Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 35: I'll Be Your Lover Too

I'll be your man
I'll understand
And do my best to take good care of you
Yes I will
You'll be my queen
I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too
yes i will
Derry down green
Colors of my dreams
A dream that's daily coming true
(let me tell you)
When day is through
I will come to you
And tell you of your many charms
and You'll look at me
With eyes that see
And melt into each others arms
And so I come
To be the one
Who's always standing next to you
Reach out for me
So I can be
The one who's always reaching out for you
yes i will
You'll be my queen
I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too

I'll Be Your Lover Too-Van Morrison

"Stupid ass motherfucking bitch! She put her fucking hands on my wife! I'm going to kill the bitch!"
Marcus and I were having lunch at my Penthouse. We'd had one of our men pick up food from one of my favorite Italian restaurants. They made the best Insalata al Capriccio this side of Italy. It was also one of the Volturi's fronts; heroin was cut and bagged in the basement.

Agitated, my Godfather stood up. "What's wrong, Edward? Did something happen to Bella? What about Di?"

"Some strega I used to fuck pushed my babydoll. She's fucking dead meat! The guards are holding her. They said Bella never hit the ground but she was shaken. Dante is fine. Alice was holding the fucking stroller. All the other women are fine."

"That's a serious matter, Edward. Years ago, when Di and I were dating, one of my whores got upset. She'd heard that I was wining and dining Di and she got jealous. She followed us to a restaurant and started screaming about how she'd fucked me the night before. Di was angry and I had to grovel for weeks. The shit wasn't even true."

"What did you do to that bitch?" I asked, not sure I wanted the answer.

"I let Di decide the punishment. The other woman was a clothes horse. They were her most prized possessions. I had my goons douse her closets with lighter fluid and used Di's favorite lighter to burn all her expensive designer things. After that, I had my men paint 'Don't fuck with me' on her pristine white carpets. The bitch took whatever was left and fled the state. We never saw her again," he said, pouring another glass of Chianti.

"So you're saying I should let Bella decide Lauren's punishment?"

He paused to fork some chicken piccata into his mouth before speaking. "Of course. No women and no children, remember? I know you want to kill the whore, but use your head. Bella is not hurt. You are a Don now, mi famiglia in all ways. I've seen men ruined because of rash decisions. I won't let that happen to you."

"Fuck this shit! My guards have Lauren locked in one of our warehouses. They are keeping her until I give my word." I took out my phone and sent a quick text to my babydoll.

I'm not going to kill her, but trust me, she will pay for putting her nasty ass hands on you.

I know. We're headed home now. I'm exhausted and Dante is cranky. See you in ten.

Marcus laughed as I paced the floor for the next ten minutes. My fucking appetite was gone, but I was drinking like a motherfucking fish. Eventually, my Godfather took the bottle from me. I scowled, pulling my hands through my hair. I was just about to lose my shit when the door opened.

I ran over, inspecting Bella's eyes for anger. "Babydoll, are you okay?" .

"I'm fine," she replied tersely, walking past me.

Always the peacekeeper, my mom tried to smooth things over. "Bella is a little shaken up, Edward. That stronza pushed her from behind. Go talk to her, sweetheart."

I nodded to Marcus, letting him know that I would heed his advice. He smiled as Di began eating the remaining chicken picatta on his plate. My godmother loved food. It was a fucking miracle she stayed in shape.

When I got to the nursery, Bella was in the rocking chair, tit out, cuddling D.C. She was such a good mother. This was going to be another one of those times that I had to apologize for my fucking past. I wished that all those bitches would fall off the face of the Earth.

My babydoll's deep brown eyes met mine from across the room. D.C stopped eating to stare. It was like they were both judging me. I clenched my fists, ready for a fucking battle.

"I'm sorry, Bella. That bitch.."

She held up her hand. "Don't bother to apologize, Edward. We've been here before and we'll probably be here again. You have a past, I knew this when I decided to be with you."

I was expecting fireworks, but this was almost worst. Her voice sounded so fucking resigned and defeated.

"My past shouldn't affect you. I'm sorry that she went after you. She's jealous of what you have. I never even liked the bitch!"

Dante began to cry softly. Bella switched breasts, rocking slowly as she watched him latch on. My son was a fucking world class suckler. He was going to drive the girls wild when he grew up.

"You never liked any of your whores, or so you claim, but that didn't stop you from sleeping with them. The muscle said her name is Lauren. She looks like a crack whore. I don't even know how you could...with her. It's just frustrating and embarrassing."

"Are you blaming me for this shit, Bella?"

My fucking fists were itching to put a hole in the wall so I stopped to take a deep breath. By then, Dante had finished eating. I lifted him out of Bella's arms, donned a small towel, and proceeded to burp my son. At that point, he was the only thing keeping me sane.

My babydoll wiped her tit, repositioning the cup of her nursing bra. "Bring Dante to the bedroom. I want to take a nap."

I followed without a word. She was fucking embarrassed to be Mrs. Edward Cullen, and truthfully, I couldn't blame her. I knew that my mom had been ashamed of my dad many times. It fucking hurt that my wife felt that way about me.

D.C., who never had good timing, chose that moment to spit up on me. I groaned, grabbing a wipe so that I could clean him up. He looked so fucking innocent, like he'd done nothing wrong. When he was clean, I kissed his forehead. The way he stared at me only made me feel worse. It was like he was asking me, 'Why, daddy'?

After Bella slipped into some shorts, she reached for our son. "I've got him. You can go...do whatever," she said flippantly.

Deciding to end this bullshit early, I took a seat on the bed. Bella spread one of Dante's little blankets and laid him in the middle. He reached for my fingers, kicking his chunky legs up in the air. I was putty in his little hands..

Mi figlio, I love him more than life itself.

Pulling my eyes away, I turned to my wife. "Talk to me," I pleaded. "What do you want me to do with Lau-the bitch? She hurt you so it's your call."

She scowled. "I want you to shave her head and put her on a bus out of Washington State. I never want to see her or any of your other whores again. I wish that there weren't so many women that had you before me."

In a whoosh, all the fucking bravado left and my babydoll began to cry. Every time she shed tears, a piece of my black heart broke. Husbands were supposed to uplift their wives, but all I did was bring her down.

My son didn't like to see his mom cry. He yelled, kicked, and screamed so loud that his whole face turned red. I winced as he began to do that hiccuping cry that people do when they're in pain. Still sobbing herself, Bella picked him up, placing his small body right on her luscious tits. It was too bad I wasn't enjoying those puppies. She'd barely let me touch her since the birth. A part of me understood but the other part had a bad case of motherfucking blueballs.

"I'm okay, baby boy. Don't cry. Mommy is here," she whispered.

Sighing, I rubbed his back. "Daddy is here too, D.C., and I'm not going anywhere."

The more we talked, the calmer Dante got. Eventually, he fell asleep. Bella walked over to put him in the bassinet, which I thought resembled a huge fucking wedding dress with all the silk and whiteness. I tucked his favorite blanket around his body. Together we stared at our son, letting the tension ease.

"Can we talk?" I asked, taking Bella's hand.

She nodded, leading me back to our bed. "Edward, I'm out of my element here. I'm postpartum so my hormones are all over the place. I'm second guessing myself here. Will I ever be woman enough for you? It's going to be another month before we can have sex again. How do I know..."

Cupping her chin, I kissed her sweetly on the lips. "Bella, you are more than enough woman for me. You wear my fucking ass out. We've gone without sex before, and I have never cheated on you! It's not like I'm inviting those bitches back into my life. It's...it's embarrassing that I ever fucked them at all."

