Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Naughty Rendevous-Anywhere: Chapter 2

"We can make love on the bedroom
Floating on top of my waterbed
I'm kissing you
Running my fingers through your hair
In the hallway
Making love away beside the stairs
We can do it anywhere...
I can love you in the shower
Both of our bodies dripping wet
On the patio we can make a night you won't forget
On the kitchen floor
As I softly pull your hair
We can do it anywhere, anywhere...
I love the way your body feels
On top of mine so take your time
We got a night
Girl, you know I like it slow
And I know you like it too, baby
Please don't stop I feel it now
You feel it, too
You're shivering
Ooh, you put me close to you
Just let it flow
There's no other place to go"



I was sitting in my office at HADES having a fucking meeting with some investors that wanted to franchise the club. I was all for that shit, because they were offering me big money as well as a seat on the Board. I nodded and smiled, but my mind was elsewhere.

Today had been one of the shittiest days of my life. I had meetings all damn day--- Mafia and club business. The cunts downstairs were acting all bitchy and cliquey and having full-out catfights. One of my long-term patrons had gotten hit in the fucking jaw when the girls began fighting. That shit wasn't going to fly under my watch.

The worst part was that I had to leave my babydoll early and hadn't been able to go home and see her all day. I missed the fuck out of her. She had been sleeping on my chest when I woke up this morning. It broke my heart to remove her tiny head and slide her off of me. She was out like a fucking light, so I just kissed her stomach and lips before leaving. A piece of me was still in bed with her.

I tried texting and calling Bella all day, but the fucking phone just went to voicemail. I had been so worried that I'd called Benjamin to make sure everything was fine. He told me that she had been sleeping and was now out shopping with Esme. That alleviated my worries for a while, but I fucking missed my babydoll.
Demetri lit a cigar and offered me one. I shook my head. He raised his eyebrows, but didn't comment. Before Bella, I smoked like a fucking chimney, but I wouldn't do that shit now, especially around her. I didn't want any secondhand smoke in my baby's or my babydoll's lungs.

Eventually, the fucking meeting ended. I shook hands with the old-ass corporate members and promised to come up with a business plan that worked for everyone. They were all married but eager to try the fresh pussy downstairs. I called my new head girl, Irina, and let her know that the girls were to treat them good. I would comp any blowjobs or other shit they wanted. All the shit they taught you about business in school was a fucking lie. I had closed more deals with pussy than with my knowledge of Economics.

Demetri was putting his jacket on. He turned to me. "Hey, Cullen, you coming downstairs with us or do you have to give your balls back to Bella already?"

"Fuck you, Dee. You're just mad that you don't have a beautiful girlfriend to go home to every night."

He licked his lips. "Mmm, you may be right, man. Bella sure is a hot piece of ass. I wouldn't mind going home to that every night."

I punched him in the fucking eye. "Don't even think about my babydoll! She's mine, motherfucker!"

Dee laughed and stood up. That fucker actually liked to be hit. I assumed it came from his years as an underground fighter.

"Dude, you have no sense of humor anymore. Send the lovely Bella my condolences for putting up with your sorry ass. Tell her I'll see her the next time she's working." I lunged for him, but he sidestepped me and walked away, laughing loudly.

I checked my phone again. This time I had a text from Bella. My ass was like a kid at Christmas seeing her name on my screen. I clicked the box to see what she'd sent me. It was a picture text. I opened it and there was Bella with a fucking red lollipop in her mouth. The message said, "Here's wishing it was you." My babydoll was so fucking naughty.

I almost broke my goddamn ankle in my haste to get out of the fucking club. I drove my normal speed, which was way too fucking fast, according to Bella, so I made it home in less than twenty minutes. I tried to compose myself before I went upstairs, but it was no use. My dick was already throbbing.

When I got to our Penthouse, Benjamin was sitting on the couch next to Bella. She had on yoga pants and a pink hoodie. He was sitting too fucking close for my taste, but my babydoll didn't seem to be bothered by it. I watched as she pointed to something on the screen which caused Benjamin to laugh.

"Babydoll, I'm home. Come here and give your man a kiss."

