Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 33: Amazing-Part 1

You're so amazing you shine like the stars
You're so amazing the beauty you are
You came blazing right into my heart
You're so amazing you are...
You are
You came from heaven shining
Breath of God still flows from fresh on you
The beating heart inside me rumbled at this one so new
ohoh ohoh Oooh ooohhh
No matter where or how far you wander
For a thousand years or longer
I will always be there for you
Right here with you



"Edward Cullen, wake up! I need you," I sobbed, digging my nails into his shoulders.

He moaned, opening his eyes slowly. I tried to calm myself down, but I was scared out of my mind. Dante was a big baby and he was about to come out of a very tiny hole. The contractions hadn't started yet, but I knew they would soon.

"Babydoll, what…what happened?" Edward asked, furrowing his brow. A minute later it must have hit him because he looked at the wet floor and seats before making eye contact with me again. "Holy fucking shit!"

"I want Jasper," I sniffled. "I have cum on my clothes and in my hair! I'm not ready, Edward. We need to get home. Call the midwife, the doula, an ambulance…someone! I'm scared. What if I can't do it?" I asked, going into full freak out mode.

"Shhh, Bella. I'm here, and I'm not going to leave you. Everything is going to be fine. You can do this. I love you so fucking much," Edward soothed, kissing my forehead.

After that, he and I used water and some wet wipes to clean me up a bit. Edward still looked like he might faint again. His lightly tanned face had gone sheet white and his emerald eyes were overly bright. Every few minutes, he would tug on his hair and utter an obscenity.

Moments later, Edward pulled out a phone and began speaking quickly. "Carlisle! Yeah…. We need a medevac helicopter to take us back to Seattle… Her water just broke…. No, we were, um, out exploring the island and shit… Yes… I'll have one of my men pick up the midwife, you can call our OB… Ten minutes tops…. Yeah, mom, she's okay, put dad back on… Okay, thanks, Dad."

Edward helped me take my dress off before he started speeding to our destination. Thankfully, I had a decent slip underneath, but I was still wet. His worried green eyes kept darting to mine through the mirror. If he was already this out of it, I wasn't sure he was going to be able to be in the birthing pool with me.

While he drove, I practiced breathing and rubbing my stomach. "I love you, Dante. Mommy and daddy are so happy that you're ready to come out. I will do anything to make sure you get everything you need, baby boy."

"That goes for me too, son," Edward said, lovingly

When we got to a stop sign, he turned around. "Bella, are you sure you're okay right now?" I nodded. "Good, we're going to get you home in time. Carlisle says it will probably be many hours before you're ready for actual birth. I'm so proud of you, babydoll. I would do it for you if I could. I'm so fucking sorry I passed out. It just… Shit! I'm fucking scared, too."

I leaned forward to take his hand in mine. "Teflon, remember? I know we can do it, Edward. We've been through so much to get here. Our son is coming!"

He smiled, delicately kissing the palm of my hand. "Ti amo, bella mia. We're almost to the island's hospital. If you want to have Dante there, we can. It's your choice. If not, the air ambulance will be waiting to take us home."

"I want to have him in our Penthouse like we planned. You do still want to be in the water with me, right? It's okay if you don't."

"Of course, I'm going to be in there with you. Don't even worry about me, babydoll. I'm fine as long as you and Dante are doing well."

Roughly, five minutes later, we pulled up to the hospital. The rush of excitement and adrenaline got the best of me, making me giggle uncontrollably. Edward smirked before lifting me into his arms.

"This reminds me of that time we fucked on that stranger's boat and you couldn't stop laughing. I love you, Bella," he whispered, kissing the shell of my ear.

Before I could reply, we were bombarded by hospital staff. Edward refused to put me in a wheelchair, so he carried me into the elevator, which led to the roof. His big strong arms and messy copper hair were calming to my frazzled mental state. I buried my head in his chest as a new wave of laughter bubbled in my throat.

Maybe I can do this after all. 

