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The Dirty Thirties Smuttake

A/N: Hello all you coolcat LAMTAF readers. This is the 1930's smuttake I promised you all. A real chapter will be up this weekend if you're good. Yogaward is coming tomorrow so stay tuned for that. Thanks for all the loves and PM-s. I can't always get back to you, but I read everything. Huggles to all of you. This smuttake may not be 100% historically accurate but I tried to give it a 1930's feel. Don't hate me, history buffs. In this AU, Bella is 19 and Edward is 26. Show me love and you'll get a Part 2. If not that many people like it, I wont' continue this smuttake. It's all up to you readers!

Everybody loves my baby but my baby don't love
Nobody but me nobody but me 
Now everybody wants my baby but my baby don't want 
Nobody but me that's plain to see!

Everybody Loves My Baby-Roswell Sisters

Chicago October 1932


"And you say you nursed your father, kid. That must have been difficult," Mr. Cope pondered, stroking his mustache.

Cope's sausage factory was my last interview of the day. I only had enough money to last a month in Chicago. If I didn't find employment soon, I was going to starve or be forced to do immoral things that would shame my poor, dead parents.

I sniffled, remembering Charlie in his last days. "It was hard, but I did it. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, and I'm stronger than I look, Sir."

His beady blue eyes shifted to me. "Is that so? You know, we got a Depression going on in this country. Everyone wants a decent job and the factories is the one place left to legally earn some green. I got grown men begging to work here. Why should I hire you over them, dollface?"

I knew where this was headed. Over the last week, I'd been to almost fifty places seeking a job and it always led to immoral questioning. As he leered, I clutched my old navy wool smock to my breast. I was poor, but I wasn't a loose woman!

I gave him a curt nod and stood up. "I'll go. Sorry that I wasted your time, Sir."

He walked around the desk and grabbed my arm. "Don't get upset, dollface. A pretty girl like you has to know what's what. I get lonely cooped up in this office all day. You'd get steady employment and I'd get a little slap and tickle."

I kneed him in the privates, just like Charlie taught me. "Don't ever touch me again! I am looking for upstanding employment. If I want to make my living on my back, I know where to go. I wish I could report you. You're a swine!"

He was still groaning when I opened the door. There were about a hundred people in dirty clothes lined up outside of the office. One woman, apparently knowing the deal, winked at me and opened the top button on her smock. I lowered my head and ran from the building.

After two weeks in Chicago, I still wasn't used to the smell. It made me feel lightheaded and sick. My old brown threadbare coat wasn't enough to keep me warm through the chilly nights. Defeated and disgusted, I walked back to my boarding house.

On every street, there were children begging, women whoring themselves, and men sleeping in tents. As a little girl held out her hand to me, I wished I had something to give. Sadly, I was two weeks away from being just like these people.

When I got to my block, I stopped at the local store. While there, I picked up some cabbage, pork and beans, and tomato soup. I wanted steak and potatoes, but I didn't have enough to spare. As I looked around, I didn't even think of complaining. In front of me was a woman with eight kids who only had some corn, and all the children looked malnourished.

"I can sneak some ham for you, if you'd like," Mike, the store owner's son, whispered as he rung up my bill.

I sighed. "What do I have to do?"

He chuckled. "Smile. You look so sad all the time."

I gave him my best and brightest, and he gave me the ham. After promising that I'd come back sometime, I left the store. The woman and her kids were headed down the street. Clutching my old hat to my head, I ran after her.

"Miss. Miss, wait up," I yelled.

She turned around, sneering when she got a good look at me. "What ya' want? I ain't stole nothing and neither has these babes."

I handed the bag with the ham over. "It's not much, but I think you can use it more than me. Please don't take offense."

The woman's grey eyes softened as she took the offered package. "Thank you. God is gonna bless you, honey."

I looked at the dirty faces of the children. "I just hope he hasn't forgotten us. God bless you, too."

After they left, I turned around and headed home. As I was crossing the street, a horn honked. The noise startled me, and I tripped over a rock. Before the pain came, a pair of strong arms hoisted me out of the street.

"Why in the hell aren't you watching where you're going? We could have hit you," he snarled.

I looked up, ready to apologize, when I saw the most beautifully shaped lips; piercing green eyes, reddish-gold hair, and a perfect nose followed. Either I'd died and gone to heaven, or I was embarrassing myself in front of the most beautiful man I'd ever set eyes on.

"Are you mute? Speak up, dame."

Backing away, I tried to adjust my coat. "I'm sorry, Sir. I'm not used to… Too many cars... Sorry."

He looked me up and down, making me flush in shame. I was pretty sure that his fine navy overcoat, wool suit, and hat cost more than I'd make in a lifetime. Plus, he had a car and from the looks of it, a driver to boot.