She bounced into my arms happily. We kissed, until Bella remembered that Benjamin was still there and tried to pull away. I wrapped my arm around her waist to keep her close. Benny just chuckled and bid us goodnight.

My babydoll led me to the couch and pulled me down next to her. I glanced at the screen and saw that she was watching fucking, Lady and the Tramp. I swear my balls shrank with every song. Bella was so cute though, singing along to all the music.

I arranged us so that she was in front of me as we lay down. I spent the whole movie rubbing her tits and stealing kisses. Unfortunately, Bella was more into the movie than she was me. I knew she had to feel my dick pressing into her ass, but she didn't acknowledge it. Maybe she only sent that picture to torture me. I inhaled her scent as I massaged her upper thighs. I thought I heard a whimper, but it was too quiet to be sure.

As soon as the movie ended, Bella excused herself to the bathroom. My cock was painfully hard and I wanted to be inside of her. I still had a few emails to send, so I went to my office to do some work. I tried to rub one out, but my dick was too sore for that shit. I would just have to try to seduce Bella.

My correspondence took longer than I thought. I was just about to go look for my babydoll when she entered my office. She had on an exact replica of the girl's uniform from my old high school, except hers was sexed up. My cock throbbed painfully.

Bella walked over to me. She pushed me back down into the chair and then put a pair of nerdy- ass costume glasses on my face. I just drooled and stared at her tits. They were pushed up and out of a red bra. She had the white collared shirt tied at the waist and the fucking skirt had been cut so short that I could see her ass cheeks. She also had on white knee highs and a pair of patent leather mary-janes. Her fucking hair drove me insane. It was sectioned off into two fucking ponytails that were tied with ribbons.

I watched in awe as she took a chair in front of my desk. Her legs were spread wide, giving me a view of her sweet pussy. I licked my lips in anticipation. She had a small amount of wetness that was clinging to her core. I dug my fingernails in the wood of the desk.

Bella's eyes darkened. "Hello, Principal Cullen. I'm so sorry. I've been a very bad girl again. I mean, just look at me." She pointed to her baby bump.

My brain wasn't working all that well, so I was a little confused. My babydoll winked at me. Shit! She wanted to role play. My already tortured dick got impossibly harder. I shifted around to try and relieve the pressure.

"Well, Ms. Swan, I'm afraid I'm going to have to expel you, unless…"

She gave me her puppy dog look. "Unless what?"

I smirked. "Unless, you show me what you did. Maybe if you can help me understand, I can go easy on you. You're really a good girl, aren't you, Bella?" She nodded her cute little head enthusiastically.

"All right. Would you like tell me how you got in your…condition?"

She licked her lips. "Yes, sir. I…I went out with this boy. He was gorgeous and he had the biggest penis that I'd ever seen. I let him put it in here," she said, pointing at her pussy.

Bella fucking knew what that little innocent voice did to my ass. I was practically humping the goddamn chair. It was going to take all of my strength to play out this particular fantasy. I ran my fingers through my hair and took a deep breath.

"Well, that is unacceptable, Ms. Swan. Perhaps, you can show me exactly what you and the boy did. I must warn you though, my cock is probably bigger."

My babydoll snickered. "You said 'cock', Principal Cullen."

"Enough!" I bellowed. "Come stand in front of me. If you insist on being a bad girl, I will punish you like one."

Bella's eyes turned jet black. She was extremely aroused. I knew that she knew what I had in mind. I was going to spank her tiny little ass. She loved it when I took control that way, and I aimed to please…

She walked around to my side of the desk. I scooted my chair back to give her more room. Our eyes met for a second. Hers were full of need and lust. I'm sure mine mirrored the same. I had to get control of myself or I was going to be too rough.

I turned my babydoll around to face the front. She was in front of me with her back to my face. "Put your hands on the desk, Ms. Swan. Do not move them until I say you can."

"Okay, Principal Cullen." Goddamn that innocent voice made me fucking leak.

I palmed her ass lovingly. Bella truly had the best ass of any woman I'd ever been with. It was a fucking work of art. The tiny skirt she was wearing barely covered her, making it easy for me to lift up. She was wearing a pair of virginal white panties. That shit drove me crazy. I pulled them down a little and rubbed my cheek against the lower swells. She was on fire already. Sweet nectar was running down her legs.

