Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 31: I'm Yours-Part 2

"You touch these tired eyes of mine
And map my face out line by line
And somehow growing old feels fine
I listen close for I'm not smart
You wrap you thoughts in works of art
And they're hanging on the walls of my heart
I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
And though I may not look like much
I'm yours
And though my edges may be rough
And never feel I'm quite enough
It may not seem like very much
But I'm yours…"

I'm Yours-The Script


My bullet took out the dumb motherfucker in an instant. Felix pulled the detonator from his hand before the body took the last breath.

The man that helped rescue my babydoll, Vladimir, had already warned us that he'd replaced James' bomb making materials with fakes. I knew that even if the bastard pressed the button, the dead guy wasn't going to blow up.

Our men rounded up the motherfuckers left and lined them up for questioning. I wiped my brow, feeling fucking older than my years. All I wanted to do was kill James and go home to my babydoll. There was already an ache in my chest from her absence.

"Edward, my boy, you are very much your father's son. He used to love to scare the shit out me too," Caius said, putting his gun away.

I grinned. "My motto is go fucking big or take your ass home. Sorry, Cai. I knew that the asshole wasn't strapped with a real bomb."
Marcus laughed. "That's why we asked you to head the Organization when we're gone. The Volturi didn't get to where it is today by doing things half-assed. I know that you're going to make me proud. Aro always used to say that you would grow up to be even better than your father."

"I hope I'm a better father than my dad. He was a hero in our world, but he fucking left my mom to do all the major shit. I never realized how much she had to do alone until I got older. Now that I have Bella and Dante..."

Marcus and Cai looked up. "Dante?" They said in unison.

I combed my fingers through my fucking hair. No matter what I did, that shit never stayed down. "Yeah, Bella picked it. Dante is her favorite fucking poet. I think it fits."

They both smiled. "It does. Dante Cullen. It's a good strong name. Our Bella has exquisite taste. I really couldn't ask for a better wife for you, Edward," Marcus said fondly.

Caius clapped me on the back. "I totally agree. Bella is strong, beautiful, and not afraid to kick your ass. She's going to make a wonderful mother."

Hearing my godfathers say such wonderful things about my wife made my heart swell with pride. I knew how fucking fantastic my babydoll was and I was just glad that others could see it too. I would never get over the fact that someone as sweet and kind as her wanted my ass. All I could do was spend the rest of my days trying to be the man she needed me to be.

I was still musing when Felix came over to interrupt our conversation. "Boss, we need to move you out of here. The local authorities are on their way. Some of them are on James payroll."

Several guards loaded me, Marcus, and Caius into bulletproof cars. We were all so fucking pussy whipped now. Di had Marcus on a leash for years so he was used to the shit. Now, Caius had Dr. A. to add to the mix. I smirked at them before taking out my own phone to call Bella. She picked up on the second ring.

"Edward," she said groggily.

"Sorry, babydoll. I didn't know you were sleeping. Go back. I'll talk to you later."

She sniffled. "No, I'm awake. I just had a hormonal pregnant woman moment when I saw a diaper commercial. Everyone is here. Your family is beautiful and so nice. Dr. Cullen keeps measuring my belly every few hours. No one will let me walk anywhere or do anything. It's all very overwhelming because I don't know them. They miss you. Bree is worried about Riley. Please, Edward, get him out alive if you can. I love you. Dante is kicking right now. He loves the sound of your voice."

I pinched the bridge of my nose. "I love you and Dante so fucking much, babydoll. I know my family can be...smothering, but they love you. Please, just be patient with them. I can't wait to be home with your and my son. I promise that I will do my best about Riley. James, however, is a fucking dead man. I'm going to make him pay for all the shit he's done to you. Just relax, eat, and rest. I'll be home in two days. Ti amo, babydoll."

I heard a loud "meow" on the other end of the line. I listened patiently as my babydoll cooed and shuffled around. "Sorry, that's just Onyx. She misses you too, Edward."

I rolled my eyes. That demon missed me like a fucker misses a tumor. I was not looking forward to Edward and kitten bonding part-fucking-two. "I have to go now, Bella. Get some rest. I'll be back with you before you know it."

"I'll be counting the minutes. I love you. I love you. I love you. Stay alive! I swear if...if you...if you leave me alone, I'll never..." she trailed off, hiccuping.

The phone clicked and then a new person came on. "Sorry, Edward. She's been crying every five minutes. I can't wait until you come home, dude. It kills me to see her in tears. Stay safe," Jasper advised before hanging up.

When I looked up, both Cai and Marcus were staring at me.

"What?" I asked self consciously.

Marcus shrugged. "It's nothing... You're just so different. The way you speak to Bella... Are you even aware that you shed a few tears while you were on the phone."

I started to deny it, but when I reached up, I noticed that my eyes were indeed moist. It was fucking embarrassing to be caught crying in front of my godfathers, but I hadn't even noticed it at the time. Hearing my babydoll so sad and worried made me feel fucking sick.

"We're not making fun of you, son. It's just strange for us to see. You've been a hard ass for so long. Is Bella all right?" Caius asked, handing me a silk handkerchief.

I took the offered garment. "She's good. She just misses me. It's hard on her because she doesn't fucking know anyone. I don't how we're going to cope. What if her memory never comes back? We have a baby on the way, and we've missed a lot of shit because of her kidnapping. It's a lot to handle."

Marcus tossed me a bottle water. "All that matters is that yoi and Bella love each other. Di and I have been through a lot of shit. I'd go through it all again just to have her. Life isn't perfect by any means, but you have to make the most of it."

Caius teased him for talking like their father. Aro had been a man of few words, but those few words were filled with good advice.

