Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 32: I'm Yours-Part 3

"You touch these tired eyes of mine
And map my face out line by line
And somehow growing old feels fine
I listen close for I'm not smart
You wrap you thoughts in works of art
And they're hanging on the walls of my heart
I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
And though I may not look like much
I'm yours
And though my edges may be rough
And never feel I'm quite enough
It may not seem like very much
But I'm yours…"

I'm Yours-The Script


Fuck! I should have known that bringing my babydoll out on this deck would spur that memory. I was in so much fucking lust, I hadn't thought...

"Bella, wait," I called, running up to catch her.

She was attempting to waddle back up the side stairs. The sight made me laugh. Unfortunately, I couldn't fucking stop. That only made my little tigress angry. She turned around with fire in her beautiful chocolate eyes.

"You think this is funny, Edward! What am I to you, some big joke? You're a jerk," she huffed.

I scooped her up into my arms, kissing her rosy cheeks. "I'm a fucking jerk, but no, you're not a joke to me, babydoll. I fucking love you to death. Let's...let's just go back upstairs and talk."

She crossed her tiny arms and kept herself stiff as I jogged us up the stairs. I almost fucking passed out, which let me know that I needed to get my ass back in shape. Our son would be here soon, and I'd be damned if I wasn't in optimum health.

When we got to the room, I gently set Bella on the bed. She was fucking crying and it tore at my heart. The last thing I wanted was for my angel to be sad.

"Babydoll, um... when I said that, I didn't know Dante was mine. You and I were broken up. You'd left , I saw you and Alec hugging... Well, it turned out that he was undercover and he'd told you so that you could get me to spare his life. I didn't know that at the time. I only knew that he was fucking touching you and it made me angry. I wanted to make you hurt as much as me..."

She held up her hand. "You thought I cheated on you? I can't remember the past, but I doubt I'm the kind of woman that would..."

"We were broken up! You left me and moved to another city. I know now that I was wrong, but at the time... Anyway, you made me pay and we made up. We were in relationship counseling with Dr. A before all the bullshit happened. I'm so fucking sorry you remember that shit, but I never meant it. I have always loved you, babydoll. I'm ecstatic about becoming a dad."

I knelt on the ground, taking Bella's hands in my own. Her tears were gone and she was sniffling softly.

"Why...why didn't you come see me when you got home? If you love me as much as you say, you should have been there when I woke up," she quietly said.

I kissed her covered stomach and the palms of her hands. "Bella, I...I've been dead since you've been gone. I spent months in a psycho ward because I tried to kill myself. I cannot live in a world where you don't exist.

"After I came to my senses, I wanted nothing but revenge. I've...I've killed lots of people. I tortured men and did fucking horrific things. I needed...I needed to soak up the normalcy and love of my family before I saw you. I was scared, babydoll. I...I was scared that you would look in my eyes and see the monster. I never want you know that part of me. I love you too much."

The room was deathly silent for several minutes. I laid my cheek against my babydoll's knee and just reveled in the feel of her. If there was one thing I hated, it was my own fucking vulnerability. Bella was the only woman in the world that could bring it out of me.

"Edward, I'm sorry. I...I just overreacted. I'm sorry. You've shown me that you love me. The baby loves you. He gets so excited when you're near," she said, stroking my cheek.

I put my hand on her extended stomach. Sure enough, my son was kicking up a storm. "Bella, I love you and Dante so much. I'd go to Hell and fight the fucking devil if that's what it took to keep you safe. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my family."

"Oh, Edward," Bella cooed, before pulling me onto the bed.

We began to kiss passionately. Her moans spurred me on, and pretty soon I was hard as a fucking rock. I lightly squeezed my babydoll's breast as she strained against me. It wasn't long before her hot little hand slipped inside of my pants.

"Fuck! We...we need to get you comfortable before we do this," I panted.

"No, I want you now, like this! Just...just take me now. You won't hurt me," she promised.

I pulled off her shirt and smirked. "You are going to fucking kill my ass, aren't you? Just lay there and get comfortable, wife. I'm about to fuck you until your body goes numb."

"Oh, you are cockier than I thought you were, Edward," she giggled.

With one swipe of my hand, her bra came off. I lowered my mouth and feasted on her puckered nipples. The taste of her was indescribable. I suckled on her and massaged her tit until she cried out.

"Wait! They're...they're sensitive, Edward. I'm sorry, but could you be a little gentler?"

I nodded. "I'm sorry, babydoll. Is this better?" I asked, nibbling on the side of her breast.

She groaned, "Oh, god yes," and pulled on a tuft of my hair. I slowly licked around her nipples, caressing her baby bump with my free hand. We tongue fucked each other as the temperature in the room increased. When I flicked my babydoll's clit, she grabbed my wrists and ground her lower body into me.

"You ready for me babydoll?"

"So ready, Edward,"

I shed my own fucking clothes and looked down at my angel. Her eyes were black with lust and she was playing in her dripping pussy. I lowered my head and began to lick her slowly. She tasted like sweet honey and something slightly tangy. I spread her legs wide and feasted on the bounty before me. The fact that she was my wife made her taste that much sweeter.

My babydoll came hard, her legs clenching my head. I had trouble breathing, but I let her ride out the orgasm before I separated her legs from my shoulders. She was panting and speaking fucking gibberish. I continued to lap her clit until she came again.

"Edward! Damn!" She screamed, scratching her short nails down my back.

I smiled down at her as she tried to calm down. Her chest was heaving, which only made her tits bounce more. My already tortured cock jumped in response. I knew that I wouldn't last long once I got back into pussy paradise, but I wanted to at least make her come one last time.

While she struggled to compose herself, I arranged us so that we were side by side with her in front. Suddenly, the memory of our wedding night flashed before my eyes. My cock jumped so hard, it looked like it was trying to give me a high five.

I sucked my thumb until it was nice and wet, and then, I used it to massage my babydoll's little rosebud. She whimpered and pushed her ass back against me.

"Edward, are we... Do we...do that?" she asked timidly.

"We do it all, babydoll, but we've only had anal sex once and that was on our wedding night. You fucking loved it," I bragged, increasing the pressure.