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, she asked the last question I wanted to answer. "How many women have had you, Edward? I should know how many enemies I have out there."

The bitterness and anger in her fucking voice was almost my undoing. There was just no way this shit was going to end well. Why do women ask shit like this when they know they'll overreact? 

"Fuck, you don't... I've been fucking for seventeen years, babydoll." I paused, waiting for her to call it off, but she continued to stare at me. "Close to nine hundred."

I was waiting for the yelling to start but it didn't. Raising my eyes, I looked at my wife. She was twirling her wedding ring, seemingly deep in thought. It was a motherfucking nightmare! Anger would have been better.


"Were you one...", she closed her eyes, "Were you one of those guys that kept names and scores?"

All I could do was nod and hang my head. My fucking black book looked like the Yellow Pages.

"Babydoll, I swear to god I wish it were only you. I don't even remember most of those bitches names."

"And the one that pushed me, Lauren, when was the last time you saw her?"

Fuck. I'm so fucking dead.

"The day we met, I wanted you. Since you were out of my reach, I decided to get high and fuck someone else. I thought I could forget you. I went to a party and shot blow with Lauren. Then...Then I fucked her in the kitchen. I actually thought of you while I was doing it."

My babydoll was quiet for a long motherfucking time. When she finally spoke again, her voice was gravelly. "I just want her gone. I know you won't kill her, and I wouldn't want you to. Make sure that she never touches me again. Thanks for being honest, Edward."

I reached for her, but she backed away, turning onto her side. I stayed in the room until she fell asleep. Before I left the room, I kissed my wife and son. Now I had to make an example of Lauren. I swore to myself that none of those goddamned skank ass bitches would bother us again.

Most of my family was still in the living room when I came out. Di and Mom inquired about Bella. I fucking lied and told them that shit was okay. Ali must have known I was putting on a front because she hugged me extra tight. My sister had a sixth sense about things.

As I was putting on my holster, Marcus walked over to me. "Edward, remember what I told you. Use your head. I'm still the capo dei capi so you better follow my orders, Capish?We'll stay here until you get home, just in case Bella or Dante need us."

After hugging my Godfather, I left the Penthouse. Two of my men accompanied me to the Phantom. I waved them off, preferring them to stay guarding the Penthouse. Since shit was now copacetic with the Russians, we really didn't need so much fucking muscle, but as today had shown me, it was fucking necessary. My ex-bitches were almost as bad as our motherfucking enemies.

The Volturi owned several warehouses out by the docks. Nothing came into Seattle without us getting a piece of the pie. It was the way of the La Camorra, and the reason our Families were so hard for the Feds to catch. We had our fucking fingers in every pie. Our shit was hard to prove in court, not that it ever got that far.

There was a large shipment of short range missiles due to be delivered the next day so my men were all over the dock. Some pro-American militant motherfuckers were stockpiling them in case the enemy attacked.. All I cared about was the payment. The deal was worth thirty million, all motherfucking cash.

"Hey, Edward. Where have you been you pretty boy motherfucker?" D asked from his fucking wheelchair. I didn't even know the cocksucker had been released from the goddamned hospital.

"Why the fuck didn't you call me D?" I asked, leaning down to give him a man hug.

"I knew you were busy with the bambino and your bellissimo moglie. How is the lovely Bella. Is Dante letting her get any fucking sleep?"

"They're good. I know for a fact that she would like to see your ass. If you promise to behave yourself, I'll send you an invite to Dante's Christening. A lot of the capos are coming for the event. You in, motherfucker?"

He laughed. "Absolutely. Hey, um... I need to ask for a favor. Before you fucking refuse, hear me out."

"Don't think that just because you took a bullet to your fucking hard-as-hell head that I'll let you walk all over me, asshole." I was fucking serious. D had been know to ask for some pretty fucked up shit.

"You know Liam's daughter, Maggie," I nodded, already not liking where this shit was going, "Well, she and I kind of hooked up a few months ago when you sent me to Boston for that arms deal. We were discreet, but... She's been writing and calling me nonstop. I think she may be the one, Edward. I... I never forgot about her and she cares, you know? There aren't many people on Earth that give a shit about me, but for some reason she does. After seeing you with Bella and now Dante, I want it."

I pinched the bridge of my nose. "You want what exactly?"

He shrugged. "I don't know, to settle down, have one girl. She's special, but I know Liam won't accept me. For one, I'm not Irish, and two, I'm not officially a made man..."

Fucking shit. 

"Is this your way of asking me to help make you?" He nodded. "You know this shit is for life, Demetri. Once you take the Omertà, it's for life. Plus, even if you are made, I'm pretty fucking sure Liam is going to kill your ass for touching his precious Maggie."

"I just want a chance, E. I'm in this shit neck deep. I almost died. At least this way I'll belong to something. I'm tired of being a low level dealer. I want some fucking glory."

I thought long and hard. Honestly, there wasn't any reason for D not to join the Volturi. He already did enough shit for us. He had some Italian blood, and he was a motherfucking fighter. I knew that I could trust him with my life.

"Okay, I'll talk to Marcus and Caius. Ultimately, it's up to them. I am a newly initiated Don. I can't throw around my power right now. It will make the other capos angry. All I can do is suggest and the rest is up to them and the rest of La Camorra. You're on your own with Liam. May God help your sorry ass because he's going to eat you for dinner. When will you be out of the chair?"

"Probably in a month or two. I'm in physical therapy right now. My doctor said I was fucking lucky that the bullet didn't kill me," he said, rolling into the warehouse.

"Do you need anything? Is the home nurse I sent working out for you?" The Volturi took care of our own. All of D's bills were paid in advance for two years and he'd been given a non traceable account, just in case shit got hot.

"She's good, man. She definitely isn't a looker but I gotta respect a chick that can carry me," he said, laughing.

"Yeah, she's pretty fucking huge. I remember she took care of Benny the first time he took a bullet. She's been working with the Family for years. We sent all of her nine kids to college."

We took a moment to reminisce about Benny. I missed the fucker, but there was no bringing him back. The Volturi had taken care of his family, though. Life was a motherfucking war, and in war you lose soldiers. Benny was one of the fallen, but I would never forget his services to Bella and me.

D rolled his chair alongside me. I didn't offer to help him open the door because I knew he would get angry.

"So, I hear Lauren is in there. I can't believe the dumb bitch put her hands on Bella. I could have told her that was a death sentence."

"Hey, D. Can you run out and get me some clippers and scissors? Leave them outside the door. Then, take your gimpy ass home. You are still on leave, motherfucker."

"I see married life and fatherhood hasn't made you any nicer. I'm hurt," he said, feigning a pained expression.

After he left, I went to the room that Lauren was being held in. She was tied to a chair with duct tape over her fucking mouth. I could smell the fear. Her blue eyes were wide and pleading. I knew it wouldn't take much to scare the living shit out of her.

Snatching the duct tape off her mouth roughly, I took a chair across from her. "What do you have to say for yourself, bitch?" I snarled.

She jumped, trying to scoot the chair back to get away from me. Marcus always said I looked like the devil himself when I was interrogating someone. It was a trait I inherited from my father. He could go from nice motherfucker to Lucifer in no time flat.

"Please, Edward... I... I keep in touch with some of the girls at HADES. They've been talking about Bella, your wife, so I was curious. I just got out of rehab. I... I saw her in the Mall before with your family. I had someone keep an eye... They were supposed to alert me when she came back. I followed them all day. People kept going up to her to say how beautiful your son is and I got angry. We... we had something, so I thought it could have been me."