"Pay attention next time, wheat," he groused, staring at me.

I picked up my grocery bag and hobbled to the curb. When I turned around, he was still looking at me. He stayed in the same spot until I got inside the house. Minutes later, I looked through the front window as he was driven away.

After putting the food away, I jogged upstairs. Besides the owners, there was only me and a married couple with four kids. They occupied one large room. I took the smallest room, which used to be a reading room. It wasn't much, but it was better than what most people could afford.

My mind was still reeling from the mystery man, so I decided to read. I loved writing too, but ink was an expense I couldn't afford at the moment. Pretty soon, the poetic prose of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet lulled me to sleep.

When I woke up, it was dark outside. I sat up and stretched, regretting the fact that I hadn't bothered to take off my clothes. Now they were wrinkled beyond help, not that it mattered. I only had two outfits suitable enough to wear to interviews.

I was feeling around for a candle when the room was illuminated. Frightened, I looked to the corner. Sitting there was man wearing a black suit with his hat low over his eyes. Frantically, I rubbed my sleepy eyes and backed away.

"I…I don't know how you got in here. Please, don't hurt me. You can have all the money I have," I babbled, trying to get to the door.

The man lit his cigar, pitching us into blackness. I was about to scream when I felt a gloved hand cover my mouth. My dad had been a law officer in Florida, so I knew something about fighting. Using all the strength I had, I elbowed the man and scurried away.

"Fuck! You're like a wild tiger. Stop running from me. I'm not here to hurt you," he groaned, grabbing my ankle.

All I could do was tremble as he crawled up my body. I prayed to God that he would at least be gentle. I'd heard stories of brutal rapes, and I didn't want that to happen to me. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't hit me.

A few seconds later, he was lying on top of me with one of his knees between my legs. I stayed as still as a statue as his hands roamed over my body. Now I was thankful that I'd gone to bed in all my clothing.

The mystery man moved so that his knee brushed against my privates. Surprisingly, it wasn't a bad feeling. When he did it again, the most amazing tingling sensation spread throughout my body. Dear God, I wanted him closer!

Before I could ponder why I was letting a strange man molest me on the floor, the door flew open. Mrs. Crowley, the boarding house owner, and a big man I didn't recognize walked into the room. The big man threw his head back and laughed as poor Mrs. Crowley fainted.

"I thought all the dames flocked to you, Masen. Are you losing your touch," the man teased.

The stranger on top of me stood up, pulling me along with him. "That's Edward Masen or Sir to you, knucklehead. Obviously, this broad isn't normal. Look at her."

I struggled to hold back tears as they appraised me. It was too dark to see them clearly, but I could feel the intensity of their gaze. This day couldn't get any worse, for not only had I discovered the wanton slut inside of me, but I was also about to have my person violated by two big men. It was all too much! I gave in and let the tears fall freely, sobbing until I collapsed on the floor.

The big man moved to pick me up, but the other one growled and took me instead. Like a babe, I clung to his big shoulders, burying my head in his neck. He smells good. I wanted the world to swallow me whole. Charlie always said I would go far in life, but he'd been wrong.

When we got downstairs, the big man set Mrs. Crowley's limp body in a chair and slipped a couple of Sawbucks into an envelope. Then, he wrote a note. Mr. Crowley and the other family must have been out because the house was dead quiet.

"Is that all I'm worth," I sobbed, looking at the ten dollar bills. In reality, it was a fortune for people like the Crowley's, enough to pay rent and put food on the table for several months.

The big man chuckled. "Maybe less than that. I like you, muffin. Call me Demetri. We're not gonna hurt you. We just need you to do us a favor tonight."

The man holding me snorted. "Speak for yourself. I have a good mind to take her over my knee. She looks like she could use a good spanking."

I wiped my eyes and raised Edward's hat so that I could look into his eyes. There was finally enough light for me to see clearly. Imagine my shock when I realized that it was the man from earlier today! He looked even more handsome close up, but that didn't change the fact that I was being kidnapped. With renewed vigor, I began to struggle.

As if I weighed nothing, he tossed me over his shoulder and whacked my backside several times. "I'm not going to tell you again, babydoll!"

Frowning, I began kicking my legs."Babydoll? My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I don't know what kind of barn you were raised in, but put me down this instant! I am going to the police. This has gone on long enough. You can't just take me away. I don't want to help you. You don't seem like good people. I'm going to…"

All of a sudden, Edward set me on my feet. I looked up into his cold green eyes, daring him to do harm to me. Deep down, I knew I had no advantage, but Charlie had always said to never show fear. As Edward glared at me, I put my hands on my hips and stepped forward.

"Go ahead. Hit me, tough guy," I taunted, pointing at my jaw.

Snarling, he grabbed my wrist, pulling me to his chest. "I'd rather kiss you." And that is just what he did.