The hospital's rooftop was windy. Thankfully, someone had thrown a blanket over my body as Edward rushed into the elevator. Carlisle and Esme were waiting for us. I was glad they were already here, but I really wanted my brother

Carlisle was alternating between barking orders and asking questions. "Have the contractions started? How far apart are they? Dr. Whitney is waiting for us at the Penthouse. You'll ride with Bella. The rest of us are taking cars."

Luckily, I was finally able to control myself enough to answer, but then Esme took over.

"Bella, sweetheart, are you okay? I'm here for you. Remember to breathe and relax. I am so excited. My third grandson will be here soon. I'm going to kiss his little chubby cheeks until they're red. You know, Edward was a very handsome baby. People used to…"

"Mom, I'm sure Bella wants to hear this story but not while she's about to have a baby," Edward said, shuffling me in his arms.

"It's okay, Esme. So far I'm not feeling…." A really bad cramp in my lower back stole my breath. "Motherfucker," I yelped, instantly regretting it and apologizing.

"I…I think I just had my first contraction."

Edward's heart rate tripled. "Oh shit! We need to get home NOW!"

A few minutes later, a helicopter landed on the other side of the roof. A female EMT managed to pry me from Edward's arms so she could put me on a stretcher. I told them it wasn't necessary, but no one listened.

While we waited for Edward to join us in the helicopter, I let my mind wander. I had never wanted Charlie and Renee so much. After all these years, I thought that I'd accepted everything but knowing that my mom and dad wouldn't be there to see Dante born caused a physical ache in my chest. All of my earlier laughter was forgotten as I began to cry violently.

"What the fuck did you do to her?" Edward thundered, stepping into the helicopter.

The two EMT's looked scared. My husband was a sight to behold when he was mad, but I knew his bark was worse than his bite; at least it was most of the time.

"Nothing. I was just checking her vitals and she started crying," the female stated calmly.

Edward bent down until we were eye level. "What's wrong, my angel? I can't stand to see you in pain."

"I haven't had another contraction yet. It's just… I miss my mom and dad so much right now. I…need them."

He sighed and softly kissed me all over my face. "Babydoll, I know you miss them, but they're here with you in spirit. I'm you husband and it's my duty to take care of you for the rest of your life."

Edward was right. I owed it to Dante to welcome him into the world with happiness. My mom and dad had loved me with all their hearts. They wouldn't have wanted me to be sad on such a glorious day.

"I love you, Edward. Do you think we're ready? We lost so much time because of…that monster. I don't know if I feel prepared."

"Babydoll, whether we're prepared or not isn't important. Our son is ready to come out and meet us. From what I know about babies, all he's going to want is your tits and a couple of back pats from me," Edward replied, laughing softly. After seeing Edward's mood change, the EMT's relaxed.

I tried to sit up, but six pairs of arms held me down. Crossing my arms over my chest, I huffed and rubbed my lower stomach. A few minutes later, another contraction hit. I hissed, squeezing Edward's hand until it looked mangled.

"Shit! I'm going to need a fucking cast if the contractions get worse than that," he yelled, examining his hand.

"Suck it up, asshole! I have to push a ten pound baby out of my VAGINA! I'd take a rough hand squeeze over that any day of the year!"

The rest of the helicopter ride was quiet. My outburst had scared everyone, including Edward. He apologized and stared at me until we landed. When the female EMT attempted to take my blood pressure again, I pushed her away. I knew I was being rude, but everyone was pissing me off.

After we landed, Edward carried me off the helicopter and into a waiting car. He insisted that the female EMT ride with us to the Penthouse, just in case. I felt out of sorts, so I just held Edward's hand as the SUV traveled at the speed of light. I saw couples having date nights and girls my age going home after a long day of shopping.

"Do you wish you were like them; that you were still single and carefree?" Edward asked, watching me closely.

I smiled, pulling his hand to my lap. "No, I'm exactly where I want to be right now. Our… courtship may have been shorter than most people's but that's because we're soul mates."

