Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Naughty Rendevous-Knocked Up: Chapter 3

People call us renegades
'cause we like living crazy
We like taking on the town
Some people getting lazy
I don't care what nobody says, no
I'm going to be her lover
Always mad and usually drunk
But I love her like no other
And the doctor seems to say he don't know
Where we're gonna go?
I'm a ghost and I don't think I quite know
Where we're gonna go?
Where we're gonna go?"

Knocked Up—Kings of Leon


I was so upset when my brother, Jasper, announced that we were moving all the way to Chicago. It wasn't that I had anything specific against the city, it was just much bigger than what I was used to.

My brother was only nineteen, but he had been given full custody of me after my parents died last year in a car accident. It was hard for the both of us, but he worked hard to make sure that I was well taken care of, despite the fact that I didn't have parents anymore.

We were originally from Forks, Washington, whose entire population was probably the equivalent of one street in Chicago. I tried not to complain too much, though, because my brother had been offered a scholarship to the University. He'd also found a night job so that he could go to school during the day. I appreciated all the sacrifices he was making for me, so I pretended to be happy.

Today was my first day at St. Mary's Preparatory. It was this high-end private Catholic high school that Jasper had somehow managed to come up with the tuition for. He said he got the funds from selling the house in Forks.

I got out of bed and took a shower. My strawberry shampoo and body wash went a long way in helping to calm my nerves. After I finished, I took time to blow dry and curl my hair. It hung to the small of my back and was what I considered my best feature.

All in all, I was pretty plain. My body had just begun to form curves last year. I hated the attention that men paid to me now. I had only just turned sixteen, and although I had been through puberty, I still felt like a child.

I went to the closet and pulled out the customary uniform. It consisted of a white, blue, and gray plaid skirt, a white button down shirt, and a navy jacket and tie. I added white knee highs and black mary janes to complete the Prep schoolgirl look. Since it was my first day, I decided to wear my mother's old diamond earrings and my Swan necklace too. I used a thin black headband to hold my dark brown hair back from my face.

After I finished getting ready, I went downstairs to make Jasper and me breakfast. He had just gotten off of work, but insisted on driving me to school on my first day. I cooked omelets and toast.

He bantered with me as we ate. I didn't have much of an appetite because I was nervous about meeting the students. From what I had read on the Internet, the school was exclusive and full of rich kids. I knew that none of them would like me, so I just planned to stay in the background and get a good education. I planned on going to a good college and studying Literature in the future.

After breakfast, I packed my bookbag for the day. I made sure that I had plenty of pens and my lunch. I didn't like cafeteria food. Before leaving, I took one last glance in the mirror to make sure that I looked fine.

Jasper tried to calm me down during the drive. It didn't work at all. We pulled up to the school's iron gates thirty minutes before it was time for the bell to ring. I had to go to the office and get my schedule, so that was why we arrived so early. Jasper wanted to go in with me, but I assured him that I would be fine.

The school was housed in a tall Gothic-looking building. It looked exactly like I'd pictured it, menacing. I took a deep breath. It was going to be a long school year.

There were a few students in the parking lot as we pulled in. They were wearing designer jewelry and accessories with their uniforms. Several of the girls had bags with brand names emblazoned on them. I only had my blue Jansport backpack and an inexpensive leather purse. I didn't know much about cars, but I knew that the ones in the lot were very expensive.

My brother insisted on giving me some money for lunch, even though I'd packed my own. I took it, planning to use it to buy books. He also handed me a cell phone, which he'd purchased the day before. I'd never had one before. I promised him that I would only use it for emergencies. He kissed me on the cheek and told me that I could use it for anything.

Several students openly stared at me as I got out of the car. Jaz gave me one last smile and then pulled away. I saw a few girls point and whisper when I passed by. Some of the boys snickered. I kept my head low and didn't acknowledge anyone.

Thankfully, the office was close to the parking lot. The assistant principal at the front was very happy to meet me. She kept going on about how the school needed 'kids of all demographics' aka 'middle class kids', but I didn't take offense. She gave me a map of the school as well as my schedule. I was pleased that St. Mary's had a lot to offer in terms of academics.

After the lecture, she sent me off to Homeroom. I had to go back through the parking lot to get to the main building. Almost every student had arrived. All eyes were on me. I tried to stay calm, but my steps faltered a little.

All of a sudden, I heard Eminem blasting from car speakers. A fancy silver car pulled into the lot. There were a few other cars behind it. Everyone turned away from me to look at the newcomers. I was just happy that their attention had been diverted from me.

A guy standing near me nudged his friend. "Great, Masen and his Blonde-tourage are here. The school day can officially begin," he said, rolling his eyes.

I didn't know who this Masen person was, but he knew how to make an entrance. Several girls took off their jackets, hiked up their skirts, and pushed out their chests before the doors even opened. I was shocked.

Soon, the doors opened and three blonde girls got out. They didn't look like any high school students we had in Forks. Their breasts were large, practically hanging out of the white button downs. They were also very tanned and had on lots of gaudy jewelry. They didn't wear the jacket or the tie. In fact, I was the only girl wearing the full uniform.

It didn't take a genius to ascertain that these were the popular kids. The blonde girls could have been Playboy models. I was just about to turn away and head into the building when I felt a prickling sensation on the back of my neck. I turned around.

I wished I hadn't. In front of me stood the most beautiful man/boy I had ever seen in my life. He stepped out of the car like a movie star. The first thing I noticed about him was his unusual colored hair. It reminded me of a new penny. He had on the uniform, but his shirt sleeves were rolled up and there was no tie or jacket. Dark designer sunglasses covered his eyes.

One of the busty blonde girls went to his side of the car and leaned in for a kiss. He squeezed her bottom as they sucked face. I looked away, blushing scarlet. A bunch of guys and girls hopped out of the other cars. They were all just as beautiful and clearly rich.

Everyone gaped as the new arrivals descended upon the school. I couldn't move. My eyes never left Masen. I wanted to know his first name, the color of his eyes, and what his voice sounded like.

Eventually, they made it to the front doors. I was standing off to the side with several other students. Some people took out their phones and snapped pictures of Masen and his friends. I felt like I was at a movie premier, waiting for the stars to sign autographs.

My heart pounded out of my chest as Masen got closer. He winked and waved to a couple of people he knew. I lowered my head when he got near. To my utter surprise and embarrassment, he stopped right in front of me. I was too afraid to look up.

