Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Naughty Rendezvous-My Love: Chapter 5

My love leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, leave you blind
My love you have found peace
You were searching for release
You gave it all
Give into the call
You took a chance and you took a fall for us
You came thoughtfully, and then faithfully
You taught me honor
You did it for me
Today you will sleep for good
You will wait for me my love
Now I am strong
You gave me all
You gave all you had and now I am home
My Love-Sia


"Please, Edward! We can go on a romantic weekend another time. Dante needs me! He doesn't always like his bottle. He needs my breasts or he'll starve! I'm such a bad mother... Don't make me go," I pleaded, clinging to my husband's chest.

Yesterday, Dr. Whitney declared me healed. Edward embarrassed me by picking the woman up and spinning her around. It was like she'd told him that he won a billion dollars. I just sat there, blushing red as he told the doctor that Depo shots would not stop his sperm. When he left to grab my clothes, she assured me that the birth control would indeed work, and to use condoms if I was worried. Truthfully, I was, but I knew Edward didn't like rubbers at all.

In the present, Esme gave me a sympathetic pat on the shoulder as she rocked our son. "Bella, he'll be perfectly fine. Carlisle and I are his grandparents and we've been waiting for our chance to spoil him rotten. I swear to you that he will treated like a little prince."

Smiling, Carlisle wrapped his arm around my mother in law's shoulders. Dante smiled, letting me know that he wasn't worried. I loosened my grip on Edward's shirt.

"Babydoll, we're only going to be gone for three days. Mom and the girls are perfectly capable of babysitting," Edward soothed, kissing my temple.

"Let me just feed him one more time before we go. He looks hungry."

Everyone in the room looked down at my little man. Then, they began laughing. I crossed my arms over my chest, glaring fiercely. What is so damn funny?


Edward cut Carlisle off. "He's stuffed, babydoll. You fed him twice before we got here, remember? Look at his belly."

Damnit! They were right. Not only did he look extremely well fed, he was also happy. I nuzzled my baby boy, inhaling the baby scent that had become a part of my own. Esme and Carlisle assured me that they would call me if anything went wrong.

"Bye, son. Daddy is just going to get a little play time with mommy. We'll be back before you can miss us," Edward promised, kissing our boy.

Esme beamed, pulling her big baby down so she could nuzzle him. Pretty much nothing embarrassed my husband, but his mother treating him like I treated Dante did the trick. I laughed as Carlisle hugged us both. Before we left, I whispered one last goodbye to my baby boy.

On the way to our destination, which Edward was keeping a secret from me, we decided to stop and grab some breakfast. I was famished after feeding and pumping throughout the last few days to prepare. If Edward hadn't confiscated my phone, I would have been calling my baby boy.

I was waiting for Edward to open my door for me, but he was still sitting in the driver's seat. His eyes were wild and he was squeezing the steering wheel for dear life. I groaned, knowing that a Caveward moment was imminent.

"I told you not to wear those shorts! Fuck! Look at all the men going into the diner. I'm not taking you in there so those assholes can eye-fuck you. I'll just get us food to go. What do you want?"

My dark wash shorts and light green tank top were perfectly fine for the summer. It was supposed to be warm all weekend, and living in Washington state didn't provide too many opportunities for me to wear the latest summer fashions. Alice, the trendy goddess herself, had picked out my outfit. I'd worked out hard to lose all the baby fat. I knew I looked good and wanted to show off a bit.

"I'm going inside and eat. You can join me if you want. Stop being bossy, Caveward," I ranted.

Like a flash of lightening, Edward hopped out of the car and opened my door. He was wearing a pair of low slung jeans that made his package look incredibly good, and the green polo shirt set off his eyes. Did it just get really hot?

He leaned forward, sucking my top lip into his mouth and biting down slightly. "You belong to me, babydoll. I don't share well with others. This," he said, dipping his finger into my shorts to reach my panty-clad drenched slit, "is all mine." My body spasmed as he pulled away, licking his finger. The man knew how to turn me into a puddle of goo. "Say you belong to me, Bella. Say you want me to fuck you senseless."

Dazedly, I mumbled, "Fuck me senseless, Edward."

The bastard smirked, pulling an Adidas hoodie from the backseat. "Wear this inside, and stop being disobedient." That was my trigger word.

Smiling sweetly, I took the jacket from his hands. He moved aside to let me out. When he turned around to close the Hummer door, I threw the garment over his head and ran to the entrance.