I laughed maniacally. "You motherfucking idiot! I fucked you when I was high. We had nothing. All we were was two fucked up individuals using each other. You worked for me. Do you think I'd let a woman I love sell her pussy for me? Fuck no!"

She began to cry. "That's not true. You do love me. Why else would you send me to rehab, take care of me? I know you felt something, Edward."

"Bitch, all I felt for you was pity. I sent you to rehab so you could get clean and get your ass back to work. All you are is a means to an end for me. Bella is my fucking life. I've killed for her, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even cross the motherfucking street for your dirty ass. I haven't thought about you since the last time we fucked, and even then I was thinking of Bella. My son could have never been yours. You can't honestly think I'd have a baby with a fucking druggie?"

Sniffling, she glared at me. "You fucked a druggie, and it wasn't that long ago that you were a druggie. Just because you have your good girl you think you're better than me? Well you're not. In fact, you're worse. You come in here acting all righteous..."

I reached over and slapped her across the cheek. She looked stunned. "Don't test me, bitch. I used to do drugs, but I will never touch that shit again. Unlike you, I learned from my mistakes. I have a family that loves me. Nothing will jeopardize that."

The bitch began to cackle. "Spare me, Edward. A month from now you'll be fucking new pussy at the club. Do you think Bella will want you then? Unless she's a fucking doormat, she wants to be the only pussy, and we both know you like a lot of variety."

I hit her again, this time putting more force into it. "Shut the fuck up, asswipe! The new me isn't a fucking cheater. I'm a one pussy man. Forget the Edward Cullen you knew. He's dead and gone."

She sighed. "Whatever? Can I go now?"

I smirked. "After I heard what you did to my wife, I was prepared to make an inception and kill you," she blanched, turning pasty white, "but I let Bella decide your punishment." I went to the door, opening it to retrieve the tools. Good old D had them waiting for me.

When I turned around, Lauren screamed. "No, please, no. I won't come near you again. It's all I have. Please, Edward."

I shook my head, making sure the clipper batteries were in correctly. "Too late, bitch. You put your hands on my wife, in front of my baby. You fucking bitches have tested me for the last time. I'm Edward-fucking-Cullen, Mafia Don to the Volturi, yet you bitches treat me like I'm your high school boyfriend." Now I had her fucking attention.

"I always knew you were different... I mean the way people look at you, but you're... you're in the Mafia? Oh, god, what have I done?"

"I'm not in the Mafia. I am the Mafia. Capos have killed people for touching their wives. Lucky for you, I don't murder women and children. You are barely a woman, but you have a pussy so you get put into that category."

After I sharpened the scissors, I walked behind Lauren and began cutting off her precious blond hair. She screamed, wiggled, and tried to break free, but it was useless. Her filthy ass was at my mercy. I just chopped until it all fell to the floor. By then, she was whimpering.

"Will you ever come near my wife or baby again, bitch?" I asked, kicking the fallen hair aside.

She shook her head. "No... no. I promise! Please don't cut it all off. All I have is my hair."

"It will grow back. Maybe this shit is what you need to get yourself straight."

Once I turned on the clippers, she went quiet. I shaved her completely bald. I even buffed her head so that I could see my reflection. After changing the attachment, I shaved her eyebrows off. She called me every name in the book, but I took joy in this shit.

"I hate you, Edward Cullen! I'm going to the FBI. I'm going to tell them what you are. You'll pay for this, asshole!"

Stopping, I pinched her arm. "Watch what you say, bitch. If you even think about doing that, I won't be able to save your ass. La Camorra will kill you. All the Oufits aren't like mine. Some see nothing wrong with killing bitches that talk too much. Besides, my shit is air tight. People better than you have tried to take me down, but I'm still here."

She shut her motherfucking mouth after that. I finished my work and took out a cigar. This was the last part of Lauren's lesson. When the cigar was hot enough, I put the lit tip under her eyes. She screamed as the smell of burnt flesh permeated the room.

"Remember this, Lauren Mallory. The next time you want to get high, remember this. You are being spared. My men are going to make sure you get the next bus out of Washington tonight. If I ever see you or even hear about your ass in Seattle again, I will get someone to rub you out. Don't cross me again, bitch. Go home, get back in rehab, and make something of yourself. I'm fucking done with you."

After texting my men to get rid of Lauren, I left the warehouse. Some of the men on the docks actually bowed before me. A Don commanded respect and they all knew I was their future. If they took care of me now, I'd take care of them for life. I shot the shit for a little bit before heading to the airport. Jacob was flying in from Greece and Leah had come up to meet him. I'd already reserved a suite for them at the Four Seasons.

On the ride over, I listened to my Ipod. Gravity, by John Mayer came on. I wasn't into his music before, but now the words made sense. I wouldn't let myself be pulled back into the darkness. Bella and Dante were my lights. My sole purpose in this life was to make them happy. Drugs, bitches, stupid shit-I was done with it all.

Most people went though all the security bullshit and what not at the airport. I parked my Phantom where the fuck I pleased, paid off one of those parking Nazis, and strode inside. No one fucked with me. I'd once flown cross country with an Uzi in my bag. Airport people were some of the easiest to pay off. They didn't make shit so they were always willing to do a favor.

I spotted Jacob right off. He and Lead were involved in a pretty fucking heavy make out session. People were stopping to stare. I sighed, not really wanting to see this shit. It had been forever since my babydoll tongued me.

"Hey, Jake, Leah," I said, stepping into view. They broke apart. Leah looked embarrassed, but Jake didn't seem to care. He went for her again ,but she pushed him away.

"Edward," she said, kissing me on both cheeks. Jake glared at me, squeezing the handles of his rolling luggage.

I smirked. "Leah, it's so great to see you again." When she went to hug me, I mouthed, "Payback is a bitch" to Jake.

He growled, pulling her out of my arms. "Enough with this. Let's go see Bells. I can't believe she's a mother. I'm just so happy that she made it. Thank you for bringing her home, Edward." The motherfucker made it real hard to hate him sometimes.

As most guys did, Jake ogled the Phantom. Leah rolled her eyes and rushed us along. I made a mental note to get Jake something sick to drive, like a Maserati. Men were more loyal when you took care of them and their families.

We arrived at the Penthouse thirty minutes later. We'd stopped to pick up some diapers and shit so one of my men came to carry the bags. Leah looked taken aback by all the security. Jacob comforted her, letting her know it was all right.

The first thing I saw when we entered the living room was Bella holding Dante. She still looked fucking exhausted, but I could tell she was much happier than she'd been earlier. Mom and Ali were on either side of her, fawning over our son.

"Bells?" Jake asked hesitantly, stepping into the room.

A brilliant smile lit my babydoll's face. I was fucking jealous. Jake had been here for one minute and she'd smiled at him more than she'd smiled at me the whole week. I stuffed my hands into my pockets to keep from throwing shit.

I really need to call Dr. Uley, I thought, restlessly.

Jake waited until Bella beckoned him over. Leah followed quietly behind him, smiling the whole time. Ali changed seats to make room for them.

"I missed you, Jake," Bella said, giving him a one arm hug. I growled again, causing several people to gape. Shrugging, I took a seat next to Ali.

"And you too, Leah. Would you guys like to hold my son. I promise that he won't bite."

Leah nodded enthusiastically, taking Dante into her arms like a fucking pro. Jake looked at me, and then back at Dante.