"Well, well, well, I see we have a new fucking student. What's your name?"

His voice was smooth as velvet. It did strange things to my stomach. I glanced up. The minute our eyes met, I knew that it was a mistake. If I thought he was gorgeous from far away, he was a masterpiece up close. His eyes were a beautiful emerald green. His build was muscular, but not overly so, and his golden skin was flawless. For some reason, he looked angry. I briefly wondered what about myself was bothering him.

"I asked your fucking name!" He looked me up and down. "Are you fucking deaf as well as fashionably-challenged." Several people laughed. I wanted to die. He didn't even know me.

"My….my…my name is Isabella Swan, but I prefer to be called Bella," I whispered.

He smirked. "Bella means beautiful, which you aren't, so I can't call you that." He glanced at my skirt. "You really put the fucking Mary in St. Mary's. You're fucking pale as shit. I think I'll call you Snow White."

That earned a new round of laughter. One of his blonde girlfriends made a rude comment about my small breasts. I lowered my head and walked away before they could see the tears falling down my face. Luckily, I made it to the bathroom before the sobbing started. It was the most elaborate restroom I had ever been in, but I was too sad to appreciate it.

One day, and I was already on the popular kid's hit list. My chest hurt when I remembered the way Masen had made fun of me. He may have been beautiful to look at, but he was ugly on the inside.

 I heard some girls talking about me at the sinks, so I stayed quiet until they left. Then, I washed my face and went to class.

Unfortunately, the teacher insisted on introducing me. A couple of people snickered and whispered 'Snow White' as I passed. I tried to ignore them but it still hurt. I took out one of my favorite books and began to read. Most of the other sophomores turned to gossip and talk to each other.

Homeroom was over quickly and it was time to go to my first class, which was advanced Algebra. Math was not my strong suit so I took lots of notes. People continued to make fun of me throughout the day. I thought about calling Jasper, but I didn't want to worry him with my problems. He had enough on his plate.

My next class was English Literature. I'd been selected to take the junior level course because my grades were so high at my old school. The subject came easy to me, because I truly loved reading and writing.
The teacher handed me a new textbook and directed me to a seat in the back. I would have preferred to sit in the front, but she had chosen to do assigned seating. I was reading my book again, when that unfamiliar sensation began again. I looked up just in time to see Masen entering the classroom. He walked like he owned the place. It was just my bad luck that he was in the same class.

Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse, he took the desk beside me. "Hey, Snow White. Are you having fun on your first day?" I ignored him.

He snapped his fingers in my face. "I asked you a fucking question, and I expect an answer. You better ask some of these other motherfuckers about how things work at this school. I own this shit."

I balled my fists up and set my book aside. "You are cruel, and rude, and a bully! No, I'm not having fun on my first day, thanks to you. Now, would you please just leave me alone? I have done nothing to make you hate me. You may 'own' this school, but you don't own me."

He looked taken aback by my speech, but kept his cocky attitude. "I may not own you yet, but I will. I've fucked every pussy in this school that's worth having. Play your cards right, and you might get some dick from me. I enjoy a good pity fuck every now and then."

I couldn't take it anymore. I reached around the desk and slapped him hard across the cheek. Every eye in the room turned to us. The teacher dropped her roll book. For several minutes, it was completely quiet.

"What…what is going on, Edward?" The teacher asked timidly.

So, his name is Edward. I think Lucifer would be more fitting, I thought.

He glared angrily at me, nostrils flaring. "Nothing, Mrs. Brandon. Isabella and I were just getting to know each other. You can continue."

Mrs. Brandon nodded and began the lecture. Thankfully, no one had witnessed me hitting Edward, so they all refocused their attention on the projector. I took notes, never once looking up. I could feel Edward's eyes on me. I had no doubt that he was going to make me pay for hitting him, but I didn't care. His words had been crude and unnecessary.

The minute the bell rang, I sprinted out of class. I almost tripped in my haste to get away from Edward Masen. As I trudged to my locker, I noticed that people were still pointing and laughing at me. It was only eleven in the morning, which meant I still had lots of time left in Hell.  



I sat in class fuming as the little bitch ran out of the room. I couldn't believe that she'd had the nerve to hit me, Edward Masen. I fucking ran this whole fucking school and that little bitch wasn't showing me the respect I deserved. She would pay for her disobedience.

My day had been shit from the beginning and was only getting worst. Last night, I stayed out fucking some college bitch in her dorm room. She wanted me to say over so I did. Even though I was only seventeen, I got more pussy than most grown men. My father said it was the Masen-charm. If by charm he meant a big fucking cock, then he was right.

Unfortunately, my mom, Esme, insisted on treating me like a fucking baby. My father wouldn't let her set a curfew for me, but that didn't stop her from bitching every time I didn't come home. She had thrown a fucking fit when I arrived this morning to change for school.

As usual, this led to her and my dad having a big fucking argument. My father was my fucking best friend and treated me like an equal. I had been drinking, smoking, and fucking bitches since I was thirteen because of him.

My little sister, Alice, took their arguments the hardest. I took her to the piano room and played a few of her favorite pieces to calm her down. Then, I changed so that I could drive her to school.

We ignored our parents as we got ready for the day. I made sure Ali had everything she needed before helping her into the car. She smiled and told me that I was the best brother ever. Her smile actually made me feel a little better.

After I dropped Alice off, I went to pick up my bitches. There were three main ones, all blondes and fucking hot by any standards. Irina, Tanya, and Kate were the cream of the crop at St. Mary's. They were all best friends and okay with fucking me. We'd even had a foursome for my last birthday.

I drove a silver Corvette that was a gift from my Godfather. My father was in the fucking Mafia, so we were loaded. I got expensive shit all the time. I even had a fucking private apartment that my father paid for. It was supposed to be a place for me to take bitches, but I had never had sex there. I used it primarily to rest.

The bitches hopped in the car like they did every day, cackling about some stupid shit. I tuned them out and turned on my stereo. Irina was in the front. She put her hand down my pants and gave me a hand-job as I drove. The bitches in the back argued about who would suck me off later. I just smiled.

All eyes were on us as we drove up to the school. My boys from the football team were flanking me. I was the fucking quarterback, so they all had my back. Not that anyone in Chicago would have dared mess with my ass.

I stepped out of the car with confidence, like always, but something was different. A sharp tingle ran down my spine. I turned around to see who or what was making me feel that sensation. It was then that I saw her.