"Fucking shit," Edward yelled, running to catch me. Thankfully, there weren't any loitering people in the parking lot. The place was pretty small and off the beaten path.

I made it inside a second before him. The waitress' smile faltered when she saw my angry husband behind me. I didn't have to turn around to know he looked like a demon possessed. If I was lucky, I would pay for my disobedience later.

"Table for two, please" I requested, following the stunned girl.

She gave us a nice booth near the back. Most of the customers were eating at the counter or getting their food to go. A couple of truck drivers looked at me when we passed. Edward snarled, putting his arm protectively around my waist. After that, the men lost all interest in me.

The waitress put two menus down as Edward and I took seats on opposite sides of each other. I told her that we needed a few minutes. She quickly went to fill another order.

Agitated and cranky, Edward pulled on his copper hair. "I hate it when you don't fucking listen to me, Bella. You see how those motherfuckers look at you! It drives me crazy."

Before I could answer a waiter came to take our drink orders. I asked for orange juice and Edward ordered coffee. The young man didn't even look in my direction as he left. A few tense minutes later, he returned with our drinks.

I stuck a straw in my juice, licking the tip before taking a long swallow. Just as I predicted, when I looked up, Edward was staring at me. I did it again, wrapping my glossy lips around the straw and staring straight into my husband's eyes as I sucked up the cool liquid.

"Does it?" I asked, thrusting out my chest playfully. "I don't mean to drive you crazy. Maybe I can learn my lesson if you punish me. A good hard slap to the ass seems to put most women in line."

His jaw dropped. "Don't start shit that you can't finish, Bella."

I slipped off my thong sandals, pressing my bare foot into Edward's bulge. He groaned, looking at me like I'd lost my mind. I did it again. Then I raised my toes until I could feel his toned bare stomach. He made a sound that sounded like a wounded animal.

"Can I take your order?" The waitress asked, looking at me.

Keeping my instep right over Edward's bulge, I answered. "Yes, you may. What do you want, baby?"

"Uh... Hell," was the only managed reply.

"Is he sick?" the waitress asked worriedly.

"No, he's fine. He just can't handle this heat," I said, smirking. "He'll have the steak omelet with wheat toast. I'll have the spinach and cheese omelet with low fat English muffin. Strawberry preserves for both of us. Oh, and can you bring my husband a glass of ice water with a lemon peel. Thanks."

After the girl left, I lowered my foot. Edward was still dazed. I didn't know if he'd come in his pants, but I did know that he was pretty damn close. As he struggled to get himself in order, I went to the restroom. Fortunately, no one looked at me and Edward didn't follow

Since I was feeling really sexy, I took off my lacy blue panties and put them in my purse. Then, I cleaned up a little before returning to the table. When I got there, Edward was drinking large gulps of water from a tall glass.

I kissed him on the cheek, putting my underwear in his pants pocket. "See, I do belong to you and I know it. There's no need for you to talk to me like I'm a child."

He took the panties out of his pocket, sniffing and licking the crotch before returning them. A goofy, besotted smile lit his face up. He was normal again. Thank god, crisis averted.

The food was good, but I was too preoccupied with Edward to really enjoy it. He gave as good as he got. After throwing down one of his signature one hundred dollar bills, he helped me out of the booth. We almost broke our necks getting out of the restaurant.

After Edward started the Hummer, I reached over to unbuckle his pants. It was just as I'd thought; he was close but hadn't come yet. There was a large drop of sweet precum, which I licked up quickly.

"Shit, Bella! What's gotten into you. I almost fucked you on top of the table with all those people watching." I licked him again. "Fucking fuck," he hissed, tangling his free hand into my hair.

"Can you drive while I do this?" I asked between sucking.

He moaned a short, "Fuck yes," pushing me further down his dick.

Slowly to savor the taste, I swirled my tongue around his head, squeezing his balls. Then I spit on my hand, using the lubrication to fist him hard. He bucked against me, making his massive girth go farther down my throat. I resisted the urge to gag and swallowed slowly.

"Babydoll," he whimpered, tugging on my hair, "so fucking gooood...the best."

His encouragement made me want to do a better job. I took him completely down my throat. I could only do that for a few seconds before coming up for air. I kissed his stomach, breathing in the smell of his arousal.

"I love you, Edward," I moaned, going up and down on his erection. He was alternating between thrusting and beating down on the steering wheel. With watery eyes, I took him down my throat once more. Instantly, he began to spew ropes of hot liquid in my mouth. As usual, I took everything he had to give.