As he worked his tongue between my lips, my traitorous body melted into his strong chest. In my whole nineteen years, I'd only had one kiss and it was nothing like what Edward was doing. No longer caring about my safety, I wrapped my arms around his waist, eagerly giving him access to all of me.

Moments later, Edward stopped and pulled away. "I knew the innocent shit was an act. We chose right. How many you been with, dame?"

I slapped him across the cheek. "I am pure, and I plan to remain that way until my wedding night."

Both men laughed and dragged me to the car. There were even more people outside setting up camp for the night. Edward stuffed a handkerchief in my mouth, stopped to give a few young men a couple of dollars, and then climbed into the back seat with me.

I cried as the boarding house disappeared from sight. This was my first ride in a real car, but I didn't enjoy it because I was frightened. The men could be taking me anywhere, but my guess was a whorehouse.

"How old are you, Isabella?" Edward asked, taking the gag out of my mouth. I coughed, blinking away tears as he held a silver flask to my lips. "Drink up. It'll make you feel better."

I pushed his hand away. "I'm nineteen, and I don't partake of spirits. It's illegal and it turns men and women against God."

Edward took a swig. "It doesn't matter to me. I'm the Devil and you're going to Hades. There are men that would kill to get a taste of liquor. It's the reason I'm so fucking rich. Prohibition has been good to me. God bless America."

I scrunched up my nose and looked out the window. Our pastor always said that evil often came in a pretty package and he was right! Edward Cullen was as wicked as he was handsome. Angrily, I pulled my coat closer.

"You're a vile and wicked creature, Mr. Masen. If you have any decency, you will let me go," I pleaded.

Demetri began speaking a language I didn't understand. Edward laughed and answered him back in the same tongue.

Almost all the new immigrants came to cities like Chicago and New York. Looking at Edward, I couldn't tell where he was from. He didn't have an accent, so I assumed that he was second generation American.

"Are you cold, babydoll?" he asked, slipping his fine navy overcoat over my body. It swallowed me whole and the warmth that it provided was more than appreciated.

"Thank you," I whispered, sniffling.

Edward spent the rest of the ride staring at the side of my head. By the time we arrived at the destination, I was beginning to get sleepy. Stress always made me tired. I just hoped that the favor would be over fast so that I could go back to the boarding house.

We were in a wealthy part of town. There weren't any Depression camps, just nice cars and men and women dressed in fine clothes. I looked away as one eager young man pulled his lady into his arms for a kiss.

A minute later, Edward led me through the doors of a nightclub. There was live jazz playing as girls with very little or no clothes scurried around. They all obviously knew and loved the men.

"I gotta go help this one warm up," Demetri called, grabbing a girl with a tiny green corset and stockings.

Chuckling, Edward bent down to kiss some woman with breasts the size of watermelons. She didn't seem to mind the fact that she was topless! A part of me was ashamed to look upon them, and another stronger part was…jealous.

After the pleasantries, I was led to a back room and left with a blonde woman. She too spoke in another tongue. Edward gave me one last look, collected his coat, and walked out the door. I began crying again, not sure what was going to happen to me. Edward was evil, but better the evil I knew.

"What's your name, kitten?" the blonde woman asked while lighting a cigarette.

"Is—Isabella, but you can call me Bella. I've been kidnapped from my boarding house! Please help me. I just want to go home," I sobbed.

She patted my shoulder. 'There, there, darling. I know. Edward isn't going to hurt you. One of the showgirls has run off to get hitched. We have some very important business men coming tonight. You're perfect."

I looked up, appalled at what I'd just learned. "I can't dance or sing, and I refuse to lay down and let myself be violated!"

Like Edward, she handed me a silver flask. This time, I took a pull of the strong liquid, sputtering as it burned its way down my throat. After the burn subsided, I felt better. Later, I would go to a chapel and repent, but right now I needed comfort.

As the blonde woman, whose name was Kate, gave me a bath and carefully shaved my body, I drank the strong spirits. I found that nothing bothered me as long as it was near. When I was starting to doze, she took the empty flask away.

"Damn it! I should have watched you better. You're going to be a lush. Stay here. I'll go get you some coffee," she offered.

The dressing room was small but nicely furnished. There were fur wraps, gowns of all colors, and fancy corsets all over the place. The chairs and carpet were pure white and soft to the touch. Kate must have been the head girl or possibly even Edward's girlfriend. It would figure that a guy like him had a girl like Kate.

As I played with my hair, the door opened. Thinking it was Kate returning, I didn't bother to button up the silk cherry-colored pajama top draped over me. The cool air felt good to my overheated skin. Spirits weren't so bad after all.

"Murder! You look fantastic, babydoll," Edward praised, sitting beside me.

