Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 30: I'm Yours-Part 1

"You touch these tired eyes of mine
And map my face out line by line
And somehow growing old feels fine
I listen close for I'm not smart
You wrap you thoughts in works of art
And they're hanging on the walls of my heart
I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as such
And though I may not look like much
I'm yours
And though my edges may be rough
And never feel I'm quite enough
It may not seem like very much
But I'm yours…"

I'm Yours-The Script



The fucking word I thought I'd never say aloud again. My angel, my reason for being, my wife, the mother of all my future children, my life, my soul, the beat of my heart, and my whole fucking world…. She was back in my arms.

Bella's hair was longer, and she was much bigger than the last time I saw her. The baby bump had grown considerably, and if I wasn't mistaken, so had her tits. She had on a bunch of layers of fucking clothes, but I knew her body like the back of my hand. For the first fucking time in forever, I felt my dick stir.

I adjusted myself and pulled away from our tongue fuck. I wanted to be inside of her so bad, but we had a lot of shit to go over before that happened. If that motherfucker James…if he…fucking touched…. Mine! 
Mine! Mine! Just the very thought of that asswipe hurting my babydoll made me taste blood. I growled loudly.

Bella gasped and looked up at me. "Are you okay, Edward? Did you just growl?"

I inhaled her scent. It was all fucking wrong, but I could smell her underneath. That and the feel of my son kicking calmed me down. I rubbed my hands over Bella's lower stomach as she cooed to the baby, trying in vain to calm him down. My son was a fucking rowdy as hell.

"I'm fucking A-okay. This is the best motherfucking day of my goddamned life, Bella."

Even though the damn stitches were becoming loose, I lifted Bella into my arms and carried her towards the waiting car. Felix came forward to offer his help, but I waved him away. Jasper walked beside us beaming the whole damn time.

"Please put me down, Edward. I'm too heavy. Besides, you're hurt," Bella said, trying to get loose.

I took a shaky breath and tightened my grip. "I'm never letting you go again. You're fucking perfect, babydoll. Any goddamned loser who can't pick his wife up doesn't deserve to have a fucking dick."

She shyly kissed me on the cheek. "Not to be rude, but do you always use such vulgar language?"

I laughed. It was the first real laughter that had come out of my mouth since I heard that my babydoll was dead.

"Hmmm, I recall someone liking my filthy tongue, particularly in the bedroom," I said, winking at her.

That amazingly beautiful blush covered her cheeks as I gently sat her in the car. I wasn't taking any fucking chances with my wife and baby's life so we were in a military issue bombproof SUV. Heavily armed men were fanned out all around the airstrip just in case shit went down.

I watched Felix help a tiny blonde girl into the third row seats. Bella turned around and squealed before introducing me to the child.

"Edward, this is Bree. I know you don't know her, but she's one of the people that kept me alive all these months. She goes wherever I go, deal?"

I turned around and stuck my hand out. "I'm Edward Cullen, Bella's husband. I owe you a fucking debt of gratitude. You're a part of my family now."

Her frightened, big baby blue eyes cut to Bella before she took my hand. I didn't know what the poor girl had been through, but I knew that fucking monster James had probably instilled a deep seeded fear in her. That motherfucking cocksucker would die a slow and torturous death just as soon as my babydoll and my son were safe.

Bree dropped my hand quickly and leaned forward to touch Bella's shoulder. The caress was startlingly maternal for someone so young.

"Are you and baby okay?" she whispered, studying my angel.

Bella smiled and kissed my hand. "Yes. The baby recognized Edward even if I didn't. Plus…." she trailed off, looking embarrassed.

I pulled her into my lap and kissed her soft neck. "Don't worry, babydoll. You'll remember me soon. I'm a motherfucking legend. No one has ever permanently forgotten Edward-fucking-Cullen."

She laid her silken cheek in the crook of my neck as Felix got in the passenger seat. He took something out of his jacket and turned around to hand it to my babydoll. It was a fucking…

"Jesus-fucking-Christ, Felix! Why in the hell do you have a cat? I hate those fucking monsters!"