As I sat up, licking the corner of my mouth, I noticed that we were pulled over in a wooded area. I was so into pleasuring my husband that I hadn't felt the motion of the car stop. Giving Edward a blowjob was just as pleasurable to me as it was to him. My clit was swollen and I ached.

Instead of letting me put my seat belt back on, Edward dragged me into his arms. I giggled as she kissed the top of my head. However, all thought left me as he sucked on my tongue, stroking the inside of my mouth.

My breasts began to leak. Edward lowered my strap, taking one into his mouth and suckling my milky nipples.

"You taste like motherfucking heaven, babydoll," he groaned.

As I rocked my hips against his erection, I fisted my hands in his hair, scratching the scalp. We had on too many clothes for what I really wanted to do, but dry humping was good too. I was so close. If he just...

"Ugh, Edward. Oh my god! Right there...please" I screamed as a massive orgasm hit me.

After I caught my breath, Edward helped me back over into my seat and buckled the belt. I'd been giving Edward hand and mouth work while I healed, but that was my first orgasm since the birth, and oh was it good.

"Look at us, Edward. We didn't even make it to the getaway yet. We're like two extremely horny teenagers," I giggled.

Shaking his head, Edward started the car. "We may be horny, but that shit we just did was not for teenagers. That, babydoll, takes skill and skill only comes with age."

"Says the old man," I teased.

That made him throw back his head and laugh heartily. I loved when my Edward was relaxed. I removed a water bottle from my purse and popped a piece of Juicy Fruit into my mouth. After that, I passed him the bottle and a stick of gum.

"Thanks, babydoll."

An hour later, we pulled up to huge mansion surrounded by trees. The country estate was beautiful and there were a bunch of colorful flowers in bloom. I squirmed in my seat, barely able to contain my excitement as Edward drove up the winding driveway.

"Edward, it's perfect! It reminds me of Forks so much. I love you."

He smiled. "Yeah, I was going to take you back to Forks, but I know you didn't want to be that far away from D.C., and I thought that we could take him next time... you know to see your parents," he said hesitantly.

The tears that usually came with the mention of my parents were kept at bay. "I would like that very much. Thank you for being so considerate, husband."

I was told not to pack anything, so I was curious to see what Edward had planned. Like a gentleman, he opened the door for me. We definitely looked freshly ravaged and worse for wear.

"Not a problem, my angel. Let's go inside and change. Then I can show you around. This place is fucking awesome."

I stopped, feeling sick. "You've been here before? The places you take me... have you, um, taken other women, too?"

Edward's smile faded as he wrapped his arms around my body. "Hell no! Thornewood, the villa, that cabin in Forks, the lair, those are all our places, and ours only. I never took any of the past bitches to those places. I wouldn't disrespect you like that."

"I'm sorry. I had to ask," I said, returning the hug.

Hand in hand, we walked inside. A sign announcing it as Bear's Lair Bed and Breakfast hung over the foyer. A little man in khaki shorts came to greet us. His eyes glowed mischievously upon seeing our wrinkled clothes.

"Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Everything has been set up as you requested. Several meals have been prepared. Feel free to wander the grounds at your pleasure. The Bear's Lair is you for three wonderful days. If there are any problems, call me on my personal line, Mr. Cullen."

Thank you. We'll be fine," Edward assured, handing the guy his black card.

The little man did some paperwork and provided Edward with a receipt. Then my husband slipped him a wad of money in a gold clip. The man smiled at me before taking off.

After that, Edward helped me climb on his back so he could take us upstairs. I laughed as he pretended to fall a couple of times. Luckily, we made it safely.

The rooms were gorgeous. We chose one with a huge bed called the Dahlia room. It was beautiful and very rustic. On the bed was a big basket with my name on it. Like a little girl, I jumped off Edward's back before going to see my gift.

I oohed and ahhed over the bottle of French champagne, chocolate covered Godiva strawberries, exopensive bubble bath, and massage creams. There was also a huge bouquet with yellow roses and sunflowers on the nightstand. I begun to cry as I read the note.

To the most beautiful woman in the world, my babydoll. I know I don't say it enough, but I love you more than life itself. I'm not good with writing poems and shit, but you take my breath away. Without your love, I am nothing. Thank you for taking a shithead like me and turning him into a man and a father. There will be many be many days that we fight but know that I never stop loving you and I never will. Amo solo te, amore mio.

"I love only you, my beloved," he whispered in my ear, translating the Italain.