She moaned low and deep, sending another jolt to my cock.

"We don't have to," I sighed, bringing my free hand up to cup her swollen bosom.

"Mmmm, I trust you, Edward. Besides, what you're doing feels amazing..." The answering smile on my fucking face was about a mile wide.

After that revelation, I began to slowly lick down the nape of Bella's neck to the middle of her back. I felt her tense up, so I gently kissed the places where my tongue had just been. Almost immediately, she relaxed.

I took a chance and smacked her ass cheeks before licking inside the crease. Of course, my little tigress loved that shit, arching her back and reaching back to tug on my hair. I kept licking her rosebud until she was close to another orgasm.

"Babydoll, the anus is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. I want you to be comfortable with this and know that there is nothing to be ashamed about."

When I replaced my tongue with my middle finger, she screamed and clutched the hand covering her breast.
My fucking nuts were about to explode, so I lined myself up at her back entrance. Inch by fucking inch I pushed my hard steel into Bella's small rosebud. She responded by groaning, thrashing, and biting her lip.
Then, I moved my free hand from her breast to her mouth. She sucked my two fingers hungrily, caressing them with her sweet tongue. After they were good and soaked, I lowered them to her clit and began to work her hard.

Deep inside my babydoll's ass, my dick was getting the workout of a lifetime. To say the shit felt good would be a serious understatement. Neither one of us was fucking quiet. Thankfully, the walls were soundproof and we were in our own wing of the house.

Bella came hard, almost breaking my fucking wrist in the process. That caused her rosebud to clamp down on my dick. My orgasm was so strong that my eyes crossed and I lost focus for several minutes. My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest.

She screamed, "Holymotherfuckingshit!" and trembled uncontrollably.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Holy...shit," I answered.

We came for what seemed like forever, soaking each other in our juices. After several long minutes, I raised my wet palm to my babydoll's stomach to make sure Dante was okay. A little foot kicked back at me. I grinned, thinking of my future son and what he must think of his parents.

"I'm sorry, D.C., mommy and I are too loud. You better be a heavy sleeper," I teased.

Bella tried to turn over on her own, but since she was so large, I had to help her. She just stared in my eyes like she was looking for something. I prayed like god that she didn't regret what we'd just done.

"Did you just call our baby, D.C.? His name is Dante!" she screamed, punching me in the stomach.

I grabbed her fists, laughing at her. "It's just a nickname. We call Collin and Brady, 'C and B'. Every man should has one."

"Does that mean I can call you, Eddie or Ed?" she asked, kissing the spot she'd just hit.

Before she knew what was happening, I began to tickle her. She laughed and tried to fight me off, but I was much stronger. The playfulness turned into lust in no time flat. I carried my angel to the bathtub, where we proceeded to fuck each other in every way possible. In just a few minutes, I had my babydoll back over the edge and screaming my fucking name.

After we finished, I helped her get dressed, just like old times. She chose a pretty rose colored short and cami pj set. I threw on a pair of my trusty silk boxers and let her do her thing to my hair. She gave me what she called, 'sex hair'.

When that was done, Bella looked up at me. "Will we be okay, Edward? I don't want to remember...remember the things with James. I...I still have nightmares. I just don't want Dante tainted by what happened. Tell me we'll be okay again," she begged.

I laid her down tenderly on the bed before answering. "Bella, we'll never be the same as we were before, but the shit that happened didn't kill us or lessen our love for one another. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and you and I are stronger than Teflon. We can get through anything together. Dante will be fine. We both love him and he's going to have a large family full of support. I'll never leave your side. We're forever."

She smiled. "Forever and then some. I don't ever want to be away from you again, Edward. I love you so much.

"And I love you, wife. Now enough of this depressing shit. Are you or are you not hungry and craving something?"

It turned out that she was indeed hungry. She protested, but I refused to let her leave the bed. She wanted chicken tenders so I took some breasts out of the freezer, seasoned them, and put them in the deep fryer.

I was just fixing a salad when my mom walked into the kitchen. She had on a long blue robe and her hair was up. She still looked really young and beautiful. People often mistook her for my older sister. There had been a few times where I wanted to kick motherfucker's asses for lusting after my mom. That shit wasn't cool.

"Hey, Edward. Bella hungry again? Carlisle says the baby is already very big. I hope she can have a natural birth," Esme said, taking a seat at the counter.

"Yeah. I hope so, too. I really don't want her to have a C-section. She's been through enough shit the last few months."

"I am so proud of you, Edward. You've already shown me that you are going to be a much better father than your dad was. I never thought I'd see the day where you cooked anything or settled down with one woman. I know you have obligations to the Volturi, but your family always comes first. Remember that, bambino," she said, kissing me on the cheek.

"Thanks, mom. That means a lot coming from you. It just seems so overwhelming..."

"Hush. Bella is the one under all the stress. She's about to push a baby out of her body for the first time. That can be very scary. Add to the fact, that she's been through torture and has memory loss. I know it's hard for you too, but please be patient, Edward. Bella and Dante are counting on you. I love you and I know you will continue to make me proud."

I walked over and kissed my mom on the cheek. "I will. Bella and Dante are my life now."

After our talk, mom stayed to help me finish everything, and then she grabbed a bottle of water and went back to her bedroom. She always seemed to know just what I needed, and I really needed that fucking pep talk.

When I got upstairs, my babydoll had the demon in her lap. I groaned, but put on a happy-fucking-smile and trudged on. If Bella liked that damn monster, I was going to have to learn to love it.

"I see the dem...Onxy woke up."

She smiled. "Yes, I sensed that she was awake, so I went to Bree's room and got her. She was just sitting at the foot of the bed looking around. I hope you don't mind if she sleeps with us."

Bella ate while I tried to make friends with our new 'pet'. The thing bit me three times before I gave up on that shit. Onyx and I glared at each other when Bella wasn't looking. Something about that damn cat was pure evil.

"Edward, I didn't want to tell you, but Onyx went potty on one of your shirts. I'm so sorry. I was looking for one to wear that smelled like you. I forgot to put the others back in the closet. She doesn't know any better. I'll replace it."