Because I was drunk, I was unable to cover myself properly. Edward laughed as I tried to connect both sides of the top. As he leered, I began to cry. My nude body was something that only my husband should see!

"The devil with you, Edward Masen! You have no right to…"

Whatever argument I was mounting died as his mouth covered my left nipple. Stunned, I looked down at his copper head. I'd seen a few babes drinking from their mother's teat but that was about my only experience with this kind of thing.

Before I could catch my bearings, he pushed me down, sticking his tongue between my lips and doing evil things to my mind. All my fighting was in vain, for it seemed to spur him on further. As he closed his mouth over my other nipple, I cried out.


He sat up, looking at me as if I was whacky. "Why? Don't you like this? You taste delicious."

I pulled his hair, but he didn't budge an inch. Then, I felt his teeth graze over the swell of my breast. My lower body responded, reaching for him. He lowered his hand to my thigh and squeezed tightly.

"Tell you what you want, babydoll," he grunted, licking my skin.

I paused, not sure what I wanted at this point. "Let me go home. I want to go home."

Edward moved his big hand over my most private flesh, causing me to whimper. This was it; he was going to have me against my will. As my heart broke, I stopped squirming and went still. There wasn't anything else I could do.

Suddenly, he began kissing his way down my body. Silently, I cursed my flesh for loving the feel of his lips so much. Was there no peace? Before long, he was at my privates, probing the soft curly hair there. I blushed in shame.

"No one has ever… Who will marry me now? I hate you," I sputtered, closing my eyes.

"You're gonna love me in a minute, babydoll," he assured, kissing my intimate place.  And boy was he right.

My eyes rolled back in my head as Edward spread me wide and began to stroke my flesh. Maybe this is what Eve felt, I thought, cursing myself for the blasphemy. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Edward's wet tongue lapped at my special place. Wantonly, I tugged on his wayward hair.

"I'm going to hell. I'm going to hell. I'm going to hell," I chanted, spreading my legs wider.

Edward smiled against my flesh. "You're already here, dollface. Remember, Lucifer was once an angel."

Throughout the next few minutes, he suckled my secret garden. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so very good! As I writhed, his large fingers stretched my untouched walls. In and out, in and out, in and out, he slid until I was sopping wet and dizzy.

"Tesoro, mio," Edward whispered, reaching up to palm my breast.

"Edward. I like you, Edward," I moaned, rubbing his scalp. His hair was surprisingly softer than it looked.

While I built up to the crescendo, he pressed down on my lower stomach. Seconds later, I felt his teeth graze the little bud inside of me. My body flew off the couch, convulsing and trembling until I thought that surely I was dead!

Edward responded with renewed vigor, pulling me until my backside touched his lightly bearded chin. I clawed at the couch's fabric, trying to get away and get closer at the same time. My body was on fire and nothing could cool me. As the next little death hit me, I passed out.

Beside a shady nook a moment's bliss we took 
To talk of love beneath the stars above
 I held your hand and whispered 
Dear, I love you, I love you and though it's just a dream 
An idle scheme of mine to win your heart 
And yet it seemed divine, it must be true 
I am with you and you are mine, all mine

It Must Be True-Bing Crosby


"You just couldn't leave her alone," Kate mumbled, trying to wake Isabella up.

She was right. From the moment I saw Ms. Swan, I knew that I wanted her. She wasn't like anything we had at the club or any of the other golddigging dames I fucked.

In hindsight, it might have been those chocolate peepers that transfixed me or maybe it was the hair. All the broads now were getting bobs, but Ms. Swan wasn't in fashion. Long silk chestnut tresses fell in soft curls down her delicate white back. With her pale skin and soft features, she reminded me of a doll.

"Where am I?" my little tigress asked, attempting to sit up.

I pulled her into my lap and took the ice pack from Kate, whose dark blue eyes widened substantially. Normally, I didn't do shit like this for dames. I was a love em' and leave em' type of guy. I'd casually fucked every girl on my payroll, except Kate.

"You're with me, babydoll. Don't you remember what we just did? I'd be glad to show you again if by chance you forgot," I smirked, holding the ice to her head.

"I was… We didn't… I still loathe you, Edward Masen," she yelled, trying to climb off of me.

I wrapped my arm around her tiny waist, effectively locking her in place. "Snazzy. I like a dame with spunk. We're going to get along just fine. You might even learn to like me."

She spit in my face. "I'll always dislike you. No one will ever want me now!"

Kate stood up. "You didn't! I've seen you do some lowdown shit, Masen, but this takes the cake."

I nodded to the door. "Go take a powder, Kate, and remember who the fuck you work for. Raise your voice to me again, and you'll be back out on the street singing for change like in the old days. Don't fuck with me!"

