

After putting on my robe, I went to the nursery. Dante was sitting up in his bed playing with a soft block. The minute he saw me, his face lit up. I lifted him into my arms, giving him the Eskimo kiss he so desperately wanted.

"Look at you, you handsome baby. Mommy is so happy you're awake," I cooed, cuddling him closely.

He squealed and buried his head in my neck. No matter how bad my day was going, Dante always managed to make me feel purely happy. He was the sweetest and most loving baby in the world. I often thanked God for giving me such a gift.

"You're being a little angel, Dante, but your diaper is evil. Let's get you changed."

A few minutes later, he was fresh and clean. I untied my robe and sat down in a rocking chair. Then I helped him latch onto my breast, not that he ever needed much help.

As Dante's soft little lips pulled from my breasts, I sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", which was one of his favorites. While I sang, I marveled at how soft his skin felt and how big he had grown. The little baby I'd almost died to protect was six-months-old.

I was on the last notes of the song when Edward joined us. Quietly, he sat on the floor and rubbed my knee as I rocked our little blessing. The day became one of my happy moments to file away for when things got bad again. There was so much love in the nursery. I began to cry, which made Dante cry, too.

"Shhh, little man. Daddy is here," Edward said, kissing Dante's hand.

My little darling looked down and unlatched. Smiling, I handed him to his daddy. They looked so beautiful together. Edward stared at our son reverently and kissed his little forehead. My heart, which had been broken an hour ago, was completely healed.

Like a good father, Edward agreed to watch my little lamb so I could clean up and get dressed. It was going to be a busy day, so I wanted to be comfortable. For that reason, I chose a pair of black jeans and a blue hoodie. Then I put my hair in a ponytail and applied lip gloss.

By the time I finished, Edward had made omelets and coffee. He was feeding Dante hot cereal when I walked into the room, or more like Dante was feeding Edward's shirt hot cereal. I giggled as my husband tried to get the food to stay in our baby's mouth.

"What the hell, son? You like this shit, don't you? It has to get into your belly so you can grow."

I laughed out loud, alerting them to my presence. Edward just shrugged and used the bib to wipe Dante's mouth. They were both a mess, and  Dante's middle finger was up.

"Language, Edward! I swear, he's going to have a potty mouth just like you."

My husband winked. "You didn't seem to mind my 'potty mouth' earlier, Bella."

Blushing, I turned around and fixed out plates. Then I put Dante in his high chair sowe could eat. My little lamb babbled all throughout breakfast, probably telling us about a dream or something. I just wished we could decipher the things babies said.

After breakfast, Jane came upstairs to help get us ready. She put my little lamb in his car seat while I packed all of our bags. Tonight was Edward's big Senate campaign dinner at the Ritz Carlton. I was both excited and nervous.

"So you'll pick me up at Alice's boutique at six?" I asked, kissing Edward's cheek.

He grinned and hugged me. "Yeah, I'll be there. I have shit all day and a meeting with Dr. Uley at three. I'll call or text you throughout the day. I love you, Mrs. Cullen."

I stood on my tiptoes so I could kiss him back properly."I love you, too, Mr. Cullen."


Half an hour later, Jane pulled up to my bookstore. It was finals week so the place was always packed from opening until closing. Jane parked in our private space in the back. It required a special key fob to get through the gate and only family and close friends had one.

I had noticed Giles' motorcycle as we rode past the front entrance. He and I were supposed to work on the plans for my upcoming book tour. I planned to schedule the stops so I never had to spend too much time away from home. My travel plans also had to accommodate Dante. I wasn't comfortable leaving my little lamb for long periods of time yet.

A few minutes later, we were in my office. I laid Dante in his Play Yard in the nursery room and turned on the piano music mix Edward had made for us. A few minutes later, I heard soft snoring, letting me know my angel was asleep. Carlisle said the more babies slept, the more they grew; so I wasn't worried.

"Sleep tight, little lamb," I whispered, closing the door.

"You're glowing, Bella," Angela gushed, stepping into the office.

I walked over to give her a hug and kiss. "I knew there was a reason I missed you."

"I'm surprised you even remember my name now that you have this masterpiece," she teased, looking over at my little lamb's door.