She was so fucking different from the other bitches. She actually had on the full school uniform and it wasn't sexed up. Her skin was milk white and flawless. She had long curly mahogany hair and big brown eyes. From what I could see, she had small tits and a very nice ass. It was too bad that she had covered it up so much. I had the oddest urge to touch her reddened cheeks.

The fact that the little prudish bitch made my dick hard as fuck made me angry. I walked straight up to her and asked her name. She was even prettier up close. Her dark pink pouty lips looked like they were made for kissing. I fucking hated myself for thinking gentle thoughts about her. She was just another fucking cunt, nothing more.

I was openly rude to her in front of everyone after she told me her name. She fucking ran away like a coward, and I went to my homeroom. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I knew that I had hurt her feelings. I was…ashamed, which was not a feeling I was used to.

The day went by in a fucking blur. I skipped a class to smoke a joint in my car… My Godfathers gave so much fucking money to the school that I could snort a line on the fucking Principals desk and the asshole would just nod and cut the coke for me.

After I was thoroughly fucked up on weed and liquor, I decided to go back to class. Some bitch with too much makeup and teased hair offered me a blowjob. I fucking declined. She walked away scowling.

My next class was English Literature. I had a fucking photographic memory so school shit came easy. I was feeling super fucking buzzed as I entered the classroom. However, my high was ruined when I saw Snow White sitting in the desk next to mine. Now, here I was with the biggest fucking boner known to man, waiting until I could get some relief.

Eventually, I stood up and went to my next class. I drank Gatorade laced with Vodka as the old ass teacher droned on. Everyone tried to talk to me, but I wasn't in the mood for company. I was still thinking about the little bitch.

Halfway through class, I had to pee. I didn't even bother asking before I exited the classroom. I used the bathroom and washed up. I was a clean motherfucker. My father always said that bitches liked good hygiene, so I stayed fresh.

I was in the hallway when I heard a door slam and someone sobbing. I turned around to see Snow White exiting a classroom. She had white shit all over her hair and uniform. It got everywhere as she walked. Her face was caked in it and tears. The sight of her so broken and dirty made me fucking angry. She sat right down on the floor and buried her face in her hands.

She hadn't seen me yet, so I ran to my locker and got some wet wipes and a hand towel. Whoever had done that shit to her was to be the fucking walking dead. Just because we weren't on the best terms, didn't mean that the other fuckers could hurt her.

I knelt down and used the wet wipes to clean her face. She raised her head and frowned. "What are you doing, Edward? Stay away from me! This,... she pointed to her clothes, "is all your fault."

"How is it my fault?" I asked angrily.

She sobbed. "You…you… called me Snow White and then everyone did. Some guy in my class thought it would be funny to pour a whole thing of talcum powder on my head. Everyone laughed. I was so humiliated. Thanks, Edward, for making this the worst day of my life. You won. Go find someone else to torture."

I felt like a monster. She didn't deserve that. I continued to clean her face until it was free from powder. She was still a mess, though.

"Bella, why don't I drive you home so that you can shower and change? It's lunch period, so you won't miss anything."

She pushed me away. "I can't go home. My brother is still there. If he sees me like this, he'll get mad. He has to go to work tonight. I don't want him worrying about me. Just leave me alone. I'll figure something out."

I cupped her cheek. It was so fucking soft. "I'm so fucking sorry, babydoll. It's my fault that this shit happened to you. Let me help."

She backed away from me. "Did you just call me babydoll?! And since when am I Bella? Look, Edward, I don't have time for your mood swings. You've made it clear that you hate my guts. I don't know what you're playing at, but leave me…"

I silenced her with a kiss. She was so shocked that she could only cling to my shoulders. I could tell that she hadn't been kissed much or at all. I nibbled on her bottom lip until she opened her mouth. My fucking dick throbbed as an electrical sensation shot through my body. She tasted like the finest fucking food in the world.

I changed the angle of the kiss, probing deeper into her mouth. She moaned and pressed her body to me.
When she sucked on my tongue, I took a deep breath and pulled away.

"Holy shit, Bella. That was fucking amazing. We…we need to go before the other students get out. I have my own private apartment not too far from here. I can take you there to shower and change. Come on," I said, holding out my hand.

She touched her swollen lips and looked up at me with big doe eyes. "Why did you kiss me, Edward?

I shrugged and looked away. "It's not a fucking big deal. You looked like you needed comfort, so I gave you some."

She batted my hand away and stood up. "I don't need your charity! Keep your hands and lips to yourself. I'm going to the locker room to take a shower. Have fun at lunch with your bimbos."

Bella turned away. She went to her locker and got her extra uniform. I surprised us both by picking her up in my arms.

"You're so fucking stubborn. We are going to my apartment. I'll bring you back by next period."

She struggled to get free. "Put me down, Edward. I don't care who you are, you can't just kidnap me from school."

I jostled her a little, to make sure that I had a secure grip. "Watch me. Stop fighting and let me take you."

She went limp in my arms, glaring daggers at me. I slung her over my shoulder so that I could pick up her bookbag and uniform. She kicked and beat on my back until I smacked her ass. It felt fucking fantastic. I could feel my dick throb, thinking of seeing her completely naked.

I kissed her on the forehead as I set her in the passenger seat. I didn't know what had gotten into me, carrying a bitch to the car. That was shit that I normally didn't even think about.

I made sure that Bella's seat belt was on before I pulled away. We had an hour until the next class began. I turned up my CD player and sang along to the blaring hip hop. Bella spared a brief glance and then continued staring out the window.

It only took ten minutes to get to my apartment. It was on the second floor of a tasteful brownstone. I helped Bella out of the car and directed her to the door. She looked nervous as hell, like I was going to jump her or something.

When I opened the door, she gasped. "Edward, how old are you?! I've never been in a grown-ups apartment that looked like this. You must really be rich."

I smirked. "I'm seventeen. Yeah, my family's fucking loaded. This was gift from my dad for my sixteenth birthday."

She walked around the opulently furnished rooms, occasionally stopping to touch or study something. I fucking hated that my eyes followed her everywhere. If she isn't my type, then why am I already so infatuated with her?

Bella turned to look at me. "You're lucky, Edward. I have to share a bathroom with my brother. I would kill for something like this."

My heart thundered each time she said my fucking name. It had never sounded so good on anyone's lips. I adjusted my erection and tried to gain some control. I'd be damned if the little bitch would make me a wimp.