A few minutes later, we pulled into our private garage. Edward gave instructions to his men before carrying me to the elevator. My OBGYN, Dr. Whitney, was in our living room talking to the midwife.

"Hello, Bella. I've been briefed by Carlisle over the phone. You are in the early stages of labor right now. Typically, that can last from eight to ten hours. Would you like to get cleaned up, walk around, or rest?" she asked, beaming.

"Can I take a shower?"

Both Dr. Whitney and Senna, my midwife laughed. "Yes, it's going to be a while yet."

As usual, Edward carried me to the bathroom. He helped me take off my slip and adjusted the water temperature to a perfect setting. I smiled lovingly at him as he soaped me up with my favorite natural strawberry body wash.

After that was done, I dressed in a long purple gown and robe. Edward still looked like a wild man. I made him leave me long enough to wash up and change. When he returned, there was a little color to his face.

"Are you all right, Edward? You've been through a lot but I've never seen you look so…frightened."

He chuckled. "I told you not to worry about me. I can handle this. I'm the fucker that knocked you up while you were on birth control, remember?"

I rolled my eyes. "It was the antibiotics. How many times do I have to tell you?"

"I guarantee that even if you never took those fucking antibiotics, you'd still be pregnant. My sperm is that fucking potent, babydoll. Get used to this. I think you're going to be knocked up many, many, many times," he said smugly.

I was just about to burst his bubble when Dr. Whitney knocked on the door. Edward got up to let her inside. She was a nice woman. Her hair was light brown sprinkled with a couple of grays and her kind brown eyes were calming. She had on green scrubs and a pair of latex gloves. I automatically flinched.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm just going to check and see how many centimeters your cervix is dilated. How far apart are the contractions now?" She asked, spreading my legs wide.

"They come every 18 minutes." Edward replied, shocking me. When I looked over at him, he smiled.

"That's good. There is still plenty of time before you'll enter active labor, Bella. Some women like to watch television or walk around. It's up to you." I felt her finger slide into my core. I winced, turning beet red in the process. Edward laughed and kissed my cheeks.

"It's okay, babydoll. I know you're not used to anyone's fingers but mine inside your pussy. Since this is necessary, I'll allow it," he whispered, kissing the shell of my ear.

"Well, you're only about two and a half centimeters. We don't want your contractions to stall, so I suggest you don't enter the birthing pool until you're at least four centimeters."

She checked my heart rate and breathing, declaring them both great. Then, she went to go wash her hands while Edward and I talked. A few minutes later, she came back and assured us that everything was progressing normally.

After that, we followed Dr. Whitney to the sunroom. It was one of my favorite places in our home. All of the furniture had been removed and replaced with large colorful pillows. Even the stained hardwood floors were waxed to perfection. Large glass holders containing LEED's apple incense and vanilla candles were set out on low lying tables. I'd chosen vanilla and apple as my calming scents to help me during labor.

The sunroom windows faced our pool and gave an amazing view of Seattle. In the distance, the Space Needle stood out against the city lights. I signed, leaning into Edward. Everything was perfect for Dante's arrival.

Edward kissed my forehead as he led me to the professional Eco birth pool. It had been custom made and was very comfortable. I liked that it was deep and allowed me to move around. Plus there was plenty of room for Edward. I was pretty sure that it was expensive, but my husband spared no expense when it came to Dante and me.

My midwife, Senna, was tall and thin with dark brown skin and long, black loosely-braided hair. Her dark blue eyes lit up when she noticed us lurking. She was with another woman, whom I assumed was my doula.
The other woman had the same features as Senna, but here eyes were dark brown. She shook Edward's hand before turning to me.

"Hi, Bella. My name is Kachiri. I'm Senna's sister. We work as a team. I'll be your doula during this momentous occasion. Giving birth is a spiritual and emotional experience. I'm glad that you have chosen water birth," she said, kissing me on the cheek.