By the time Bree brought our tea, we were in a good mood. The café section of the store had a Christmas-themed menu going for the next two weeks, and I couldn't get enough of the gingerbread cookies.

"Do you remember our crummy dorm room at UW, Bella? Now look at you. You're probably one of the wealthiest women in Washington. Edward has been good for you."

I smiled and dipped my cookie into the tea. "It's not about the money, though. I'd love him if he had nothing. He's my soulmate, Angela. And yes, I remember our tiny dorm room with the one closet. How did we ever make it?"

"Good thing neither of us was into fashion," Angela said giggling.

"I can't believe we're both married, and you have a baby! At one point, I thought you'd stay a virgin forever," she confessed.

"Hey, I wasn't that pitiful."

She rolled her eyes. "You barely looked at men, and you were oblivious to all the guys who hit on you. Some of Ben's friends used to ask if you were a lesbian."

My jaw dropped. "Really? It's just always been more difficult for me to play the girly flirt. With Edward, I never had to because he takes what he wants."

Angela nodded, sipping on her drink. "I can tell. He's a little…intense. I hope you don't mind me saying that." I shook my head. "It's just…he's downright frightening at times. But then I see him with you and Dante and he's so sweet. He loves you very much."

I nodded. "He can be great, but there are times when I fear him. Lately he's been acting different. We're working on it, but I don't know if we're going to make it. I have to put my safety and our son first."

"What are you saying? Does Edward hit you? You don't have to take that! You can come live with us," Angela declared, standing up.

"Shhh, keep your voice down, Ang. It's nothing too bad. He's just been a little rougher with me. He's going through some things. I'm not going to leave him. Please don't say anything. I only told you because I needed to get it off my chest."

She reached forward and grabbed my hands. "We've been friends since we were seven, Bella. I know Edward is powerful, but if you need Ben and I to help just say the word."

"I'll be fine, Ang. Thanks for the talk."

After Angela left, Giles came into the office. He looked funny trying to juggle his laptop bag, a bagel, and a cup of tea. I stood up to help him so he wouldn't make a mess.

"Thanks, love. I probably should have planned that better. You guys sell the best Lox bagel around. I couldn't resist it and a mug of your finest Earl Grey. Are you ready to get to work?"

"I sure am. I spent last night going over the cities you listed. I think it's a good idea to keep the tour on the West coast for now. I don't want to take Dante too far away. Plus the further I go, the more security my husband will want for us," I admitted, shyly.

Giles studied me a moment before replying. "You're a beautiful woman, Bella. If you were mine, I wouldn't let you go far without security either. I understand your husband's motives."

I blushed and looked away. Giles thought I was beautiful? I already believed it was miracle for a man like Edward to find me attractive. Like my husband, Giles was intelligent, well read, rich, handsome, and powerful.

"Giles…" I began.

He held up a hand, effectively cutting me off. "I'm just being honest, Bella. Natural beauty like yours should be acknowledged and worshiped. Now what were you saying about cities."

For the next two hours, we discussed my book sales, the tour, and books that we both enjoyed. Giles' tastes were similar to my own. His upper crust British accent was also very adorable. I giggled and blushed repeatedly.

We were arguing about Great Expectations when my office door opened.  I didn't even have to look up to know who it was, because we were always so in tune with each other's bodies. My husband had arrived and by the looks of it, he was angry.

"Edward, uh, Giles and I were having a private meeting. If you want to wait outside…"

Ignoring my rambling, he stalked over to the desk and pulled me into his arms, Then, he ravaged my mouth, burying one hand in my hair while the other kneaded my ass. I knew I should have been embarrassed of what we were doing in front of my publisher, but Edward's kisses had a way of making me forget common decency.

I was still reeling when he pulled away and turned to Giles. "I'm Edward Cullen, Bella's husband. I take it you're Giles Atwood."

My publisher nodded and held out his hand. Edward smirked and sat down in my chair, dragging me along with him. I began to get embarrassed by the way he was acting.  I was almost expecting him to piss on my leg to show his dominance.

Giles glared and sat back down. "Bella has told me a lot about you. We were just going over her book tour."