Onyx fucking winked at me! I growled. "Don't bother, I can get another fucking shirt. I'm sorry, but Onyx hates my fucking guts, babydoll. She did that shit on purpose."

"Please, don't make me give her up. I knew she was mine when I saw her. Please," she whined, throwing her tiny arms around me.

I rubbed her lower back and rocked her softly. "Shhh, babydoll. I'm not taking Onyx away from you. I'll just... I'll try harder."

The demon climbed on Bella's lap and nuzzled her stomach, like a fucking perfect angel. If my son loved the monster, I would never get rid of it. After giving Onyx the finger, I pulled out my phone and checked for messages.

"Hello, Mr. Cullen. This is Seattle Medical Center. We are calling to let you know that Demetri Costa has woken up from his coma. Since you are listed as next of kin..."

"Holy fuck," I mumbled, hanging up the phone. I thought that motherfucker was dead.

"What's wrong?" Bella asked, worriedly.

"Nothing...just, my right hand man woke up from his coma. We both worked with him at the club and he's one of my friends. He took a bullet to the head and has been in a coma. I never expected him to recover."

She clapped her hands and fed the demon a small piece of chicken. "That's great, Edward! Jasper told me that our friends, Eleazar and Carmen, got killed in this mess. He showed me pictures from my birthday... I'm just glad we didn't lose everyone."

I kissed her forehead. "Me too, babydoll."

We stayed up talking until almost four in the morning. I didn't want to close my eyes for fear that she was a mirage, waiting to disappear. I inhaled the scent of her long chocolate hair and massaged her silky soft skin until exhaustion caught up with me.

I woke up with my hand on Bella's tit and someone banging on the fucking door. I threw my other arm over my wife's body and tried to go back to sleep. The banging got louder. I jumped out of bed and stalked to the door.

"What the fuck do you want?" I seethed.

My tiny baby sister was standing on the other side laughing at my ass. "Nice boxers, Edward. I prefer Jazz in boxer-briefs. Well, actually I like my Jazzy in nothing..."

I held up my hand to cut her off. "Please spare my fucking stomach. I don't EVER want to hear about you and Jaz's personal business. What do you want, Ali?"

She peeked into the room and smiled. "It's almost one in the afternoon. Bella's friend Angela and her her husband Ben are downstairs. They've been here for an hour and a half. They are demanding to see her now. It's not fair that you're hogging her. She's my sister and we all missed her. Oh, and I need you guys so we can finish planning my wedding. I'm so excited, Eddie."

I closed my eyes. "Take a deep breath, Little Bit. I'll help Bella get dressed and we'll be down in a minute. Be the beautiful hostess that you were born to be. We'll go over the wedding together."

Placated, she left the fucking room, dancing down the stairs. I had to smile. My sister was getting married. I still remembered when she used to steal CD's from my room so that I'd play with her.

When I turned around, Bella was sitting up in bed looking at me. Being the motherfucker that I am, I'd taken her shirt off during the night so I could suck on her nipples. Honestly, I didn't know why she bothered to wear shit. Her sleep shorts were also gone.

She stretched her back and yawned. I licked my lips and winked at her, which caused my favorite fucking blush to cover her cheeks. My dick was hard in an instant.

"Did you...um, did we... while I was sleeping? I had a really good dream, but...," she trailed off.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Our lips molded together naturally. Bella's eyes were black as she stared deep into mine. She inserted her hand in my boxers and squeezed my cock. I groaned and nibbled on her neck. I was getting a great handjob when I heard it.

"Meow!" Onyx bellowed, licking Bella's hand. My dick went flaccid.

She pulled her hand away. "Sorry, Edward. I forgot she was here. We might as well get dressed. I heard Alice say we had company."

"Yeah, we can finish our shit later," I snarled.

My babydoll leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. "I love you, Edward. Your mom set up a litter box outside. Can you take Onyx? She probably has to go."

After throwing on some jeans, I picked up the hairball and took the side stairs outside. A covered blue and white litter box was set up in a corner of the deck. I put the monster down, waiting for it to do its shit. She just looked from me to the litter box, not making a move to do a fucking thing.

"You," I pointed, "Go to the bathroom. I swear to god, I'll 'accidentally' lose your ass if you ruin another one of my expensive shirts. You may have my babydoll wrapped around your paw, but not me." I felt stupid for talking to a kitten.

Onyx licked her paw like she was fucking bored. I put her in the damn box. She started making some loud whining noise so I took her out. We tried the same fucking routine over and over again until I was frustrated.

"Please, Onyx. Imagine how happy Bella will be if you learn to use your litter box," I pleaded.

I picked her up, petting her tiny black head. She was fucking cute in her own way. I'd never had a pet because the old me wouldn't even commit to that. I nuzzled her nose, like I'd seen my babydoll do and spoke to her very nicely. This time when I put her in the box, she was silent. She moved around a little before squatting.

Emmett and Jasper came outside to see what I was up to. When they saw Onyx, they started laughing. I death stared them.

"Dude, trying to get Onyx to like you again?" Emmett asked, slapping me on the back.

I moved several feet away from him. "Yes, and trying to get her to use her litter box."

Jasper laughed and bent to peek in on the kitten. "I think she's going poo."

"Poo?" Em and I laughed in unison.

Jaz held up his hands. "Hey, I live with Alice. She does not like it referred to as 'shit'. We use the words 'poo' or 'number two' in our house."

"Edward will be getting acquainted with all different types and colors of 'poo' once Dante gets here," Emmet said, laughing like a fucking maniac.

"I'm ready for that. I'm a new man." It didn't help that my fucking voice wavered.

"Do you even know how to change a diaper, bro?"

I glared at Em. "How hard could it be?"

Jasper laughed. "In the foster homes, I changed a lot of diapers and it's never easy. The girls are a little better because they can't squirt you from far away, but no baby likes to stay still and stuff gets everywhere. They also cry really loud ify ou don't distract them."

Emmett agreed. "I had to take a class before C and B were born and it still didn't prepare me. They never stopped crying those first few nights. Rosie got almost no sleep. When one got done with her breast, the other latched on. We walked around like zombies. I'm so glad they can walk and are almost potty trained now."

I felt sick. "Em, do you still have the information for that class? I could probably use some tips."