Bella had leaned forward so that her ass was on display for me. I nibbled into her cheeks, sucking and licking the taut skin. She cried out her pleasure. I got carried away and bit her too hard, leaving teeth marks in her perfect skin. She screamed

"I'm so fucking sorry, Bella. We can stop. Are you okay?" I asked frantically.

She craned her neck so that she could see me. "Edward Cullen, if you stop now I won't give you any pussy for a month. Stay in character!"

My little tigress was a creature to be reckoned with. I smiled and continued my ministrations. Bella thrived on the rough shit. I should have known she was okay. I put more effort into biting her ass. I was glad to see my marks covering every delectable inch when I was done.

I spread her cheeks wide. "Mmm, you're so beautiful, Ms. Swan. I'm going to tame you. You will still be a bad girl, but you'll be my bad girl. Would you like that?" She nodded excitedly. "Good. Now put your pretty little head down on the desk. Do not move unless I say you can." She complied.

I gently kneaded Bella's ass. Just when she got used to the feeling, I slapped her hard. She whimpered. I hit her again, applying more pressure. Her legs began to tremble. I wrapped an arm around her waist to hold her steady. I began alternating between soft caresses and hard smacks. The little white panties dropped a couple of inches to her knees. She was so wet that I could hear her sloshing. When her ass cheeks were sufficiently red, I stopped.

"Principal Cullen, that hurt! You're…you're mean," she sobbed.

I stood up and took off my fucking clothes. The minute she heard my belt unbuckle, Bella lifted her head. I pushed it back down. I took my time getting out of my shirt and boxers. My dick was hard and throbbing. My little tigress was about to get more than she expected. I stroked myself a little to alleviate some of the pain.

"Bella, stand up and turn around. It's time for the next round of chastisement. You let that filthy boy do this…" I pointed to her swollen belly, "to you. You have to learn that your actions have serious consequences."

She faced me. Her eyes were slightly puffy with a sprinkling of tears. Her cheeks were flushed red. Maybe I'd hurt her with the spanking. I felt fucking disgusted with myself. Bella would let my ass do anything if it made me happy. I was just about to call the whole thing off when she winked at me. My babydoll was a fucking good actress.

"I'm sorry, Principal. The…the boy said he would pull out, but he didn't. Please don't be too rough with me."
The words were said with her eyes never leaving my cock. She licked her lips hungrily.

"It's too late to beg now, Ms. Swan. Strip off all your clothes. When you're done, sit down in my lap."
My babydoll began to take off those little white panties. She took her sweet fucking time, considering they were already around her knees. She went to throw them on the couch, but I stopped her.

I took the panties and licked the crotch. The taste drove me mad. "These are mine now. In fact, all your panties are mine now."

Bella whimpered. "Yes, Principal Cullen, sir."

She bent over and took off her white thigh highs and the shoes. I stroked myself as I watched her disrobe. When she noticed what I was doing, a fresh wave of moisture ran down her legs. I wanted to lick it up. The skirt came off next, followed by the shirt. I asked that she keep on the red lacy push up bra. She stood before me, completely naked except for that.

Her eyes instinctively went to my cock. She raised a hand to finger her clit. I swatted it away.

 "Who fucking owns your pussy, Bella?" She looked away. I grabbed her roughly. "I said, who fucking owns your pussy? Answer correctly or your punishment will be worse."

"You do, Principal Cullen," she whispered.

I smiled. "You better never forget that, Ms. Swan. If I find out that you had any other man inside your pussy, I will be very angry."

She panted. "Only you, sir."

My babydoll walked over and sat in my lap. Her back was to my chest. She smelled amazing, her natural scent mixed with the arousal. I moved one of her ponytails so that I could lick her neck. She bucked into me. I left my mark everywhere, re-claiming her as mine. She turned so that we could kiss on the lips. I fucking devoured her mouth. She tasted faintly of chocolate.

"You taste very good, Bella. Like a sweet innocent girl."

She tried to straddle me, but I held her in place. I reached around to push her breasts out of the bra. When her nipples were bare, I bit down on them. Bella thrashed her head and screamed out loud. I palmed both of her breasts as we continued to kiss. Bella's juices were coating my legs and the leather chair. It wouldn't take long for her to come.