Bella picked up a picture of my family. She had lots of fucking questions. I answered all of them, telling her about my mom and Alice. She expressed interest in meeting them, which none of my other bitches had ever done.

I led her to the Master bathroom and made sure she was okay. Then, I went into my kitchen and heated up some leftover lasagna. I was fucking worthless in the kitchen, but I knew how to use the goddamned microwave. I stabbed at the food, chewing like a fucking animal. My dick was leaking pre-cum. All I could think about was the little bitch in the shower.

My father always told me that you had to take what you wanted in life. I wanted Bella, so I decided to follow my instincts. Once I fucked her, she would cease to be important to me. I didn't like the feelings she evoked in me. I was determined to get make her like all the other bitches in my life, unimportant.

I stripped out of my uniform and walked into the bathroom. It was steamed up and smelled like fucking strawberries, which I assumed was Bella's body wash. I licked my lips in anticipation. She had my shower radio turned up, so she didn't hear me come into the room.

My body was a fucking work of art. I worked out a lot because I played both football and baseball. The bitches came to the games in droves just to see me take off my jersey. I had even fucked our biggest opponents head cheerleader last year. I taped the shit and sent it to their quarterback, who was her boyfriend. That video fucked up his whole game, so my team easily won the Division championship.

I was a silent as a fucking ghost as I opened the glass doors and stepped into the shower. Seeing my babydoll soaped up and naked almost made me jizz on the spot. Christ, my babydoll?! What the fuck is wrong with me?

"Bella," I said gruffly, causing her to turn around.

She gasped and covered her tits with a washcloth. I removed it and threw it on the shower seat. Her breasts were small and beautifully developed, topped with pretty dark pink nipples. Bella's tits were as white and silky as the rest of her skin and sat high on her chest. I wanted to feast on them. My cock was pointing straight at her stomach. I knew that she was a fucking virgin, but I wanted her badly.

She tried to get away from me. Her big brown eyes were full of fear. I fucking loved it. I needed her to be scared of me. I pushed her against the granite wall and used my arms to trap her. Her little wet hands pushed against my chest. I could almost hear her heart thud out of her chest.

"Edward, please….please leave so I can finish. I don't want this," she whimpered.

I pinched one of her puckered nipples. "Your mouth says you don't, but your body says something different."

She tried to punch me in the stomach. I caught her wrists and held them over head. "Get off of…." That was all she got before I crushed my lips to hers.

The feel of her wet naked body against me almost drove me mad. She melted into the kiss instantly. I freed her arms and she wrapped them around my waist. She lightly stroked my back with her short nails. Every inch of my skin was on fire.

"Bella, I need you so bad. Please… let me touch you," I begged.

She pushed her delicate tits into my hard chest and lightly kissed my neck. "Yes, Edward," she whimpered.

Bella's flat stomach was pressed into my aching cock, causing it to jump in response. I guided my fingertips over her hips and across her pussy. She had a light sprinkling of soft hair covering her core. I gently pulled on it as I tongue fucked her mouth.

She made a strangled sound and pressed herself to me. I pulled away and rested my forehead on hers for a minute. "Babydoll, do you want this? I won't be able to stop once we start, so you better be sure."

In answer, she pulled me down for another mouth watering kiss. I lowered my hand and flicked her clit. She pulled back from me and looked deep in my eyes. Her cute little nose scrunched up as she appeared to be deep in thought.

"Edward, I…I've never…I'm a virgin. You're only the second guy to kiss me. Please, I don't know what to do. Please, help….help me."

I frowned. "Who was the first motherfucker to kiss you?! Does he live around here because if he does…."

She giggled and kissed my chin. "You don't have to pretend to be jealous, Edward. It was just this guy from my Middle School. He gave me my first kiss at my thirteenth birthday party. There was no tongue or anything."

I breathed a sigh of relief. If only Bella knew that I wasn't fucking pretending to be jealous. I wish to hell that I was, though. When I thought of another fucker kissing or touching her, I tasted blood. She is mine, mine, mine!

I turned the water off and took Bella's hand. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and I felt….happy. That was not a feeling I was used to. Sure, I got lots of pussy and had more money than most, but my life was a fucking mess. Some days, I felt like a fucking ghost, but right now, I felt alive for the first time in maybe forever.

I hastily dried Bella and myself off and then led her to my bedroom. It was very masculine with a large black lacquer four poster bed and matching furniture. There was a large Italian leather couch in the corner that I was dying to fuck my babydoll on until she fucking passed out.

I pulled the gold comforter back to reveal navy blue silk sheets. Bella shivered and pressed her body to me. I put my palms on her ass and kneaded the soft flesh. We looked into each other's eyes for several minutes. My dick throbbed to the beat of my babydoll's heart. I was fucking young, but I always gave my bitches an orgasm. For some reason, I wanted so much more for Bella, and that made me angry.

"Sit your fucking ass down, Snow White," I snapped, harsher than I should have.

She tried to step away from me. "Don't talk to me like that! I'm not one of your whores, Edward. We should get dressed and go back to school…."

I kept one of my hands on her ass as I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. "You should have fucking thought about that shit earlier. I know you want me, and I want you too. You're going to lose your fucking virginity someday. Why not now and with me? I can make you feel so fucking good."

She stepped around me and sat on the bed. Her fucking naked body was drawing me like a moth to a fucking flame. I looked down at my finger and realized that some of Bella's nectar clung there. I wasted no time in licking that shit up. The taste went through my body, creating a high that was better than any fucking heroine or cocaine I'd ever used. I never went down on bitches, but I would taste Bella or die.

I watched in fucking awe as she crawled up onto the pillows and spread her legs wide. Her clit protruded out of her pussy, begging to be touched. The pink folds between her legs made me fucking insane. Her arousal smelled like a potent mixture of strawberries, rain, wildflowers, and pure-fucking-woman.

Bella turned to me and sighed. "Okay, Edward, make me feel good. I spent my whole life following the rules. Obviously it didn't matter. My parents are dead, and I'm never going to see them again. I just want to feel something…anything again. I know the sex won't matter to you, but I don't care. I give you permission to take my virginity."

Now that I knew how sad and lonely she felt, I was dying to give her some fucking pleasure. It was all I was fucking good for according to my other bitches. There was something about Bella, in particular, that made me want to be fucking chivalrous and shit. I wanted to take her to a school dance and introduce her to Esme and Alice. Those fucking feelings were dangerous, so I pushed them away and let the asshole come out to play.