I thought about their words all the way to our new location. We were headed to a warehouse to talk to Vladimir. It was time for us to infiltrate James' fortress and take his ass out. I vowed to burn the devil's pit to the ground before I left Russia or die trying.

It was a half an hour later when we pulled up to a warehouse. I recognized some of my men as well as some members of our alliance out front. There were flags on some of the cars with the Russian one being the most prevalent. Several men stopped to stare as Marcus and Caius got out of the SUV. They were very well known in the Mafia world and treated with a lot of respect. Hands were kissed and backs pat as we walked into the building.

A tall, stocky dark haired man with a thick Russian accent came to greet us. I noticed that he had a heart shaped locked around his neck. A taller and more muscular young man with dark eyes trailed behind him.

Felix shook their hands before introducing us. "Edward, this is Vladimir Karenko and his son Nahuel. They are the grain boat operators who got Bella out of James' house. As you know Vladimir has been helping us."

Caius and Marcus shook both of the men's hands before going to talk to some other Dons.

I grasped Vladimir's hand tightly in my own. "You have no fucking clue how happy you made me. Thank you for what you risked to save my wife and baby. I promise that you'll never have to worry about a damn thing again."

He nodded. "I just did for her what I wish I could have done for my own wife. The only thing I want is to see James and the empire his father built destroyed. They are responsible for many innocent deaths. Enough about those things. How is Bella? Did she make it home okay?"

The son, Nahuel, began to sign furiously after his father's question. Vladimir laughed. "As you can see, my son is quite fond of Bella too. He's been asking about her since we got separated."

What the fuck? How many fucking men am I going to have to fuck up for touching my babydoll, I thought bitterly.

I gritted my teeth to calm the fuck down. "She's at home with my family. I wanted her away from here before shit got too bad. She doing great."

Nahuel looked me in the eyes as he signed something to his dad. Vladimir looked afraid when he turned to face me again. "He wants to see Bree and Bella with his own yes. Uh, he does not trust your word. I'm sorry, Mr. Cullen. He is young..."

I looked the fucker straight in the eye. I wanted to kick his ass because he obviously had a thing for my wife, but I held myself back. "I swear to you, Nahuel. I put Bella and my baby's safety way before mine. When all this shit is over...," I took a deep breath, "you can come to America and visit her. I do warn you that if you lay one fucking finger on my babydoll, I'll slit your throat."

Vladimir growled before holding up his hand. "There is no need for threats, Mr. Cullen. Nahuel likes Bella because she reminds him of his mother, who died when she was pregnant. Bella has similar eyes. I do think he has a bit of a crush on Ms. Bree, though."

Nahuel lowered his eyes and if his skin wasn't so dark, I would have bet that he blushed.

After that, things were easier between us. Vladmir gave my men and our Russian allies, the coordinates for James' fortress. It was heavily armed but less so now that he'd launched his attacked. A few of James' uncles were at the meeting. They donated some men and guns to the cause. They were all as old as shit so they didn't want to be in the middle of another Mafia War. They were also greedy motherfuckers and wanted the money that James had been hiding from the Family.

When the meeting was done, I called to check on Bella. She was asleep so I talked to my parents. Carlisle assured me that my babydoll was just fine. I trusted his fucking judgement over anyone because Dante was his grandchild. I knew that he would do anything to take care of Bella in case something happened.

I spent the rest of the night practicing with my sword and getting ready for the morning raid. Marcus, Cai, and I announced our news to the Russian outfit. Since I was now a Don, men bent to kiss my ring. I knew some of them from childhood when they used to deal with my father. There were congratulations all around before bottles of a sweet Russian vodka called, arak, was passed around. I only took enough sips to make me brave.

My stomach was fucking gnawing at itself so I didn't eat. When Marcus noticed, he gave me a plate of steak and borscht and demanded I eat it all. I had to admit that I did feel better after the dinner. Shortly after, I retired for a few hours of sleep. I fucking tossed and turned thinking of my babydoll.

When I woke up, my dick was as hard as rock and I was hugging a fucking pillow for dear life. I wrapped my hands around my cock and took out phone, where I had a naked picture of Bella. I spit on my hand and got to work. Just remembering how it felt to be inside her sweet pussy got me off. I came in record time, sobbing her name.

After that, I took a quick shower and got dressed. I chose a pair of black jeans, a Grim Reaper t-shirt, and the black Burberry jacket that I'd worn during all the stops on my death mission. I tucked my babydoll's hair into my suitcase. Now that I'd had the real thing in my hands again, I no longer needed the reminder. Bella was alive and well and waiting for my ass to man up, handle shit, and get home. I would not fail her again.

Marcus and Caius were waiting for me when I came out of the room. I didn't consider myself fucking religious at all, but I allowed the priest there to say a rosary for my ass. After a bunch of Hail Mary's and a large fucking check being cut, we were off.  

At least now if I die, I might actually go to heaven.

We boarded several planes at a secret airbase. It was like a fucking military operation. Felix, who had served in the Marines, was perfectly suited for the mission. He commanded the men with an ease that surprised me. I knew that he would be my right hand man once we got back because Demetri was already fucking dead. His body was only being kept alive by god-damned chemicals.

The flight seemed short. When we got off the plane, we were loaded onto boats. This was James' land so I didn't dare bring my phone. I trusted that my family and bodyguards were keeping my babydoll safe.

My godfathers kept making sure I was prepared for what we were about to do. We were all wearing bullet proof vests under our clothes. Marcus told stories about the last Mafia war that he'd lived through. It was between rival Italians so it was different from the current shit.