My babydoll squirmed until I let her go and leaned forward to retrieve the animal in question. My mouth dropped as she cuddled the small black kitten close to her chest, glaring angrily at me the whole time.

"This is Onyx, Edward. She is my kitty. Please be nice to her."

I tugged on my hair and groaned. "Fucking hell! You're the only goddamned woman in the world who would get kidnapped and gain a pet, babydoll. I didn't mean to make you mad. I'm fucking sorry."

She smiled and held the cat out to me. I sure as shit didn't want to hold the rodent, but Bella's big brown, pleading eyes could make my ass jump off a fucking bridge. With a roll of my eyes, I reached forward.

"Meow!" That was all I heard before the little monster scratched me and scurried back to my babydoll's lap.

"Fucking shit! We're going to have to get that thing declawed if you insist on keeping it," I said, checking my hand for blood.

Felix and Mitchell, our driver, were laughing in the front seat. Jasper climbed in the back next to Bree and fucking guffawed when she relayed the story to him. I was fucking pissed.

"My poor baby! You scared her, Edward," Bella said, cuddling the monster close to her breast.

Eventually, I convinced her to let Bree hold our new fucking pet. After that, I pulled Bella back into my arms and we continued to cuddle. There had been a tight pain in my chest for so long, but now it was gone.

"Where are we going, Edward? I'm scared. What if…"

I snarled. "That fucking cocksucking, son of a bitch will never lay another finger on you again, babydoll. I swear it. We're going to a private residence. We'll spend the night here in Moscow, and then I'm putting you, and your entourage, on a plane to Seattle in the morning."

An anguished cry came from the back. Bella sat up as I turned around. The small blond girl was trembling. Jasper put his arm around her and tugged her to his chest. Almost instantly, she began to calm down.

That motherfucker had a way about him. It was no wonder he'd ended up with Ali. Mom had always said she was fey. Jasper and Ali were like two pieces of the same fucking puzzle.

"What's wrong, Bree?" Bella asked, trying to turn herself around.

"I…I can't go with you, Bella. I…um, I have no papers. Jam—he said that I don't exist."

Jasper and I shared a look. There was something about the tiny girl that brought out my protective instincts. I recognized the same shit in Jasper.

"Who gives a fuck what he said. I said you are a part of my family now and I meant that shit. We take care of our own. My godfathers will have an I.D. and birth certificate before you step off the motherfucking plane," I said, reassuring her.

Jaz reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture. "This here's my Ali. She's Edward's sister. I know she's going to be excited to meet you,' he said to Bree.

He passed the picture to the front. "And you, Bells... Oh god, I called her and she nearly broke my eardrum from her squeals. There are so many people that are waiting for you at home, sis. I love you."

My babydoll kissed his hand before talking the photo of a smiling Alice. In it, Jaz's arms were wrapped around her waist and she looked happy as shit. I hoped that I would get to see my wife smile like that soon.

I was about to say some romantic shit, but Bella squirmed putting her ass squarely over my semi-hard erection, and just like that I was in pain. I clamped my arms around her sweet body to hold her still.

"Holy shit, babydoll. Just...just don't move for a minute. I don't want to embarrass myself," I whispered, sucking on her earlobe.

She shivered and stopped moving. "I'm so big, Edward, and, um, I don't think I can. I can, um, make you feel good when we get there."

I kissed her forehead and rubbed her lower stomach. Our son was still breakdancing.

"Bella, I want to make love to you so bad. Maybe it will trigger a memory or something. Are you scared because… Did he…," the word stuck in my goddamn throat.

She lifted my hand and kissed the back of it. "He didn't rape me, but he did other stuff. I'm sorry. I couldn't stop him and poor Riley…"

Her breathing sped up and she began to shake. Bree leaned forward and gently massaged her back, which seemed to help. I'd never wanted to kill as bad as I wanted at that moment.

"Babydoll, I don't blame you! You're so brave and strong for surviving whatever shit he did to you. Don't ever think… don't ever think what happened to you makes you less in my fucking eyes. I love the fuck out of you."

I vaguely heard Jaz and Felix curse as Bella recanted some of what happened to her. When she got the part about that motherfucker hitting her in the face, I had to ask her to stop. My temper was out of control.

