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A/N: This is the Prologue for the sequel. Chapter 1 of the sequel will start at Halloween. Through the chapters, we will see how Bella and Edward end up here. I plan to post the first chapter this weekend. All LAMTAF posts will be blog first. FFN and TWCS will get them a day later. Please subscribe to get emails. Also leave me comments.

Time on my hands
Since you been away boy
I ain't got no plans
No no no no
And the sound of the rain
Against my windowpane
Is slowly, is slowly drivin' me insane, boy
I'm goin' down
I'm goin' down
Cause you ain't around baby
My whole world's upside down
Sleep don't come easy
Boy please believe me
Since you been gone
Everything's goin' wrong
Why'd you have to say goodbye
Look what you've done to me
I can't stop these tears from fallin' from my eyes
Ooh baby

I'm Going Down-Mary J. Blige


Once upon a time, Edward and I were in love and couldn't get enough of each other. Lately, we only saw each other during his visitations with Dante. After his stent in rehab and everything coming out, it was just hard for me to look at him. Each day I woke up, I felt like a piece of my heart had been ripped from my chest. Since we'd been legally separated, I'd cried my eyes out an infinite number of times.

"Ma ma," Dante called, reaching for me in his sleep. I pulled him to my chest.

Things were bad, but I wouldn't rewind time and change any of it, because then I wouldn't have my baby boy.

"I'm here, little lamb. Mommy is right here."

The only sounds in the bedroom were of the fierce storm outside. It mimicked my internal mood. I wanted to rage, throw things, and beg him to give me answers. Edward owed me that, but I had too much self respect to grovel again.

Since I couldn't sleep, I flipped on the television. I was careful not to wake up Dante. He slept in my bed most nights, not because he was scared to sleep in his own bed, but because I needed him close. It was pitiful that he'd become my comfort. It should have been the other way around.

The minute the caption and images came onto the screen, I knew it was a mistake. Edward and his campaign manager, whom I suspected he was still fucking, were coming from some political dinner. He waved at the cameras as they got into a waiting car.

The bitch was wearing a strapless gold mini dress that showed off her voluptuous figure. It was sickening how much she loved the attention and all the accolades. Edward, clad in a Gucci tux, was all smiles, even taking time to pose with the Governor and his wife. The sight sickened me.

Thankfully, I made it to the bathroom before vomiting up the contents of my stomach. Truthfully, it wasn't only seeing Edward and his bitch that made me sick. I'd recently found out I was pregnant with twins. Remembering the night the were conceived still made me blush with shame.

How could I have been so damn stupid?



"Come on, Bella. We're going home. What the fuck has gotten into you? You're here with your ass hanging out... Is this any way for a wife and mother to behave?" Edward asked, grabbing my arm.

I snorted. "Why do you care? Fuck off, Edward."

A bouncer came to access the trouble. Felix re-routed him before he could anywhere near me. I saw Jane at the bar, shaking her head. She'd tried to talk me out of this, but I didn't listen. Edward didn't love me anymore. All I wanted was one night out dancing and getting drunk. Thankfully, Dante was at his grandparents for the weekend.

"I care because you're my wife!" He screamed, picking me up.

Not for long, I thought bitterly.

The dazed club-goers clapped, laughed, and bowed as my husband carried me out of the dance club.

One of our security men was waiting by the double doors. Fortunately, he kept his thoughts to himself. 

I was wearing a short black leather skirt and red knee-high boots. My top was a revealing red halter that tied at the back. I looked like a slut. A few guys had hit on me before Edward showed up.

"Put me down," I screamed, not caring who heard.

Carefully, Edward set me on my feet. We shared a very intense stare down for around ten minutes. He broke first, pressing his body into mine. We were in an alley. I watched as Edward nodded to our chauffeur, letting him know to wait in the car.

He pushed me into the wall, shrouding us in the darkness. Technically, we were in public, but no one was supposed to use this exit. Edward mumbled something about being clean and asked me to stop him. I'd known the minute we got into the alley we would end up having sex. Plus, I was just too damn drunk to care about all the reasons I shouldn't have been doing it with him.

Slowly, I raised my leg and bent it at the knee. The red brick was wet against my already sweaty back.

"What happened to us, babydoll? We used to be so good," Edward whispered, sucking my top lip into his mouth. He was still wearing his navy Hugo Boss suit, fresh from the dinner I'd skipped.

I spoke plainly, letting him see the hurt in my eyes."You stopped being my husband and fucked other women. I'm tired, Edward. It's so hard to even look at you."

I wanted to protest as he ripped my red thong from my body, but my mound was swollen with need. I hadn't been touched in weeks. The only pleasure I got was from my Rabbit vibe, and it was no substitute for Edward's loving or a real man.

In a daze, I helped him lift my slip of a skirt. Growling, he unzipped his pants. My brown eyes met his brilliant green ones as he plunged into me. Hissing, I buried my head in his neck while he pressed down on my clit. Harder and faster...the rain began to pour, mimicking Edward's thrusting.

"Come for me, babydoll. Let me give you that. Come for me... I'm sorry..."

"Ungh...oh shit," I moaned, digging my nails into his buttocks.

Edward's dick filled me up to the breaking point. My legs were wrapped around his waist. He pounded into me violently, like a wild animal. It reminded me of the first time we had sex. After awhile, I was just clinging. My mind went blank. I didn't care that we were in a semi public area or that I was soaking wet. I just wanted the orgasm to heal some of the pain I felt.