Edward wrapped both of his arms around my waist, making it impossible for me to stand. "Is that what you British motherfuckers call it? It sounded a lot like you were flirting with my wife. Why the fuck have you been in here with her alone for so long? The door should have been open."

"Stop it, Edward!" I yelled, trying to break free from his iron grip.

Giles laughed and began gathering his bags. "It's okay, Bella. I understand. I'm leaving for London tonight. We'll catch up after the holidays."

Edward growled. "She's Mrs. Cullen to you, asshole."

"Ignore him, Giles. I look forward to talking with you more. Email me when you get a chance. I'm sorry for my husband's behavior, but he's a caveman. Have a safe flight."

Giles promised to get in touch before leaving. My whole body trembled with anger. Edward had been nothing but rude. I hated the skanks he worked with, but I would never have marched into his office and acted like a territorial animal. I turned around ready to fight, but he just stared coldly at me.

"Why did you do that, Edward? Why are you even here? I'm a grown woman and I can…"

He pounded his fist on the table. "What were you doing? You smell like him, Bella. Did you two fuck?"

I threw my hands in the air. "Whoa! You can't honestly think I'm cheating on you. I would never do that, and especially not with my baby on the other side of a door. Are you crazy, Edward?"

He stood up and kicked over my waste basket. "I'm not fucking crazy! Take off your clothes. I want to see for myself."

My eyes widened. "What?! Edward, you need to go now. You're scaring me again."

He stopped pacing and picked up his mess. "Bella, I'm sorry. When I called Jane to check up on you and she said you were still in here with that cocksucker… I got mad. I need to have your taste in mouth. Do this for me."

Sighing, I began slipping out of my clothes. Edward lifted me into his arms and walked over to the couch. He made no move to remove his own clothes, instead kissing and stroking my skin. I didn't know what to think about his behavior.

"Spread your legs," he commanded, dropping down on his knees in front of me. I did as he said because I was eager to have him gone.

Seconds later, Edward's tongue began licking my core from front to back. I held on to to his strong shoulders for balance. He went very slowly, like he was savoring something delicious. To be honest, it felt wonderful. I came on his tongue multiple times before he pulled away.

"Siete la mia aria. You are my air, babydoll", he whispered, laying one gentle kiss on my swollen nub.

After the multiple orgasms, I was spent. Edward laid his head on my thigh and played with the little bit of hair around my pussy. He seemed to be deep in thought about something.

"Talk to me," I murmured, stroking his hair.

He looked up at me with sadness swimming in his eyes. "Did you like that?"

I nodded and smiled. "Yes, but you didn't have to be so mean to Giles. I would never cheat on you and demean our marriage, Edward."

He closed his eyes, wincing in pain. "I'm sorry, babydoll. I lost control. I didn't like seeing him here with you."

"Edward, what's really wrong?"

He climbed up on to the couch and pulled a blanket over me. Then I laid back in his strong arms. He was wearing one of the Armani suits, and he smelled divine. I couldn't resist leaning up to lick some of my juices off of his chin. He groaned and pulled me closer.

"Bella, I had my appointment with Dr. Uley. He thinks…that I may have a mental disorder. He wants me to see a specialist for tests. I fucking refused. I'm not fucking crazy! I just need you and nothing else."

I pulled back so I could look into his agitated eyes. "Edward, Dr. Uley isn't saying that you're crazy. There are many psychological disorders which are due to chemicals in the brain not working right.."

He leaned forward so that his elbows rested on his knees. "I fucking know what it means! Bipolar--a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression."

I bit my tongue. I'd only taken a few Psychology classes in college, but the definition of bipolar disorder fit with Edward's mood swings. He could be up one minute and down the next. Dr. Uley was one of the best therapists in Washington. If he thought Edward was bipolar, he was probably right.

"Edward, you do have these mood swings…"

He turned to glare at me. "You think I'm fucking crazy. I'm not! I'm not fucking crazy. I'm not sick. There's nothing fucking wrong with me. You just want them to put me away so you can be with that Giles motherfucker."

I snorted. "Listen to yourself, Edward. You were just saying sweet things to me a minute ago, and now you're accusing me of cheating again. That isn't normal. You need help. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you or take you away, but I want you to get better."