"Jesus, Bells. He looks like Edward's twin." He tickled D.C.'s stomach and was rewarded with a giggle.

Great, even my son likes him better. 

"He's so beautiful, Bella. You did a wonderful job," Leah said, adjusting the blanket. When she lifted Dante, he laid his tiny head on her chest. She sighed. "Jakey-poo, do you think we could have one soon. He's so adorable."

"Uh, oh," all them men in the room uttered at the same time.

My mom laughed. "You men don't even have to go through the hard work. Leah, if you really want a baby, I have some books you can read to prepare. I can already see that you and Jacob would have beautiful bambinos." That wasn't saying much. My mom thought every baby was beautiful.

Jake loosened his tie. "Uh, we aren't even married yet. Let's wait, Lee-Lee. We can talk about this later."

She pouted and kissed Dante before handing him back to Bella. I knew that it was only a matter of time before Leah got her way. Women always got their way. No guy could go without pussy for too long. Plus, it was just easier not to argue most of the time.

Alice slapped me on the knee. "I want one, too. If you stopped working my Jazzy like a slave, he and I could start. Couldn't you just imagine little Ali's running around. They would be so cute."

Bella and the women began talking fertility and other shit that no man ever wants to hear, especially when the topic concerned his sister. I'd already had a lecture on pads and tampons. I'd gotten in touch with my feminine side and it was too fucking scary.

Before we left the room, I kissed Bella and took Dante. She resisted, but once she saw my eyes, she relented. My son gurgled all the way to the den. He made the cutest fucking sounds, like he was trying to talk to me. It made me feel good, like we were bonding.

A few minutes later, my men brought in some beers. I put a football game on for background noise It was fucking awkward being in a room with Marcus and Jake. I knew that my Godfather needed to talk to us, though.

I busied myself with entertaining Dante, laying a blanket down on the couch and kissing and tickling his small body. Already, he had strong legs. I had high hopes that mi figlio would follow in my footsteps and be a quarterback one day.

Marcus bent down to kiss Dante on the cheek. He started at him a minute before looking at me. "Take care of that woman of yours. She's an excellent mother. That's not easy to find. I barely remember my mother. She ran out on us when Caius was two. I never understood why Dad let her go until I met her. She wasn't the mothering type. She did us a favor. Bella's not like that. She's a good girl. I want you and her to have dozens of bambinos for me and Di to spoil. We can't have our own, so we live vicariously though you."

"I'll do my best. Right now, it isn't looking so good. Bella's mad at me again."

Jake, who had been silent as a fucking ghost up until that point, laughed. "Sorry, dude. It's just that I know how it is. Leah gets mad at me all the time. From what I remember, Bella can be quite feisty when upset. When she was in high school, she punched me in the jaw."

I frowned. "Why would she do that?"

Marcus sighed, picking up Dante and swaying him. "Why do you think, son?"

I thought for a minute. "You motherfucker. I'll kill you," I growled, leaping across the couch.

Jake stood up. "I was dumb. I thought... I thought she liked me. I wouldn't do it again."

"You better not," I warned, "I would kill you, but I think Leah would beat me to it."

Taking my seat, I reached for my son again. Marcus handed him over before taking a sip of Peroni, the famed Italian beer. My boy began to suckle and rub his head against my chest. Bella called it 'rooting'.

"Sorry, son, I have the wrong parts for that."

Not finding what he wanted, he started to wail. Marcus and Jake tried to comfort him but he screamed louder. I left them to talk so that I could get a bottle. D.C. had the lung capacity of a swimmer.

Bella met me in the hallway, already pulling her fucking top down. She had a million of those fucking nursing tanks and bras. One snap and her tit popped out. Quickly, I pulled her into the nursery where she immediately began feeding our son. He stopped crying and began playing with my babydoll's hair.

"Oh, honey, mommy is here. Don't cry, sweetie," Bella said, nuzzling his little nose.

There was something erotic about watching her feed my son. Sporting wood in your son's nursery probably wasn't considered normal, but I couldn't help it. My babydoll just did that shit to me.

Dante must have been really fucking hungry because he fed for a long time. I read a book of nursery rhymes while Bella rubbed his back. After he burped, he began to yawn. A few minutes later, he closed his eyes.
Bella put him in the crib and turned on a recording of his favorite lullaby. Then, she grabbed the baby monitor and we exited the room. She was still too fucking quiet.

I was shocked when she grabbed my hand, leading me into our bedroom. "Edward, I'm sorry. I was unfair to you. It's not right for me to hold your past against you. I talked to Dr. A. over the phone. She said our marriage won't last if I keep alienating you, and she's right. The last thing I want is for us to separate, especially now that we have Dante."

Separate? I'd fucking die first. 

There was so much I wanted to say, but I just couldn't get the words out, so I decided to express it physically. I pulled Bella into my arms and began ravaging her mouth, biting her bottom lip and squeezing her supple ass simultaneously. She punched me in the chest, trying to get away but I was a fucking animal.

"Get off me, Edward! What the hell are you doing?" Bella screamed, clawing at me.

"What the fuck does it look like? I'm tasting you," I snarled, lowering my head.

"Don't... don't, Edward. Please, don't touch me."

It was too late. Before she could push me away again, I began to lick her nipples. The action went straight to my cock. I was as hard as ever. Something in the back of my mind told me I was wrong, but I fucking needed this shit. My babydoll was talking about divorce and separation too much. I had to show her that she was still mine and mine only.

With the first draw, I was hooked. No wonder D.C. loved this shit. My eyes rolled back into my head as I adjusted my babydoll so that she was on top. Her milk was heady, sweet, and completely fucking addicting. I'd keep her knocked up all the time just to taste it.

When I couldn't take anymore, I came up for air. She maneuvered herself so that she swas on top, straddling me. I expected her to kick my goddamned ass, but she shocked me. Slowly, she lowered her mouth to mine. The kiss was fiery and electric. She used her sweet tongue to explore every crevice of my mouth. I grabbed her hips, pulling her flush against my erection.

"Too much, Edward. I can't... at least not yet," she muttered, before pulling away.

I needed something or I was going to go out of my fucking mind! My dick was in danger of imploding.

"Fuck, can't you blow me or something? I'm dying here, Bella."

Frowning, she reached down to unbuckle my pants. I knew that we really needed to talk, but I'm a fucking guy-my only concern was getting off.

Finally, she started to suck me into her mouth, I put my hands over my eyes. If I saw it, I would jizz immediately. I had no motherfucking control anymore.

Fuck, she felt fantastic, even better than I remembered. Her tongue licked around my pulsating head as she worked my shaft. I gripped the sheets for leverage. It did not good because next, my babydoll cupped my balls, tugging on them slightly. I reached down to bury my fingers in her long silky hair.

Sucking noises were all that could be heard as she blew me like a fucking pro. I screamed, "Fuck!" when I felt myself enter the back of her throat. She pulled away, taking several shallow breaths before deep throating me gain. My balls got tight as shit, and then, my toes curled up.

With a mighty yell, I came hard, emptying my spunk down my wife's beautiful throat. After that, she extracted my cock from her mouth, she lightly scraped her teeth against my shaft. When she got to the head, she sucked hard. I exploded again. My babydoll licked up ever last drop. Nirvana.

By the time I was coherent and could move, she was gone. She'd barricaded herself in the bathroom. I discarded my pants before going to knock on the door.

"Open up, babydoll. I need to clean up."

I heard a click. Then, I pushed the door open. She was sitting on the edge of the bathtub in tears. Sighing, I took a seat next to her.