For the second time tonight, my babydoll slapped me. "Apologize right now! Kate has been nothing but nice to me. You think you're so big and bad. Well you're not! Picking on a woman doesn't make you a man. We have feelings and brains, too, but do you men care? No! You treat us like gum on your shoes."

As Ms. Swan struggled to get free, I felt my dick rising to the occasion. There was no fucking way I was apologizing to any broad, especially a broad that worked for me. Isabella had another thing coming if she thought I could be controlled.

"Keep fighting me, babydoll. Can you feel how much I like this?" I asked, rubbing her upper thigh.

A minute later, Kate walked over and lifted my little babydoll out of my arms. "Get out! I need to finish getting her ready. The joint will be jumpin' in an hour."

As I walked to the door, I heard Isabella sob. The sound made me feel physically sick. I would have done anything to make her happy. She was under my skin and over my heart. My father, God rest his soul, had always said there were women that could drive a man crazy. Clearly, Ms. Swan was one of them.

"Kate, I didn't fuck her. Calm her down before the show. Oh, and I'm…sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you. You're my top dame," I promised, closing the door.

The dirty thirties, as it was called, had been good to my family. My Greek and Italian immigrant father came to the New World penniless and died one of the richest men on the East Coast. I was determined to follow in his footsteps by stepping into the lead of the Volturi when my time came.

I was so deep in thought that I almost ran into Demetri, who was sneaking out of one of the dressings rooms. He had almost as many broads as me but no steady girl. As far as I knew, he'd never been in love.

"Watch where you're going, twit. I told you the broads are off limits until after the show. Between the hours of ten at night and three in the morning, there is no free pussy in Chicago. Stay the fuck away," I warned.

He chuckled and held up his hands. "Maybe I can go visit Bella. She's not dressed yet, is she?"

I pushed him against the wall, taking my heater out so that he would feel it against his neck. "Don't you ever fucking touch her! As a matter fact, don't even look at her. She's off limits. Pass the message around. And who the fuck told you that you could call her Bella?"

He rubbed his neck. "Fuck, man! She told Kate to call her Bella. Since when do you take an interest in dames? Every guy here tonight is going to be looking at her and imagining himself slipping between those creamy thighs."

I punched him in the jaw. "Get the fuck out my sight."

"Gladly," he mumbled, staggering away.

Some of the dames had gathered to watch our fight, including Jessica. Kate was the canary and Jess was the sex. One of the reasons Hades did so well was because I only hired the best broads. I'd even stolen a few from competitors.

"Come on back and I'll ice your hand," Jessica offered, tugging on my arm.

I moved away from her. "It doesn't hurt. Why don't you finish getting ready."

She pouted. "I am ready, silly. I was thinking of wearing just the white fur tonight…"

I shrugged. "It doesn't' matter what you wear. It's going to end up on the floor at the end."

She kissed my cheek. "You're so smart, Eddie-poo. The piano player better not start late this time. What I do is an art! I deserve the same respect as that Kate woman! I think I should have my own dressing room, too. Are you going to take me to the pictures later? I want to see…"

I walked away, leaving Jessica to talk to herself. She wasn't my main squeeze, not even close. If I played my cards right, I planned to take Bella to see The Public Enemy. James Cagney was the best motherfucking gangster in the talkies.

While the dames and the queers set up, I collected money. Our hands were in everything from bootlegging to counterfeit money and drugs. There wasn't a high in Chicago that the Volturi wasn't a part of. We ran this fucking city, and those that tried to stop us ended up in six feet under in a Chicago overcoat.

At ten, I headed downstairs. People were swarming everywhere, shaking my hand and kissing me. I recognized a few politicians in the corridors. They passed me clips of green as I passed, letting me know they planned to spend the night here. I hoped that the girls had gotten a lot of rest because they'd be busy tonight.

By the time I got to my reserved table, Kate was on stage. She was wearing a long metallic gold gown with a slit up the leg. Every man in the room was transfixed as she sang a blues song about losing a lover or something.

I was sipping my gin when the other girls took the stage. They were dressed in modified mens military uniform. Instead of pants, there were small pleated skirts and stockings. Bella stood out among all the beauties, taking my breath away.

My eyes were only for her as she did the simple turns and gyrations. When the song ended, several men threw money onto the stage. Others had to be held back by my biggest muscle, Felix. Males crazed with lust would do anything to get to my broads.

Thoughts of Bella in that uniform haunted me until the show's end. The only reason I didn't go to her immediately was because of the Senators at my table. They liked my company, although they wouldn't have been seen with me in the light of day.

"Splendid, job, Edward. Who is the new girl?" Senator Dean asked excitedly.

"She's spoken for, but we have plenty of others," I growled.

As he twiddled his thumbs, I excused myself and went to find my babydoll. Jess was on stage doing her bit, and the patrons were eating it up. All in all, I expected to make a couple thousand for the night.