"So you want me to get the tests done?" I nodded. "Okay. I'll do it for you, babydoll. I know I'm not fucking crazy, though."

Sobbing, I kissed the top of his head. "Don't think about it like that, Edward. Millions of people have mental disorders. My father was depressed after my mom died. He took antidepressants for a few years to keep him on track. He told me when he was sick. He was like you, he thought I'd think he was weak if I knew about the pills. It was the opposite, though. I think asking for and getting help is very brave.

I sighed. "I can't lose you, Edward. I don't want you to try suicide or hurt yourself again. Dante and I need you."

Edward stayed in my arms until Dante woke up. Then he went to get our baby so I could clean up. While he was occupied, I changed back into my clothes and fixed my hair. My face was red and puffy from crying, but I felt like Edward and I were close again.

When I got back into the main area, Edward was talking to Bree while she fed Dante a bottle. Onyx was meowing on top of my desk  I picked up my cat and rubbed my cheek against her fur. She purred and licked me.

"I missed you, Onyx. How is my other baby?"

"Meowwww," she purred loudly.

"Fucking demon furball," Edward mumbled, staring at me.

I held Onyx close and glared. "I heard that, Edward. Remember you language in front of Dante. Hi, Bree."

She smiled shyly. "Hi, Bella. I am sorry to be hogging Onyx. I like when she sleeps on my bed at night."

"You can fu-, um, have her. I wouldn't miss the furball," Edward said, taking Dante from Bree.

I huffed and held my pet close. "Don't listen to him. We love you, Onyx."

Edward left after changing Dante. Then Bree and Maggie came to fill me in on what we needed to order. There were several sold out classes and we needed more cafe staff for the holidays. They promised to help with the task, but I also had to find a full time manager soon.


At five-thirty, Jane drove me to Alice's boutique. Since all our family and friends were attending the campaign dinner, we'd hired a night nanny for Dante. It was an older woman who had been approved by the Volturi. Jane would also stay because I was overprotective of my little lamb.

"Call me when you get to the Penthouse, Jane. I trust you with him. We'll be home around midnight," I said, stepping out of the car.

Jane nodded. "He's safe with me. Mrs. Crane is a good nanny. The most she'll do is feed DC too much applesauce. Have a good time at your dinner. I'll see you later."

After she drove off, I walked inside of the boutique. It had been empty for years, but now this part of town was going through gentrification, which meant it was hip and booming with business.

"Bella, you're here," Alice squealed, rushing to my side. Several frazzled seamstresses were left in her wake.

"Just like I promised. Where do you need me?"

For the next half hour, I was measured and forced into several gowns. Alice already knew which one she wanted me to wear, but I think she enjoyed torture. The heels I tried on weren't much better than the dresses.

"Red is definitely a good color for her with that pale skin and those dark eyes. It goes with the Christmas and political themes, and it also oozes power. Yes, I want her in red," Alice announced, making her minions jump into action.

"Hey, I thought I was wearing red," Rose pouted, walking into the backroom.

Alice nodded. "You're in blue tonight, darling. Bella has to be the focal point. Her dress will match Edward's tie and handkerchief."

"That sounds good to me. Emmett is really excited about this thing. He loves stripping me out of formal wear," Rose said, winking.

Both Ali and I fake gagged while the seamstresses began working on Rose. While we got our dresses ready, I caught up with my sisters. We were all so busy with work and life, but we made plans to have a spa day before Christmas.

"I think I'm more excited about Dante's little birthday party this Saturday. It's supposed to be sunny. We should have done it on December second, which was actually Dante's six months, but Edward was too busy."

Rose handed me a bottle of juice. "C and B are very excited. They like watching  DC play with bubble wrap and crawl around."

Alice laughed. "All my nephews are adorable, but I want a niece. Which one of you will give me one?"

"We're trying," Rose admitted, shrugging her shoulders.

I rolled my eyes and pointed to Alice. "Why don't you give us a niece? My brother would be a great father."

To my surprise, Ali began to cry. Rose and I wrapped our arms around her as she sobbed. I didn't know what was wrong, because Ali hardly ever cried.

"Jazzy doesn't want a baby. If I even bring it up, he gets mad. He makes sure we're very careful, and he wants me to stay on birth control pills. I do want a baby so badly. It's not fair," she whispered, sniffling.