"I'm sorry, babydoll. I shouldn't have done that. I don't know... I just needed to feel close to you again. It feels like you're pushing me away."

"You don't understand... I shouldn't be doing things like that anymore. I'm a mother for Christ's sake."

"Things like what?"

"Blowjobs, sex, and hand stuff. It just feels wrong."

Laughing, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, kissing her cheeks. "Babydoll, just because you're a mom doesn't mean you're asexual."

"But what about Dante?"

"What about him? It's not like we're doing it in the nursery. Yes, you're a mother, a fucking wonderful mother, but you're also my wife. You can be both, Bella. Honestly, I find you sexier now that you've had my son."

She smiled, snuggling into my chest. "Really?"

"Really," I replied, kissing her nose, "I get hard when I watch you feed D.C. Your milk is delicious. If you are up for it, I'd like us to do that more often."

We ended up taking a nice, long leisurely bath together. Luckily, D.C. did not wake up. I had completely forgotten about everyone. Bella, however, hadn't. She made me dress and go back to the den. Before we parted, she pulled me down for a kiss, fondling my ass the entire time.

Smirking, I made my way back to Marcus and Jacob. They were deep into an old Bears game. My godfathers were huge Bears and Cubs fans. Growing up, I'd gone to many games. I couldn't wait until my son was old enough to witness a game at Wrigley Field.

"Sorry, I got sidetracked," I said, plopping down on the couch and sipping my beer.

Marcus and Jake shared a look before rolling their eyes. I knew my ass looked freshly fucked. Bella did excellent work. I felt lighter and freer than I had all week. My pants were a lot more comfortable, too.

Soon after, people started to head out. Mom., Di, and Alice had christening invitations to send. Marcus needed to stop by the club and check on shit since I was still officially on leave. From the look of Jake and Leah, they were about to go break a hotel bed.

That night, I cooked for my babydoll. We sat in the kitchen with D.C. singing silly songs and watching Baby Einstein. I changed an appalling amount of diapers. It was nice, just being a real family. I'd missed all this shit growing up so I was determined for Dante to have it.

Suddenly, my wife groaned. "He's flipping the bird again, Edward. I swear to god that if his first word is the f-word, I will kill you," she threatened.

I walked over, opened Dante's hand, and kissed the palm. He got excited, sticking his tongue out. His eyes were greener and his bronze hair looked like it had grown even more. I felt kind of bad that he'd inherited my tousled mess. We'd never be able to tame it.

After a dinner of grilled steak, vegetables, and flan for dessert, we decided to give D.C. a bath. At first he was scared, but when Bella began to add bubbles and play with him, he quieted down and begun to enjoy it. There was no more beautiful sight in the world than seeing my wife interact with our child. They were beautiful together.

Fortunately, Dante's umbilical thing had fallen off. It used to creep me out. I liked his bellybutton. While Bella entertained Dante, I washed his little member, or as my babydoll called it, his winky. It was hard to believe that any man was ever that small. I still thought he was quite impressive for a baby, though. He'd taken after me in that department too. My babydoll rolled her eyes, slapping me on the chest as if she knew what I was thinking.


"Like father, like son. You're so obvious, Edward."

I splashed water in her face. D.C., who was already very protective of his mom, started kicking and screaming. My babydoll kissed his cheeks to calm him down before lifting him out of the water. While she was busy drying him off, I picked out his pajamas. All he slept in was those onesie things and he seemed to have a billion.

After another feeding and bedtime story from me, our bambino fell asleep. Bella and I were both really tired so we fell asleep easily. Babies were the new fucking cure for insomnia.

When I woke up, the sun was shining through our window. Apparently, Bella had woken up to feed Dante sometime during the night. I vaguely remembered him crying. My babydoll's chest was bare. I wanted to lavish her tits but she needed the rest.

Getting out of bed, I noticed that my son was awake. He was just sucking on his toes and smiling. I lifted him, making sure to keep the blanket around him. Bella said babies got cold easily so we made sure he was always warm.

"Good morning, son. How about you and me go make mommy some breakfast?"

He poked out his tongue. I took that as a sign that he was game. After changing his soggy diaper and cleaning up, and swaddling him, we went to the kitchen. Carlisle and Esme had given us a Graco newborn soothing swing. Carlisle said it came highly recommended by mothers at his hospital.

I sat Dante in it, putting it on the 'mom motion', which mimicked the way a mother would rock her child. It was battery operated, none of that crank shit that would drive us crazy. He fucking loved it. There were even a bunch of built in songs.

While I cooked, my son and I discussed important things. "I noticed that you prefer your mom's right breast. That is a personal favorite of mine too. If you hadn't noticed, it's a little bigger than the left. Not that the left doesn't have its own good qualities."

An unintelligible baby noise was his answer.

"You're a handsome little dude. Pretty soon, some little pigtailed girl is going to be after you. Hell, probably a lot of little girls. I'll teach you to be a gentleman. Your mom will like that."

He gurgled.

"Yeah, I do whatever mommy says, just like you. I don't know if you know this, son, but she's the boss. You're cute and new enough to get away with everything, but I have to watch my ass. Uh, forget that last word."

After I finished cooking everything, Dante got restless. I grabbed one of his bottles from the freezer, heating it until it was a perfect temperature. Like any good parent, I tested it on the back of my hand. D.C. stuck his tongue out, crying quietly.

The minute the nipple entered his mouth, his eyes became animated. I loved looking down at him as he fed. I was so fucking happy that my babydoll had begun to pump. That way, I could feed my son more often.

"I love you, Dante. Daddy isn't perfect, but I would kill and die for you. You and your mom are the best things that ever happened to me," I crooned, rocking him.


I looked over to see a tired looking Bella standing in the doorway. She was beautiful, practically floating toward us.

"Morning, babydoll. We were just fixing you breakfast."

Dante turned his little head so he could see his mother. Bella loosened the blanket so that she could kiss his hands. I continued to rock him until he fell asleep. Then, Bella put him back into the swing so that he could sleep.

After fixing us both plates, I took a seat at the table. My babydoll and I'd known each other long enough to know what each other liked. I passed her the fat free cream cheese as she passed me fresh blueberry jam. I thought Bella was fucking gorgeous as ever, but since she wanted to lose weight, I was helping.

"Thanks for getting up with him. I was tired," she said, yawning.

"It's not a problem, babydoll. You do so much already. The cook is going to come by tonight and make some dinners. He'll freeze them so that we can heat and eat during the week. I requested low fat and high protein. Is that okay?"

She smiled. "God, I can't believe you're so rich. I've never even thought of having a cook in my life."

"I'm not rich, Bella; we're rich. Everything that belongs to me, belongs to you and Dante, too. We're making a fuckload of money.. We might as well enjoy it. That reminds me..."

I went to the den and grabbed my architecture book. It was time that Bella and I got serious about building our dream house. Our son needed lots of room to run and grow. We could keep the Penthouse, but we needed more room.

When I returned, I opened a page before passing it to Bella. "What do you think? Are your tastes more modern or do you prefer classical colonial?"

"I don't know, Edward. These houses are awfully big. Are you thinking of buying us a mansion?"

"No, babydoll. I'm thinking of building us a mansion. You can design it any way you like. It's all yours, every fucking detail. My mom can help. When you're healed, we can start looking at land."

She sighed, biting her lower lip. "Let's not go overboard. I just want a safe place to raise our kids, nothing fancy."