He pulled out his phone and emailed me the number, times, and addresses. We talked about dad stuff for several minutes. Emmett admitted to being scared that he was going to screw up his kids, and Jasper was scared he wouldn't be good enough to even have shitmakers. It helped me to know that I wasn't the only worried fucker.

Onyx meowed and climbed out of her fancy toilet, letting us know that she was finished. I picked her up, told Jaz and Em I would be down in a few, and jogged up the side stairs. When I got there, I saw my babydoll in front of the mirror. She was wearing some fucking blue jean short shorts and a yellow sleeveless halter top that fell over her baby bump. She smiled when she saw Onyx in my arms.

"Did she go poo, Edward?"

I laughed. Women, if you can't beat them... "I think so. She went in the litter box, did something, and then came out."

"Oh, that's so good. I knew you could win her over if you tried," she squealed.

Handing Onyx to my babydoll, I went to the closet to find something to wear. I settled on a short sleeved white and gold striped Ralph Lauren polo shirt and navy slacks.

After Bella kissed me and mussed my hair, we went downstairs. We heard the noise before we saw anyone. I could smell something fucking amazing that I was sure my mom had made. Alice's voice was high pitched like it always was when she was excited.

When we got to the living room, I cleared my throat to let everyone know that we'd arrived. A tall, brunette with glasses rushed over and hugged my babydoll. My natural instinct to fuck someone up for touching my wife came out, but I quelled it.

"Oh my god, Bella! You look amazing! It's me, Angela. We were coming to your wedding, but we got held up in Honduras. Then, I got a letter from Chicago saying that you'd died. I got so sick. I'm so glad you're okay." she whimpered, bursting into tears.

A sandy headed guy walked over and pulled her into his arms. "My name is Ben. I'm Angie's husband," he said, holding out his hand.

My babydoll looked scared. "I'm sorry. I...I don't remember you, but..." She returned Angela's hug eagerly.

We filled Ben and Angela in on what happened, leaving out the Volturi details. The woman clearly loved my babydoll. She and her husband kept looking at me and whispering. It made me feel fucking uncomfortable, but I didn't complain.

Angela told stories about going to frat parties with my babydoll. When she talked about the hoochie outfits, they'd bought, I gritted my teeth. Imagining all those horny fuckers slobbering over my wife made me see blood again.

It turned out that Ben was an okay motherfucker and already knew Jasper. Everyone shared their own Bella stories and talked for hours. We also went through mountains of food. I told everyone about the baby class and they encouraged us to go.

Later in the afternoon, we were all sitting around the living room shooting the shit. I'd made arrangements to go visit D the next day. I'd also called to ask about Riley and found out he would be paying us a visit in a few days. Bree almost lost her shit because she was so fucking happy.

Bella was sitting in my lap and distracting me. Every time she moved her little ass, I got harder. She would just smile shyly and move around until I was in pain. To keep from thinking about my cock, I threw myself into the conversation.

"The funny thing is that I knocked Bella up while she was on birth control," I said, bumping fists with Emmett.

She rolled her eyes. "Ugh! Do you have to tell everyone that story, Edward?"

What the fuck? Does this mean...?

"Oh my god, you remember, Bella," Alice squealed, coming out of nowhere to hug us both.

Bella closed her eyes for a few minutes. She appeared to be deep in thought. When she opened them again, she looked up and cupped my cheek. I knew then that she was really home. She remembered me and our life.

"Babydoll?" I asked, hesitantly.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders. "It's me, Edward. I remember...I remember everything. I love you so much. I missed you. I thought..."

Everyone crowded around and took a turn hugging Bella. She cried the whole time, but I never let her go.

Jasper took her from my arms. The way he touched her was so fucking gentle and loving. She melted into his arms as he whispered things in her ear. She pulled away after nodding and kissing his cheek.

Mom went to the kitchen and got a bottle of champagne. Of course, my babydoll's was non alcoholic.

Eventually, my godfathers and their women joined us. Bree got to talk to Riley on the phone. I got a call from Garrett informing me that he and Kate were on their way back to Seattle. Now that shit was settled, they could come home.

There was so much to do, but all I wanted was to be alone with my wife. Unfortunately, there were cock blockers all around. Carlisle measured Bella and took her weight. He said that she could go into labor anytime. That scared the fuck out of me.

My mom held my hand while dad made sure my babydoll's heartbeat was normal. It turned out that she was close to the weigt that was needed to a successful birth. With Esme and Di cooking big Italian dinners, I knew she would gain the four pounds needed.

After the checkup, the cock gods finally smiled upon me. My mom suggested that everyone give Bella and I a night to ourselves. That didn't go over well with the others, though.

"Aww, he's always hogging, Bella," Alice whined.

"I know right? You're so selfish, Edward." Rose seethed.

Emmett laughed. "Babe, they're still in the honeymoon phase. Remember us at that time?"

That statement led to some very inappropriate PDA that made everyone groan. Were my babydoll and I this fucking bad? Maybe, but I doubted it.

Jasper put his arm around Alice, who was busy bouncing around like a rabbit. "Let them have tonight, sweetheart. You have the rest of the week to do wedding stuff. Besides, maybe we can have some fun of our own..."

I rolled my eyes. "We're leaving. Text me if there's a fucking emergency. Tomorrow we'll all do something."

"Let's go to the beach and then we can shop for Dante," Bella said, reminding me of Alice.

This caused squeals from all the ladies. They talked breast pumps, onesies, baby bottles, nursery items, and a lot more shit. After awhile, we were finally able to leave. Bree promised that she would take care of Onyx. I was glad that she seemed really comfortable with my family.

My clean black Phantom was waiting for me out front. I smirked. It had been too fucking long since I cruised with my babydoll. The drive to our destination didn't take long at all. It was a miracle we made it in one piece because Bella kept putting her hot little hands on my cock. I ran two fucking red lights.

"Edward, I want you so bad. I don't think I've ever need you so much," Bella moaned.

I unbuckled her seat belt and helped her out of the car. We were at HADES. The club had been closed on weekdays while all this shit went down. I was really looking forward to reopening. Although I was now a father, I was still a fucking mobster. I didn't plan on ever giving up my club.