Another contraction hit me, causing my knees to buckle. Edward effortlessly lifted me into his arms as I rode it out. After the pain subsided, Senna made me drink a bottle of cold water. My throat was extremely dry so I needed it.

"Babydoll, are you okay? Is there anything I can do?" Edward asked, worriedly.

"I'm good, baby. It's just a natural part of life. I wish it didn't hurt so damn much, though." Everyone in the room laughed while I finished my drink.

Soon after, Edward and I went to the nursery. We'd picked a pale green for the walls and Alice had one of her art friends do a mural of Rome, Italy with teddy bears dressed up as people walking the cobblestone streets. It was unique and beautiful.

There was a massive 64 inch LCD television mounted high on the wall that was programmed to play only baby and children's shows. There were also expensive Bose speakers. Edward insisted that Dante have nothing but the best.

Since our son was much too young for a car, Marcus had given him a handcrafted replica of Edward's Phantom. Caius' gift was a real Italian prince's crown with rubies. It sat on top of one of the corner book shelves.

Dark green drawers and tall, beige armoires were filled with mountains of neatly folded baby clothes. Esme, and my sisters had gone all out. I liked cute things like Pooh Bear onesies, but Edward's family had more extravagant taste. I saw a lot of labels like Dior, Ralph Laurnen, and even Armani in Dante's new wardrobe.

"Are you okay, babydoll?" Edward asked for the millionth time.

"I'm fine. It's all so real. I just can't believe he's coming."

Pulling me into his arms, Edward kissed my forehead. We stayed wrapped up into each other for several minutes. When the next contraction hit, Edward checked his Audemar to record the time.

"Shit! Now they're only sixteen minutes apart. Everyone should be here in half an hour. Do you want to lay down?"

"No, um, could you grab my birthing ball? I would really appreciate a good massage right now."

Edward smirked before leaving the room. When he returned, he put on some of his calming piano music. Hearing Edward play made me think of the night that our son was conceived. I was so unsure of us back then, but now I couldn't picture a life without my Edward.

After helping me sit on the ball, Edward began to massage my shoulders and lower back. Sometimes it was hard to believe that the long, elegant fingers kneading my muscles had been used to kill and inflict torture. My husband was many things, good and bad. I loved him through it all.

"Babydoll, do you think I'll be a good father? I know I curse too much, and I'm a fucking Mobster, but…"

I smiled, guiding his hand to my lips. "You'll be great, Edward. The main element needed to be a successful parent is love. You have that in spades. Sure, you're a Mafia Don, but that's only part of who you are. I'm not expecting you to change. You've proven time and time again that family is your first priority. I couldn't ask for a better mate.."

"Damn, babydoll, that was fucking sweet. I think you transferred some of your estrogen shit to me because, seriously, I feel like crying."

I laid my head down on the beige chenille loveseat that Esme bought for the nursery. We also had matching custom made oak mommy and daddy rocking chairs. Edward continued to massage my body while I rolled my hips back and forth. It helped ease some of the discomfort.

Dante's nursery was a masterpiece. The best feature of the room was his crib. It was over the top and very Italian. The headboards had intricate scroll designs that looked like they'd been forged by hand. Alice and Rose added a canopy bar with silk, green curtains to give it 'flair'. It was outfitted with high-priced 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen sheets with an Italian finish, which were the same kind me and Edward slept on. There were also several green and beige pure cashmere baby blankets on top.

"Edward, how much did this stuff cost? It seems a bit much for a baby?"

He laughed. "I promise that I didn't spend more than two bucks fifty on the room."

I frowned. "How much is that?" Before he could answer it dawned on me. "You spent a quarter of a million dollars on a baby things? Oh, my god!"

"Calm down, babydoll. I'm counting the stroller, the car seats, toys, and other things. You want our son to have the best, don't you? It's not like we're hurting for money."

Sighing softly, I closed my eyes. This was one part of Edward that was both a gift and a curse. I thought it was insane to spend so much money, but I did want Dante to have the best.