"Well, I was thinking that we'd initially go with fourteen bedrooms and ten bathrooms. I know a famous architect that can draw up some plans."

My babydoll blanced. "Fourteen bedrooms! How many children do you think we'll have. I'm going back on birth control next week, you know.

I smirked. "Babydoll, we both know that birth control won't stop my sperm, and neither of us like condoms. It's inevitable that you'll be knocked up again before D.C. is out of diapers."

Standing up, Bella gathered our dirty breakfast plates before loading them in the dishwasher. She kept darting glances at me and shaking her head. My Iphone vibrated, letting me know I had a voicemail. I pressed the button and heard Marcus' voice.

"Good morning, Edward. I got a call from the Sokolov's this morning. Riley will arrive at four this afternoon. It would be a show of good faith for you and I to meet him at the airfield. His uncles are concerned about him. Carlisle has agreed to host the meeting at their house. Please call me when you get this message."

He answered on the second ring. I promised not to kick Riley's fucking ass for seeing my babydoll nude, and my Godfather promised me that the Russians would show my family respect. He also let me know that Liam, Siobhan, and Maggie were coming to town.

.Of course, Alec couldn't come, but he'd sent a gift anyway. I knew my babydoll would be happy to hear from all the people that had risked their lives to save her and our son. Jane had already been moved to a private hospital here in the city. Jessica was taking care of her.

My babydoll laid back down after supper. Dante slept the whole time. I conducted some calls to make sure my men weren't fucking shit up. So far, the missile shipment was going off without any problems. The club had been really busy the night before. Jasper and Alice were holding it down for me. I fucking appreciated it.
Since my sister was about to launch her boutique, I needed to hire a new secretary. I'd worry about that shit later. Right now, it was all about mi famiglia, my family.

I woke Bella up at two so that she could get dressed. By then, Dante was awake and hungry. I fed him again, while my babydoll showered. When she got out, I went to bathe and change. My dick was painful again so I had to whack off.

After that, I put on my black and gray Armani tracksuit. The meeting today was casual. Ali had gotten Dante the same exact outfit. I used to think that men who matched their kids were corny as shit, Em did that kind of stuff with his boys, but now, I liked it.

When I got to the bedroom, Bella was slipping on a pair of sandals. She was wearing a pretty sleeveless black and white polka dot dress. She was showing a little too much tit for my taste, but I didn't want to start a fight so I held my tongue. Her hair was pinned up and she was wearing a pair of pearl earrings and necklace, that had been a wedding gift from Cai.

"You look gorgeous, babydoll," I said kissing her on the cheek. "You know it might be a little chilly today. Maybe you should wear a sweater."

"You're so transparent, honey. There's nothing wrong with this dress, but I will put on a shrug if it makes you happy," she replied, kissing my neck.

Unfortunately, the shrug didn't cover her breasts. To distract myself, I picked Dante up and posed in the mirror. We were a handsome pair. I could tell that Bella had tried to style his hair, but it was still sticking up like mine.

My babydoll came to stand beside us, smiling happily. My men are so handsome. I love you both, even if you are in a war for my breasts."

Dante gurgled, reaching for his mommy. I passed him to her so that I could put on my shoes.

Fifteen minutes later, Jasper and Ali showed up. I made up some bullshit excuse about needing to attend to some work shit, but promised to meet everyone at mom's house for dinner. Jasper promised me that he would take care of my babydoll and son. I sent security to trail them anyway. Reluctantly, I drove away from the Penthouse.

When I arrived at the private air field, there was a jet on the tarmac. I hopped out of the car, jogging over to Marcus, who was shaking one of Riley's uncle's hands.

He turned when he saw me. "Afternoon, Cullen. I trust that my nephew will be safe in Seattle. He is the leader of our Family. If any danger befalls him during this stay..."

I held up my hand. "My war is done, Mr. Brushkov. Riley saved my wife and son's life. I promise you that he will be treated like a king. He is a guest of the Volturi. No one will fuck with him."

Just then, a tall blonde man exited the plane.I knew it was Riley from the pictures. I'd hoped that he would be ugly, but he wasn't. Sucking it up, I put on a fake smile.

"Hello, Edward Cullen, I've wanted to meet you for a long time. How are Bree and Bella?" he asked, shaking my hand. We both squeezed harder than was necessary.

"My wife and Bree are fine. My son is almost two weeks old. We're having a christening for him this weekend. I would be honored if you would attend as a family guest."

"Sure, anything for my Bella."

I growled. "She is not yours. She is mine!"

Riley laughed, patting me on the shoulder. "Dude, I'm just messing with you. I don't like Bella in that way."

Even though he'd been shot in the knee, he looked well. There was a limp to his gait, and he looked like he'd lost weight, but overall he was healthy. Unfortunately, he chose to ride in the Phantom with me. One of his men and one of my men too the backseat.

I gripped the steering wheel hard, barely containing my anger. "I know you saw my wife naked. I want you to forget everything."

The motherfucker smirked, playing with his seat belt. His guy in the back leaned forward. Riley glanced back at him. "Hold off, Michel, we're fine."

"I swear to you that it wasn't sexual. My brother was a fucking monster. That was the only way I could keep Bella safe from his abuse. We slept in the same bed, but that is it. I don't think of Bella in that way. She is more like a sister to me."

Relaxing, I passed him a stick of gum, which he accepted. "Good. What about Bree? I've had papers made up for her. Legally, she's my sister. I know that she likes you. Hurt her and I'll break your fucking face."

He chuckled. "I'd never hurt Bree. I think I'm in love with her. We didn't get much time to know each other, but she could be the one. She's beautiful, kind, a hard worker, the kind of woman that I'd marry.

"Marry? She's only eighteen! Give her time to live her life first. My babydoll is already planning your first date so beware. "

By the time we arrived at Carlisle and Esme's, I had to admit that I liked the fucker. He was smart and easy to talk to. That still didn't mean that I wouldn't kick his ass if he touched my wife, though.

My mom greeted us at the door, hugging Riley like she'd known him forever. His guards fanned out over the lawn. I understood them being on alert around me. Word had gotten out about all the people I'd killed on my rampage so motherfuckers were scared.

Marcus was wright behind us, talking on his phone. He whispered, "Senator," in my ear. I knew that it wouldn't be long before I had to choose. It was beginning to look like I would be launching a campaign soon.

Everyone was in the den. Di was holding Dante. Bella ran and jumped into Riley's arms. "I'm so happy to see you, Ri. When did you get in?"

Sulking, I took a seat on the couch. Luckily, my wife noticed my mood and sat in my lap. I perked up considerably.

"Just now. Is this the little nudger?" He asked, bending over Di. She handed him my son. "Wow, he's cute, Bella. He looks like Edward but he has some of you in him, too."

My babydoll beamed. "Thank you. I didn't do it alone, though," she said, making eyes at me.

After Di retrieved Dante, Riley was introduced to everyone. Half an hour later, Rose and Alice came downstairs with Bree. The girl was beautiful. Her long blonde hair was done into a braid around her head. She wore a simple blue scoop neck shirt and black skinny jeans. I smiled when I saw that she was wearing my angel wings necklace.

If I thought Bella's greeting was bad, Bree's was worse. She ran to him. Easily he caught her, twirling her slender body in a circle.

"Damn, Bree. You look...amazing. I love your hair."

She pulled away, looking embarrassed. "I am sorry. I just missed you so much."

Riley, not liking the distance corralled her back into his arms. "I missed you too. Your phone calls and emails were the best part of my day. I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner. I had things to take care of in Moscow."