I read Dante all the way to the fortress. His poems spoke to my black soul. I was reading Purgatorio when our men announced that we'd arrived. I closed the book and took out my SIG. It was the same gun that had killed my previous greatest enemy, the man that killed my father, and now it would end James' life. I had a special silver bullet with my name engraved in the chamber for when that time came. It was only right because I'm the motherfucking angel of death.

The Volturi guards and our allies spread out across the rocky cliff. We had climbers that were to place bombs at the entrance before we all went in. Thanks to Vladimir's instructions, they never saw us coming. I put in my earplugs when the first bomb went off. Massive chunks of rocks rained down from all sides. Then, the bullets started to fly. The important members stayed back while the fucking grunts cleared the paths.

I kissed my wedding ring before going into the fray. My first shot took out two motherfuckers on the edge of the cliff. The bullet had hit one and the other got pulled down trying to help him. I let my rage take over. My photographic memory helped me replay my babydoll's words in my head. She had been take and tortured because of me. I would make them all fucking pay.

Over the next two hours, I became the fucking devil. I slashed, shot, and pummeled more men than I could count. Blood, sinew, and even fucking teeth were all over my suit. I didn't think about anything except exacting revenge.

By the time we made it to James' fortress, I was breathing heavily. Caius kissed my cheek before leading me to a bazooka."You'll do the honors, Edward. It's only right."

I lifted the rocket launcher onto my shoulder and blew through James' fucking door. A bunch of men ran out with weapons. I saw Marcus wield his Uzi and then all hell broke loose. I had never been in the military, but I figured it was something like this shit, except with a lot more order. Bodies flew through the air as we occupied the house. James' men put up a decent fight but they were no us. I ran through the house looking for that motherfucker.

Lucky for me, I found the asshole, cowering in a fucking blue room. He raised his gun and shot at me. I ducked behind an ugly statue of his father and rolled to my right.

"I knew you'd come, Cullen! It's too bad your little bitch isn't here. I wanted to fuck her in front of you before you died. Oh well, I'll still fuck her when you're dead," James yelled, firing off a round.

"You're the only asshole that's going to die today, James. You will never get your motherfucking hands on my babydoll again. She was never in danger of you fucking her anyways because you're a fag!"

The room was smokey from all the gunfire, but I could see Jame's ice blue eyes. There wasn't a soul left in them. The fucker really was a monster now. Too bad for him, I was also a fucking monster and I wanted blood.

He stood up and began shooting in all directions. I crawled to a far corner and reloaded my gun. I wanted to torture his ass, but if he forced me, I was going to take him out quick. As he was reloading, I took my chance. I used all my strength to leap on him. We sounded like two boulders crashing as we attacked one another.

James was no match for me. I wrapped my hands around his throat and squeezed until he passed out.
Felix appeared a few minutes later with several other men. They aimed their guns at James.

"'Stop! I want him alive!" I yelled, standing up. James was carried out of the room. It was time for phase two of my plan. I was going to torture him for what he did to my babydoll.

One of my new guards brought a blond man into the room. He was half dead with gashes all over his body. I assumed he was some type of doctor because he was wearing a lab coat.

"Edward, it's...Alec," he squeaked.

I walked up to the man and looked in his eyes. I saw no trace of my former bodyguard in the face. "Shoot him, he's lying," I bellowed.

The man screamed. "No, it's me. I... I had surgery. I have a brother in the CIA. He helped me get into James' Organization. I... I did it for Bella. Remember, she saved my life."

He took a shaky breath.  "Remember...remember Italy, when I asked if Bella was high?"

I knew then that it really was him. I ordered the men to stand down. "I owe you an apology, Alec, and a lot more. Thank you for getting my babydoll out. Your part is over. I'll take it from here."

He closed his eyes and fell into further inspection, Alec was even worse off than I thought. He had several bullet wounds and was bleeding from the head. My men took him out. We had medics among us that could patch him up and get him on a plane.

I found my godfathers on the second story of the house. We shared an uncharacteristic hug before rounding up our men. All of James' army was either dead or surrendered.

"Congratulations, Edward. Today has been a success. Armed guards are holding James in one of his hospital rooms. I trust that you know what to do," Marcus said, handing me a cloth.

I wiped the blood and guts off my face. "I do. Give me a few hours and then we can torch this shit. I want all our enemies to know that we are not to be fucked with. Never again, Marcus. I will never let another motherfucker near my family. I promise."

"Necessità 'l ci 'nduce, e non diletto. You're a good man, Edward. You deserve revenge. Remember what you have to go home to. Marcus and I will deal with the fallout from this," Caius said.

When my godfathers were gone, I sat down in an empty chair and looked around. The air was heavy with the rusted smell of blood and fresh smoke. I was in the belly of the beast and the beast was at my mercy. My bloodlust was not nearly sated. I craved James' demon blood.

I pulled my Ipod out of my pocket and put on Tool's, Parabola. It had always been of my favorite songs. The lyrics went through my head and washed over me.

"We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment,
We are choosing to be here right now. Hold on, stay inside
This holy reality, this holy experience.
Choosing to be here in
This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone in
This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal
All this pain is an illusion.
Alive, I
In this holy reality, in this holy experience. Choosing to be here in
This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone in
This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal
All this pain is an illusion.
Twirling round with this familiar parabol.
Spinning, weaving round each new experience.
Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.
This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.
Embrace this moment. Remember. we are eternal.
All this pain is an illusion."

"All this pain is an allusion," I repeated quietly. It was time to free myself from this shit so that my family and I could have a brighter future.