We came at the same time, groaning and leaving marks on each other. I knew it was the end; nothing would ever be the same. As Edward tucked himself back in, I pulled down my skirt. Then we walked to the waiting car. The driver got out to open the door, but Edward waved him inside. Felix joined us a minute later.

"I've called around, Bella. You will not be allowed in any clubs in Seattle. Don't disobey me," Edward threatened, fixing his tie.

Turning, I slapped him across the cheek. In the front seat, Felix and the driver pretended to not hear our fight.

"Fuck you, Edward. Why don't you go back to your bimbos and leave me the hell alone. I hate you."

Anger, hurt, vulnerability, and pain flashed in his eyes. I knew each look well, but I'd been through so much in the last few months that I didn't have any sympathy for him. Instead of letting me help him with the disorder, he'd used illegal substances and whores. We would never be the same.

"Here," he grunted, tossing me a manilla folder.

Inside were the separation papers I'd had drawn up by our lawyer, Jenks. In less than two years, our marriage had fallen apart.

"So that's it," I said without emotion.

"That's it," he replied. Those were the last honest words we spoke to each other. It was utterly embarrassing knowing the babies inside of me were conceived in a seedy alley, and I wasn't looking forward to sharing that particular information to worried family and friends.

Returning to the present, I quickly rinsed my mouth a couple of times before returning to the bedroom. Luckily, my little man was still snoring peacefully. I curled up next to him before falling into a fitful sleep.


The next day, my sisters came by the house. Since the separation, Edward had been living at his Penthouse. Dante and I stayed in our so-called dream house. It had taken months to build to my specifications.

"You look awful, Bella. Don't you sleep at all?" Ali asked, taking Dante from me.

The housekeeper brought us salads and some mashed potato for Dante. He pounded on the table as his Aunt tried to get him under control.

"Not really. I miss him. It's so hard, Alice."

Rose took my hand, kissing me on the cheek. "I know, Bella, but you have DC. He needs you to take care of yourself."

Sniffling, I made the decision to let the other shoe drop. "I'm... I'm pregnant again."

The room went silent. Hilda, our housekeeper, continued to pour our drinks. Then, she quickly excused herself.

"Al... Al..." Dante cooed, trying to get his Aunt's attention. She stopped staring at me so that she could feed him a little.

"When? How? Wow..." Rose began.

I told them the story about the night in the alley. Alice scrunched up her nose, not at all amused, but Rose looked proud. I picked at my salad, feeling ashamed.

"Have you told Edward?" Ali asked.

"No! We don't really talk anymore. He's coming by today, though. I'm going to tell him, but it won't change anything. The situation can't get much worse."

Suddenly my phone buzzed. It was Angela reminding me that I had an afternoon meeting tomorrow. My first book was a bestseller, so the publisher wanted another one. After Angie and Ben finished their humanitarian work, they'd become partners in my bookstore cafe. A short time later, I got published and Angie became my agent.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. I'd changed into a champagne-colored Dior spring dress, because part of me wanted to impress Edward. Dante was wearing a light blue Polo set with matching slippers.

My baby boy ran to the door, as he'd been doing lately, to see his father. He'd started walking a few weeks ago and quickly learned to run. It was going to be hard to keep up when he became a toddler.

"Thanks, William," I heard my husband say. Our butler, like our housekeeper, was British. We'd found them during our European honeymoon, during which Edward wined and dined me in London, Paris, and Athens, Greece.

I smelled him before I saw his body. He was bouncing Dante in his arms. Our son was giggling as his daddy tickled his round tummy. I swallowed the tears that wanted to fall. No matter how much I wished otherwise, our marriage was over.

"Hello, Bella."

"Hello, Edward."

Hilda went to pour Edward a glass of Merlot. He looked fantastic in blue slacks with a blue and white striped polo. He sat on our black leather sectional. I took the love seat across from him. Dante babbled and showed his daddy his new toys.

Rose had to go back to work. She said a quick goodbye to Edward, Dante, and me before leaving. Alice, who was on her break, volunteered to change Dante. In all his excitement, he'd soiled his diaper. Edward was following until I caught his wrist.

"We need to talk."

He sat back down, taking a long swallow of the wine. I wished that I'd asked for a beverage, too.

Annoyingly, he surveyed me for several minutes. I gripped the seat to keep from fidgeting. His green eyes traveled from my sandal-clad feet to my full breasts. Eventually, he got to my face. Surprisingly, he had a bulge in his pants.


"There's nothing left to say..."

"I have a lot to say! This shit has gone on long enough," he yelled, standing up.

After that, everything happened in slow motion. Edward threw me an envelope. I opened it to find divorce papers, which made my heart speed up. I couldn't breathe. He wanted... Oh god!

I scrambled to come up with something, but my mouth was too dry to form words. Pacing the rug, Edward tugged on his hair. Sometimes, he stopped to look at me and curse. I held the papers in front of me like they were a hazardous chemical.

"So, what do you have to say about that, Bella? Do you..."

"I'm pregnant with twins... I think they might be girls," I screamed. Saying those words to him made it real for me.

At twenty-five-years old, I was about to become a single mother to three small children. Suddenly, I passed out and joined my parents on death beach.

If anyone wants me, I will be hiding with my Stoli. Baby Dante implores you to spare my life. Review and you get more. Don't and I'll assume you hate me or the fic. Sweet dreams, loves. Feel free to play around the blog.


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