My next contraction hit hard. It felt like someone kicked me hard in the back. I breathed deeply, clutching my lower stomach. This one was longer than the others. By the time it ended, Edward was kneeled in front of me with his hands on either side of my waist. He wiped my sweaty brow before making me drink more water.

Half an hour later, our family arrived. It was pure and utter chaos. Esme and Di almost ran over poor Edward to get to me. They kissed my cheeks and took turns asking me if I was okay.

"Bella?" Jasper asked, walking timidly into the room. I managed to get free from Di and Esme so that I could hug my brother. He looked almost as bad as Edward. Alice was clinging to his side, brushing my hair out of my face. She looked so happy.

"I'm so glad you're here, Jaz. I can't do it without you. Are you ready to be an uncle?"

My brother swayed on his feet.

Thankfully, Emmett was right behind him. "Dude, you're not the father. Leave the fainting to Edward. From what I hear, that 's his department.

Edward stood behind me, wrapping his strong arms around my waist. "Shut up, fucker. I told Dad that in hopes that he would keep it to himself.

"Sorry, son," Carlisle said, sheepishly. "It was your mother. She has never been able to keep a secret."

Esme goosed him. "I think you have that wrong, dear. It's you who can't keep a secret. The nurses actually go to you for gossip updates." We all laughed at Carlisle's feigned hurt expression.

The room got quiet when Caius and Marcus entered. Although they were family, they exuded this air of danger and mystique. Caius' being an albino only added to that. They walked straight towards Edward, kissing him on both cheeks before doing the same to me. Edward hissed.

"Calm down. I'm not going to take her from you," Marcus laughed, taking his place beside Di. She smiled warmly as he took her hand. They were both so dark and regal looking, yet they were completely down to earth. Caius was the same. I was happy that they would all be in Dante's life.

A few minutes later, Bree, Angela, and Ben joined the party. Luckily, Dante's nursery was large enough to accommodate everyone. I noticed Bree hanging back so I reached out for her.

"I am so happy, Bella. I like babies. I cannot wait to hold Dante in my arms," she said, taking my hand. Edward fondly mussed her blond hair. Bree groaned and tried to get away.

"Stop it, Eddie! You used to do that to me and it's not funny. I can't even remember how many times I went to school with bed head," Alice whined.

Jasper smirked, pulling her into him. "Yeah, but your bed head is sexy as hell."

Everyone in the room fake gagged, causing Alice and Jasper to stick their tongues out at us. Newlyweds were so annoying. Had Edward and I been that bad? Were we still that bad?

As if he knew what I was thinking, Edward leaned down, whispering in my ear. "They're worse than us."

Rose was staring at the room curiously. "All of these baby things makes me miss it. Colin and Brady are a handful but I love them. I guess I wouldn't mind doing it again."

Emmett did some kind of stupid dance before pulling her down for a kiss. "We can start as soon as possible. I'm already one kid ahead of Edward."

My husband scoffed. "Please. I'll have Bella knocked up again before Dante is on solid foods."

Groaning, I elbowed him in the stomach. "I don't think so! In case you haven't noticed, this pregnancy thing isn't a walk in the park."

Shortly thereafter, my contractions started to come quicker and last longer. People that say childbirth isn't painful are liars! It hurt. A lot. My fingernails left angry red marks on Edward's forearms but he never complained.

"Breathe in, breathe out," The women chanted as Dr. Whitney checked my cervix. The men had been sent to the living room to wait. Jasper had protested because I didn't want him in the birthing room. Alice promised that she would take care of me. I loved my brother but there were just some things he shouldn't see, and my vajayjay was one of those things.

I screamed as yet another round of severe pain hit my lower body. It would be a long time before I let Edward touch me again! In fact, I was planning on becoming celibate.

"She's five minutes apart and her cervix is dilated six centimeters. It's time to move to the birthing pool," Dr. Whitney said, taking off her gloves.