Later, my men led me to where James was being held. I stripped down to my boxers and handed my clothes to them. Then, I slipped on my brass knuckles and gripped my gun before opening the door.

Felix looked me deeply in the eyes. "I'll be outside if you need me, boss. Remember, the sooner this is over, the sooner we can all get home to the club. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the stripper fights. At least I could handle that shit."

I fucking laughed. "Me too, Felix. I promise we'll leave in a few hours. I need to do this, though. It's for Bella and Dante."

I opened the door and stepped into the room. It was hot as fuck inside the nine by nine beige colored room. James was nude and strapped down to a stretcher. Fortunately, he was beginning to come to. Let the fun begin. His whole body was covered in bruises and blood. I smiled the sight.

I slapped him hard across the face. "Wake up and face your punishment like a man, motherfucker."

He groaned and fought against the restraints. "Let me go, Cullen! You always were an arrogant piece of shit. It must kill you to know that I'm better. I've peed on your precious 'babydoll' and she liked it. I saw her nipples harden. She wanted me to fuck her."

That did it. I balled my fist up and punched him in the ribs with my brass knuckles. He snarled, showing his sharp white teeth. The motherfucker really was a monster.

"You'll pay for that, James. Bella wouldn't touch you if you were the last man on earth, and even if she did, what would you do? It must have ate your dad up inside to know that he had a queer for a son. Tell me, when you and Laurent fucked, were you on the top or the bottom?" I asked, laughing.

He tried his hardest to get to me. I continued pummeling his body, making sure to cause pain but no render him unconscious. I wanted the fucker to feel every bit of pain.

"I fucking died! I thought she was dead and you had her the whole time. Bella is my fucking life. I wouldn't expect a piece of shit like you to know how it feels. I thought I lost my wife and baby! She said you were planning to feed our child to your fucking dogs. They're being slaughtered as we speak."

The fucker began to laugh insanely. "You'll never get rid of me. Tell me, is she having nightmares? I bet she sees me each time she closes her eyes. I had so much fun with her. I remember one day I just sat by her and stared until she wet herself. I knew she was special that first day when I grabbed her tit. Bella and I will always be together. Forever."

I snapped. "Fuck you, asshole," I screamed before socking him in the eye. I laughed when his eyeball disconnected from the socket. "You'll never have my babydoll. She's mine!"

My fists pounded James over and over again until my arm gave out. I was covered in his blood and other matter. He alternated between laughing and screaming out in terror. It was a fucking sick scene. I had flashbacks of the day my father was killed and my mind left for a minute.

I sat down on the floor and tried to get a fucking grip. When I looked up again, James was looking at me with the one eye that was left. The asshole even still had an ugly fucked-up smile on his face.

A few minutes later, Felix walked in. He handed me a bag and piled some things into the corner. The smile dropped from James' face once he saw what the new items were.

"Like these, fucker? These are my instruments of torture. You went out of your way to cause my pregnant wife pain and now I'm going to do the same for you."

The first thing I saw in the bag was the taser. I set the voltage high enough to cause pain but not high enough to kill. James began to scream, but my mind was so gone that I barely registered it. After dousing him with a bottle of water, I tasered his chest. I planned to work my way down.

"Motherfucker! You'll pay for this. My uncles will..."

I laughed. "Your uncles are one of the reasons that we're here. How does it feel to know your whole Family betrayed you. They hate you almost as much as I do. You will never leave this room, motherfucker."'

He tried to get free again. When I got to his dick, he really began to fight. I licked my lips and shocked his balls. "Hmmm, I think I just eradicated all your fucking sperm. How does it feel, asswipe?"

James fucking whimpered. "Just...kill...me."

I clocked him in the mouth. "You are in no position to make demands. My babydoll begged you, didn't she? Did you stop? Did you give her a fucking break? No. Trust that I'm going to show you the same mercy you showed her."

With that, I threw the taser retrieved my Katana. Then, I made deep cuts on James abdomen and thighs. His screams were starting to break through my wall so I stuffed a gag into his mouth.

When I untied him, he was too weak to even sit up. I pushed him off the table onto the ground. He fell hard. It made me happy to hear something crack. I hoped that it was his fucking kneecap.

While he was trying to push himself up, I took my dick out of my boxers. "You like to pee on people, don't you, motherfucker? Well, let's see how it feels to be the toilet," I said before urinating all over his back and head. With the shallow cuts, the burn was a million times worse. He wheezed and crawled around, trying to escape.

"Fuck...you...Edward and your little bitch, too," he whispered, choking on my piss.

I finished doing my business and tucked myself back in. Suddenly, all I wanted was my babydoll. Was she really alive or was this all a dream? I fucking blacked out for a minute. When I came to, James was still in the same spot, but he'd rolled onto his back. I was propped against the corner wall.

"It must have killed you that your father loved Riley more than you," I said lighting a cigar. "The Volturi wasn't aware you had any siblings besides Tanya's baby, your half sister. You'll never see that little angel, motherfucker, but I'm going to make sure she gets all the spoils that belong to a principessa."

James snorted. "Daddy loved everyone more than me. Riley shouldn't have ever been born. His mom was my uncle's wife. My father, ever the gentleman, raped her when my uncle died. She found out she was pregnant and my fucking father asked her to marry him. Of course, like a cunt, she denied him. I'll never understand why he let her raise Riley. Most in the family believes Riley to be my cousin because he was born soon after my father died. Dear old dad paid that bitch a fortune to keep his secret. He was on thin ice with the Family, and if word of his rape got out, he would have been ruined. He...used to say he was glad that he had Riley so the family name would continue. Well, I have the last fucking laugh because Riley is dead!"