Dinner was fucking great. Bella was flirty and handsy. Dante, Colin, and Brady provide plenty of cute kid entertainment. The women had fun discussing weddings, parties, and clothes while the men talked business.

Leah, Jake, Ben, and Angela showed up at dessert. Angela and Ben were leaving to finish their mission in Honduras. Bella was sad, shedding lots of tears as she said goodbye. Her friends promised that they would come home when they finished. I held my angel as she watched their car drive away.

Emmett couldn't believe I knew how to change a diaper so I had him watch me. Needless to say, he was fucking impressed. Even Rose liked me now. She no longer talked to me like I was Satan.

Bella and I were tired so we decided to spend the night. My mom offered Riley a guest cottage, which he accepted so he could stay close to Bree. They were headed there when I stopped him.

"Remember what I said, Riley. Bree is my sister. I leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. She blushed. Then, she hugged Bella.

"I will be fine, Edward. Riley is gentleman."

"Of course you'll be fine. Edward is just overprotective. Have fun you two," Bella squealed, waving them along.

My babydoll gave me another blowjob in the shower before bed. Spooning her luscious ass, I fell asleep. Dante woke up about five times during the night. He just wanted to be walked and held. Lucky for him, there was a houseful of people that were more than willing.

Two days later, Liam and his family arrived. Siobhan already knew my mom and Di. All the women got along. Maggie pulled me aside to ask about D. I filled her in on his progress. When she was leaving, Liam cornered me.

"What the fuck was that about, Cullen! What did my Maggie want?"

Resigned, I told him the whole story, leaving out the hook up parts. He was fucking livid. I swore to him that D had changed. Maggie returned with Siobhan. She'd told her mom the whole story. Liam was huge, but the two tiny women won in the end.

The day of Dante's christening was beautiful. There was hardly a fucking cloud in the sky. Bella cried like she was sending our boy off to college. She wanted him to wear this sissy looking dress, which she and Alice called traditional.

I refused. In the end, we decided on a white tux with tails. The invitations stated that everyone was to wear white. I would also be in a tux while my babydoll wore a tailored skirt suit. We bathed our baby boy, making sure that he was comfortable.

Before we left, my babydoll gave me a handjob. We'd been talking the last few days and she'd gotten used to our post pregnancy sexuality. Bella said she pleasured me because she didn't want me to pop a boner in Church and embarrass her again. I just smirked. It wasn't like I could help that shit.

Many capos came to see my firstborn baptized. Jokes were made at my expense. They teased Bella, telling her that she could do better and other stupid shit. I walked proudly around the church with my son, letting people take pictures of him. The wives loved my bambino and he ate up the attention.

Dr. A. and Caius flew in for the event. Her little girl, Penny was almost eight, but she fell in love with D.C. My son squealed happily as she held him. Not to be outdone, C&B were getting their own attention. Most of the capos had kids so there were children everywhere.

Pastor Randall presided over the christening. He blessed my son, anointing his small head. Bella shed enough tears for a second baptism. I held her as our son was blessed before the Lord. I wasn't really religious, but I wanted Dante's soul safe, even if mine might never be golden.

We got a ton of shit. Italians took christenings very seriously. Huge envelopes stuffed with cash were put inside our bag. There were too many toys and gift baskets to count. A few of the wives joked about stealing Dante, which caused Bella to snarl. My mama tigress was fucking hot as hell! I couldn't wait to be back inside pussy paradise again.

My son did not care that it was an important day. He did his usual pooping, spitting up, and tit drinking. He refused his bottle, so my babydoll and I excused ourselves to a back room so she could feed him. I was so fucking proud of my family. Everybody loved my babydoll and Dante.

Surprisingly, Demetri had shown up with Maggie. Liam was still upset. He spent half the service making the universal, 'I'll cut your fucking neck' sign to D. Unfazed, D put all his attention into Maggie. I had never seen the motherfucker treat anyone woman so well. I knew then that he was serious.

Jane was unable to attend. She was still weak and healing. She and Jessica sent gifts and my babydoll talked to her on the phone. I almost broke down when I heard my wife thank Jane for saving her life. We made plans to visit her once she felt up for company.

After the service, we convened to Eleazar and Carmen's old restaurant. I'd found a new authentic Spanish chef who would run it. My babydoll was sad again, so I cheered her up by telling her good stories about our old friends. We would never be able to bring them back, but they would have wanted us to celebrate their lives.

I circled the room, shaking hands with all La Camorra Dons. A few Cosa Nostra that did business with our family showed up. They were cordial and gave gifts, but I didn't like the motherfuckers. They didn't fully accept me because I wasn't one hundred percent Italiano.

The party ran long into the night. Bella and Dante fell asleep in the car on the way home. Looking in my mirror, I had to smile. If someone would have told me that I'd have a baby car seat in my Rolls a year ago, I would have called them a fucking nutjob. Being a father and husband changed me for the better. I would always be a Mobster, but now I had a higher purpose in life.

On June twentieth, eighteen days after my son was born, I turned thirty. Bella and the women had planned a big surprise party. People from all over Seattle showed up, including some of the workers from my club. Thankfully, Jessica was doing a great job keeping the bitches in line There were no incidents.

Bella, staking her claim, kept her tight little ass over my bulge most of the night. She and I had been working out and swimming together so she'd lost most of the weight and regained her confidence. We still had days where we fought, but we were much better. Instead of leaving or throwing tantrums, we began to talk our problems out. Neither of us wanted Dante to grow up in a house full of anger.

My babydoll had dressed our boy in a Burberry outfit that matched mine, right down to the trench she'd bought me for Christmas. I carried him around, working the room. The women loved D.C. His infectious little laugh filled every ince of the room. It was my best birthday party ever.

Bella gave me another Katana sword, an inscribed book filled with pictures of me and Dante together, and tailored Armani wool winter coat. The baby book was my favorite. Our family had managed to capture some poignant moments of me and mi figlio.

When the party was over, Bella let my Mom and Dad take Dante to their house for the night. She and I pushed each other into walls, sucking each others tongues on our way to the bedroom. When we got there, Bella slipped into a pink nightgown.

After I shed my clothes, she beckoned me over. She crawled across the bed, loosening the straps. Her breasts were glowingly white and full of milk. The dark pink nipples and aureole called to me. As she inserted her tit into my mouth, squeezing slightly to expel milk, I rubbed my dick.

"You're so fucking sexy, babydoll."

Since we couldn't have full on sex yet, Bella pleasured me with her hands and mouth. I came until I passed the fuck out. When I woke up, my babydol l wrapped in my arms. After all this time, she whispered my favorite words in her sleep,"love, Edward."

The next day Garrett, Kate, and baby Sasha arrived. Bella was on cloud nine. Dante got jealous when his mom held Sasha, but once Kate picked him up, he calmed down. Garrett had even cut his hair. I could tell that he loved Sasha as much as I loved Dante.

Alice was even more hyper now that she had a baby girl to dress. She encouraged both Rose and Bella to have girls. She also asked them to model some of her clothes for promotion for her new store. I refused to let my babydoll out on a runway in lingerie. Bella said she'd think about it.

Over my dead motherfucking body.

While the women went fawned over the kids, Garrett tattooed my son's name on my back: Dante Emanuele Charles Anthony Cullen, in cursive script. My babydoll cried when she saw it. I carried her over my heart, and my son on my back.