Again, Edward insisted on carrying me. When we got to the room, I took off my robe, leaving me nude except for a small bikini top. I blushed but everyone assured me that childbirth was natural and that it was all right to be naked in front of them.

Quickly, Edward lowered me into the water. It had been heated to ninety-nine degrees to emulate human body temperature. I thought having my baby in the water was better because it was similar to baby's natural habitat in the womb. I didn't want my child's first moments to be of harsh lights, beeping noises, and the smell of Chlorox. That was the main reason I chose not to have him in a hospital.

I watched quietly as my husband stripped down to a pair of blue Nike swim trunks. Esme and Di kissed his cheeks before he dipped down into the water, sitting behind me. I knew that as long as he was by my side, I could do anything.

"I love you, Edward. Promise me that if something goes wrong, you will save Dante. Don't worry about me."

He tensed, kissing my neck gently. "Nothing is going to go wrong, babydoll. I won't let it. You're strong. I know you can do this."

After that, Kachiri entered the room. "It's time. I just want you all to know that childbirth is one of the most beautiful experiences of life. I've delivered hundreds of healthy babies and I have never lost one. We are about to begin a journey. A new and beautiful soul is joining the world. I hope you're all as excited as I am."

"I'm very excited! My grandson is almost here. It seems like just yesterday I was powdering Edward's and Alice's little bottoms. Now they're all grown up and married. My baby boy is about to become a father," Esme sobbed, leaning into Di.

Bree sat down on one of the pillows. Her blue eyes were infinitely sad. I almost got out of the pool to go to her. Before I could ask, she articulated what she'd been thinking.

"I wish I could remember mother. She did not like me, but… I know she is alive and she doesn't want me, but I remember a few times when she took me to park. I was happy." Big droplets of tears fell from her eyes.

Esme knelt on the floor beside her. "Shhh, don't cry sweetheart. I am your mother now. My children have adopted you as their sister. You are a part of our family. Carlisle and I love you very much."

"That was beautiful. Everyone excuse me. I have an urgent need to call my mom. I'll be back in a minute," Angela said before leaving the room.

Edward said something to Bree in Russian. Of course, I didn't understand but it made her smile brightly. It warmed my heart that he'd accepted her into our lives so freely. I just hoped he would do the same with Riley when he came to visit, but I doubted that would happen.

.While Kachiri lit the incense and candles, Edward played with my fingers. He whispered sweet Italian words in my ear but when I asked him to translate he refused, promising that he'd tell me later.

"Vaffanculo!" I screamed as another raging bitch of a contraction hit me.

Di, Esme, Rose, and Alice laughed. Angela and Bree looked bewildered.

"Shit, babydoll. Who taught you to say 'fuck you' in Italian?"

I grimaced, pushing a strand of wet hair out of my eye. "I heard you say it on the phone one day and I looked it up."

"You have always had the worst language, Edward. I hope sweet Dante does not pick up those swear words," Esme chastised.

Senna laughed as she checked my blood pressure and heart rate. Dr. Whitney was getting prepped just in case she was needed. Edward and Carlisle wanted all the bases covered.

Active labor seemed to go on for hours. We sang, listened to music and Dante poems, and generally just put good vibes in the air. Edward never let go of me, caressing my shoulders as I cried from another contraction. I called him foul names but he didn't seem to mind.

I felt like I was going to die. "Get out, Edward! I don't want you here. You did this to me! It hurts," I whimpered.

Kachiri helped me to my knees. I sat at the edge of the pool crying while my sisters smoothed my hair.

"No matter what you say, I'm not fucking leaving. I'm sorry, babydoll. I swear to god I'd do it for you if I could. Just breathe, my angel. We'll get through this."

I let him pull me into his arms. The feel of his smooth, bare chest helped center me. He continued to hold me as I raged and screamed through many contractions. Just when I thought I couldn't go on anymore, an overwhelming sense of relief hit me.

Senna reached into the water, dipping her fingers into my core. "Her cervix is completely open," she said to Dr. Whitney.

"What does that mean?" Alice asked eagerly.

