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Naughty Rendezvous-Red Light Special: Chapter 4

I know that you want me I can
See it in your eyes
You might as well be honest 'cause the
body never lies
Tell me your secrets and I'll
I'll tell you mine
I'm feelin' quite sexy
And I want you for tonight
If I move too fast just let me know
'Cause it means you move too slow
I like some excitement
And I like a man that goes

Red Light Special-TLC


"Bella, where is your head? I just asked if you liked your bridesmaid dress and you haven't answered."

I stared dumbly at my sister in law. For the last eight hours, I had been all over Seattle with Alice, Esme, Bree, Angela, and Rose picking up last minute wedding stuff and also shopping for Dante. Neither Ali or Esme could pass a store without buying him something. My mind, however, was on my husband. Edward-fucking-Cullen, keeper of my treasure box.

He had been gone all day on Volturi and club business. I knew that he was trying to get a lot done so he could stay home with Dante and me for a month. That didn't make it any easier to be without him. As if that wasn't enough, today was the day he had to help audition new girls for HADES. Imagining my husband squeezing breasts and checking out asses made me want to claw someone's eyes out.

"Sorry, Alice. I was just thinking about something else." I looked down at the picture of the dress. It was a pink one-shouldered number that was long enough that I could wear flats. "It's beautiful."

She clapped her hands and pulled out another book. Rose had been texting someone nonstop. Every time I tried to look at her phone, she would smile and move it away so I couldn't see.

"I am just so happy that my bambinos have found love. Jasper is wonderful for you, darling. I know he's going to make a good husband. It seems like just yesterday you were my little girl," Esme said, wiping her teary eyes.

We all leaned in and gave our mother a hug. Esme had told me to feel free to call her mom. That meant a lot to me. I'd been missing my mother a lot through this whole pregnancy. I was lucky that Edward's family was so excepting of Jasper and me.

We were in the den, perched around overstuffed pillows in the middle of the floor. Our Penthouse had more rooms than I'd had time to explore. This was one of the rooms Edward said was used for comfortable entertaining. It was huge with a comfortable blue sectional that stretched around the room. There were beautiful end tables that probably cost a fortune and one of the biggest flat screen televisions I'd ever seen.

Suddenly, my phone buzzed, alerting me that I had a call. I smiled when I saw that it was Edward.

"Are you wet for me, babydoll?" He asked in that smooth silk voice that made me burn.

"Always. When will you be home?"

"That's why I'm calling. The club shit is taking longer than I expected. There are some big shipments coming in tonight. Plus, one of our old friends, a Spanish Mafioso is in town. He's looking to do some business. Fuck! I really miss you. I want your pussy bad, babydoll."

I pouted. "It's alright, Edward. I know you're busy. Do what you need and then come home. Wake me up when you get here."

"Um, I have a few minutes right now. Can you get away to my office?" I heard the smile in his voice.

"Hold on just a minute."

"I'm tired. Does anyone mind if I take a nap?" I asked, looking at Esme.

"Bella, we need..."

"Hush, Alice. Of course, you can take a nap, Bella. We'll wake you up later." Score! Since Esme had been almost smothering in her attentions, I knew that she would be the easiest one to buy the lie.

Before I left, I made sure that Bree and Angela were okay. They were technically my guests and I felt a little guilty for leaving them, but I knew my sisters and mom would make them feel welcome. Bree promised to take care of Onyx.

One of Edward's security people was in the kitchen talking on the phone. I waved at him as I passed. Since my return, Edward had gone slightly crazy. We had enough muscle to guard the freaking President. Most of the men completely ignored me and managed to blend into the furniture.

Eventually, I made it to the office. I stripped off my leggings and shirt while making sure the door was locked. I didn't know what Edward had up his sleeve but I was very sure it involved sex, and I needed a release.

"I'm here, Edward. What do you want me to do?"

"Get the remote out of the right desk drawer." I did as he said. "Point it at the projector and press the green button." When it came on, I could see Edward sitting at his desk.

"I can see you. Can you see me?" I squealed, barely containing my excitement.

He was sitting on the huge black leather couch in his office. That couch had a special place in my life because it had been the place Edward had given me my first orgasm.

He looked pained for a minute. I was about to ask him what was wrong, but then I noticed what his eyes were focused on. My breasts, which were now a large C-cup, were bobbing lightly. My nipples were pebbled, yearning for his touch.

"Shit..." That was all he said before he stood up and took off his suit. Edward's cock was a beautiful sight to behold. It stood big and proud framed by his powerful thighs. I licked my lips, imagining it deep down my threat.

"I want to taste you," I blurted, blushing red.

He spit in his hand, fisting his cock hard. I was mesmerized as I watched it jump. He gave a few fast pumps and then slowed down to a nice rhythm.