I took a puff of my cigar. "You really are a sadistic motherfucker. You killed your father and now your brother. Did you have the fucking guts to shoot Riley or did you have a minion do it?"

"I didn't shoot him. I pushed him off the cliff. He betrayed me with your bitch! I thought he was letting her have it and all the time they were playing with me. He had to go!" James bellowed.

"Fuck!" It made me fucking sick to think of anyone touching...seeing... my babydoll naked.

I fucking growled and picked up the Katana. Then, I cut through James' flesh until his leg separated from his body. The amount of blood was unreal. It squirted everywhere, showering my body. I just wiped my eyes and continued sawing. This time I cut off an arm. A little while later, I heard James take his last breath. It was surreal. The blood monster in my soul was finally full.

""Chi la fa l'aspetti," I spat, before pulling the trigger of my SIG Hauer and sending James and his fucking black heart straight to Hell. "Tell the Devil I said hi, motherfucker!"

I sat with James dead body for what seemed like hours but may have only been a few minutes. It was done, all the anger and bullshit left in this tiny ass room.

Felix knocked on the door. I stood up to let him in. He took one look at me and shook his head. "It's time to go home, boss."

I nodded. "It's finished. Has anyone recovered Riley? James said he threw him off the cliff."

"Yeah, we found him, but he's not dead. His knee has been blown to shit, and he's in bad shape, but very much alive. The Volturi want him held at a hospital and then debriefed before we fly him to America," Felix said stoically.

I pulled my fingers through my bloody hair. I was fucking gross. "Yeah. I want this place torched, burned to the fucking ground. Riley can come to Seattle with us when he's better. I promised Bella that I would make sure he was safe."

When we got outside, Marcus and Caius were surrounded by men. My godftathers always managed to look professional, even after a gunbattle. Marcus was wearing a white Armani suit and Caius was in black Gucci. They both hugged me when I came into view.

"It's done?" Marcus asked with worry in his eyes.

I slowly nodded. "Completely. I'm ready to go home. Bella could pop out my kid any day. I just want to be there for her."

Caius helped me into the car. When we'd come it was dawn, but now it was pitch black outside and cold as shit. Felix handed me a thermos of Columbian coffee before I was hosed down and dried off. I was sleep before the car took off.

"Babydoll, I love you so much," I said, watching our son suckle at her tit. She was so fucking sweet and gorgeous. Dante's big green eyes looked up at me. I played with his hair. It was unruly like mine but his had a bit of curl from his mom. He was like my fucking doppelganger or some shit.

"I love you too, Edward. Why don't you get some rest. Dante and I will be here when you wake up. Sweet dreams," my angel said, kissing me on the lips.

I fell asleep to the soft sounds of my wife's laughter and my son's gurgling.

"Bella! Where is she?" I screamed, waking up in a sweat.

Someone opened the door and turned on the light. It was Felix. I looked around, finally recognizing my surroundings. "Hey, Edward. We're about eight hours from Seattle. You've been out like a light. You'll be with Bella soon."

After he left, I got out of bed and took a long shower. I let the hot water ease my sore muscles. I had lost a lot of weight in the psych ward, so I needed to get back to the gym once I got home. My babydoll loved my fucking chest and I wanted it to be in prime condition for her. Of course, with thoughts of Bella came an erection. I was too fucking tired to rub one out so I just changed the water temperature. Even the cold couldn't quite get rid of Mr. Happy, but it helped.

"Soon, boy, soon. I miss pussy heaven just as much as you," I said, palming my cock.

Marcus and Cai insisted that I eat, so I did. Our fucking phones were blowing up. The word had gotten out and motherfuckers were scared. They called to suck up, offer protection, and shoot the shit. I got several calls congratulating me on finding my wife alive. Only men in the Mafia and a few select FBI and CIA people knew the shit that had gone down.

"Edward, what do you want to do about Jane? The doctor said she can't be moved until next week at the earliest," Marcus asked, handing me a business card.

"Jane? She's alive?"

He nodded. "Sorry. There was so much shit going on, I just assumed someone told you. Alec got her out of the fortress. She was brought to Russia with Bella. They planned to sell her organs. Alec and Vladimir obtained organs through a third party and passed them off as Jane's. In reality, she was hidden in a small town near Moscow."

I set my fork aside. "Fuck! How...how did she get Bella out of the car?"

Caius took the reigns. "I've spoken to her over the phone. She jumped with Bella when the car went off the shoulder. They were clinging to the edge. James had men on the cliff. They were scooped up and taken away during the pandemonium. That's why we thought Bella and Jane died that day."

"Holy shit, Jane! Yeah, have her flown to Seattle when she gets better. She saved my babydoll's life twice. I know we have rules about women in our world, but I want Jane named an official Volturi bodyguard. If she's well enough, I'd like her to guard Bella and Dante, Is that all right with you?" I asked, turning to my godfathers.

They both agreed. Jane was alive. My babydoll was going to be so fucking happy. Of course, this meant that I would have to see more of Jessica Stanley, but since she didn't like dick anymore, even that shit was okay.

Thankfully, Alec was okay too. I knew that he would never come back to America, so I planned to set up an offshore bank account and insert a shitload of money for him. Like, Jane, he'd proven himself. I'd already forgiven him for his earlier betrayal. There was no hate in my heart for anyone that loved my babydoll.

I was dozing when I saw the Space Needle come into the view. It was good to be home. I stood up and stretched my legs before we landed. I hadn't called my family or Bella because I wanted to surprise them.

A Russian bodyguard helped Marcus and Caius off the plane. He was given to the Volturi by one of James' very grateful uncles. Felix held out his hand to assist me, but I waved him away.