When I got to Kate's room, I heard a male voice talking to Bella. Enraged, I rushed in and threw the man out. He ran as if it his life depended on it. Then, I turned to see my little babydoll looking for an exit.

"Don't hurt me. I told him to leave," she whimpered.

I picked her up, crushing my lips against hers and smiling smugly when she moaned into my mouth.

"From now on, you belong to me. I'm going to be your first, your last, and your only. If I see another guy touch you, he's going into the River. Tell me you want me," I commanded, unbuttoning her shirt.

She stopped and began to push me away. "I want to go home now. I did what you asked. I'm sleepy and…I want my books."

No dame had ever rejected me! "You're coming home with me, babydoll. Let's go," I hissed, putting my coat on her.

Five minutes later, we were in my Cadillac, groping each other as if our life depended on it. Bella was innocent, but she responded like a whore. When I slipped my hands between her thighs, I wasn't shocked to find that she was already wet.

Her small hand went lower and lower until it was over my bulge. "Am I doing it right?" she asked, shyly.

I nibbled on her lower lip, letting my hand travel up her side. "Perfect. Don't fucking stop."

Unfortunately, Felix chose that time to crawl into the driver's seat. Reluctantly, I pulled away from Bella and introduced them. By the time we pulled up to my mansion, they were as thick as thieves, laughing and telling jokes while I raged inside.

When we got out of the car, Bella clutched my hand and leaned into me. "It's so big, Edward."

I smirked, hoisting her into my arms. "I want you to say that later when I'm naked and ready to slip inside of you."

She stopped, turning to me. "I'm not going to do that with you! I still have some standards. I will not fornicate!"

Laughing, I carried into the garden. She relaxed in my arms as I told her about the various plants. After she calmed down, I let her down so that she could explore. Every time she found a flower that made her smile, I made a mental note to have them cut for her.

"It's so beautiful here," she whispered, looking up at the moon.

"I didn't notice," I said, walking up and kissing the back of her neck.

Consumed with lust, I led Bella to my heated gazebo and settled her in my lap. We played with each others fingers, just enjoying the atmosphere and each other. I loved watching the rise and fall of her chest, the way the full moon highlighted her hair, and seeing her eyes light up as she had a thought.

"Edward, will it hurt?" she asked, laying her hand over my dead heart.

I kissed her palm. "Will what hurt?"

She blushed. "Making love. I've heard that it hurts."

My babydoll was willing to… Good God! I felt as if I was a randy boy at his first peep show.

"Come here," I said, pulling her closer.

Thankfully, it was easy enough to undo the godforsaken female underthings. When she was revealed, I slipped my fingers inside of her pussy. She buried her hands in my hair and kissed me like she meant it! There was nothing innocent about Bella's tongue.

"Fuck! Slow down," I begged, adjusting her so that I wouldn't embarrass myself.

She giggled. "I think I'm still drunk."

I unzipped my pants, watching her eyes darken as my cock sprang free. Before I could say anything, she reached forward and touched me. Her small hand felt like the softest silk and oh so warm. Orgasm was imminent.

"Move your hand up and down," I grunted, helping her.

As she explored my twig and berries, I slipped my fingers into her moist folds. Soon, Bella began moaning and bouncing. Occasionally, the smooth skin of her stomach would brush against my dick. I whimpered as she nibbled on my earlobe.

"Edward! It feels good! I want to reach the moon again. Please," she whispered, pressing her small body against mine.

I let my dick slip between her lips, making sure to stay away from the sweet spot. If I had my way, Bella was going to lose her virginity to me, but not right now. As her warm, sweet honey coated my shaft, I saw clearly for the first time in my life.

"Ti amo, Bella," I whispered, both scared and elated at the words.

She stopped rocking to look deep into my eyes. "What does that mean, Edward?"

"It means I love you," I replied, jizzing all over her lower body.

After she came, Bella collapsed on my chest and fell into a deep sleep. I wrapped her in my coat and covered her before going inside the house. The maid took one look at Bella, clapped her hands, and went to make tea.

My sister Alice was staying with me, but she was out dancing with her new beau, Jasper, so I had to find Bella something to wear. I cleaned her up with warm soapy water and put a pink slip on her. She was so tired that she didn't' stir.

"This will help so you won't have a hangover, babydoll," I said, holding a fizzy water to her lips. She drank but never opened her eyes.

Claire, my maid, left after giving me googly eyes about Bella. She was always on me to find a wife. She was also the biggest gossip in my house. I reckoned that my mom, Esme, would know about my babydoll in a few hours. I'd never brought a dame here before, so this was a big deal.

After making sure Bella was comfortable, I took a long hot shower. Then, I crawled into bed. At first, it felt strange sleeping next to a woman, but Bella was different from other dames. Pulling her to my chest, I began exploring her body. She had a small bust but curvaceous hips and a backside made for carnal pleasures.