"Bella," I said, clutching my hands into fists. "Who the fuck is Riley?"

She sat up and looked at me. "Um, don't you know? He's James' brother." That son of a bitch didn't have a brother, at least none the Volturi knew about.

"And you have to get him out because he saved me, Edward…."

I nodded, not really taking in what my babydoll was saying.

Thankfully, we pulled up to the mansion a few minutes later. My blood was on fire and I didn't want to accidentally scare or hurt my babydoll. My fucking body was rundown, but once again I carried Bella in my arms.

When we got inside, I took her to a corner room. There was an examination table set up. A female OBGYN and a nurse had been brought to the house to examine Bella and make sure that she and the baby were okay.

I helped Bella take off her clothes so that the doctor could look at her. My babydoll was scared, so I kept kissing and whispering Italian love words in her ear. When I got to the last layer and saw a huge fucking bruise on her back, I went off.

"Babydoll! Shit! I'm so sorry," I said, kissing the skin and wishing that I could make it disappear.

The more skin I uncovered, the more marks and bruises I saw on my angel's silken flesh. I kissed each one, committing them to my fucking memory. Not that I needed more reasons to want to castrate James' pathetic ass.

Bella cried softly as I continued to go inspect her. All I could do was apologize. She'd needed me and my dumbass had been sitting in an insane asylum. I would never forgive myself for this shit, never in a million fucking years.

"I'm alright. It doesn't even hurt anymore. I'm just glad Dante is okay."

I looked up. "Who the hell is Dante, Bella?" How many fucking men has she come into contact with?

She smiled and put my hand over her bare, swollen belly. "Dante is our son, Edward. I hope you don't mind. Bree would read the poems to me when we were alone. They calmed him down, so I figured…"

I kissed her hard, possessively. "That's actually pretty fucking perfect. Lately, I've been reading your Dante books."

After I said that, Bella jumped. "Oh, he just kicked really hard, so I take it that he likes his name."

I leaned down and laid open mouthed kissed all over the baby bump. "Hey, Dante, it's Daddy. I love you so much, son. I promise to be there for every day of your life. I'm never going to let anyone hurt you again. Your mom and I can't wait to hold you in our arms."

When I glanced up, I saw that Bella had big, fat teardrops falling down her cheeks. I kissed them away and held her close to my chest. We stayed in each other's arms until the doctor came in to start the examination.

According to the OB, other than being underweight, Bella was having a perfect pregnancy. My babydoll actually giggled when the doctor told her she had to gain at least eight more pounds before delivery.

I looked at her oddly. "Why are you laughing, babydoll?"

She blushed and looked away. "Um, well, I've been craving things. I mean, um, Bree fed me well and got me what I needed, but I couldn't indulge myself."

I rubbed her shoulders and kissed her neck as the doctor spread the cold gunk on Bella's stomach. She was about to perform an ultrasound just to make sure our Dante was developing correctly.

"You can have whatever you want from now on. Is there something in particular that you're craving?" I asked as I suckled her lips.

"Pizza and cookie dough," she moaned. The sound went straight to my dick. I was probably the first motherfucker in history to get a goddamned boner when his wife was having an ultrasound.

While the doctor asked Bella some questions, I took out my phone and texted Felix, asking him to send someone out to get food. Since I wasn't sure what kind of pizza my babydoll wanted, I told him to get all the specialty kind on the menu. With all the motherfuckers guarding this house, food wasn't going to go to waste.

The OB guided the wand over my babydoll's stomach before a picture formed onscreen. The last time I'd seen my son, he'd basically been a blob, but now I could make out shit. I already knew he was going to be a handsome fucker because how could he not with me and Bella as parents.

"Do you want to know the sex," the woman asked, turning to us.

Bella smiled. "We already know. It's a boy."

The OB smiled and nodded. "Yep, a baby boy. His heart beat is strong and from what I can tell he's going to be big, probably over nine pounds." Both of our eyes popped out of our heads.

"Nine… nine pounds! Oh god, Edward. How am I going to push that out of here?" my babydoll screamed, gesturing to her lower region.