"You...you have no idea what you do to me, babydoll. I want to leave all this bullshit and come fuck you into oblivion. Each time I have you, I grow more addicted. I will never be sated."

I rubbed my nipples and watched his eyes turn moss green before dipping my hand into my drenched core. Edward's cock leaked a drop of pre-cum, tempting me beyond comprehension. I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

"Oh god, Edward! I want it. I can almost taste it on my tongue."

He bucked his hips into thin air. "Touch yourself for me, Bella. I want to see you come hard. Please...babydoll."

I was laying spread eagled on his office couch. The warm expensive leather felt wonderful against my heated skin. Dante was kicking but that didn't diminish my lust. In fact, it turned me on. Making love to Edward with life in my belly was very erotic to me, and apparently to him too.

After dipping a finger into my soaking core, I held it our for inspection. Edward groaned and sped up his pumping action. I used my thumb to tease my needy clit. It wasn't going to be long before I fell apart.

"Do you like me deep, babydoll?" My hips rolling, thrusting, pounding your sweet pussy. Do you want me to make you fucking scream?"

"Yes," I moaned, inserting two fingers inside of me.

"Harder, babydoll. Fuck you pussy harder," he demanded, looking me straight in the eye.

I watched how his long fingers violently pump his manhood as he stared at my sex. His pupils were dilating and he kept licking his lips. Suddenly, he threw his head back and growled as thick globs of cum coated his hand.

That was all I needed. I tugged on my nipples and pressed down on my clit hard. My orgasm was so strong that I felt it in every cell of my body. With my legs quaking, head thrashing, and clawing at the leather, I rode my orgasm to the very end.

"Fuck, babydoll! That was the hottest damn shit ever. We don't even have to be in the same fucking room to get off. I love you so much."

I smiled though my post coital bliss. "Hmmm, I love you too, Edward. Thank you. I'm glad that you still think I'm sexy."

He grabbed a couple of wipes from his desk and wiped his glistening cock. I really wanted to lick him clean. The need to have my mouth on him was strong.

"Of course I find you sexy. Why the fuck would you think I don't?" he asked, frowning.

I moved my sweaty hair out of my eyes. "Nothing, it's just... You're auditioning girls today. I know you have to, but... It's a miracle that you can come home to me after looking at them. I'm huge..."

"Stop being stupid, Bella. I don't want any of those bitches. They are my business, and you are my life. You're the most beautiful woman in the world. It doesn't matter how 'huge' you think you are. You're fucking sexy as hell. Pregnancy suits you. I'm the luckiest fucker in the world that you chose me."

I couldn't help but cry but that quickly turned into laughter. "I'm sorry, Edward. You know how my hormones are right now. I love you. Don't worry about me. When you get home, just come to the room and insert your dick in my mouth. I have a craving for it."

He groaned, lowering his head. "Do you realize how hard it will be for me to get through the rest of the day with that image in my mind? I fucking love you to death. Be good and don't let Ali keep you from resting." He kissed his fingers and held them to the screen. "That's for Dante. I miss you, little man."

I massaged my bump, smiling at my husband. "He misses you too, Daddy."

Something flashed in Edward's eyes. It was a combination of awe, possessiveness, and fear.

"Daddy? I'm going to be a daddy. God, I love it when you say that. Okay, I need to go, but remember what I said. I'll be thinking of your hot, tight, pink pussy waiting for me at home. I fucking love you, babydoll."

After blowing him a kiss, I pressed the button to cut off the projector. Since I was too tired to move, I pulled one of the thick Afghans over my body and went to sleep.

Several hours later, I woke up. As usual, I had to go to the bathroom. Once I relieved my bladder, I decided to shower before getting dressed again. I was going to get one of Edward shirts to wear when I saw a box with a note on our bed.

"Edward wants you to wear this tonight. I don't know what he has planned, but I think you'll love it. It wasn't easy getting Ali to leave. You owe me, sis, and you can pay me back by taking C&B one night so Em and I can enjoy each other. Bree and Angela are staying at mom and dad's, so don't worry about making noise. Have fun and don't fret if your boobs don't fit in the top. I'm sure Edward wont mind.

My heart rate sped up to match my excitement. Once I opened the lid and peeked inside, I started to feel less than excited. There were two tiny pieces of red scraps that I assumed I was supposed to wear. It's for Edward... It's for Edward..., I chanted inwardly.

The top was see-through with a lace satin ribbon tie. I slipped it over my shoulders, thankful that it tied under the breasts leaving my stomach bare. The g-string was tiny with the same ruffles on the outside. It immediately disappeared in the crease of my ass after I put it on. I gave a few tugs to dislodge it so I would be more comfortable.