I stroked her belly, making sure to stay out of reach of where she needed me most. She whimpered into my mouth. The feel of her baby bump spurred me on. Bella, pregnant with my child, was a natural aphrodisiac. My hand eventually wandered to her pussy. I used my thumb to rub her clit as I stuck two fingers inside. They went in easily, because she was so fucking drenched.

My dick was right at the small of her back. I rubbed myself against the silken skin there. We both shivered from the sensation. I had one hand buried in my babydoll's pussy and the other squeezing her tits. She was riding my hand hard. I was almost afraid that she would break my wrist. It was worth it to see her come, though.

"Principal…I'm….gonna…come! Fuck! I'm coming! I'm coming! Stop!"

I didn't listen, continuing my assault until she went limp. We were both stuck together by sweat. I kissed her delicate collarbones. She didn't even stir, because she was still trying to catch her break. I removed my hand and brought it to my mouth. I licked up every drop of her cum, savoring the taste. My eyes rolled back into my head once the flavor registered with my brain.

I grabbed Bella's hips roughly and shoved my cock deep inside of her. The muscles in her back constricted. I licked down her spine. I spread my her legs wide and arranged them on each side of my knees. Thankfully, my desk chair was oversized and could accommodate the position.

I gave Bella time to get used to my cock before I thrust. She cried out in sheer bliss. I wrapped both arms around her stomach to help move her up and down my cock. Before long, I was balls deep in her pussy. I buried my face in her upper back to stifle the inhuman grunts that were coming out of my throat.

I pressed her clit as I fucked her hard. She moved up and down my dick, changing the angle each time. I was hitting her spot good. She had stopped screaming and was now just whimpering quietly.

"Do you like this, Ms. Swan?" She nodded, ponytails bobbing. "Good, because we're going to be doing this a lot. If you're with me, then you aren't off being a naughty girl with someone else. You're my perfect little angel," I snarled..

I held Bella open to me as I thrust deep inside of her. She reached back to cup my balls. I banged my head against the back of the chair. I was too fucking close. I sped up my movements and continued to play with her sensitive nub. Her thighs tightened, signaling that she was close to orgasm.

There was more lubricant coming out of Bella's pussy than I had ever seen. My thighs were coated with it. The feel of my cock sliding against my babydoll's slick folds sent me over the edge. I pinched her nipple hard and bit into her back. She got impossibly tight. I closed my eyes and screamed. My balls tightened painfully before I shot a huge load of cum inside Bella's pussy. My release triggered hers. She pushed my hand hard against her clit as we shuddered. Every orgasm shared with my babydoll was pure-fucking-magic.

I couldn't move. Bella laid back on my chest. My cock was still inside of her, but it was flaccid now. I would spend every fucking second of every fucking day inside of her if I could, so I was in no hurry to disconnect us. She still had on that lacy bra. I unhooked it and threw it to the side. The panties were at my feet. I would put them in my desk for later.

Our breathing was ragged and short. Neither one of us seemed to be able to form words. I lightly pulled on her ponytails as we tried to get ourselves under control. That orgasm had taken all the fucking energy out of me. I would need a fucking pacemaker if Bella kept fucking my ass like that.

She gently removed my cock. I hissed when the cold air hit it. Bella maneuvered so that she was on her side. She brought her knees up and snuggled into my chest. I kissed her forehead. With her pigtails, she looked about sixteen, and I was the fucking older horny man. I smiled, remembering our role-play. My babydoll came up with the hottest shit.

"Edward, that was wonderful. I missed you all day. I was so horny. I touched myself a little but it wasn't the same. Thanks for playing along. Alice gave me her old uniform. Thankfully, she didn't question why I wanted it."

I kissed her on the cheek. "Babydoll, never thank me for that. I fucking needed that more than you'll ever know. The next time you get horny, come to my office and teleconference me. We can see each other on the big screen. I can always make time for you."

She wriggled out of my arms and stood up. I watched as she stretched like a cat. Her breasts were red from the stubble on my jaw. I leaned forward and kissed her baby bump. She tangled her hands in my hair and scratched the scalp gently. A purring sound came from my mouth. I looked up embarrassed. Bella smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Come on; let's go get something to eat. I'm starving."