I kissed her all over her beautiful face. "I'd do it for you if I could, Bella. I'll be there with you through every step. You're strong and brave. I know you can do it."

We kissed tenderly on the lips until the doctor cleared her through. Motherfucking cockblocker, I thought bitterly.

I still had one major question. "Dr. Keroff, would it be okay if Bella and I had sex? I know that I have to be gentle with her, but can we..."

Bella gasped and covered her face.

The OB laughed so hard, her eyes began to water. "I get that question more than you think. Bella is at 32.5 weeks. As long as she isn't having Braxton Hicks contractions, I see no reason why you two can't be intimate."

She went on to inform us of things to watch out for, what not to let my babydoll eat, and even described some sexual positions that were known to be comfortable for pregnant women. Bella's alternated between covering her face and listening intently.

After the OB left, I pulled Bella's bra off and sucked one of her hardened nipples in my mouth. They had been jiggling as the doctor moved the wand over her belly and driving my ass fucking crazy.

Her tits had grown at least a bra size. I peeked at the tag on her bra, which confirmed my suspicions. She was now a C-cup.

I suckled Bella's supple breasts and rubbed circles over her stomach. She arched her back and held my head into place. I'd always loved her tits, and now there was that much more to love. I was in fucking paradise, listening to hear sweet moans.

I tried to be gentle but that lasted for all of three seconds before I tugged hard on one nipple as I bit down on the other. Three things happened simultaneously: my dick throbbed, someone knocked on the door, and my babydoll fucking came.

"Bella?" I asked in disbelief.

She shyly looked up at me through those long eyelashes of hers that drove me insane. "Sorry, I just.. um, yesterday when I was in the bathtub, I, um, got aroused and I thought of someone's fingers, and um, I touched myself. Now I know the fingers were yours, but I didn't then. And in the car, when I felt...you, I… I'm such a mess," she sobbed.

"Shhhh, babydoll. That was unexpected but fucking beautiful! You're not a mess, you're my sweet angel and I love you. Does that mean that you'd be willing to try? I mean, we could stop if you can't…"

She put her fingers over my lips. "I want to, but I need a bath first."

Bella tried to hop down off of the table, but I held her in place. "Hold on, babydoll. There's another doctor coming to ask you some questions."

The second doctor was older and didn't crack a smile the whole time. She said that Bella's vitals were good and that they didn't detect any swelling. Apparently, there wasn't a lot known about memory loss. All we could do was wait until something triggered my babydoll's memory again.

When that was done, Bella turned to me and held out her arms. I walked into them and hugged her close. She looked so fucking young and innocent. I wanted to pick her up and carry her away from all the bullshit in our lives, but I knew that I couldn't do that.

Jasper was waiting outside the door when we walked out. He wrapped his arm around Bella and handed her the monster. My babydoll beamed and kissed the mewling cat. I attempted to pet it, but as usual, the fucking thing damn near shredded my fingers. Bella smiled sympathetically and took Jasper's hand.

Jasper and I had noticed Bree's awful hunch when she got out of the car, so I arranged for the doctor to look at her too. My babydoll was worried the whole fucking time. I showed her pictures of our wedding to distract her.

Jasper and I took turns filling in the gaps of Bella's memory. It hurt me to see my wife so lost and broken. For the billionth time since I'd known her, I felt inadequate.

Bella had already told me that she didn't remember anything except waking up wet in James' 'fortress' as she called it. Pretty soon it would be his fucking crematorium because I was about to burn that motherfucker alive after I tortured his ass.

She told us about how Alec got her out. That shocked the fuck out of me. There were still a lot of motherfucking questions to be answered. We still didn't know how Bella got out of the car or what happened to Jane. There wasn't a body.

When Felix called to say that he'd found Bella, I was laid up in a hospital in Greece. I'd gotten shot storming into the shit storm that was going on with our Family's connection there. Luckily the bullet passed straight through my chest and didn't hit any major organs.

I didn't believe him. I thought my godfather's had put him up to some bullshit to keep me hanging on, but when he sent the picture… It was like I'd been in the gas chamber awaiting imminent death and at the last fucking moment, a reprieve came.