Dr. Whitney smiled. "It means it's time for Bella to begin pushing. Little Dante should be making an appearance in about an hour."

Senna laughed. "He's definitely not little. Dante is going to be one of my ten pounders. I have experience with preventing vaginal tearing. You will be fine, Bella." Tearing? I'd heard of it but I Really hoped it didn't happen to me. Stitches and surgery were my biggest fears.

"Don't worry, babydoll. You'll be fine. Remember all those Kegels you did?" Edward whispered.

Smiling through the pain, I nodded. "How could I forget? Most of them occurred on top of you while we were in the throes of passion."

"No dirty talk during childbirth," he teased, kissing my nose.

Since I'd opted for a natural birth, I felt every pain. Edward repositioned himself behind me, placing his large hands over my stomach. Dante responded to his father's touch. I pushed trying to expel the pain from my body.

"Take it easy," Esme said, "Breathe and stay calm."

I made whooshing sounds as I attempted to keep do just that.

"Push," Senna yelled, pressing down on my bump.

"It fucking hurts!" I screamed, pressing my body into Edward's.

"Babydoll, you can do it. Just push. Our son is almost here. He wants to see us. Help him," Edward pleaded.

Scrunching up my face, I pushed hard. Soon, I began to feel Dante sliding out of the birth canal. I stopped, completely tired. I didn't have any more strength. Di put a cool cloth on my face as Edward continued to encourage me.

"Oh my god, Bella! I can see the head," Alice squealed, practically leaping into the water.

Rose nodded. "You're so close, Bella. Damn, I can already see that he has Edward's hair. You're going to spend a fortune on gel."

"Push, Bella. Push," everyone encouraged.

It seemed like I'd been in that pool for days when I reached down and felt my son sliding out. Edward held my hand as I gave one last final push.

"Ugh! Oh my god," I panted breathlessly.

A second later, I opened my teary eyes to the most beautiful sight in the world. Dante Emanuele Charles Anthony Cullen. Senna helped me lift him out of the water and then suctioned out his nose.

All I could do was cry, holding him securely in my arms. Our son had a pair of lungs on him. They could have probably heard his cries in the next state. I had almost forgotten about Edward until he reached around me, trying to peek at his son.

"My god. I didn't know… This is fucking amazing," he mumbled, staring at Dante.

"I love you so much, baby boy. I'm so happy you're here. I'm your mommy, Bella. Oh, god, you're so handsome," I sobbed, kissing his tiny cheeks.

Meanwhile, Senna used a bath towel to wipe off some of the blood and fluids..

"Look at our baby, Edward," I said, turning so he could see him. "He's perfect. We made this perfect human being. He looks just like you."

Everyone else in the room was squealing and talking about how happy they were, but Edward, Dante, and I were in our own little bubble. Excitedly, I watched my son open his eyes. They were a milky green now, but I knew that they would end up matching Edward's emerald orbs. Our son also had a head full of bronzed hair that was all over the place, just like his daddy. His nose and lips were all me, though.

Edward cried, kissing his son's tiny cheeks carefully. "You are amazing, babydoll. I can never repay you for this. He's absolutely flawless."

Like every new mother, I checked my baby's fingers and toes. They were all perfect. I smiled when I saw his little winky. Edward laughed at me for calling it that.

"He's big and so gorgeous!" Di squealed.

"I love you, Dante," Edward and I repeated over and over again. It was important for the baby's first moments to be filled with love and security. Kachiri told us that he could hear our voices and it soothed him.

Eventually, it was time for Edward to cut the umbilical chord. He was handed a pair of scissors with a ribbon wrapped around it. When Alice and Rose started snapping pictures, I felt like I was at a Hollywood premiere.

After my body expelled the placenta, I was helped out of the water. I refused to let go of Dante. Edward protective wrapped his arms around the both of us. Kachiri handed him a towel before helping me dry off.