I handed her a Kleenex. "I'm so sorry, Ali. Jaz had a bad childhood. He's always been hard on himself. He practically raised me, so he can do it. I'll talk to him."

After we calmed her down, we took turns showering and getting dressed. Alice provided a million types of soaps, makeup, and perfumes. She and Rose tried to make me eat, but my stomach was in knots about the dinner and what had happened earlier. I'd only received one text from Edward promising me he was okay.

By the time the men arrived, we were dressed. My long red gown looked beautiful. It was an Alice original. We argued over the shoes, but I ended up winning with a pair of low black heels. Rose curled and glossed my hair to perfection while Alice applied my makeup.

"Look at our wives!" Emmett shouted, whistling and pulling Rosalie into his arms.

My brother picked Ali up, kissing her thoroughly. "Hot damn! Who wants to go to this dinner now? I don't want anyone to see my wife looking this good."

Alice giggled and nuzzled his nose. "I always look this good, Jazzy."

When I got a good look at Edward, my lungs stopped working. He was wearing a dark blue suit, white shirt, with a red, white, and blue tie. He looked like a young, hot politician. Every woman would be trying to get a piece of him.

Groaning, I closed the distance between us. "You look…"

He put his index finger over my lips. "Don't. I'm nothing compared to you. Your tits are on display and you're showing way too much fucking skin. You're gorgeous but damn. I don't want those assholes eye-fucking you all night."

Wantonly, I licked the tip of his finger. "I'll only be eye-fucking you, Mr. Cullen, and maybe actually fucking you later if you're good."

Edward and I were about to tear each others' clothes off, when I heard a throat clear. "You better not even think of ruining Bella's dress or hair, Edward. I will kick your ass," Alice threatened, poking her brother.

He stuck his tongue out at her and dragged me out the door. There was a black Hummer Limo waiting for us on the curb. I felt very glamorous and posh as my husband poured flutes of champagne, stealing kisses from me along the way.

Almost half an hour later, we were in front of the Ritz. I'd promised myself that I'd be confident, smart, and beautiful for Edward's sake. He really wanted the Senate seat, and I wanted it for him.

"You ready, babydoll," He whispered, helping me into my white fur coat.

I nodded. "Do you think they'll be mad at me for wearing animal fur, Edward? Maybe I should put on the other jacket."

"Babydoll, these people won't care. Most of them hunt for sport. You look amazing. I'm the luckiest and proudest man in the world tonight. I know I don't tell you that enough," he said, taking my hand in his own.

A hush fell over the room as we entered. Alice and the others left so that all eyes were on Edward and me. He was used to being the center of attention, so I just followed his lead. In a far corner, I noticed his campaign manager, Gin, was glaring at me.

He's my husband. Back off, bitch. I thought possessively.

After someone took my coat, we were led to a table as an older, distinguished looking man took the podium and began talking about Edward. I was so proud of the respect we were shown. So far the night was going great.

"And let us give a warm round of applause for the man and woman of the hour. Mr. Edward Cullen and his lovely wife Bella Swan-Cullen," the man said, raising a champagne flute in our direction.

The whole room applauded, and some people stood up so they could get a better look at us. Then the caterers started bring out the food. Several people stopped by the table to shake Edward's hand. He introduced me each time but didn't let any men get too close. Fortunately, Felix wasn't far away from the table.

All our friends and family looked awesome. Esme seemed to know everyone and Carlisle just followed her lead. Rose drew a lot of admirers once she started talking about classic car restoration, so Em never let her side. Poor Jasper was forced to spend the night mostly with the wives who flocked around Alice for fashion advice.

"Bella, you've barely touched your lobster. Eat, babydoll," Edward insisted, looking at me worriedly. To please him, I took a big bite.

After we ate, Edward and I mingled. The group of people were mostly older, very wealthy, and very boring. I couldn't wait to get home to my little lamb. Jane had already phoned to inform us that everything was going well.

"Edward, I need to go to the restroom," I whispered in his ear. "I'll be right back."

He nodded. "Okay, babydoll. Felix will be close.