As we cruised the familiar streets of my city, I felt happy as a fucking clam. When I rolled down my window, some bitches in the next car began to flirt. I just flashed my wedding band and mouthed, "I'm taken." They were still pouting when we sped away.

Our SUV pulled up to mom and Carlisle's house in record time. Since it was almost summer, there were fucking flowers everywhere. My mom had won several awards for her garden. She put a lot of fucking work into i and I was proud of her. I planned to buy my babydoll her dream house so she could have a beautiful garden too.

Jasper was in a porch swing with Alice curled in his lap. The minute he saw me, his eyes widened. He nudged my sis and she was off. Her tiny as hell body hit mine going a hundred miles an hour. I picked her up and kissed both of her cheeks.

"Edward! It's you! I'm so happy. I've missed you so much," she sobbed, kissing my forehead.

Jaz walked over and shook my hand. "Good to see you, Edward. Thank you for...for what you did. I couldn't have asked for a better husband for my baby sister."

I was in danger of having a pussy whipped moment, so I was glad when my mom and Di ran into my arms. They smothered me in kisses and fretted about how I needed a good meal. Eventually, Di spotted Marcus and went to tongue fuck him. Seeing my godparents kiss was like seeing my parents kiss so I looked away.

"Oh, my sweet Edward! You're finally home. I'm so proud of you, bambino," mom said, squeezing me to death.

Carlisle must have caught my panicked expression because he came to bail me out, pulling mom into his arms. "It's good to have you home, son," he said, giving me a one-armed hug.

I smiled. "It's good to be home."

Emmett, Rosalie, and their boys were next. I picked up Colin and Brady, kissing them both on their cheeks. They were Dante's cousins. I wanted our family to be close.

Emmett gave me an awkward hug. "I'm so glad you're home. Can you take Bella home? I never get any of mom's food because she's eating it all, dude. She's like me times three."

Rosalie rolled her eyes and elbowed him in the ribs. "Ignore this goofball, Edward. It's great having Bella back. I never thought I would say this... but i missed you and your fucked up hair. Give me a hug bro," she said, wrapping her arms around me.

Soon after, Dr. A and her daughter Penny came out to welcome us home. Caius put the little girl on his shoulders as we stood outside sharing old times and laughing.

"Where is my babydoll?" I asked, impatient to see her ass.

Mom smiled. "She's sleeping. Alice and Rose had her up late looking at family videos and pictures. She woke up to eat and then went back to sleep."

I turned to my dad. "She's okay, isn't she Carlisle?"

He laughed. "Typical expectant father. Calm down. She's fine. I've been measuring her frequently. She only needs to gain another five pounds before the birth.

I frowned. "Wow, she gained three pounds already! It's only been two days."

Emmett groaned. "Which brings us back to my problem. Mom made chicken parmigiana, my favorite meal, last night and I barely got any. Bella ate the whole pan."

Rosie huffed. "I thought you said my chicken casserole was your meal." All the men laughed as Emmett turned red.

"Daddy in twouble," Colin and Brady chortled as Carlisle took their hands.

"It does look that way. I guess me, Marcus, and Caius are going to have to school you young men on the finer points of women," he quipped.

Mom kissed him on the cheek. "Like how we're all perfect and always right?"

He nodded. "That and how it's better to lie if it makes your life happy."

My family's laughter followed me all the way to the house. I was seated at the table with a plate in front of me before I knew what was happening. Apparently, Di and Esme were having a contest over who could cook the most authentic Italian food. There was enough to feed an army.

Plates were passed around and all our men fed. Emmett finally got to eat without my babydoll so he was happy. I told him that I was going to kick his ass for giving her grief. It was just like old times. In the span of a few days, I'd gone from a vicious killer and torturer back to a family man.

Alice and Jasper were planning their wedding for the weekend. My sis decided to postpone San Francisco and get married at an exclusive inn by the Ocean. Marcus had a 'talk' with Jasper. He looked scared as shit when he returned, so I knew he'd gotten the Volturi threat. It basically said that if you fuck with one of our principessas, we fuck you up. Of course, Jasper didn't need hte talk, but it was tradition.

We were watching ESPN when Bree appeared. She gave me a shy smile before taking a seat at the table. "Hello, Mr. Cullen. I am glad you are home."

I leaned back in my chair. "What's up with the Mr. Cullen shit, Bree? Call me Edward. I insist. Are you adjusting well?"

She looked at Alice. "Um, your sister has taken me shopping four times. I have more clothes than I ever have in my entire life."

When she looked at Esme and Carlisle, her eyes softened. "I love your parents. You are a lucky man Mr.-Edward."

"Now you're lucky too because you're a part of this family. Are you already sick of Emmett?"

He threw a dinner roll at my head. "Bree bunny loves me, don't you sweetheart?"

Her eyes widened. "Um..."

Thankfully, Rose came to her rescue. "You don't have to lie. I'm the only idiot that loves this oaf."

Emmett pouted until mom cut another slice of pie and placed it on his plate. Then, he was all smiles. Colin and Brady definitely liked Bree. They got in a fight over who would sit in her lap.

"Fine! I go to Bebba," Brady said, throwing down his spoon.

He started up the stairs with Rose after him. Before he went two steps, the world stopped. My angel was awake and walking down the stairs. Jasper and I almost broke our necks getting to her. I easily lifted her in my arms and carried her down the remaining steps.

"Babydoll, you should have called downstairs. You shouldn't be walking."

She crossed her arms over her chest and stuck out her pouty lips. I traced them with my tongue before ravaging her mouth. She buried her hand in my hair and moaned.