I smirked at her, making it seem like her words were no big deal. "You're goddamned right. Fucking you won't be a blip on my fucking sexual radar, but you'll be the first girl whose cherry I pop. I'll make sure you feel something all right. You'll feel my big fucking dick stretching your pussy out. After me, you'll be good and fuckable for the rest of the motherfuckers at St. Mary's."

Of course that shit was just talk. I ran the fucking school and if any motherfucker even thought about putting his grubby-ass hands on her, I would fuck up his shit. My Godfather had given me a gun a few months ago, and I took shooting lessons. A motherfucker would have to be awfully stupid to mess with my ass. I was a fucking principe de la Mafia of one of the most powerful Families in America. No one fucked with me.

Bella rolled her eyes at me. "Whatever, Edward. Just do it so we can get back to school."

I pounced on her like a fucking lion. "Don't think you run this show, Bella! You follow orders, got it?"

She pushed against my chest. "Listen, you asshole. I'm not a puppy. You can't…."

I was tired of fighting with her, so I crushed my fucking lips to hers and licked her tongue. She threaded her fingers into my hair and made the hottest goddamn noise that I'd heard in my life. It reminded me of how fucking young she was. In terms of numbers, I was only a little over a year older, but in terms of experience, I was a fucking one-hundred year old, and she was still a sixteen year old virgin.

Bella made a mewling noise and offered her neck to me. I didn't waste any fucking time, leaving my mark all over her porcelain flesh. I sucked at the pulse point of her throat and almost came from the complete rapture it brought me.

My dick was right on her thigh, mimicking what it would do if it was in her pussy. I slipped one of my fingers inside of her to gauge her wetness. She was tight as shit. Her hole was a fucking inferno, like she had a fever in her core. I used my thumb to rub her clit and was rewarded with more of that fucking clenching that drove my dick wild.

I licked a straight line from Bella's chin all the way down to her bellybutton. She shivered and wrapped her arms around my back, pulling me closer. I rose back up and feasted on her sensitive titties. Her whole body was fucking flushed pink. She was so beautiful that I almost lost focus.

When I dipped my tongue into her bellybutton, she cried out, "Edward!! I need…I need more."

I kissed her pelvis and rubbed my cheek against her upper thighs. The other bitches I fucked spent a fortune to get skin like Bella naturally had. She began to tremble under me, asking for something she didn't know the name for.

I spread Bella's legs and put them over my shoulder. She tried to push me away, but I just buried my head in her juicy pussy and devoured. With the first lick, I became a fucking caveman. I would never let another motherfucker taste her. She belonged to me now, whether she wanted to or not.

My babydoll mumbled and groaned as she rode my tongue. She was fucking gushing, but I licked up every fucking drop. Trying to insert one of my fingers was harder than I imagined. She was so fucking tight. There was no way my cock was going to fit without causing her pain.

"Bella," I moaned. "Sweet, Bella, your pussy is amazing. Come for me, babydoll. Let go."

"Fuck! Fuck, Edward!" She screamed, using both of her tiny hands to pull my hair.

I could barely breathe because she was pressing my nose to her clit and her thighs had me in a headlock. I couldn't believe that she'd used profanity. That shit caused my fucking dick to throb even harder. I licked up the new moisture and crawled up Bella's body.

She stared at me shyly, still trying to cover her tits. I moved her hands away. "You're fucking perfect, Bella. Don't hide from me. You're beautiful."

She huffed and looked away. "You don't have to lie to me, Edward. I know I don't compare to your usual type. Let's just do it already. I don't need tenderness."

I was angry that she wouldn't let me be a fucking gentleman for once in my life. I roughly pushed her legs apart and settled myself between them. She closed her big brown eyes and sighed heavily. Something in the back of my mind told me that this was going to be a fucking mistake, but I needed this shit like oxygen.

"Bella, are you on birth control?" She nodded. "Good, if you don't mind, I don't want to use a fucking condom. I swear to you that I'm clean."

She smoothed her tiny hands over my back as I pressed my lips to hers and tugged on her hair. It was dark brown, but had blonde, red, and lots of other colors highlighted in it. I could have spent all fucking day studying her silky tresses.

Bella's hands moved lower until she reached my ass. She dug her fingernails into the cheeks and rubbed her pussy against me. I fucking growled and sucked on her nipples. This was shaping up to be the fuck of my life, and I'd be damned if I didn't enjoy every fucking minute.

"Babydoll, are you ready?"

"Yes, put it in. I'll be okay," Bella answered.

I moved my dick against her dripping pussy and smiled when I heard her breath catch. Bella was already more responsive than I'd thought she would be. I sucked on her nipples and flicked her clit a few times to get her as wet as possible.

Slowly, I slid my cock inside of her virgin hole. She laid soft kisses on my neck and chest. My cock was fucking big, so her body had to stretch to accommodate the girth. I made sure that my fucking mouth and hands never left her soft skin.

When I got to her cherry, I leaned down and kissed her hard. I stared in her eyes, looking for any signs of doubt, but all I saw was acceptance--- Bella fucking screamed and pulled my hair when I broke through the barrier. I stayed still for several minutes to give her time to accommodate my dick. I considered stopping, but she opened her eyes and smiled brilliantly, letting me know that she was all right.

I couldn't stop the next words that left my mouth. "I love you, Bella. Thank you for giving me this. You're…it's the best gift anyone has ever given me. I'm not fucking worthy."

My words stunned the both of us. My babydoll reached up and cupped my cheek. "I love you too, Edward. Now, please, make me yours." She wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles.

I squeezed my eyes shut and plunged into her wet heat. The fucking sensation was unlike any I'd experienced before. My nuts were already beginning to constrict. I wanted to see Bella come again, so I held my orgasm back.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! You're so fucking tight, Bella," I groaned.

I filled her up completely. Her right pussy expanded, allowing me to go deeper. We moaned and pawed at each other like fucking wolves. I lost my fucking mind during the time that I was inside of her. We weren't fucking. The shit that we did was so much more emotional than that.

My shaft was embedded in Bella's pussy, sheathed in her glorious warmth. I tongue fucked her mouth as I pounded her sweet pussy. I would pull out, only leaving the tip inside and then plunge back in. Bella's body released a warm gush of liquid as her pussy locked down on my dick. She came hard, sobbing. I licked up her tears and kissed her deeply.