The day that Dr. Whitney cleared Bella for sex was one of the happiest days of my life. Rose and Em took Dante for the weekend. I took my wife away for a romantic getaway at a nice little bed and breakfast outside of Seattle. For three glorious days, we fucked our brains out.

Bella's body had changed. Her pussy was just as tight, but her hips and tits were larger. I loved it! Our lovemaking was new and different, but just as passionate. She was as uninhibited with me as always. We did shit that we'd never done before.

Eventually, our fuckcation had to end. We both missed our son. Plus, we were in danger of killing each other.
"I love you so fucking much, Bella," I said before fastening her seat belt.

The next few weeks were exciting. Bella toured her cafe/bookstore and began to write again. Dante grew big and strong. He could roll over without help and make more sounds. He was our miracle and we cherished him.

The Volturi gained more businesses and allies. My babydoll and I even double dated with Bree and Riley. Bree brought out my protective nature so it didn't go so well. They went on their next date alone.

With Carlisle's and my help, Bree got accepted into the pre-med program at UW. Bella threw a party when she found out. Riley and Maggie officially transferring to Seattle to finish their college degrees.

Since Maggie and Bree were college students, they decided to live together. I owned a luxury condo close to the school, which I rented out to them. I had to threaten D and Riley about spending the night. Liam told me that I was responsible for his Maggie while she was in my city. The first thing I did was make sure that Felix watched out for she and Bree when they hung at the club.

Alice and Jasper had a month long honeymoon in Paris, France. I promised Bella that I would take her there when D.C. got a little bigger. Ali came home glowing and Jasper looked tired as hell. The poor fucker had been dragged to every god damned store in the city.

Jane got better, and took on the job as Bella's and Dante's official bodyguard. My son loved her. Since Kate was now a dentist with her own family, I sent Jessica to managerial school so she could learn how to run the bitches. Shockingly, she was good at that shit. HADES was doing gangbusters from the pussy trade.

Vladimir, Nahuel, and Huilen made plans to visit us in Seattle. Bella teleconferenced with them regularly, showing off our boy. He bought joy to all of those that came into contact with him. Our base of friends had expanded.

Some nights, my babydoll had nightmares about James. I would hold her until she slept again. I had nightmares too. We took comfort in each other. Many had tried to break us, but those motherfuckers had failed. We were still breathing and stronger than ever.

By August, Bella and I had decided on a plot of land. With my parent's permission, I had our E+B tree dug up so that it could be planted on our property. I shoveled the first mound of Earth as my wife and son watched from the sidelines. My life was fucking perfect.

"I love you, Edward. Thanks for all of this," Bella whispered, wrapping her arms around my waste. Dante blew a spit bubble before reaching out for me.

Later that month, I was finishing a night of work at HADES when I got a text message.

"Look outside you door."

Smirking, I tucked Bella's thong back into my desk drawer. It was the very one she'd worn that first night I'd given her her very first Edward Cullen induced orgasm in my office. I'd kept it all this time. He wedding underwear were in my safe at home.

Yeah, I'm still a sick fuck. 

When I opened the door, my heart stopped. My babydoll l was sitting there in a sexy as fuck outfit. I didn't know whether to yell or whip out my cock.

She stood up, holding out her hand. "Hi, Mr. Cullen. I'm here about the secretary position."

"Fuck me," I said, taking her hand to kiss.

"With pleasure if you hire me."

My mouth dropped as she sauntered past me. The gray pinstripe scrap of a skirt didn't cover anything. Her ass cheeks were smiling at me from the back. A tiny black shirt that tied at the apex of her tits, was the only thing keep her semi modest. She even had on black thigh highs and glasses. Her mahogany hair was up in a tight bun.

Like a sick puppy, I followed her. She went straight to my office, taking a seat on my desk before crossing her fucktastic legs. I wanted to bury my head in her pussy and eat her out all night long.

"This is a nice office, Mr. Cullen. Would you like to see my resume?" she asked, coyly.

I nodded stupidly. The piece of paper read:

Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen
Experience: Fucking, sucking, licking, blowing, fondling, and driving men crazy.

My cock jumped. "That's impressive, Ms. Swan. Perhaps you can show me some of this experience."

She winked. "Certainly, Mr. Cullen."

After those words, shit got real. I ripped the flimsy costume from her curvaceous body. She pushed her tits into my mouth, kneading them so that hot sweet milk squirted out. As I drank, she rubbed my dick hard. Turning her over, I smacked her ass before stripping off the thigh highs.

Still on the desk, Bella got on her hands and knees. Her bare ass was right in front of me. I almost fucking came when I saw what was on her ass cheek. The words: Property of Edward A. Cullen within a circle.

"Shit, babydoll! When did you get this?"

She giggled. "At the spa the other day. It's only a temporary but I want to get a real one on my inner thigh, next to my pussy. I'm glad you like it."

"Like it," I said, lowering my head, "I fucking love this shit. You belong to me."

I bit down into her ass, causing her to push back into me. Then, I spread her pussy lips and went to town. She was fucking drenched. I sucked and nibbled her sweet pussy and rosebud. Before I entered her, I squeezed a generous amount of Astroglide inside her ass and on my cock. We hadn't had anal since she gave birth.

After yanking her down, I entered her ass slowly, letting her body adjust to my ten inches. Once I was all the way inside, she came hard, biting down on the desk.

"Are you a good girl, Bella?" I whispered, spanking her ass.

"Sometimes," she teased.

I alternated between slapping her ass and squeezing her hips while keeping one hand inside her pussy the entire time. My fucking cock was in heaven. I pounded my wife for all I was worth. Seeing my name on her body only added fuel to the flames.

Eventually, like all good things, our fucking had to end. I pulled Bella's back flush against my body before coming hard, gasping her name.

"Bella, only you. It's only you. I love you," I chanted over and over again.

Somehow, we managed to make it to my leather couch, where it had all began. I laid down, placing Bella on top of me. She had a soft smile on her face as we watched two moths hover near my lit sconces. It was only right that they'd be here on this night of reminiscing.

"Remember the day we met, Edward? I think I was in love with you even then," Bella said, tickling my chest.

"I was in love with you too, babydoll, and it scared the shit out of me. What we just did on our desk is what I wanted to do that first day."

"I'm glad you didn't. I wouldn't have been ready for that," she said, blushing red. I licked her cheeks.

"Do you sometimes wish that I'd let you go that day?" I asked, pensively.

Shaking her head, she kissed me deeply, sucking my lips into her mouth before biting them gently. "Never, Edward. I'd do it all again if it got me you and Dante. I love you, husband."

"And I love you wife."

With a glint in her eye, Bella stood up. She walked over to my desk and pulled out a pair of black fuzzy handcuffs. I watched her ass cheeks flex and tits jiggle with each step. I was fucking hard again in an instant.

"Let's go to the lair, old man. I think it's time I made you my slave. Do you think you can keep up?"

She ran, but I caught her easily, throwing her over my shoulder before entering the code.

For so long, I'd felt like I didn't belong, like my life had no purpose. Then one day, a beautiful virgin walked into my office and changed my life forever. Throughout all the bullshit, one thing remained, our love for one another. We never had a choice; just like the moths were drawn to the flame, we were drawn to each other.

"Ti amo, Bella. I can keep up. I'll be keeping up with your sexy ass forever," I replied, opening the door to our future.

*Ti amo*- I love you.

*La Comarra*-Mafia organization from Naples, Italy
*bellissimo moglie*-beautiful wife
*Omerta*--Code of Silence taken my Mafia members
*Cosa Notra*-Sicilian Mafia
* capo dei capi*-head boss


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