When we were on the fifth floor, I pressed the stop button. My babydoll looked at me with lust filled eyes. I knew that we weren't even going to make it to the lair. I softly pushed her against the wall and got down on my knees.

"We've never done it in an elevator, babydoll. What better time than now."

I kissed the inside of both of her thighs before sliding my fingers into her tiny shorts. She knotted her tiny fingers in my hair, pulling slightly. I snarled, pressing down on her needy clit in the process. As usual, she was already wet.

"Hard, Edward I... I need it hard," she whimpered.

Hooking my fingers into her shorts, I pulled them off in one swipe. The little flowered panties she was wearing came next. The scent of my babydoll's pussy so close to my nose made my cock jump. When she was bare and glistening in front of me, I buried my head and devoured.

"Fuck! Edward...Oh god. You're so good!"

A fresh spurt of sweet juice coated my tongue. The faster I swallowed, the more came. Strawberries, vanilla, and rain. I could drown in that shit. I flicked my tongue over her clit several times, causing her to cry out.

I took off my clothes, using them for a blanket as I lay down on the floor. Bella and I stared at each other for a long time. Her chest was heaving as she fought to catch her breath. Slowly, still keeping eye contact, she shed her top.

"Holy shit! They're so fucking big," I groaned, staring at her tits and protruding nipples.

She smiled as I helped her down to the ground. I nibbled on her breast and slipped a finger into her slick folds. All of a sudden, she pushed me down.

"You've had your fun, now it's my turn."

I closed my eyes and just...felt. Hot, sticky, wetness covered my dick. She began to ride me slow and steady. After her first orgasm, she sped up. It felt so fucking good. She arched her back and took me in deep. The familiar tingling sensation started in my balls. When my babydoll Kegeled, I spewed deep inside of her. She came a minute later.

We didn't bother to dress because I was hard again. I moaned into Bella's mouth as I placed open mouth kisses all over her neck. Somehow, we managed to make it into the lair. She soaked my fingers in her sweet cum before I punched in the fucking code.

After that, I bent my angel over and fucked her next to the piano. The fact that it was the place where our son was conceived, turned me on to no end. I rammed my cock into Bella's dripping pussy repeatedly.

"Edward, shit!"

"Come for me, babydoll. I want you to fucking come all over my cock," I commanded.

That did it, she came hard, making keening noises in the back of her throat. I barely managed to get us to the bathroom so we could shower. My babydoll's eyes were drooping so I didn't try any sexual shit.

She fell asleep soon after I helped her into one of my shirts. When I woke up, Bella was sitting up in bed, eating and watching television. I watched her laugh at something and thought how lucky I was that she was all mine.

"What are you eating, babydoll?" I asked, sitting up.

She jumped a bit. "Oh, um, just chips. I am really craving Chinese, though. I didn't know if I should order..."

I grabbed my Iphone off of the nightstand and called one of my favorite all night delivery places. The Volturi sold birth certificates to Chinese immigrants through the restaurant, so they knew me. I always got the best fucking food.

"What do you want, Bella?"

Her whole face lit up. I couldn't help but smile like the lovesick pussy whipped motherfucker that I'd become.

"Sesame chicken, lemon chicken, fried chicken and shrimp rice, won tons, egg rolls, sweet and sour pork, chow main..."

I pinched the bridge of my nose. "Holy shit. How about I order a little of everything?"

"Good idea. Sorry, I just get so hungry, especially after all the sex," she admitted, blushing.

My cock decided that it needed to get hard at that moment. I ordered in fucking Chinese, which really impressed my babydoll. I was rewarded with a very nice tongue fucking. We were almost on another round when I got a text from Felix.

I threw on my black Armani and went to my office. Felix was outside the door waiting for me.

"I assume this feast is for the lovely Bella. Tell her I said hello,"

I smirked. "I still owe your ass for giving Bella that fucking kitten."

After giving me a speech on fucking animal rights, he left. There were major gun shipments coming into the club in a few days. Now that Riley was the head of the Russian Mafia, we were at peace. The uncles who hated James made sure my godfathers knew that they were okay with me becoming a Don. The truth was those motherfuckers were scared of me now. If I asked them to suck my cock, they'd ask 'how hard'.

It took several trips before I managed to carry all the food into the lair. Bella was still the only person besides Marcus that knew of it. I planned to keep it that way. If some shit went down at the club, it was important that I had a place to hide or hide my babydoll.

After the food was set up on the counter, I grabbed a white platter and filled it up with a little of everything. Then, I grabbed a try and carried it into the bedroom. Bella was on the phone, which made me suspicious. Who the fuck was she talking to this late?

"I miss you too, Riley...Yes, she's doing really good. I can't wait until you get here! The baby kicks all the time..." She laughed for about five minutes after that. I stood on the side of the bed seething. That motherfucker had seen my wife naked. Technically, he'd also saved her and Dante's life, but I was still jealous.

"Babydoll, you should hang up so you can eat." I hoped I didn't sound as angry as I felt.

She nodded. "Okay. I have to go Riley. Edward is standing over me looking like he wants to throw the phone off the balcony. See you soon. Goodnight."

Fuck, she sees through all my bullshit.

"Caveward is alive and well," she said before digging into her dinner.

I stomped off to get my own between moo shoo and walnut prawns. After dinner, we made up from our mini fight. This led to me fucking Bella on the edge of the bed while she attempted to eat a fucking fortune cookie.
The rest of the night was spent watching movies. Bella really liked the classics, so we watched Another Thin Man. She liked it because the lead characters were married and had a baby. They solved a murder while funny shit happened with their kid.

"I can't wait until Dante comes, Edward. I want to hold him in my arms and feed him. At least then I can see him and know he's okay." She was laying on her side with me spooning her.

"He's fine. Our boy is a fucking fighter. He's strong, just like his mother."

Apparently, our son agreed. He kicked my palm as I massaged my babydoll's belly. We fell asleep soon after. Bella woke up with heartburn during the night. I panicked at first, but then, I remembered that that shit was normal during pregnancy. After I fixed her some medicine, she went back to sleep.