"Ewww. Ed kiss Bebba, mommy," Colin said, looking terrified.

Emmett laughed. "My son is a genius. That was gross, guys. I swear you two always need a room. It's indecent."

Alice stuck out her tongue. "Leave Edward and Bella alone, Em. I can't count how many times I watched you and Rose engage in tonsil hockey when I was a teenager."

I laughed. "Remember that, because it's how we feel when we see you wrapped around Jasper."

Ali blushed. "I... Mom, make Em and Eddie leave me alone!"

My parents shared a look. Then they did the unthinkable. They fucking sucked face right at the table.
All the kids groaned. Marcus and Cai followed in their example. By the time the kiss fest were over, we were all laughing.

My babydoll was wearing a little half jacket thing. I played with her long silky hair and stole kisses when her mouth wasn't full. Suddenly, something moved on her chest. Oh, hell no!

"Look, Edward. It's Onyx. She missed you so much," my babydoll squealed, passing the demon to me.

I took the kitten and feigned happiness. "Uh, I missed you too, Onyx."

True to form, the monster scratched at my fingers until I handed her back to my babydoll. "Oh, well, she'll get used to you soon."

Emmett laughed and took the demon from Bella. "Dude, how can you not like, Onyx? She's so cute."

"Why does that fucking cat like everyone except me? I don't think I want her around Dante, babydoll," I said, forcefully.

She began to sob. "You can't! I love her. She just doesn't like you because she knows you hate her."

Mom and Di gave me dirty looks as my babydoll struggled to climb out of my lap. I wrapped my arms around her trembling shoulders and kissed her rosy cheeks.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. No one is going to take Onyx away. Please forgive me, babydoll."

After Bella ate about a million fucking cannoli and a pound of pasta, we adjourned to the living room. I was hard as fuck and I just wanted to be inside my babydoll, but the family had other plans. They took turns sharing stories with her. Thankfully, she passed the demon onto Bree.

An hour later, Marcus and Caius asked me to meet them in Carlisle's office. I didn't want to leave my wife, but she was comfortably curled up between Bree and Alice. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

Marcus took something out of his pocket and handed it to me. "I thought our Bella might want these back."

It was a velvet box. When I opened it, I almost fucking cried. My babydoll's wedding and engagement rings were inside. "Thank you... I didn't even think about them. Where the fuck were they?"

"Felix found them in James' office. He planned to keep them as a souvenir," Caius answered.

"Fucking psycho. I'm not sorry I sent his ass straight to hell."

Marcus laughed. "All that matters is that your home with your wife now. Don't fuck up, Edward. I know you have a propensity for sticking your foot down your throat. Bella is my daughter now, and I love her. I'll kick your ass if you make her cry again. Try to get along with the damn cat. It's important to her. Do you know how many times I've been forced to some pansy ass garden shit that Di wanted to go to? it's a small price to pay for what a good woman will give you in return."

Caius nodded. "I know better than anyone how hard a good woman is to find. Look at Gianna, she tried to fucking kill me. I think Athena and I will last, though. I love her."I congratulated my godfather. His pale white hair and skin seemed to glow as he smiled.

We talked Mafiosa shit before going back to the living room. Now that I was a Don, I had to move more illegal shit. I would also become the true head of the West Coast. We had shipments of heroin and guns coming in next week. I planned to work as much as possible so I could take some time off when Dante was born.

"Are you good, Edward? Now that you're going to be a father, there will be no dipping in the product. If I hear about your ass buying or using drugs again, I will send you straight to rehab. Capish?" Marcus asked, giving me the eye.

I put my hand over my heart. "You don't even have to say it. I'm done with all that shit. I don't want to lose my family. I haven't used in a long time."

When we got back to the living room, my babydoll was laughing at something Bree said. I licked my lips. Like magnets, Bella's eyes met mine. Hers were dark with lust and something else.

Unfortunately, Alice fucking cock blocked me. "Oh, you're back. Edward, I was just telling Bella about water birth. She loves the water and we could do it at the Penthouse. It's more natural and personal for the mother and baby."

My angel nodded. "It would be better for me. I want to do it, Edward. Alice and Rose showed me tapes. It's so beautiful. Dante wouldn't have to be exposed to that harsh hospital light and strapped to a machine.

I turned to Carlisle. "It it safe, dad."

"It's not considered the best method, but a growing number of women are doing it. We could have Bella's OB here with my equipment just in case. I can say that the mother's I've known that had it liked it better than hospital birth. You can even be in the water with Bella, Edward."

I almost fucking fainted. "In...in the fucking water!"

My babydoll smiled and rubbed my knee. "It would be amazing. You can hold me while I push. Oh, please, Edward. I want it."

My mom giggled. "I would be there too, bambino. It's perfectly safe and natural."

I kissed my babydoll on the lips. "Like I can say no to your ass. Okay, as long as the OB can be there and it's safe, I'm all for it."

"Oh and Bella's friend Angela and her husband Ben are flying in tomorrow. Jake is bring Leah up too. I hope you remember something, Bella," Alice said, excitedly.

My babydoll smiled. "I hope so, too. I'm really scared that I won't, but I'm too excited about finally having Dante to worry too much."

Rose laughed. "You say that until he gets here and completely destroys your nipples."

Us men groaned as all the women squealed and began talking about creating a calming birthing environment, whatever the fuck that was. Emmett winced as Rosalie recalled her birth and how she wished she had of done it in water. By the time the women began talking about breast pumps, my cock was soft.

.A little while later, Dr. A. and Caius left. She had an appointment set for me and my babydoll. We needed couple's counseling more than ever because of the recent bullshit. I knew Bella felt bad that she couldn't remember shit. I was willing to do whatever it took to get her back.