"Goodnight, babydoll," I whispered, hugging her close.

The next time I woke up, my cock was encased in a hot little mouth. Bella had either done this shit before or she was a mighty fast learner. Feeling angry and a bit mad, I pulled her up until we were face to face.

"Who the fuck taught you that? Whose dick have you been sucking? I'll kill him and lock you away! Answer me, Isabella," I bellowed, shaking her until she began to sob.

She lowered her eyes. "One of my friends got married and her sister gave her this book called, The Kama Sutra. I read some of it. No one taught me, Edward. I want to go home now. You're being mean again."

Frowning, I stroked her back. "I'm sorry. It's just that the thought of you being with someone else drives me mad. You're mine."

Bella pulled away. "I don't belong to anyone, Edward. My mom and dad are gone to God, and I have no other family. I'll never forget last night. It was an adventure. Can I ask why you chose me? There are so many pretty girls in Chicago."

I caressed her soft cheeks. She was so young that they were still slightly round. "I wanted you. You're so beautiful and sweet. The club was just an excuse. I've been thinking about you since we met. Maybe our paths crossing was fate or some shit."

She shook her head. "I need to go. I have an interview at a dress shop in Uptown in a few hours. My money is running low so I really need employment."

Is that what she's worried about?

Smirking, I reached into the side dresser and pulled out some bills. Bella's eyes widened like saucers. While she gaped, I laid out hundred and five hundred dollar green on the duvet.

"Dear God! I've never seen so much money. People are starving outside and you have this," she declared, pointing at the cash.

I shrugged. "There are always way to make money. A man has only to find them. This is yours. Forget applying to a dress shop, I'll take you to buy gowns. My dame deserves the best frocks. I think you'd look good in silver and black. Maybe some French lingerie. What's your favorite fabric?"

She looked away and stood up. "I didn't work for that money, and I won't accept it! I'm not a whore. Please let me go home now, Edward."

Fortunately, Claire had had the sense to wash and iron Bella's old dress and jacket. I watched her dress in silence before throwing on my own suit. Most broads got friendly after seeing the green, but my babydoll got mad. The broad was definitely whacky!

Desperately, I dragged her into my arms and ravaged her mouth. She responded by moaning and opening up, giving me full access. The gall of this woman! One minute she was cursing and the next she was clinging to me like I was her lifeboat.

"You still want to go home?" I asked, coming up for air.

Slap number three was my answer. "You're arrogant, vile, evil, and just plain mean! You probably have women here all the time. I'm not interested in playboys! I want a house and lots of babes to spoil. You're just looking for a good time. Let me go!"

As I roughly threw her on the bed, the old wool frock she was wearing ripped. Her eyes turned black as she fought me. Before long, she had nothing on but her white slip. Chuckling, I ripped the strapped and flipped her so that she was over my knee.

"I fucking warned you, Isabella. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a disobedient woman," I growled, slapping her ass.

Each time she struggled, my hand came down. After awhile, my arm started to get tired. My babydoll's buttocks were a nice rosy red that matched the blush on her cheeks. I hoped that I hadn't hurt her. I was about to apologize when she began moaning and shuddering.

She likes it!

"Will you be a good girl now?" No answer. "I said will you be a good girl now," I screamed, hitting her again.

She whimpered, grinding her sweet pussy against my thigh. "I'm not a girl; I'm a woman."

"Fuck," I groaned, flipping her over and shucking my pants. God help me, I was about to make love to a real life virgin!

Sighing, she reached up to undo my buttons. In my haste, I ripped it off so that I could feel my chest against hers. Compared to me, she was so soft and delicate. As I swirled my tongue around her nipple, she opened her legs, inviting me inside her passage.

"Make the throbbing stop, Edward… I'm so hot," she panted, trying to get some friction.

I kissed my way down her body, letting my tongue dip into her sweet, little bellybutton. She giggled and held me tightly. When I pulled away, she moaned low in her throat.

"Are you sure, babydoll?" I asked, knowing I was too gone to stop anyway.

She nodded. "This is my adventure. Today I'm Juliet."

"I guess I'm Romeo then," I mumbled, lining myself up to her entrance.

My cock tip went in easy enough. It was the rest that was the problem. My babydoll was young and very tight. I had to use my fingers to open up her petals. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kept them there.

"This is going to hurt," I warned, breaking her barrier.

She cried out as her virgin blood mixed with the sweet honey. Groaning, I stilled so that she would have time to get used to my size. I wasn't a small man by any means.

"Edward. I love you. My Edward," she whispered, wrapping her legs around my waist.

Closing my eyes, I began long and steady strokes, coating my thick shaft in her juices. The smell was amazing. Soon I was pounding into her with jerky movements, and she had come apart twice. I kissed her lips, looking deep into her astonished peepers. For the first time in my life, sex meant something special.