When we woke up again, it was around nine in the morning. Bella ate leftover Chinese for breakfast. After that, we showered and got ready for the beach. I groaned when I saw the fucking swimsuit she was wearing.

"Hell no! Your tits are on display and so is your ass, just...no!"

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, this is a tankini. I am covered enough. It's going to be record heat day. I will not be stuck in a bunch of clothes because you are a caveman," she yelled.

"You are my pregnant wife! Show some class and cover-the-fuck up. You can wear shorts and a tank top. I'm not going to let you go in public where men can get hard ons from looking at your ass!"

My babydoll began to cry. "You don't...you don't think I have class? How dare you...? There isn't anything wrong with what I'm wearing. You're...you're still a big bully," she snarled, pushing past me.

I grabbed her elbow. "Stop! I am your husband and that means I have a say in what you wear in public. After all the shit that we've been though, I can't believe that you are still so fucking disobedient!" That did it.

"And I can't believe that you haven't changed one bit, Edward! You're still an ass! I'm going to the beach, and I'm wearing what I have on. If you don't like it, you can stay home and throw your damn pity party. Dante and I don't need this stress!"

"Bella... I don't want to fight with you. Please, just change," I growled.

She shook her head.

The ride to the beach was tense. It was really fucking hot outside. Through slanted eyes, I watched my babydoll apply suntan lotion to her skin. I hated that I had all this fucking rage inside but most of all I hated that we were having another fucking fight.

"I'm sorry," I blurted, as the car screeched to a halt. Instead of the phantom we were in one of m Mercedes convertibles. Bella's hair was windblown and she looked fucking beautiful.

"Whatever, Edward. I just want to play in the sand and go for a swim. I'm sure you are too embarrassed to be seen with your classless wife, so feel free to do what you want."

I was about to argue, but Alice and Jasper pulled up. Bella wiggled out of the car and waddled over to them. Em, Rosie, and the boys showed up a few minutes later. After my mom and dad arrived, the women took Bella away. I tried to follow, but Carlisle shook his head.

Of course, we were responsible for unpacking and laying out all the shit the women had brought to the beach. I saw poor Jasper carrying a huge bucket of fucking Barbie dolls. I knew they were Ali's. Unlike most women, she never stopped playing with hers.

My babydoll was kind enough to let me put sunscreen on her back. I whispered my apology in her ear but she just shrugged and started helping Brady build a sandcastle. I sighed and walked back to our chairs.

I was barely across the sand before four bitches came up to me. They were wearing barely there thong bikinis that left nothing to the imagination. I ignored them, but they were persistent.

When I got to my destination, one of them took the suntan lotion out of my hands.

"Want a rubdown, baby. We can make this a private party," she suggested.

Not to be outdone, the other fake bimbo bitches joined in, fighting over who would oil my back.

I pointed to my babydoll. "That's my wife. I'm married and even if I wasn't, I'm not interested. Now, leave me the fuck alone."

The blonde looked in the direction I was pointing. "Ewww, that's your wife. She has like totally let herself go. I can be really quiet. We could be...secret lovers. I love that song!"

Kill me now!

Thankfully, Carlisle came to my rescue. Two of the fake bitches tried to get their claws in him, but he got them to move along quickly. From across the beach, I saw my mom raise her eyebrows and wave at us. Carlisle blew her a kiss.

"Thanks, Dad. Those bit-girls were persistent. Bella is already mad at me, so that shit is the last thing I need right now."

Jasper, Emmett, and Ben came to join us. I spilled my fucking guts. There were laughs, slaps on the back of my head, and then advice.

"Apologize," Carlisle said.

"Buy her a pony," added Em. The saddest part was that he was serious.

"Edward, Bella loves the beach. Charlie used to take us every chance we got. She told me that she dreams of her parents on a beach. I know you are overprotective, and in a way that's a good thing, but you're pushing her away. My sister is stubborn, so ordering her to do things will always end in a fight. Besides all that, you were wrong. She's dressed appropriately. Have you seen what your sister is wearing? If anyone has a right to be upset, it's me." Jasper said, glaring at Alice. I was horrified to see that her bikini didn't cover shit. Rose's wasn't much better.

"Shit! She's really mad. Maybe I should just let her have some fun and then go to her."

Ben nodded. "Good idea. That usually works with Angie."

A few guys on the beach wanted to start a flag football game and needed a few plays. Of course, they asked us. The other fuckers on the beach looked like a five minute job might kill them. I promised myself that I would always stay in shape.

As I put on the belt, I noticed my babydoll's eyes on me. I wanted to drown in her dark brown pools. She looked so fucking sad, but she was putting on a happy front for everyone.

Several kids on the beach had joined the girls to build a gigantic sandcastle. Alice was helping some girl dress her Barbie and Rose was driving a remote controlled car for a group of little boys. Bella was leading the building effort. The way she interacted with the children showed me how great of a mother she was going to be.

I was chosen as the fucking quarterback for the team. I threw several passes that got caught and ran to the touchdown line. A group of bitches came to be our cheerleaders. One of them poured cold ass water all over my bare chest. I glared at her as I toweled off.

Our team ended up winning by three touchdowns, so the other guys offered us beers. More bitches had joined by that point. One of them kept sliding her hands over my ass. I was just about to get one of my security men to have her removed when someone did it for me.

"Excuse me, skank. That man who you are touching so intimately is my husband. I don't appreciate you putting your diseased hands on him. I may be pregnant, but I can still kick your ass. Walk away before it gets ugly."

I was fucking stunned. My little tigress was jealous. Fuck me sideways!

"Too late, hefer. It got ugly the minute you showed up. You should be glad I'm willing to take care of your husband for you. It's not like you can do anything for him."

"You fucking bitch!" I snarled.

My babydoll put her hand on my chest and winked. "I do it all for him. We spent all of last night fucking in his club. I know the exact taste, smell, and look of his ten inch dick. I know how he likes to be touched. He's addicted to me. I own him."

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Bella yanked the skank's tiny bikini top off, exposing her breasts. The bitch had a boob job gone wrong. I was going to have nightmares about that shit.

Several men yelled and cheered behind me. The bitch and her friends ran away, giving Bella angry looks. The guys we had been playing football with, came up to give Bella high fives. Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle took turns hugging her.