I continued to thrust my hips, sometimes going in a circular motion to hit Bella's good spot. She clawed at my fucking back like a tigress. I sucked, bit, and licked her fucking neck until bruises started to form. She began meeting me thrust for thrust as the bed rocked into the wall.

I pumped into Bella's pussy. "Do you like it? Does my dick feel good in your pussy?"

She clawed at my hair and moaned. "So good, Edward. Harder!"

I stroked her hair and kissed her plump lips, whispering Italian love phrases in her ear. That shit set her off even more. This time when her walls clenched, I couldn't hold off anymore. When I looked down and saw Bella's tits, bouncing in time to my pounding, I fucking hissed. Then, I buried my face in Bella's neck and snarled as the most intense orgasm overtook my body.

I lifted Bella's limp body off of the bed and thrust until my fucking cock ran dry. After that, I collapsed on top of her. She sucked my earlobe in her mouth before gently pushing me out of her. I whined from the loss of contact.

Bella didn't say anything. She just looked down at me and then waddled to the bathroom. I was fucking stunned. She seemed to enjoy what we just did a minute ago. I dragged my ass out of bed and knocked on the door. A muffled, "go away," was all I heard before the shower began running again.

I went to the other bathroom, took a quick shower, and dressed, wondering what the fuck was going on with Bella. One thing was for sure; she wasn't going to be able to get rid of my ass. When I'd said I loved her, I meant that shit.


I looked at my disheveled appearance in the mirror, disbelieving that the girl staring back was me. What had I just done? Edward Masen did nothing but be rude, and make fun of me today, and I gave him my virginity. The worst part was that I actually cared for the prick. It had taken me less than eight hours to crash head first into love.

My chest and neck were covered with hickeys and bite marks. Luckily, I had a small makeup bag in my purse that contained some concealer. I turned the shower back on and stepped under the hot spray. My whole body was super sensitive from Edward's ministration. I gently touched my vagina, washing away the blood of my innocence.

When I was done, I got dressed in my clean school uniform. Checking my watch, I saw that we had been gone for a little over an hour. I was going to miss my next class, but I would make it to the last two of the day.

I stood in the mirror, using makeup to cover the evidence of my sexual activities and feeling disgusted with myself. What kind of slut was I to sleep with an asshole that obviously hated me, after only knowing him for a day? During our lovemaking, he'd said that he loved me, but I was sure that he told that to all the girls he had sex with.

I retrieved my extra toothbrush from my purse and tried to scrub the taste of Edward out of my mouth. I couldn't find my original underwear, so I had to put on my emergency pair. I was still tender from Edward's lovemaking, so I was careful to not make any sharp movements.

He'd knocked on the door, but I sent him away. I had enough shame, I didn't need to see the evidence of my moral decline. I studied myself from every angle before opening the door and going to look for Edward.
He was in his kitchen, eating what looked like lasagna.

He held out a plate to me. "Here, you need to eat before we go back."

I shook my head. "I feel a little nauseated. I'll be fine. Let's just go," I said, not meeting his probing eyes.

He reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of ginger ale. "This will help settle your stomach. Come on."

I took the bottle and followed him out the door. The air was crisper than I remembered, so I bundled myself into my jacket. Edward opened the passenger door for me and we took off.

The drive was uncomfortable and silent. Every time I dared look at Edward, he was running his fingers through his hair and scowling at me. I smoothed my skirt over my knees and stared out the window.

When we got to the school parking lot, I was happy to see that there were no other students around. I mumbled a goodbye, grabbed my bookbag, and bolted from Edward's fancy silver car. He yelled something behind me, but I didn't slow down. I was proud of myself for not falling down.

I went to the office and made an excuse about missing the last class because I'd gotten sick at lunch. Thankfully, the office administrator bought it and gave me a pass for my teacher to sign. I thanked her and went to my next class. It didn't begin for another fifteen minutes, so I had time to sit and think.

Unfortunately, Edward Masen inhabited my every thought. I touched my breasts, remembering his hands on them. The pleasure that he gave my body was astounding. I didn't know that much about sex, but I had read that more than fifty percent of women had never orgasmed during it. I had reached my peak three times with Edward.

My art class few by, and before I knew it, I was in Philosophy. A cute boy named, Demetri, was my partner. He made jokes, helping me relax more. He introduced me to a guy named, Felix, who was also in our class. They were both on scholarship and didn't fit in with the other kids. They were the only two who didn't call me Snow White during class.

Demetri offered me a ride home after school. I accepted; glad that I wouldn't have to take the train. My next class was study hall. The courses at St. Mary's were so rigorous that everyone got an hour to get started on their homework.

I took an empty table near the back and sat down. The Blonde-tourage made fun of me, giving me the stink eye as the junior's departed the library. I kept my head down and concentrated on Shakespeare. After awhile I started to get tired, I buried my head in the book and dozed off.

When I woke up, everyone was staring at me. I sat up and rubbed my hand over my face, wondering what had happened while I was asleep. I hoped that I didn't do anything embarrassing, like snore out loud. Oddly, a few girls looked like they wanted to kill me. The guys just looked shocked. I stood up, but a strong arm pulled me back down.

I looked over to see none other than my only lover, Edward Masen, frowning at me. I snatched my arm away and moved my seat back. A hurt expression passed over his face. I didn't know what was about to occur, but I doubted that it was anything good.

"Bella, never fucking run from me again. I left fencing early just so that I could see you. I have football practice after school, but you can stay and watch, and then I'll take you home."

He had to be joking. "Um…um, Edward, why are you talking to me in public? I already have a ride home. You don't owe me anything. I'm not blonde and my breasts will never be a D-cup. Therefore, I don't expect you to chauffeur me around. Good luck at practice."

He stood up to his full height. It was then that I noticed that he was wearing a full white fencing uniform. His mask hung limply from his right hand. I hadn't known Edward long, but I could tell that he was extremely angry.

His emerald eyes were full of fire as he gaped at me. "You are riding with me, goddamnit! You're the most stubborn girl at this whole fucking school. All you have to do is nod and be thankful that I asked you."

I punched him in the stomach. The library erupted with noise. The teacher came to pull me away from Edward, but he grabbed the older man's arm. "Don't fucking touch her! We're just having a conversation."

Mr. Banner, my teacher, looked nervous. He asked Edward and I to take our conversation to the hallway. Every eye in the room widened when Edward took my hand in his and led me from the room.