I threw my arms around him. "That was perfect! I love you so much, Edward. The words were so beautiful and from your heart."

After a long makeout session, we cleaned up and got ready for a walk. There was a box with a beautiful white sundress on the dresser. It was another one of my gifts. I put it and the plain white cotton underwear on before brushing my hair out. Edward's eyes darkened as he watched me twirl.

The grounds were amazing. There was a carriage house with rooms of its own. Edward promised that we'd fuck there before we left. I giggled like a school girl as he put a flower in my hair.

"You are absolutely stunning," he said, kissing my forehead.

"Why are you so sweet when we go on these vacations, Edward? It's almost like you turn into another person?" I asked curiously.

He winked. "I know I fuck up a lot, babydoll. I have to gain points or you may decide you can do better when I'm an asshole."

"I could never do any better than you, Edward. You're my soulmate, the father of my child, my husband. You're it for me."

Because the sap factor was getting to be a little much, I kicked Edward in the shin and ran. His much longer legs ate up the grass, and before long, he tackled me to the ground taking the brunt of the fall. We rolled, kissing and explored each other's bodies as the sun sweltered overhead.

"Babydoll, come with me."

He led me to a bunch of blankets and pillows in the center of the property. It reminded me of Thornewood, except it was really hot now and this place was more rustic.

There was another bottle of Dom in a bucket of ice. Edward pulled out two flutes nad poured me a glass. I giggled because the bubbles tickled my nose. He held a chocolate strawberry in front of my mouth. I took a big bite, licking Edward's long manicured fingers in the process.

"I can't wait anymore, babydoll. I need to fuck you now."

"Who says you have to wait?" I asked, tossing the dress aside. In turn, Edward stood up to discard his clothing. Clothed, he was gorgeous, but nude he was a deadly weapon. I tried to slip off my underwear but he stopped me.

"Let me, babydoll."


Bella had rediscovered her sexiness and she was killing my ass. That shit she pulled in the restaurant was epic. It completely took my eyes off of the motherfuckers who kept eying her when they thought I wasn't looking. My babydoll knows how to distract me.

I was almost fucking purring as I slipped those virginal white panties off of her body. Bella's pussy was just how I liked it, with the tiniest bit of soft hair that I could rub my face against. I'd planned to do more romantic shit, but I needed her NOW.

Dipping my head, I nuzzled her sweet glistening pussy lips, whispering, "I missed you."

My babydoll laughed, rubbing my hair. "She missed you too, Edward."

My cock jumped at the sound of her voice. She looked so innocent in the white with that fucking rose in her hair. For some reason, I got off on that shit. I liked that Bella was the sweet innocent virgin, and I was the motherfucking wolf who wanted to eat her alive.

As I kissed her needy clit, I slipped two fingers inside of her. She groaned, pulling on my hair. I gave her a moment to collect herself as I nibbled on her silken thighs.

"Fuck you're tight. Almost as tight as the fist time I made love to you."

"Hmmm, just put it in. I need it, Edward," she groaned.

Who was I to deny my angel? Quickly, I grabbed the lube from my shorts pocket, generously applying it to my cock and Bella's pussy. As tight as she was, we needed all the help we could get. Dr. Whitney had warned me to take it slow and easy the first time.

I kissed my babydoll's plump lips as I slid my rock hard cock gently into her hole. She grabbed my wrists, opening her eyes. I saw her wince as she tried to adjust to my length.

"Stop.. I need a minute, Edward."

With the greatest fucking strength I could muster, I held still. The little bit of my dick that was inside throbbed painfully. My heart and my fucking balls felt like they were going to rupture. I did it for her, though.

"I love you, babydoll," I cooed, pinching her clit, "Just relax and let me take care of you."

She took several deep breaths and closed her eyes again. I continued to slide my ten inches inside of her, waiting for her to tell me to stop or go. We stopped two more times before I was fully sheathed.

Motherfucking pussy paradise is mine again! It was even better than I remembered.

"Edwarddddd," my babydoll moaned, thrashing her head around.

I sucked on her nipples, timing my thrusting to her reactions. The more she screamed, the harder I pumped. Expertly, I circled my hips, hitting her good spot hard. Her pussy muscles clenched my dick as the first orgasm swept through her body.

"So fucking good, Bella. I need you to do that again."

Big, brown innocent doe eyes looked up at me as I rammed in and out of the best pussy I'd ever had in my life. "Ungh...ungh...ungh...always, Edward."

"Who owns this sweet pussy I'm fucking, babydoll? Say it!"