"Fuck! I almost forgot to tell you. Riley is alive. He's in the hospital in Russia. He should be arriving in a week. We have a lot of shit to work out," I said, kissing Bella's forehead.

It made me fucking jealous as shit when both she and Bree screamed with joy. They'd already filled the rest of the family in about Riley. My mom made plans for yet another huge dinner.

"I'm so happy! Thank you, Edward. Felix told me that Alec is fine too," my babydoll squealed.

"Yeah, there's another surprise. Your personal bodyguard, Jane, is alive, babydoll. She got you out of the car. I know you don't remember her, but she's saved your life twice now. She'll be coming home, too," I whispered.

I answered Bella's questions patiently as she sat in my lap and played with my hair. We discussed our dreams about Dante. She smiled when I told her mine, rubbing her stomach. He kicked so hard, I feared he was going to get out.

My babydoll giggled and kissed my fingers. "He loves you," she said softly.

I smiled. "I love him and you. Our family is the most important thing in my life. That reminds me.." I got down on one knee and placed my babydoll's rings on her fingers. She squealed and showed them off to Bree. The women began to cry...again.

Later, Marcus took Di to bed. I smiled as I watched my godparents walk up the stairs. Shortly after, Jasper and Ali left. He had to drag my sister away. Emmett, Rose, and the boys were spending the night, so they just went upstairs.

Carlisle and my mom were full on making out on the couch, so I encouraged them to leave the room. My dad winked and smacked my mom on the ass as they walked up the stairs. I barely kept my food down.

That left only Bella, Bree, me, and the demon kitten. I went to my bedroom and got a bag. After I left the hospital in Greece, I'd made some orders to a jewelry store and had them sent here.

"Happy Mother's Day, babydoll. I'm so proud of you," I said, handing her the box.

She squealed. "Oh my god, Edward! It's beautiful." The gift was a rose-gold heart shaped locked sprinkled with diamonds. I lifted Bella's hair and fastened it around her neck. I assumed that her Tiffany tree necklace was in Lake Michigan with the SUV. I planned to buy her a new one, though. My wife would never want for fucking bling.

"I'm shocked, babydoll. This is the easiest you've ever accepted a gift from me," I said, kissing her neck.

True to form she did frown when I handed her a second box. It was a sterling silver bracelet, with charms that held pictures. I'd put a picture of Dante's last sonogram inside. Bella began to cry when she saw it.

"I love you, Edward," she cooed, rubbing her belly.

Bree was feeding Onxy when I surprised her with a gift box. She almost dropped the milk she was holding. "What is it?"

I smirked. "Open up and see."

Both she and Bella began to cry when they saw the necklace. It was a white gold angel wing necklace. My babydoll helped Bree fasten it around her neck.

Then, Bree stood up. She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you, Edward. No one has ever...," she broke off, sobbing.

I kissed her forehead. "You are our angel. You've took care of my wife and baby when I couldn't. I can never repay you. I just want you to know that you're a part of this family, and I love you."

My babydoll wrapped her arms around us. "I love you too, Bree, and so does Dante."

After that, we went upstairs to get some sleep. Bree fingered her necklace the whole time. I wanted to fucking kiss her when she took Onyx into her room. Bella started to protest, but I gave her my patent smirk and she dropped it.

Before we got in the room, I was all over my wife. I pushed her gently against the wall and attacked her lips. Then, I took off her shirts and latched onto her nipples. They were hard as shit and pointed straight at me. I looked Bella in the eye as I licked and suckled her slowly.

"Edward! I...I want to do it outside. The smell of the trees in the meadow have been making me horny since I got here. I want you to bend me over and fuck me while I hold onto our tree," my tigress purred.

"Holy shit! I'm glad to see that you're still in there, babydoll. You have no idea how bad I want to fuck you," I said, grabbing a blanket and carrying her outside.

We took the side stairs. When we got to the deck, Bella asked me to set her down. She looked around, then frowned and stepped away from me. "You liar! Why didn't you tell me, Edward?"

I was confused. "Tell you what, babydoll."

She began to whimper, scaring the shit out of me. "You..you don't love me, and you don't want our son!"

"What the fuck?" I asked, reaching for her.

Before our skin made contact, she said the words I hoped to never hear again. The words I didn't want her to ever remember. The words that had almost ended us before we started. The words that made me ashamed as shit.

"I remember...I remember what you told me here, on this deck. You said, 'Why the fuck would I care about your baby? You don't honestly expect me to take care of it, do you? Congrats, Swan, you're finally getting the shitmaker you've always wanted. I hope you enjoy becoming a gross, fat beached whale. Good luck getting someone to fuck you when your pussy gets too loose..."

I groaned. She finally remembered something and it had to be that shit. "Babydoll, I messed up. It was a fucking mistake. We already worked through this shit!" I screamed, tugging on my hair.

"Well, I don't remember. All I can feel is the pain... How could you say that to me? Are you happy, Edward? It must have been hard for you to make love to a 'gross, fat beached whale! I'll put you out of your misery. You never have to touch me or my 'loose pussy' again. I...hate you," she screamed, before running into the house.

A minute ago, I was about to have outdoor sex with my horny wife and now I was in the fucking doghouse again. Why can't I catch a motherfucking break?, I thought before going to find my babydoll. Sure, shit wasn't perfect, but I'd take anything as long as me and my family were together and safe from harm.

*Necessità 'l ci 'nduce, e non diletto.-Necessity brings him here, not pleasure. (Dante)
"Chi la fa l'aspetti."- What goes around, comes around.


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