The minute we got into the hallway, he pushed me up against a locker and kissed me breathless. I melted into him just like the last time, pulling him closer. I felt his erection hardening between us as my panties grew wet.

Thankfully, the bell rang, pulling me out of my stupor. I pushed Edward away and went to find Demetri. He was waiting for me at my locker. I threw everything into my bookbag and practically dragged him out of the building.

Edward followed us to the lot. I pushed Demetri into the driver's seat and opened my own door. He looked at me curiously, but when he saw Edward running towards his car, he stepped on the gas and pulled away.

When we got on the road, he turned to me. "That guys an asshole. He thinks just because he's rich, he runs the whole school. I'm sorry that he made fun of you today. Just say the word and I'll kick his ass."

I smiled. "That's all right. I can handle Edward Masen."

It turned out that Demetri only lived five miles away from me. He worked at an auto body shop but had the day off, so we decided to go to my house and do homework. There was a note from Jasper on the kitchen table letting me know that he wouldn't be home until six in the morning. I sighed and threw it away, preparing for another lonely night.

Dee and I had lots of fun, telling jokes and quoting our favorite Philosophers. It was no wonder that he'd gotten an academic scholarship to St. Mary's. For awhile, I was actually able to forget Edward and our day of intimacy.

My core was still very tender, causing me to walk funny. Dee noticed, so I made up an excuse about working out too hard on the exercise bike. Thankfully, he bought it and didn't ask any more questions.

I invited him to stay for dinner. Of course, he accepted. I went into the kitchen and started cooking the steak and potatoes while he worked on our homework assignment. I was just about to put the rolls into the oven, when someone knocked on the door. I told D to sit tight and went to answer it.

Surprisingly, my visitor was none other than Edward Masen. I made a strangled sound and pulled him upstairs before D could see him. He was wearing jeans and a white button down t-shirt. He looked even sexier in casual clothes.

He sat down on my bed and pulled me into his lap. "Bella, why are you fucking running from me? Go tell that motherfucker downstairs to leave so we can talk."

I wiggled around, trying to break free. "No, you need to leave, Edward. I'm…I'm not ready for a sexual relationship. I thought I was, but I'm not. Now, please, just go before D sees you."

He cupped the back of my neck, pulling me down for a deep kiss. "If that fucker touches you, I'll kill his ass. You should have thought about not being ready before you let me take your virginity. You are mine now, Bella."

I'd changed into an old pair of jeans and a sweatshirt after school. Edward unbuttoned my pants and tugged.
 All the while, he continued to suck on my tongue. My body grew hot as a tingling feeling spread throughout my skin.

"Edward, I'm too sore. Please…let me…I can…I can give you head if you promise to leave once I finish."

He stopped kissing me and pulled away. "Did you just say you'll give me a fucking blowjob if I leave?!"

I nodded. "Yes, you'll have to tell me what to do, though."

His face took on a sad puppy dog look. "Do you hate me that much, Bella? I'll leave. You don't have to do anything you don't want to," he said, grimacing.

I felt bad. I kissed his lips and unbuttoned his pants. "I want to do this, Edward. You still need to leave after, though. We can talk tomorrow. You have nothing to worry about. Demetri and I are just friends. I promise that there's nothing between us."

He perked up at my words. "There better not be. I would really like to make it out of high school without killing a motherfucker."

I helped him out of his shirt, kissing his muscled chest the entire time. When I lightly nibbled on one of his nipples, he thrust into thin air. Together we managed to get all of his clothes off. The sight of Edward Masen, naked and aroused on my bed, made me cream. I rubbed my legs together and concentrated on bringing him pleasure.

Edward offered his manhood to me. "Put it in your mouth and suck. Not too hard, though." A look of pure tenderness came into his eyes. "I love you, Bella."

I winced at how casually he could use the word love. "Tell me if I do something wrong," I said, before taking his engorged erection into my mouth.

He was too big to fit, so I puffed out my cheeks and took him little by little. He instructed me to wrap my hands around the shaft and massage gently and I sucked. Making Edward feel good brought me pleasure. When he moaned my name, I put more efforts into my ministrations.

I licked under his steel rod and cupped his balls. His body arched off of the bed as he pulled on my hair. I bobbed up and down on his beautiful penis, savoring every sound of pleasure that fell from his angel's lips.
I accidentally scraped my front teeth of the tip of his manhood.

He cried out, "Holy shit! You are so fucking good, Bella! I'm so fucking close."

Buoyed from his words, I sucked him deep until he hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag a little. Edward's fingers dug into my scalp painfully, but I held him until my eyes began to water. Then, I released him and sucked on his balls. He made a pained noise and lifted his hips.

A few minutes later, I felt his body tighten as his orgasm ripped through his body. I swallowed the sticky liquid that his body made, licking him clean in the process. Secretly, I celebrated the fact that it was me that had given him so much pleasure. He trembled silently as I crawled up his body and gave him a long kiss.

He hugged me to his chest and squeezed tightly. "That was the best blowjob of my life! You fucking swallow too. You're so fucking sexy, babydoll."

I pulled away. "Why do you call me babydoll?"

He smirked. "My little sister, Alice, has a doll that looks like you. You're so much more beautiful than the doll, though."

I giggled and kissed his jaw. "Okay, Edward, you've had your fun. Now, you really have to go. I don't want anyone to find out about us."

That hurt look entered his eyes again. "Why the fuck not?! I'm your boyfriend. Everyone's going to know when I drive you to school tomorrow."

I balked. "Edward…we…you…I can't. We barely know each other. I'm sure you're probably trying to win some bet or something by even asking me, but…."

He smacked my butt. "There's no bet. I'm in love with you. My mom believes in love at first sight, but I never did until I saw you. That's why I was so mean this morning. You make me feel things that I've never felt before. I need you, babydoll."

I gently stroked his scalp. "I…I love you, Edward. You  can pick me up for school, but don't say I didn't warn you when people start making fun of you for dating Snow White."

He kissed my nose. "No one will ever call you that again."

I led him downstairs. We kissed passionately as he walked backwards to the door. I could hear Demetri watching some sports channel in the living room. Edward took a step towards that part of the house, but I stopped him. He scowled and opened the door."

"Bella, what's the fucker's name that poured powder on you?"

I vaguely wondered why he wanted to know, but I answered. "Tyler Crowley, he's a sophomore like me. It's fine, Edward. I'm over it."