"You do, Edward! I'm so wet for you. Please," she gasped, offering me her sweet nipples. I gently suckled one after another into my mouth. The milk was so fucking thick and sweet. I almost came as I drank her bounty.

With two more pumps, I pulled out, laying flat on my back and maneuvering my babydoll so that her sweet pussy was right over my mouth. I ate her out like a starving man. Her natural deliciousness mixed nicely with the strawberry flavored lube. My mind was a blank as I licked as far inside of her as I could go, using my fingers to squeeze her nub.


My babydoll surprised me by taking my cock into her mouth. While I hummed and blew against her pussy, she milked my cock. It didn't take long for us to come. We both screamed as the big O swept us away. I felt my babydoll's sweaty head hit my thigh as I kneaded her ass cheeks.

"That was...fucking amazing," I panted.

A soft feminine sigh was my only answer. Since it was warm and we had champagne, we fell asleep outside. When I opened my eyes again, Bella was on top of me sipping champagne. She smiled, lowering herself onto me.

"Ride it, cowgirl," I drawled as she set the tempo. "Ungh, Bella. You are going to kill me, woman!"

"I won't kill you. I'm just going to hurt you a little," she moaned, digging her nails into my chest. Oh, and she did hurt me. I loved every fucking minute.

Eventually, we made it inside. I had a special dinner planned. Bella and I took separate showers so that we could cool off and regain our strength. When she wasn't looking, I downed a couple of vitamins. If my wife was wearing me down at thirty, I shuddered to think what our sex life would be like at forty; she'd definitely kill me then.

After I put on a robe, I went downstairs and set the plates and glasses on the table. Half an hour later, my angel came down the stairs in a small white silk robe, as requested. She was perfectly naked underneath. The soft mahogonay curls on her head and no makeup on her face made her almost too fucking beautiful to look at.

"You are a vision," I said, leading her to the table.

"Everything look delicious."

There were loads of big square plates filled with finger sized seafood, fruit, and decadent deserts. There were also new flutes of champagne. I dipped a warm prawn into cocktail sauce and fed it to my babydoll. She closed her eyes and moaned.

She sat in my lap while we fed each other and cuddled. It was romantic and fucking hot. I moved her robe aside to lick a drop of butter from the lobster tail that had fallen on her chest. Seductively, she wiggled in my lap until we both were full and horny as fuck.

"Stand up and put your head down on the table," I commanded, pushing plates aside.

Happily, my wife complied. I pulled off the flimsy robe, exposing her lightly tanned skin. Her ass and hips called to my hands like crack to an addict. I squeezed them before lining my dick up to the entrance.

"Ungh...hard this time."

I slapped my babydoll's supple cheeks until they turned fire engine red. She was so fucking loud. I loved the fact that she still got off on that shit. My little tigress was now a fuckawesome mom, but she was still my little nympho queen.

She reached bag to cup my balls. I was putty in her hot little hands, losing my concentration as I basely pounded her sweet pussy. We were grunting and shit was falling off the table, but I wasn't about to stop the session we had going. My sweaty chest was glued to my babydoll's back as I pulled her to me.

I turned her head, kissing her deeply. She scratched the wooden table, trying to find an escape. I put my arm around her chest, locking her into place as I positioned my hips. My cock was almost to her motherfucking womb.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Ungh," I screamed.

My babydoll sunk her canines into my arm as she spasmed out of control. My balls clenched, before I emptied my jizz into her tunnel. Stuck together, we collapsed in the chair. My now flaccid slightly twitched as my babydoll disconnected us.

She tucked her head into my shoulder and kissed my pulse point. "That was even better than the food. I'm tired now. Let's call Dante before we go to sleep."

I nodded, grabbing the bottle of Dom. My babydoll made a plate out of what was left. We ended up eating shrimp and lobster in bed while talking to our son. He gurgled and babbled happily. I knew my mom and dad were spoiling him.

"Mommy loves you, little man. We'll be home very soon and I'm going to sing to you, and give you a bath, and play your favorite game, and feed you, and..."

"Daddy loves you, too, D.C." I interrupted, "We'll be home soon, son. Don't worry about your favorite toys. I've been taking very good care of them," I said, eying my babydoll's C-cups.

She rolled her eyes. "You be good for nana and papa, Dante. I love you. Goodnight, my angel."

Bella lay down on her side facing me. Smiling, she cupped my cheek, laying soft kisses on my jaw. God, I love this woman. I laid my big hand on her hip. All woman, and all mine. 