My doctors had been upset because I made them stitch my ass up tight and got on a fucking plane to Moscow that same day. Jasper was beside himself and so was Jake. We'd left him in Athens to do recon. He cried hard when I sent him the picture text of 'Bells'.

"Babydoll, you mentioned that James has a brother, but none of our intelligence shows that there is a brother."

My angel scrunched up her cute little nose. "Hmmm, I'm not sure why. Riley looks a lot like James, but his blue eyes are kind, whereas James'…. Alec said James would never kill Riley because he needs him as a heir, and because James is gay, he can't…"

I stood up. "What? James is gay! Fucking hell! We don't know shit about the Russians, do we?"

She shrugged. "That's why he took me. He would say stuff… You killed a man named Laurent? That was his lover."

Jasper choked on his water. "My god! It explains so much when you think about it," he said.

I nodded. "Yeah, the fucked up way he treated women…the retaliation.. I would bet Daddy Sokolov didn't condone James' homosexuality."

"He didn't. That's why James hates women. He blames us because he can't get an erection with a female. That's why…" she stopped, clamming up.

I knelt down in front of her. "That's why, what?"

Jasper rubbed her back. "Go on, Bells. We're here for you; whatever you need."

Sitting down on the couch, I pulled her into my lap. "Please, babydoll," I need to know it all," I whispered.

"Before Riley and after he found out… He would take me down to this basement room. It only had one window facing the sea and there were bugs everywhere. He'd leave me down there for a few days on that filthy mattress and the ants… they'd bit me until I'd just pass out from the pain…"

I pulled my hair until I got a fucking migraine. "Go on, babydoll."

"Well, um, eventually, he'd decide that I had enough. He talked about raping me in front of you…" Both Jasper and I snarled. "and feeding our baby to his evil dogs. I was so scared…"

I kissed her forehead, trying to keep back the fucking tears that threatened to fall. Jasper gave up on his fight and started all out sobbing as he stroked my babydoll's knee.

"If I let him do stuff, he'd give me a reward. I'd strip and get down on the floor while he would lower his pants…" I cried out, squeezing Bella so hard she squeaked.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! He's a dead man! I'm going to…" she soothed me with a kiss so sweet, it could melt the coldest heart.

"Then he…would…urinate on me," she finished.

I was so angry that I thought I may have misunderstood her. "He fucking peed on you! That nasty ass piece of shit! The things I'm going to do to his ass will make that look like a day at the motherfucking park!" I bellowed.

I scooped Bella into my arms and towards the stairs, barking orders to my men as I passed. My babydoll held her little kitten under her chin and leaned into me. I vaguely heard her ask about Bree. Jasper promised that he would take care of her.

The mansion was decorated garishly. It belonged to a half Russian-half Italian Mobster that was a part of our alliance. James' father had never considered him a part of the Russian outfit, so he befriended the Italians. Marcus had gotten into contact with him to arrange our stay.

The bedroom had a king-sized bed covered in a brand new gold comforter set. There were two huge ass televisions mounted on the wall and a blue sectional with tables in the middle. It screamed Mafioso.

I set Bella down on the bed so that I could run us a nice bubble bath. The jacuzzi tub was big enough for twelve people and the massing jets were going to be perfect for my babydoll's sore body.

When I got back to the bedroom, Bella was using a medicine dropper to feed her kitten. My fucking ass was so pussy whipped that I almost said "Awww" aloud. Thank god I managed to catch myself. They were pretty fucking adorable, though.

Bella wanted Onyx to be with Bree, so I called Felix up to come and take her down. He and Bella joked just like old times before he was off. Of all the people that worked for me, I felt Felix and Kate were the most loyal. Sadly my man Dee was still in a coma. I'd given up hope of him ever coming to.

After that, I picked Bella up and carried her to the bathroom. She fussed over the blood seeping through my bandages. I promised her that I'd have someone re-stitch me after the bath. Honestly, I barely felt the fucking pain. All my senses were filled with my babydoll and her needs.

She stood quietly as I undressed her. When she was fully nude, I stood up and kissed her hard.

"I wish like hell that I could remember you, Edward," she sighed.