He gave me one last kiss. Then he jogged to his car, smiling at me the whole way. I put my hand over my racing heart and shut the door. In one day, Edward Masen had gone from mean bully to the love of my life.  

Love really is a very strange thing, I thought.

When I got to the living room, Demetri was laughing uncontrollably. I looked at the television to see what was so funny, but it was off. He searched my face and then doubled over from laughing.

"I…I never…thought that Masen would be tamed. Promise me that you'll kick his ass once in a while," he wheezed, wiping tears from his face.

I frowned. "How…how did you know?

He snorted. "I'm not deaf, Bella. I heard you two at the door. You'll be good for him. He needs to be brought down a peg or two."

I blushed and went to finish dinner. Demetri and I spent the rest of the evening talking and doing homework. When he left, I wasn't surprised to see Edward sitting in his car in the driveway, waiting for me.

I rolled my eyes and beckoned him inside. It turned out that I wasn't too sore for sex after all. We spent the rest of the night acquainting ourselves with each other's bodies. Edward seemed to really love my butt, and strangely enough, I liked when he smacked me there. He snuck out before Jasper got home, promising to come back and pick me up in the morning.

The next day, Jasper was curious at my good mood. I told him it was because I liked my new school, which made him happy. I also told him that one of my new girlfriends' would be taking me to St. Mary's today. He believed me and headed out to his college class.

True to his word, Edward pulled into my driveway twenty minutes later. Many people lost their minds when we showed up together. They gaped at us like we were circus freaks. Edward just put on his sunglasses, wrapped his arms around my waist, and led me into the school.

When we got inside, I saw that the hallway was covered with pictures of Tyler Crowley and some other guy in a sexual act. People pointed and laughed as he passed through the hallway. Edward winked and led me to Homeroom. He'd embarrassed Tyler for me. I kissed him in front of everyone to let him know that I was thankful.

The next few months flew by quickly. Edward told me all his secrets, and I told him mine. He even took me to meet his mother and sister. Apparently, his father, Edward Masen Sr., was a real life Mobster. I was shocked when I found out, but it didn't change my view of Edward. I loved him regardless.

We spent many nights, going on dates and hanging out with D and Felix. Some of the Blonde-tourage tried to harass me, but Edward took care of them quickly. Whatever he'd done had them so scared that they didn't even look at me as I passed.

Being Edward's girlfriend made me popular. People tread very carefully around me. I was even given passes by school administrators that allowed me to skip class sometimes. I spent those days having sex with Edward at his private apartment.

We had lots and lots of sex. Edward was my teacher, and I was his very willing student. He taught me how I liked to be touched. Every second in his arms was pure ecstasy. We made love pretty much anywhere.

One day, Edward and I both got detention for talking in class. He wanted to use his power, but I talked him out of it. The teacher left halfway through the session. Edward was still in a sour mood, so I decided to make him happy.

I stood up, locked the classroom door, and dropped my underwear. Edward's eyes popped out of his head as I took control and lowered my wetness onto his erection. He unbuttoned my shirt and feasted on my breasts as I rode us both to a very intense orgasm. After that, he picked me up and sexed me against the wall. We made a lot of noise, but thankfully, no one came.

The new position allowed Edward to hit some spot in my body that drove me wild. I threw my head back and came hard all over his manhood. He thrust into me a few more times before reaching his own release. We never stopped kissing as we helped each other get dressed. By the time the teacher came back, I was on a high after having two wonderful orgasms.

When detention was over, Edward took me to his car and we fucked like rabbits. Our hormones were out of control. We couldn't get enough of one another.

After the sex, I got hungry. Edward drove us to an Italian restaurant that one of his dad's friends owned. He was such a caveman, insisting on paying for everything. I learned quickly that it was easier just to not argue.

Edward was my everything. He took care of me and made sure that I was always safe. I never spent a night alone again. He taught me to drive, and even let me take out his precious Corvette sometimes. That made both the guys and girls at school very jealous. When I told Edward, he just laughed and bought me a matching pair of sunglasses.

He wanted to buy me a car of my own, but I was against it. We came to a compromise where he gave me one of his older cars as a gift. That was the first night that we made love on his black leather couch. I found out that I rather liked that piece of furniture, and I especially liked squeezing the leather as I bobbed up and down on Edward's dick.

Since Edward had a photographic memory, he tutored me in the subjects I had trouble with. We made plans to attend college together after I graduated. Edward decided to take a year off to wait for me. I was beyond happy and rewarded him with what he called doggy-style sex. It quickly became my favorite position.

As the weeks dragged on, I started to change. My uniform became tighter. I was also hungry and tired all the time. I knew what was wrong, but I didn't want to acknowledge it. When Edward made a comment about me gaining weight, I broke down into tears.

"What's wrong, babydoll," he asked, concern written all over his beautiful face.

We were in the meadow on his parent's property. I had just helped his mom and sister make cookies. Over the last few months, his mom had become like my own. Even Jasper liked Edward and let us date as long as he got me home by curfew. Not that Jasper was ever home to check, but he paid a neighbor to make sure.

I put my hand over my rounded stomach. "Edward, I…I think I'm pregnant. I'm so sorry. It's my fault. You…you don't have to do anything."

I was waiting for the tongue lashing to begin, but instead I heard laughter. "Bella, I…I…," he pulled something out of his pocket. "I was going to wait until Prom, but now's good, too."

He held my hand. "Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?"

My eyes were full of tears. All I could do was nod as I sobbed into his shoulder. I knew that we were minors and would probably have to wait to get married, but I was glad that Edward had asked. He placed the large diamond ring on my finger, smiling happily.

After that, Edward pulled up my long sleeve shirt and kissed the now prominent baby bump. I heard him whispering sweet words to the baby. My heart expanded with joy and love. I pulled him up to me for a long, passion-filled kiss.

He picked me up and carried me towards the house. "Bella, how do you feel about Alabama?"

I shrugged, unsure of why he was asking. "Um, it's in the South. I never really thought about it. Why?"

He hugged me and smirked. "Because we're getting married this weekend. I've done some research. You're sixteen and I'm seventeen, which means we're still considered minors by most States. Alabama, however, lets anyone fourteen or over get married. I know you might want to wait, but I'd be really fucking happy if we could do it this weekend. Will you come to Alabama with me? I love the fuck out of you, babydoll. Please, say yes."

I nodded and smiled. "Anywhere, Edward. I'd go anywhere with you. I love you, forever."


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