After putting a long robe over my scraps, I ventured out of the bedroom. There was no one in the Penthouse. I assumed that Edward had sent everyone away for our night of debauchery. I felt a wave of moisture coat my thighs, bearing witness to my arousal.

I checked my phone to make sure I hadn't missed a call, and since I hadn't, I decided to make some dessert while I waited for Edward to come home. Apparently, Dante was craving peach cobbler. Esme and Di had bought out an organic produce store so we had plenty of fruits and vegetables. My eating choices were ruled by cravings now, but once Dante was born, I planned to do better.

Breastfeeding meant that he would eat what I ate, and I didn't want our baby boy to be unhealthy. Being a good mother was very important to me. It was the hardest and most rewarding job I would ever do in my life.

I'd just put the cobbler in the oven to bake when the doorbell rang. Instead of a regular sound, our doorbell played a piano music note. Since we had so much security, it rarely went off. After wiping my hands on a towel, I went to see who was at the door.

"Pizza delivery for a miss Bella Cullen." Green eyes, bronze hair, hard-on...Edward! He was here and he was dressed like a ...

"What are you...?

"Look, sweet cheeks. I have three hot Sicilian pies here. Let me in so I can put them down," he said, winking.

I opened the door all the way to let him inside. Even in an ugly red polo and black polyester pants, my husband was a sight to behold. I watched his ass flex as he walked to the kitchen.

After he put the pizza on the stove, he turned to me. I remembered back to the first time I saw him, little did I know that they would own me for life. I just stared at him, determined to let him lead.

"So, Mrs. Cullen, the bill comes to $42.50 without tip."

Playing along, I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't have any cash on me, and I don't know where my husband keeps the credit cards. Perhaps, we could work something out..."

Watching Edward adjust his massive hard-on, I almost broke character. He was about to pop out of those pants and I would definitely be there to catch him, preferably in my mouth. 

Naughty Bella for the win, I thought, happily.

"Since you're so beautiful, I'd be willing to give you a deal. Mind if I have a peach?" He asked, before popping one of the leftovers into his mouth.

"Hey! You didn't wait for me to answer. I'm not sure my husband would like you eating his peach."

he smirked and took off his pizza cap. "Hmmm, you're married. I should have guessed. Does your husband touch you here?" He asked, slipping his hand into my robe and resting it on my breast.

I licked my lips and looked in his eyes. "All the time."

"Take off the robe, Mrs. Cullen."

Immediately, I did as told.

When Edward saw what I had on, he mumbled something that sounded like, "Remember to get Rose a gift for this shit."

I laughed and pushed up my barely concealed breasts. "Like something you see? Are you interested in bartering?"

He groaned, squeezing the peach so that the juice landed on my chest. Then, he leaned forward and licked it up. I moaned, wrapping my arms around his muscular chest.

"Fuck. You taste amazing, Mrs. Cullen. Your husband is a lucky man."

He followed the juice down to my hardened peaks, swirling his tongue around me lazily. I trembled as he laid open mouthed kisses along my breasts and neck. Then, he moved my g-string aside and inserted a finger in my wetness. I was so turned on that I came instantly.

"Oh, Edward! Edward! Goddamnit! That was..."

He laughed and lifted me into his arms. When we got to the table, he set me on my knees. I was comfortable because each chair had a thick chair pillow. I put my elbows on the table and waited for his next move.

Edward kissed and nibbled his way down my back. I heard him taking off his costume, but when I tried to turn around, he gently pushed my head down on the table. I was beginning to get bored when his hand came down hard on my backside.

"Shit!" I screamed. It felt so good.

He smacked me again, making sure his hand hit my sex. I pushed my ass back against his hand as he continued to spank me. At first, I felt like something was wrong with me for enjoying this form of play so much but now I accepted it.

Thwack! Thwack! Twhack! Those were the only sounds heard in the room as my punishment continued. I knew Edward was holding back, so I decided to tease him so he'd be firmer. I needed it hard.

"My husband is better at this. You hit like a girl," I taunted.

The next slap almost dislodged me from the chair. I yelped, digging my nails into the table. Edward reached around to tug on my nipples, causing another gush of juice to leak from my core. I silently screamed into the wood as he ripped the flimsy scraps from my body. I made a mental note to chastise him later for ruining yet another outfit.

"You're a bad girl, Mrs. Cullen. Your husband is out working hard and you're seducing the pizza man. I'm going to make you pay. You will learn your lesson." God, I hoped it was true.

Edward wrapped his big hands in my hair and pulled it until my head lifted off the table. Then, he leaned forward and nibbled on my bottom lip. I opened my mouth, giving him access to everything. Once he was inside he sucked on my tongue before claiming my lips. While he was kissing me, his thumb was pushing into my ass hole. Anal sex was no longer uncomfortable for us. I loved it now.