"That's the funniest shit I've ever seen, Bella. I'm going over to tell Rosie," Em called, jogging away. Carlisle and Jasper followed him soon after.

"Walk with me, Edward. We need to talk," she said, linking her hand in mine.

That fucking talk last hours. We discussed all our issues. I promised to go back to anger management with Dr. Uley. I apologized like the pussy whipped motherfucker that I am now. After that we went back to the sandcastle.

After the beach, we went to my parents house, showered, and changed. Then, everyone was off to the mall. Alice, Rose, and Bella bought up half the shit in Baby Gap. Then, Alice insisted that they do wedding shit. I used that time to handle some club business.

When Bella showed me some of the baby clothes, I started to get into it. I found a baby Armani suit and Dior set at Saks Fifth. I knew all my son's stuff didn't have to be designer but I wanted him to have the best. As usual, I had to fight my babydoll tooth and nail. Luckily, my mom and sisters were on my side.

Bree had been with one of Carlisle's specialist friends all day. He believed that with a simple back surgery, her limp would be gone. My babydoll called her every five minutes. She took turns worrying over both Bree and Onyx. I rolled my eyes when she held up the phone so the cat could meow in my fucking ear.

"Everything is set for me and Jazzy's wedding. I'm so excited! Bella is having a baby, and I'm getting married," Alice squealed.

We were in a baby stroller store. I didn't like all the average looking shit so I asked for something custom. Bella insisted that it only needed to be usable, nothing fancy, but I ignored her. I was perusing the store when I saw it. It was big, black, and had bling. Since Dante wasn't going to be driving a Phantom anytime soon, this would have to do.

Bella groaned. "It has skulls on it, Edward! Does Dante need diamonds on his stroller?"

"I want my son to have the best. Also, those aren't diamonds, they are crystals, but I'm having them replaced with diamonds. I will also need the body in platinum," I said, handing the saleswoman my black card. She rushed off to put my order in the computer.

Rose held up a little pink pillow. "This makes me want to get pregnant again. I would love a little girl," she said, wistfully.

Emmett wrapped his arms around her waist. "I'm all up for trying. We could use a little Emma running around the house. She would be daddy's little girl."

My babydoll smiled at them. "A little girl sounds nice."

"It does, doesn't it. A little Karena, Bethany, Gabriella, Anna..." Shit! I said that out loud.

Bella's eyes widened. "You...you think about that? Those names are beautiful, Edward."

She and I tongue fucked right in the middle of the store. I was about to pick her up and carry her out but cockblockers-r-us, aka my family. had other ideas. We ended up eating an Italian restaurant near the mall. My godfathers and their respective others joined us.

We discussed Eleazar and Carmen's restaurant and what we were going to do with it. Bella cried when they were mentioned, but sometime during the evening we started celebrating their life. My mom said that they were never really gone as long as we had good memories of them. I remembered her telling me and Ali the same shit after my father died. Strangely enough, it made me feel better.

I told my babydoll about the bookstore-cafe I bought for her. She was very excited, mostly about the fucking books. I had my HR people interviewing someone for her manager. That way, she could pick and choose when she wanted to go in. There would also be plenty of time for her to finish writing here book. Plus, she could take Dante with her. We would have a nursery set up for him. There was no fucking way I wanted my baby at the club during operating hours, and I knew my babydoll would want to work. She was also against us hiring a nanny.

Marcus bought several bottles of Dom so we could all toast. Bella had sparkling grape juice, but she looked as happy as everyone else. My hands were buried in her pussy under the table. We were trying to be discreet, but from the looks that Jasper was sending us, I knew we'd failed.

I tried to remove my hand, but Bella held it in place, pleading with her eyes. I closed my eyes and used my thumb and forefinger to pinch her clit. She made a tiny noise, trembling quietly. Luckily, the other couples at the table were talking to each other.

After I removed my hand, I licked all my fingers clean. "This was the best meal I've had in a long time," I smirked, looking at Bella.

That night, we made love all over the Penthouse. It had been cleaned and restocked at my request. It felt so good to fuck my wife in our bed after all this time. We fell asleep tangled in each other's arms.

The next week was a bunch of chaos. Jasper and Alice were getting married on a small island off the coast of Washington. Bella was whisked away for a bunch of wedding shit and I had Voluri business. We were so tired that we barely managed to give each other an orgasm by the end of the day.

On Tuesday, we went back to marriage counseling. Bella was frisky so we ended up fucking in Dr. A's bathroom. I didn't regret it in the least, but my babydoll thought we should add a tip to Dr. A.'s bill. That night, I surprised Bella with a role playing fuck that left us exhausted.

Wednesday, we went to the baby class that Em suggested. We were the youngest couple there. Bella smiled and made friends, but I just ignored everyone. I was answering some emails on my phone when the teacher started talking.

She held up some odd looking pump thing. "This is a breast pump. I know every new mother wants to feed her baby from her breasts, but that's not always possible. We need to give daddy a turn."

My eyes widened when I saw her demonstrate the breast pump method along with the DVD on the projector. I looked down at my babydoll's swollen tits. She was biting her lower lip and taking notes. My cock got impossibly hard. It was like we were in high school or some shit. I had a fantasy of us fucking in an empty classroom.

"Edward, are you okay? Bella asked, tapping me on the knee.

I swallowed. "I'm fine."

The teacher had a question and answer session. Bella raised her hand every fucking time. I answered when called on. My photographic memory worked, even when I wasn't paying attention.

My babydoll began twirling the pen right on the swell of her breast. I tensed up, ready to fucking take her in front of all the fuckers. Then, the teacher called on me.

"Mr. Cullen, your eyes should be facing front. I'm sure your wife would appreciate it if you made an effort." Several people laughed.

"I think I know all I need to know about the tit juicer," I said through gritted teeth

All the women in the room turned to me. "What? Did you just call the breast pump a 'tit juicer'?"

Bella groaned and buried her head in her hands. "This is the hard-on in church talk all over again," she mumbled.

"Yeah. What's the fucking difference. I put an apple in a juicer I get apple juice. I put my wife's tit in that pump and milk comes out."