All my sisters and friends were still eating or on the dance floor, so I went alone. True to form, Felix hovered close behind me and stepped into the path of any man who tried to talk to me. I giggled, watching how scared those men became when Felix glared at them. In reality, he was a big teddy bear.

"I'll be right outside this door, Bella," he assured me, taking his post as several wide eyed women passed.

Women's restrooms were always a crazy place. For example, this one had plush chairs and a perfume attendant as well as the regular stalls. I went inside one and did my business. I was flushing the toilet when I heard my husband's name.

"Did you see him, Gloria. God, he looks good. I can't believe he's married. The wife is pretty enough, but does she know that she married the devil?"

There was a shuffle and some giggles before a second voice chimed in. "She probably doesn't care. You remember his bedroom skills the same as me. The man knows how to use that big cock. It's just the relationship stuff he's shit at. He dumped me on my birthday. Who does that?"

A third voice joined the fray. "Well, he was sleeping with me and my mother at the same time. I hate Edward Cullen. I'm only here because my Uncle made me come."

Yet another woman joined the conversation. "He's fucked about eighty percent of the women out there. I don't know what that little bitch did to make him marry her. They have a kid, too. Edward Cullen is not the domestic type. She's going to end up regretting it." All the women seemed to agree with her.

A few minutes later, there was another shuffle letting me know they had gone. I raised the lid and began vomiting into the shiny black toilet. I'd known about Edward's past, but it still hurt to hear those things about my husband.

When I was empty, I flushed the toilet and walked out. Several women stopped to gape at me. I heard them whispering about Edward and confirming me as his wife. Keeping my head held high, I went to an empty sink and rinsed out my mouth. The attendant gave me some much needed mints and Kleenex.

"Thank you," I said handing her a hundred dollar bill. I carried them around like Edward.

When I returned to my husband's side, he was surrounded by a group of older men. They were discussing redistricting or something. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and introduced me. I zoned out of the conversation, choosing to play the pretty trophy wife. I felt miserable.

The dinner ended a little past eleven. Gina informed the crowd that a record amount had been raised for Edward's campaign. She actually looked professional for once, but I knew she was rotten inside. I'd seen her whispering with married men all night long.

After she got down off the stage, she grabbed Demetri and joined us. "Tonight was a success, Edward. You're going to win in February. There's no one close to you in the early polling," she confirmed proudly.

Edward leaned down and kissed my cheek. "I'm winning tonight with this goddess by my side. We're heading home."

"Hi, Bella. Bye, Bella," D said, laughing at his own joke.

When I looked over, Gina was staring at me strangely. Edward's grip on my waist tightened as he growled deep in his chest. Gina looked at him and shook her head. Then she said a curt, "Goodnight," and pulled D away.

"What was that about?" I asked, curiously.

"Nothing. She's just jealous of your beauty," he replied much too quickly. I knew it was a lie.

We headed home after saying goodbye to our family and friends. We would all be together again in a few days. Plus Nahuel and his family were finally coming for a visit. This Christmas was going to be magical.

When we got to the Penthouse, Jane was in the living room watching a movie with the nanny. The older woman gushed about how sweet my little lamb had been. I promised we'd use her the next time we needed a night nanny.

Later, I pretended to be too tired to make love to Edward. Thankfully he bought my excuse and watched a movie with me instead. I fell asleep on the couch while tucked in his arms. Despite what I'd heard tonight, I knew he loved me. The past was the past.


The next day, we went to therapy. Dr. A. thought it would be a good idea for Edward and I to write down our feelings about one another in a journal and give them as Christmas gifts. She said we needed to work on our communication skills. I hadn't told her about the almost rapes because I didn't want her to tell Caius.

Before long  Saturday had rolled around. We were having Dante's party at Carlisle and Esme's because the new mansion wasn't done and they had a lot of land for the kids to run around. I loved the city, but sometimes I missed being out in the woods.

Dante began whining the minute we walked through the door. I knew what he wanted, so I walked straight outside and found baby Sasha. Garrett was just setting her down on one of the play blankets while Kate brought out a bottle.

I put my little lamb down, and he immediately crawled to Sasha. She smiled and gave him one of her soft keys. Garrett groaned as Kate and I took pictures. Edward just laughed and yelled, "That's my boy."