"I love you, too, Bella," I groaned, collapsing on top of her.

She held me close, kissing my forehead and playing in my hair as I released deep inside of her womb. It didn't escape my notice that I hadn't used French letters or the pull out method. Maybe we made a baby. That thought made me smile.

"I know what you are, Edward," Bella mumbled, stroking my sweaty arms.

"Say it."

"You have a bunch of green laying around, you carry a heater, and your heavies are never far behind you…" she stated matter of factly.

"Do I scare you? Say it," I yelled, raising her wrists over her head.

She looked away. "You won't physically hurt me."

As she writhed, I slipped inside of her again. Instantly, her chocolate brown eyes turned black and she began to whimper. I thrust, testing to see if she was still in pain. Her soft sighs told me that she was okay.

"Say it. If you're not afraid, tell me what I am," I grunted, pinching a taut nipple.

"Mobster," she screamed, digging her tiny nails into my sweat-soaked back.

Because I was angry at myself, I was rougher that I should have been. I pounded, suckled, licked, and kissed her until we were both crazed. She trembled, tightening around my cock until I felt pain. I pulled out to hold off my own orgasm.

"I kill people, babydoll," I whispered, sucking on her neck.

"Ungh! Edward, you're good," she moaned, licking my chin.

"I can't give you anything. I'm looking for a moll, not a wife. Children are fine but don't expect me…to raise them. I'm too far gone for that shit."

Suddenly, Bella stopped moving. "I was wrong. You're not evil, just broken. Don't worry about the future. Be with me with me now."

I lifted her legs over my shoulders and spilled my seed again. She cried out as I pressed down on her clit, bringing her right along with me. I knew that she had to be sore since I hadn't given her any recovery time, but she was oh so sweet. Even though I was softening inside of her, I was planning ways that I could fuck her again.

My babydoll closed her eyes and hugged me. "This has been the best adventure, Edward. None of my books prepared me. No matter what the future holds, I love you."

Happy as a clam, I fell asleep inside of my angel.

When I woke up, my blue damask drapes were closed, effectively blocking out the sun. I yawned and felt around for Bella. After discovering she wasn't in bed with me, I checked the wash room. It was empty, too. Groaning, I threw on a velvet robe and opened the bedroom door.

Claire was outside my door pacing. "I'm so glad you're awake, Mr. Masen. I tried to stop her! She borrowed one of Alice's outfits and left. Oh, she's so pretty. You'll have lovely babes," she sighed, wistfully.

"What are you going on about? Where is Isabella," I thundered, shaking the older woman's shoulders.

She looked down at her slippers. "The little Miss left an hour ago. She said you were tired. I knocked on the door, but you didn't answer! I had Felix take her home. She left you this note," she said, handing it over.

After dismissing Claire and promising her that she did nothing wrong, I went back to my room. The letter was written on a pretty flowered stationary. It wasn't something I used, so I assumed that it had been a gift from Mom or Alice.

My Dearest Edward,

These hours spent with you have been magical. You've given me an adventure to last me all my days. I know that you can't change your life for me, and I'd never ask. In the past, I wanted a husband and babes to feed, but now all of that has changed. I shall never find as much pleasure in another man's arms as I found in yours. Since I am no longer pure, the chances of me making a good match are slim anyway. I don't regret giving my special gift to you. Thank you for being kind and making it good for me. I shall think of you every time I look at the moon. Your odd hair and emerald eyes will haunt me until the end. I don't think I am with child, because it was our first time and I washed well.

My mind tells me to stay and be your moll, but my heart would never be content. I may be plain and poor, but I have feelings. I cannot sit back and watch you make love to other women. It would slay my soul. The truth is that I don't belong in your world. Tell Kate I'll miss her, and I promise to send Alice's clothes back laundered and pressed. Oh, Edward, I wish it could be different! You have my heart and soul forever. 

My parents raised me to be a Christian woman. I sinned against the Lord for a night in your bed. I cannot forgive myself unless I repent my sins. I know the way, sweet Edward. Don't bother to come after me. I know what I have to do. I'm going to live for God as Sister Swan and help the needy, sick, and poor. There's a nunnery recruiting today. Thank you for helping me find my calling. I love you. I love you. I love you, sweet man. 


After I wiped my eyes, I threw on a suit and ran out the door. Felix and some more heavies were outside smoking cigars. I told him to drive me to Bella's boarding house. Unfortunately, she wasn't there and all her things were gone.

I'd lost the beat of my heart. My babydoll had vanished into thin air!

**1930's lingo**
Dame, broad, muffin--Woman
Chicago overcoat---Coffin
Sawbucks--$10 bills
Moll--Mobster/Gangster girlfriend

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