He was halfway in my backdoor when he thrust into my pussy. I came, screaming obscenities the whole time. I felt him rest his forehead on my upper back as I trembled.

"Fuck, Mrs. Cullen. You're not making this shit easy," he panted.

Suddenly, he began to smack me again. With each thrust came another smack to my back cheeks. I was so gone that all I could do was hold onto the shaking table. If we kept it up, we were going to break it.

Edward's cock filled me to the very brim. His pumps always bordered on pain but pleasure always won out. I never thought that I'd be able to take ten inches into all my holes. My husband had a way of making the impossible possible.

I came a second time, Kegeling on Edward as he went deep. He was hitting my G-spot repeatedly and all I could do was moan. I was just about to come again when he pulled out. I whimpred, upset from the loss of friction between my legs.

"What the? Edward!" I screamed as he began inserting his member into my tiny rosebud.

It took some time because he kept having to start and stop, but before long, he was inside of me balls deep. With his free hand, he cupped my pussy, I moved his hand until it was right over my sensitive nub.

"Impatient, Mrs. Cullen? I think you're having way too much fun. Remember this is punishment."

Edward pushed into my rosebud, then pulled out until only the tip was left inside. He kept up that slow torture until I thought I would go mad. I dug my nails into his wrist as it rubbed roughly against my core.

"I cant... Fuck! I'm going to come, babydoll!"

A minute later, I felt the first ropes of cum coat my sphincter. Edward was screaming and pulling on my hair as he rode out his orgasm. I came again, laying my head against the cool wood of the table. He had taken every thing out of me. I was done.

I was dozing when I felt Edward pull out of my tiny hole. He was still leaking, coating my buttocks with the excess cum. I reached back, gathering some of my fingertips, and then inserted it into my mouth.

Edward growled and turned me around. He looked...feral. His eyes were over bright and his canine teeth were prominent as he snarled. As I stared dumbfounded, he took a seat in the chair next to me. Then, he pulled me into his lap, kissing my neck, forehead, lips, and cheeks. I leaned into his gentle caresses.

"Edward, that was a surprise. Did I earn my pizza?" I asked playfully.

He kissed the tip of my nose. "You earned a goddamned island for that shit. It's always priceless with you, babydoll. I'm glad you liked my gift. Rose helped me pull it off."

"You smell good," I said, nibbling on his chest. He groaned and backed away from me. I pouted before I realized what was wrong. Edward was tired. Dark, purplish bruises had taken up residence under his eyes. I smoothed them out with the pads of my fingers.

"I'm exhausted, babydoll. It took a lot of shuffling to get home for this. I have a meeting with some Japanese businessmen at six tomorrow morning. Since I'll be gone most of tomorrow, I wanted to make sure you were well taken care of tonight."

"I'm so proud of you, Edward. You work so hard for us. I'd love you if you were homeless and broke too, but I appreciate that you want Dante and me to have a comfortable life," I said, kissing his neck.

After cuddling, we took a quick shower in our bedroom. Edward sat in the shower seat while I gave him head. He was really tired, so I sucked him hard, making him come quick. He smiled when I insisted on swallowing his spunk. I'd heard that some guys tasted bitter, but Edward's was salty sweet, like trail mix. I loved his unique taste.

Thankfully, I'd remembered to turn off the oven before our shower so that the cobbler wouldn't burn. Edward helped me dress in a blue and white short pj set, and then, we returned to the kitchen.

He cleaned up our mess while I made us a salad to go with the pizza. When he finished, he wrapped his arms around my rounded belly and helped me plate everything. We laughed together as Dante kicked into his dad's hand.

Later that night, while we were eating peach cobbler and ice cream, Edward fell asleep. He looked adorable with his plate resting on his knee as he snored lightly. I took all the dishes to the sink. Then, I returned and helped him to our bedroom.

As soon as his head hit the pillow, he turned to his side, reaching for me. I really was a lucky woman to have him as my husband. I curled into his side, placing his palm on my stomach. Then, I tumbled gloriously into sleep.

When I woke up again, the alarm was going off. It was five in the morning. Edward groaned. His hand was deep inside my core and my shirt was once again missing. I smiled, tickling his forearm.

"I don't want to go, but I have to babydoll. Can I get a quickie before I get dressed?" He asked hesitantly.

With his help I turned over, climbed on top of him, and straddled his hips. "You never have to ask, Edward.
You're my husband and I could never deny you anything. My pussy is always yours. It's yours for the taking. I love you."

He scrunched up his face as I lowered my heat onto his thick dick. "Ride me hard, babydoll."

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