I pulled her into my arms, kneading her ass cheeks and we tongue fucked each other. It had been too fucking long. I slanted my lips so that I could taste more of her delicious mouth. She ground her pussy into me and groaned.

My hand dropped as I dipped one finger into her wet folds from the back. She was still fucking tight as hell and I loved that shit. I began working my fingers in and out of her slowly as she clung to me.

"Babydoll, let's…. let's get in the bathtub before I fuck you right here," I said, gasping for air.

She sauntered past me and stepped into the foamy water. "Who says I don't want you to 'fuck me right here'."

My babydoll saying 'fuck' was the hottest shit ever. I was so fucking happy that my little tigress was still in there.

My clothes came off in record time. Bella's deep chocolate eyes turned charcoal black as they traveled from my bare chest to my hard as hell cock. When she saw the tattoo of her name over my heart, she began to cry.

"I love you so it's only natural your name would be over my heart. I was fucking dead without you. I can't live in a world where you don't exist. You own every part of me. I'll never be worthy of the miracles you grant me, but I'll always try to make you happy. Ti amo, babydoll," I cooed, guiding her into my arms.

Luckily, my son had decided to finally take a nap. I sat down in the water and helped Bella get comfortable in my lap.

"Non posso vivere senza voi."

"What does that mean, Edward? It sounded beautiful."

I kissed her smooth shoulder. "That's for me to know and you to find out. I'm going to have to teach you and Dante Italian at the same time."

She giggled and rested her head on my shoulder. "Hmmm, that sounds good. In my dreams he's so beautiful. It breaks my heart to wake up without him. I can't wait until he's born."

We bathed each other, talking and laughing just like we used to. I washed my babydoll's long, beautiful chestnut hair as I told her the story of us. I purposely left out all the parts where I was a fucking dumbass. I hoped that she wouldn't remember that shit.

"So, I worked for you and now we're married? That's kind of weird. And you're the only man I've made love with?"

I palmed her wet breasts. "Yep, the one and only, babydoll. I'm also the only man to see you naked besides that motherfucker…"

Bella looked down and began playing with the bubbles. "Um, no you're not."

I lifted her face with my thumb. "Who else has seen your body, babydoll?"

She cringed from the roughness in my voice so I rubbed her back and asked again, this time with a softer voice.

"Riley. James was going to keep punishing me. Riley came home from college and when he found out, he decided to help me. We, um, had to pretend to, um,… The last time James watched. He figured out that we were faking and she shot Riley in the kneecap and I haven't seen him ever since… Please, we have to help him, Edward!"

She was crying and shaking again. So many emotions were going though my mind that I thought I would burst from it all. There was shame, guilt, sadness, but most of all, anger. I wasn't angry at Riley, just the whole fucked up situation in general.

I promised her that I would do my best about Riley. It was still surprising that James had two siblings. If Riley was as good as Bella claimed, then he would be the prefect choice to lead the Russian outfit. Then, baby Sasha could take her place as a Mafia Princess, or Mafiya Princessiola as the Russians referred to them.

Although Tanya and I hadn't gotten along, I felt like I owed it to her daughter to make sure that she'd have her rightful place in our world. Plus, it was a sort of fucking penance for all the shit I'd done lately.

I rubbed Bella's back to calm her down. Those touches turned into heated kisses and before I knew it my babydoll was turned around trying to hump my knee. I caressed her belly as she continued to rub herself against me.

Our tongues and bodies were on fire. We were probably at least ten fucking degrees hotter than the goddamn bathwater. My babydoll licked the inside of my ear and tugged on my hair. I almost lost my shit. Just when I thought the torture couldn't get any worse, she moved her hot little hand to my aching dick.

"Edward, I want you to make love to me. I want to forget everything and just feel you. Please," she begged, licking my neck.

I squeezed her breast with one hand and her ass with the other. Everything was rounder and more defined. I loved the look and feel of her pregnant body. I'd always thought men who watched pregnant porn were perverts, but now…

"Fuck, I want you!" I yelled, grabbing one of the bath pillows and putting it at the bottom of the tub.

I position Bella so that she was on her knees leaning over the edge of the tub. I made sure that it was cushioned with a thick towel another bath pillow just in case. She reached back and played with my cock as I set us up.