I still couldn't move. I sat trying to compose myself before I followed her. I went to one of the extra bedrooms and grabbed a large feather comforter. Bella had taken to eating naked in the kitchen after sex. The first time I'd woken up and found her nude sitting at the kitchen table, I'd fucked her on top of it. I was always worried that she'd get a chill though, so that's why I took the blanket.

Her eyes lit up the minute I entered the kitchen. I stood behind her and draped the comforter so that it covered both of us. My cock was hardening again. Bella turned and put a forkful of steaming hot lasagna in my mouth. I sighed in contentment. We ate standing up next to each other, wrapped together. When we finished, Bella left our cocoon to grab something out of the refrigerator. I got painfully hard again watching her ass jiggle as she walked. She put a dish in the microwave and turned around. I drooled at the sight of her glistening folds.

Bella waved her hands in front of my face to get my attention. I groaned and looked up. Her face was smug as she eyed me. She pinched one of her nipples and moaned, staring me straight in the eye. I threw the comforter on the floor and stalked towards her.

She shook her head. "Not yet, big boy. You had control the last time. Now it's my turn. Spread the blanket on the floor and lay down."

I did it in a heartbeat. We'd had kitchen sex before, in lots of different places, but never on the floor. I spread the blanket in front of the island and laid down. My babydoll could do whatever she wanted to me.

Bella walked over to me, swaying her hips seductively. I was panting by that point. She had a barbecue brush and a small glass bowl in her hands. She placed her feet on each side of my hips and then squatted down. Her chocolate eyes were full of light. I smiled.

"Babydoll what are you…" She put her fingers over my lips.

"Edward, put your hand above you head. Keep them there until I tell you to move. "

She stood up and went over to our kitchen speaker system. She clicked the Itouch until the song she wanted came on. It was one of my favorites, Anywhere by 112.

My babydoll sexily danced over to me. Her fucking hips hypnotized my ass. I was about to come simply from looking at her. I was so fucking ready to play master and servant. It really turned me on when Bella took control.

She straddled my hips. My cock was lying against my stomach. Bella looked me dead in the eyes as she stroked it. She spit on her hand and fisted me hard. My nails dug into the blanket. I vaguely heard the fabric tear

"Ooohh, Edward. You're so big. I can't get my whole hand around you. I love, love, love your monster cock."

I snarled in frustration. "Fuck, Bella! Do something with it. I'm about to fucking explode!"

She winked. "Don't be so impatient."

Just when I thought she didn't care if I died or not, she took my rock hard erection in her mouth. She licked and sucked before pulling away. I growled from the loss of contact. Bella took out the little bowl and dipped the brush in it.

"It's caramel. I'm going to coat you in it and lick you clean. This will undoubtedly be my best desert yet."

She let the hot caramel drizzle onto my nipples. It was fucking hot. The pain felt so fucking good. Bella smiled at me before ducking her head and licked up the sauce. My nipples were one of my main erogenous zones. She was rough with me, as I had been with her. She bit down and pulled on one. I arched my back, begging for release.

My babydoll just shook her head and drizzled more caramel down my body. I felt her lick the vee of my hips and my abdomen. I groaned in pain. She didn't miss a fucking spot. She licked all over my thighs and legs. When she took my big toe in her mouth and sucked on it, I almost blacked out.

"Holyfuckingshit, babydoll! You….You're going to fucking kill me."

She sucked and licked her way back up my body. When we were face to face, she dipped her finger in the sauce and put it inside my mouth. I sucked on it hard. She shivered. I wanted to move so badly, but it was her time. She was my Master.

Bella put her whole hand in the caramel and used it to coat her breasts. She leaned into my mouth. I ate that shit off of her like it was my last meal. Her tits were going to be covered in marks too but neither one of us cared. She was riding my torso, panting like she'd run a race.

"Shit, Edward! I'm going to ride you so good, baby. Keep your hands above your head."

She reached down and put my cock inside of her. Her pussy was so fucking tight. She did something that made her impossibly tighter. I had to bite down on my lip to keep from coming. She did that same thing again

"Bella, what the fuck?! What are you doing? It's taking all of my strength not to fucking jizz."