"E-Edward," she stammered, "You're not disappointed, are you? Is it still as good as before?"

Chuckling, I squeezed her ass. "Don't you know, silly woman. I will never be fucking disappointed. This," I said, pulling her against me, "will always drive me fucking crazy. You own me. It's better than before because now you're officially all mine. It will be just as good when we're old and gray.:"

My angel fell asleep with her soft cheek resting over my chest. I kissed her fingers before placing her hand over my heart, where she always belonged. I fell asleep after she whispered my favorite words and neither of us had any motherfucking nightmares.

The next day, we stayed in bed, making love until we couldn't move. After that, we took a nice long bubble bath as we listened to Mozart. My babydoll washed my hair and I washed hers. Then, we dressed and took a walk in the garden.

Mid-afternoon, she and I made lunch in the carriage house. My little vixen seduced me into fucking her on top of the table. She clung to my shoulders as I pounded into her over and over again. My eyes rolled way back in my head just before I came, sucking her tit. After lunch, we fucked in the bed and watched television. Later that night, we called our son again. He was asleep, but Bella swore that his light snore sounded happy.

I fell asleep inside my babydoll as the last strangled moans from her orgasms left her lips. Again, my mind was too tired to dream. Nothing could harm me as long as I had my Bella.

Since we were planning to leave Monday morning, we spent the last day exploring the grounds. My babydoll was fucking smart and knew all the scientific names for the flowers we saw. Like the pussy whipped asshole that I'd become, I let her make me a stick crown. While she fed the ducks by the pond, I took pictures-not that they had a fucking chance in hell of capturing all of her beauty.

I had one last romantic gesture planned, so I sent Bella upstairs. On the bed, was a box with a blue babydoll negligee. She was supposed to put it on and meet me downstairs. I showered and put on a pair of silk blue boxers and a white t-shirt. There was no need to put on that many real clothes because it was hot as hell, and we'd just be naked soon again anyway.

As requested, my babydoll came down an hour later. She smelled fucking edible. The light blue babydoll was sheer so I could see her thong. Her tits looked fucking amazing all pushed up and shit. Like I'd asked, she'd put her hair up into a loose chignon. There weren't enough words in any fucking language to describe Bella's ethereal beauty.

I took her hand in mine, guiding her outside. The sun had just gone down, so I'd lit the yellow lights on the gazebo. She smiled up at me as I put the portable Bose speakers on to play, Bruno Mars', Just the Way You Are, her new favorite song.

"May I have this dance, Bella Cullen?" I asked, holding out my hand.

"You may, Edward Cullen," she said, taking mine.

I love you, babydoll, just the way you are. I never want you to change one fucking thing for me or anyone else," I pleaded, squeezing her waist.

As she let me lead her across the floor, I softly sang the words of the song in her ear. A few tears, which I quickly kissed away, escaped her eyes. She was fucking perfect.

"Oh her eyes, her eyes
make the stars look like they're not shining
her hair, her hair
falls perfectly without her trying
she's so beautiful
and i tell her every day
yeah i know, i know
when i compliment her
she wont believe me
and its so, its so
sad to think she don't see what i see
but every time she asks me do i look okay
i say when i see your face
there's not a thing that i would change
cause you're amazing
just the way you are
and when you smile,
the whole world stops and stares for awhile
cause girl you're amazing
just the way you are
her lips, her lips
i could kiss them all day if she'd let me
her laugh, her laugh
she hates but i think its so sexy
she's so beautiful
and i tell her every day
oh you know, you know, you know
id never ask you to change
if perfect is what you're searching for
then just stay the same
so don't even bother asking
if you look okay
you know i say..."

After that, we waltzed to our wedding mix. I gave Bella a new pair of five carat diamond earrings, which she almost refused. Thankfully, she let me put them on her, and then, she was in love. I held up a mirror so she could see herself.

"They're beautiful, Edward. This whole weekend... You're spoiling me. I love you."

Later that night, after we made love and my wife lay sated and spent in my arms, I made a promise to myself that I would always treat her like a Queen. She deserved it after all the bullshit I put her through. I wasn't fucking stupid; I knew my ass wasn't easy to love sometimes.

"Babydoll," I said, kissing her small head, "You are my peace on Earth and the perfect compliment to my soul."

"Hmmm, I love you, Edward. You're my other half," she sighed sleepily.

As I turned off the light, I thought of one word: home. It didn't matter where I went in the world or what happened, my babydoll would always be my center of gravity, my home.


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