"Babydoll, if you want me to actually get my dick inside of you, you need to keep your hands to yourself."

She laughed and laid her head on her crossed arms. "Okay, I'll be good, but only because I want you so bad."

The need to taste her pussy was consuming me, but I knew there would be time for that later. I reached around front and dipped a finger in Bella's hot center. She moaned and backed into me.

I rewarded her by rubbing her clit hard. She shivered and held my hand in place. I laved soft kisses over her delectable neck and collarbones. My dick was throbbing for attention, but I needed to give my babydoll some tenderness.

She and I held hands as I guided my cock into her pussy. It was sweet-fucking-nirvana. Her pussy was even tighter and wetter than I remembered. I tried to go slow, thrusting into her easily, but her cries of bliss egged me on.

"Edward! Fuck! I…I shouldn't say that… I'm going to be a mother…Harder!" She cried.

She turned her face around so that we could kiss on the lips. We practically ate each other's fucking faces.

Bella reached down and played with my balls as I pounded her sweet pussy into oblivion. Water sloshed over the edge and got on the floor. Neither one of us gave a fuck.

"Your pussy… heaven! Yeah…you're going to be a total MILF. I'll… Fuck! I'll have to fight the motherfuckers off your ass, just like usual," I said, gyrating my hips.

My babydoll came hard. Her pussy squeezed my dick so hard, I was afraid it was going to fall off.

"I love you, Edward," she screamed as pleasure rocked her body.

I pumped two more times before my dick spewed. I held onto Bella, groaning in her neck as we milked each other dry.

After that, I was spent. I pulled Bella into my arms and began to finger her again. She helped guide my hands and looked into my eyes the whole time. When her irises turned black, I knew that she was done. Her orgasm shook the both of us. We were snoring lightly when someone knocked on the door.

I opened one eye. "Whoever is at the door has one minute to fuck off!"

"Dude, I just came to see if you were done hogging my baby sis. Your mom and everyone back home is blowing up my phone. They want to see Bella, too," Jasper said.

My babydoll sighed. "Um, can I eat first? I''m really hungry, especially now."

My ass was beat. I was about to be thirty in a month, but I felt like I was fucking ninety. At this rate, my babydoll was going to fucking kill me, but what a way to go."

She managed to stand and help me up. Women were fucking better at shit than men. I had to admit it. That was why God gave them the hard jobs, such as carrying children and taming arrogant motherfuckers like me.

Fortunately, I'd sent someone to buy us a bunch of clothes. I helped Bella put on a Hockey sleep shirt and a pair of boy shorts. Then I threw on some boxers and pajama pants, leaving my chest bare.

One of our medical people came in a few minutes later and stitched me up. My babydoll watched me from the bed with wide eyes. I assured her that I didn't feel the shit. The guy left the bandage off so the wound could breathe.

After that, I made a call to the kitchen downstairs. Ten minutes later, a tray of pizza was brought up. There was also a brand new package of chocolate chunk cookie dough, Bella's favorite, and sparkling grape juice.

My babydoll clapped her hands and beamed at me. Her brown eyes sparkled as she lifted a slice of supreme pizza into the mouth. Oddly enough, when she was eating, she made the same noises that she made when we had sex.

When she'd cleared two slices, Bree came into the room. She had on a new sweater and comfortable pants. Bella motioned her to take a seat, offering her a slice of pizza. We ate, laughed, and talked. Jasper came in to join us, bringing his phone with him.

My babydoll took turns talking to everyone when her mouth wasn't full. Di and my mom were probably soaking a goddamn ocean from all their blubbering. Alice was so excited that I could feel the electricity over the phone. I feared for Bella once they saw her again.

Carlisle talked to his 'daughter in law' and asked some medical questions. He insisted on examining Bella for himself when she got home. Rose, Em, and their kids were also very happy to have Bella back. Even Kate and Garrett called. Bella was fascinated with the picture of Sasha they sent over. Her eyes watered.

I kept reminding everyone that Bella had no memory, but no one seemed to care. She was our angel and she was back where she belonged. After awhile, the conversations turned to onesies, breast pumps, and birthing procedures. I lost my fucking appetite.