Dante was quiet, his little mouth suckling an imaginary teat. I kissed him and nuzzled his tiny nose. Never in my life had I felt so completely open. I loved this little baby with all my heart.

He cried loudly, snuggling into my chest.

A little later, Esme convinced Edward to leave so that he could wash up and change clothes. After he left, Senna and Kachiri did Dante's foot and fingerprints. Then, they wrapped him in a green cashmere blanket.
When that was finished, Esme took Dante from them while my sisters washed and clothes me in an ice blue silk gown and robe. Alice even brushed and re-braided my hair.

"You look angelic," Rose said, handing me a mirror. I did have a kind of ethereal glow and my eyes were bright.

After everyone took a turn, holding my son, he was passed back to me. Edward came back, clad in black sweats and a long sleeved white shirt. His eyes were intense as he took a seat on the side of me.

"I love you , babydoll," he said, kissing my forehead. "You're beautiful. And our son…"

We both looked down at our little bundle. He'd gone quiet and was now just staring at us. I knew that he would be ready for his first feeding soon. My breasts were already leaking.

Edward gently rubbed Dante's cheek. "His skin is so fucking soft. He has your lips; the bottom one is larger than the top. He also has your nose. He's fucking adorable."

"Wow, Bella, you cloned Edward, Rose said, smiling.

As if to protest, Dante began to scream bloody murder, squirming to get free from his blanket. I kissed his tiny little hand, passing him to his daddy. At first, Edward looked frightened beyond belief, but then courage filled his eyes as he expertly held his son.

"You're doing great, Daddy. Remember to always support the head," I assured.

He looked at our son in pure wonderment. "Hi, D.C. I'm your daddy, Edward. I promise to love you forever and long after. You're my firstborn, mi figlio. Ti amo, Dante."

As if he understood the Italian, our baby boy wrapped his tiny little hand around Edward's finger. Everyone in the room melted. I barely noticed the men enter. It wasn't until Jasper spoke that I was broken out of my trance.

"Damn. My little sister is all grown up," he said, kissing my cheek.

Edward kissed Dante all over his face before letting his godfather's hold him. Once again, the little man of the hour was passed around. He as already a dazzler, smiling, gurgling, and slobbering all over the place.

"Today is June 2. Edward's birthday is in 18 days," Esme said, happily.

Kissing my pulse point, Edward replied, "Dante is the best gift I could ever get, Thank you, Bella." My vision clouded with tears.

Finally, just as I was about to get possessive and snatch my baby away, Esme deposited him back into my arms. He played with a loose strand of my hair as I looked into his eyes.

He smelled so fresh and sweet. I couldn't stop kissing him, breathing in that unique newborn essence.

All of a sudden, Emmett began to laugh boisterously. I looked down to make sure that I hadn't accidentally had a nipple slip. My boobs were huge.

"What the fuck is so funny?" Edward seethed, tightening his arm around Dante and me.

Em held up his hands. "Chill, bro. Look at your son. As if the fact he looks like you isn't proof enough…"

We both looked down to see what he was yammering about. Then, I gasped. Dante's tiny fist lay balled up on my breast, but his middle finger was sticking straight up.

Edward laughed heartily, tucking Dante's finger back into the palm. "Well, he's definitely my son."

Shaking my head, I kissed both of my guys on the cheek. With Dante in my arms and my husband by my side, my life was perfect. I had everything I could ever want or need. My body felt as if it had been run over by an Army tank, but I was at peace and oh so very happy.

"You're amazing, Dante, Mommy loves you," I cooed.

Senna came in to usher everyone out. Dante had started to root, meaning he was hungry. My husband slid the thin nightgown strap down my shoulder, exposing my breasts. As usual, his eyes darkened.

"Dante, I'd like you to remember I'm only loaning you these for a short time, and I expect to get them back in the same condition," he joked, nuzzling our son.

I shook my head at Edward before helping Dante latch onto my nipple. My baby boy was healthy, safe, and in my arms. Today, I had officially taken on the most important job in the world. Mother.


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