She put her hands on my chest and did it again, giggling the whole time. "I'm just practicing my Kegel exercises. Dr. Cullen said I should do them to prepare for labor."

I turned my head away. Her breasts were still glistening from my earlier ministrations. If I opened my eyes, I was going to come. My face scrunched up. This was too fucking hard. My tigress was out on the prowl.

She continued to gyrate her hips, taking me deeper with every stoke. Then she would do those a few of those fucking Kegels. My hands ripped apart the comforter. I felt the feathers in my hands. Bella laughed and leaned down to kiss me. I tongue fucked her mouth as I thrust inside of her. She buried her head in my neck, nipping and suckling the skin.  

I was going to be marked up too. The thought excited me to no end.

I had been with hundreds of women, but none of them made me feel like my babydoll. We didn't only physically fuck, we claimed each other's souls. Most of the other bitches I'd fucked saw me as a prize. They wanted something from me, a reward. Bella just wanted me. I could feel it in the way she moved on me. She looked at me like I was a fucking god to be worshipped. That shit was fucking sexy as hell.

My babydoll arched her back, moving over me like a fucking waterfall. I was so deep in her that I didn't know where I ended and she began. I screamed, "Amo solo te! I love only you," over and over again. She responded by riding me harder. The music had stopped. The only sounds were of our animalistic sex. My balls were slapping against Bella's tight ass. I was so close.

"You…you can move your hand now," Bella panted.

I grabbed her ass and speared her to me. She thrust her hips to meet mine. We were fucking like rabbits. I pulled her ponytails as she rode me hard. I reached down and smacked her ass to goad her on. She bit my chest, leaving more evidence of our intensity for one another.

I snarled into her neck and bucked my hips like a fucking maniac. Bella sat up, assuming control again. She looked me deep in the eyes. It was a surreal moment. She lifted her ponytails so I could see her neck. It had fucking red and purplish splotches everywhere. I would have felt bad if I didn't know she liked it so much.

She pointed to the hickeys. "This…this shows that I'm yours. You're all I'll ever want." She pointed to the marks on me. "Those show that you are mine too. You don't mind giving me control and for that alone, you have my heart. I love you, Edward."

We entwined our hands. She moved her hips slowly on my rock hard length. I was so fucking close. When she Kegeled, I erupted. My babydoll came a few minutes later, screaming to the high heavens.

We laid on the floor, wrapped in each other's arms. It was perfect. There were feathers covering my hair and the floor. Bella reached up and took some out. She laughed at me as I watched her broodingly.

I swatted her on the ass. "Well that's what happens when your lovely girlfriend takes control and fucks you within an inch of your life."

She rubbed her cheek against my chest. "Mmm, I love you, Edward. I wonder what it would have been like if we went to high school together? You probably wouldn't have even noticed me."

I gently stroked my fingers up and down her spine. "I would have done more than fucking noticed you. I would have knocked you up freshman year, probably on the first day. Then, we would have had to move to Alabama to get married."

She giggled. "You're such a liar, Edward. I've seen the type of women you used to go for. I wasn't in their league then, and I'm not now."

I growled. "You're right. You're in your own league, and it puts those bitches to shame. No other woman has ever made me feel the way you do, Bella. I love you and only you. Don't ever put yourself down. Babydoll, you are the most tempting, sexy, and beautiful woman in this world. You're also my fucking soul-mate. I would have reacted to you then the same as now."

She smiled against my chest. "Alabama, you say? Would we have named our son Billy Bob or Bubba? What if it was a girl, Sue Anne?"

I tickled her until we were both panting for air. Bella was getting horny again. I could smell the fresh arousal. Of course my dick was hard. I stood and helped her up. She looked up at me lovingly. I lifted her into my arms. She kissed me and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her hands lightly tugged the hair at the nape of my neck.

I jostled her. "Babydoll, I love the fuck out of you. Now, let's go take a bath. I get to be the Master this time. I can hold my breath for a really long time." She laughed loudly as we went to our bathroom.

In a few days, I was going to ask Bella to me by wife. I prayed to any deity listening that she would accept my sorry ass. I didn't know what the future held for us, but I knew that it involved lots of love and hot sex.

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