The party was great. Dante got more expensive gifts than one baby could ever use and had a blast playing with the boxes and bubble wrap. He and Sasha's baby laughs were infections and put us all in a good mood.

"Bebba, cookie?" Colin asked, crawling into my lap.

Rose rolled her eyes and handed him an Oreo. "You'd think I don't feed them."

A few minutes later, Emmett walked over to Esme and asked for a taste test hamburger. My sisters and I cracked up as he, Jaz, and Edward tried to charm Esme. She soaked up the attention and served Riley and Jake before our guys, just to teach them a lesson.

"They're so freaking cute! I want a baby," Leah said, looking at Jake.

He turned a dark shade of red. "Uh, we're not married yet. Let's do that first, babe."

Ali clapped her hands and poked Jaz in the ribs. "I want a baby, too. We're already married. The babies need more playmates."

My brother choked on his potato salad. "I'm not ready."

Sobbing, Alice ran into the house. I stood up, but Esme took over and went after her. I glared at Jasper and told him that we'd talk about this later. The rest of the people at the table just looked uncomfortable until Sasha burped loudly, making us all laugh.

Later, Esme and Alice returned with the Winnie the Pooh cupcakes. C and B oohed and ahhed, asking if it was their birthday, too. Rose happily told them it wasn't, but they didn't seem to believe her.

There was a special, smaller cupcake just for Dante. Edward helped him blow out the little blue candle, and then removed it. My little lamb proved to be his father's son by throwing a tantrum that ended with his
chubby little hands being slammed down on the cupcake. However he was so cute licking it off; I couldn't be mad at him.

"Our baby obviously has a sweet tooth like his parents," I explained to the party.

"You're going to make Kate rich with his dentistry bills," Carlisle teased, sending us all into another fit of giggles.

The party was a success and all the babies fell asleep before the sun went down. Our friends had planned to go dancing at HADES. Edward made sure everything was arranged. We decided to spend the night in so  Dante could spend more time with his grandparents.

Since Edward was tired, he chose to take a nap with Dante. They looked so cute sleeping chest to chest, one in diapers and the other in boxers. I took another picture before grabbing bottled water and heading downstairs.

I detoured to the den to get my jacket. But when I heard Esme quietly whispering Carlisle's name in the throes of passion, I changed my mind. Instead, I went upstairs and grabbed Edward's jacket. It was too big but very warm.

After a few minutes of walking, I came to the swing. Edward had already had our special tree moved to our new house. As I swung through the chilly evening air, I thought back to that day--when he'd told me the truth  about his profession and we'd confessed our love for each other.

I was taking a break when my phone began to vibrate. "Hello," I said, waiting for the person to identify themselves.

"Are you alone?" a strange female voice asked hesitantly.

"Who…who is this?"

"It's Gina. I need to talk to you about something."

I sighed warily. "Why are you calling me? I know what you are, and I know you want my husband."

She paused so long I thought she'd hung up. "Fuck. I knew this wouldn't work. I just want to warn you to be careful. You're sleeping with the Devil. Edward is going down, and he'll take you with him."

"Why should I believe you, bitch? You wouldn't help me if I was dying," I snapped angrily.

"I warn all the wives, Mrs. Cullen. He has my handkerchief. Guess how it got dirty? I want it back, Isabella. I know I'm a bitch and a whore, but I own it. Edward is the one lying to you." Unfortunately she hung up before I could yell at her.

After that cryptic call, I felt sick to my stomach and vomited again. I'd already lost five pounds the last month. I really only ate enough so I'd be able to breastfeed. The worry and stress was also making my hair fall out, but it was so thick and long to begin with that no one noticed.

With teary eyes, I kicked the stump left by our special tree. "I love you so much, Edward. Don't let it be true. Don't let it be true," I repeated, falling to my knees.

Bella's happy bubble is being broken. Why do you think Gina warns the wives? Will Bella find that handkerchief in Edward's things? We are about two chapters away from the big reveal. Stay tuned for more. The next chapter is Christmas, which is their anniversary. Review and get Dante kisses and cupcakes. Don't review and you get the bathroom bitches. It's your choice. I'll be with the Stoli. *Huggles*


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