A few guys laughed, but quickly turned it into a cough when they got the evil eye. The teacher looked stunned. She didn't call on me the rest of that class.

The next part was about diapers and changing. I was a complete fucking failure at that shit. Bella did it as easily as tying her shoe. After several turns and wasted diapers, I finally got it. The next lesson was swaddling. I picked that up faster, because I concentrated hard. After that we watched birthing tapes. We both paid special attention during the water birth segment.

By the end of class, I was exhausted. My babydoll's smile and the feel of our son kicking happily in her belly made it all worth it, though. I was fucking proud of myself when I heard a few men mumble 'tit juicer' and start laughing.

After that, we met with the water birth coach. Bella listed the things she wanted, such as vanilla candles in the birthing room. The equipment for the birthing tub was brought in so we could have them when the time came. Our OB didn't see any reason why Bella couldn't have a natural water birth. I was scared to fucking death of being in that pool with her.

Bella and I spent all of Thursday setting up the nursery. She was so meticulous about where everything should go. Folding the baby clothes and talking about Dante made me really fucking happy. It was better than any artificial high. It was like my love for my babydoll was multiplying.

When Esme and Carlisle came to bring us a baby blanket made from me and Ali's old clothes, Bella broke down., I cried with her. To go from thinking your whole reason for living was dead to this...it was amazing.

Before I knew it, it was Ali's wedding weekend. Bella and I had spent several days exploring the island and making love when we got the chance. My sister was persistent and kept my babydoll away most of the day.
After the impromptu bachelorette party, Bella came home with a white chocolate cock made to look like me.

"What the hell is that, babydoll?"

"One of the things we did was a chocolate penis sex kit. I told them I needed more chocolate for yours, but I made due," she grinned.

That night we used our new fuzzy handcuffs. My babydoll rode me to some of the most intense fucking orgasms of my life. Dante was practically kicking his way out. I knew it would be soon. He was probably as excited about sucking milk from my babydoll's tits as I was.

The day my sister got married, it was beautiful outside. Jasper was a bundle of nerves. We'd skipped the traditional bachelor party and just played cards and pigged out instead. None of use wanted to have a bunch of fake bitches rubbing all over us when we had the best at home.

"Calm down, Jasper," Carlisle said for the fifth time.

"I'm just... What if she doesn't come? I love Alice so much. I don't know how to be without her."

Emmett laughed, already stuffing his fucking face with a twinkie. "She loves you. I've never seen Alice so happy. There is no way she would let her dress and all this go to waste."

I agreed. "Don't sweat it, Jaz. She's going to probably run to you."

We took a lot of pictures. The groomsmen were in classic black Armani suits. Jasper was in a tux with a silver bow tie and vest. His blonde hair was extra curly. Emmett kept making fun of him, but he insisted Alice wanted it that way, and he only cared about her opinion.

The outdoor wedding setup was great, with the Ocean sparkling in the background. Mom cried her way down the carpet with Marcus and Di holding her up. Several prestigious Washington people showed up. I introduced them to my babydoll. Some of the bitches I'd fucked in the past tried to be shitty, but Bella held her own. I was fucking proud. She looked beyond beautiful in her long pink one shouldered gown.

Suddenly, the wedding march came on, Carlisle was at the entrance with Alice. My whole life with her flashed before my eyes. My sister had always been there for me. I shed a few fucking tears as she glided down the aisle. She looked like an angel, a princess, and a goddess all wrapped into one. She winked at me before taking Jasper's hand.

My babydoll cried really hard during the vows. Jasper and Alice didn't mind, though. They just spoke up. By the time the minister pronounced them husband and wife, there wasn't a dry eye. Alice fucking pounced on Jasper. I looked away as they mauled each other.

After the ceremony, we went to the tens for the reception. It was a lot like me and Bella's, expect with more people. I talked to some State Senators I knew. They knew my godfathers and we'd done favors for them. There was a Democratic seat opening up, and they thought I might be good for it. I promised that I would think about it.

Alice and Jasper looked so perfect together. Bella took turns crying, eating, and crying some more. Bree was fascinated by the whole thing. She got asked to dance a lot, so I had to keep my fucking eye on her and my babydoll. I didn't know what the fuck I was going to do when I had a daughter.

I gave Jasper a Lambo as a wedding present. Alice loved to race, and since she had her Porsche, I thought it was only right Jasper have a toy car too. Jasper blubbered like a fucking baby, almost choking me.

The newlyweds wanted to postpone their Paris honeymoon so they wouldn't miss Bella's birth. They retired to their private penthouse after the the rice was thrown. They were taken away on a horse drawn carriage. Alice was so happy tucked in Jaz's arms. My sister being a happily married woman was one of my oldest wishes.

Since, Caius had bought me a brand new Phantom to celebrate my initiation as Don, so I gave the old one to Em and Rose. I told them it was a late wedding gift. Emmett and I weren't close when he got married, so I wasn't at their wedding.

"I'm going to gut it and paint it red," Rose squealed, snatching the keys I held out.

"Can I drive it too, baby?" Em whined, picking up C and B.

Bella and I watched them walk away. The combination of good food, company, and the day had made me fucking horny.

"How about we go 'christen' our new Rolls, babydoll?"

"I thought you'd never ask, Edward."

We drove to a secluded area of the island. I helped Bella into the back. Before I knew it, she was bent over, taking my hard dick in her mouth.

"God, you taste good. I love you, Edward."

"Fuck! Ti amo, babydoll."

She licked along my vein, and then took me down her throat. She had gotten really fucking good at this shit. My fingers were pulling on her hair as she bobbed up and down on my swelled cock. I closed my eyes as she began playing with my nuts. I was so fucking close.

Suddenly, she sat up and squeezed hard, a little too hard. I came immediately, soaking her long mahogany hair in my cum. Her pretty pink dress was bunched up around her knees. My jizz was covering the top half. I was about to apologize when I noticed the seat was wet, really fucking wet, and so was the floor...

"What the hell?"

Bella turned to me, her doe eyes as wide as the moon. "I...I think my water just broke, Edward."

All the air rushed out of my lungs, and then I passed the fuck out.


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