However, my babydoll continued to shovel food in her mouth at an alarming speed as she answered questions. When I saw her trying to cover a fucking yawn, I told everyone that she had to go and that they'd see her the next day. They all pouted.  

Tough shit.

Bree was also tired, so Jasper went to show her to the bedroom. Thankfully, she agreed to keep the demon with her for the night. When I called it that, Bella hit me on the arm and hissed. I kissed her to apologize.

A maid came to take our tray, leaving the cookie dough. She offered to cut it, but Bella insisted that it stay in its regular shape. I watched her peel back the wrapping and take a huge bite. She closed her eyes and shivered.

"Thank you so much, Edward. I've been craving this for so long," she said, motioning to her desert.

I crawled to the end of the bed until I was between her shapely thighs. "Hmmm, how would you like to give me what I've been craving?"

Her eyes widened. "You want to… Now?"

I nodded and stood up to fluff her pillows before resuming my spot. "Just keep eating your cookie dough and let me do all the fucking work, babydoll."

Before she could protest further, I lowered her underwear and buried my face in her pussy. With the first lick, I was hooked again. My fucking cock began to get hard. Bella gasped and pulled on my hair.

"That feels so good. More please."

I nibbled lightly on her swollen outer lips before tonguing the slit forcefully. She moaned and continued eating, but her breathing sped up considerably.

"Do you like this, Bella? Can you remember who owns your pussy?" I asked as I licked her clit.

"You….you do, Edward. Only you."

I kissed the sensitive skin of her silky thighs and inserted a finger inside of her. She bucked against me. As I inserted another finger, she began riding my tongue. I would stay just shy of where she wanted me.

"I love you, babydoll. Come for daddy," I cooed.

That was all it took. She clamped her thighs together and came hard around my fingers. I kept lapping her clit until she had another small orgasm. After awhile she stopped shaking and went limp. I disentangled myself and crawled up the bed.

Bella's hair was covered in the cookie dough that she still had clutched to her breast. She was also completely passed out. I patted myself on the back, proud that I still had that effect on her ass.

After I cleaned her up and put the cookie dough away in the minifridge, I crawled into bed, spooning my angel.

"Goodnight, babydoll. I love you more than words can ever say," I whispered, pulling the comforter over us. Then I leaned down and kissed her stomach. "And I love you, too, son. Sorry if your mom and I made too much noise. You'll get used to it."

That night, Bella woke up a million times. If it wasn't a trip to the bathroom to relieve her tortured bladder, it was a fucking nightmare. She'd wake up disoriented, not knowing where she was. One time, I had to call Bree to get her to calm down. I hated that shit. Bella had always talked in her sleep, but now she cried and begged. It always led to her waking up screaming, bathed in sweat. I washed her off with a cool cloth and put her back to bed.

When I awakened, we were spooning. There was a sliver of sun shining through the curtains. Bella had taken her underwear off during one of the bathroom trips so she was naked underneath the shirt.

I stood up and took off my boxers. Then, I laid back down and lifted my babydoll's leg, guiding my dick into her center. I needed the connection after all the bullshit of the night.

She stirred, opening her eyes. I was afraid that she would push me away, but she leaned back into me. We moved slowly, sensually, grinding into each other like it was the last time we'd ever fuck. I buried my hand in Bella's hair as I thrust into her over and over again. She squeezed my thigh.

"Edward…so good. You make it go away. I love you," she whispered as I kissed her neck.

I brought my arm around so that I could play with her nipples. I knew that they were sensitive due to the pregnancy. We both came at the same time. My hand was on Bella's stomach so I felt Dante kick as she orgasmed.

I laughed. "Uh oh, I think we woke him up."

Bella giggled and pulled me down for a kiss. "Don't you mean you woke him up? I think it's time for you to feed me."

We fucked in the shower, which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be when we factored in the seat. My babydoll wanted to give me a blowjob, but I was too spent after making sure that she was happy, so I took a fucking rain check.

After that, we dressed and went downstairs. Bree and Jasper were seated and already eating. Bella retrieved her pet and spent half of breakfast trying to get the demon to not scratch me. Onyx even liked Jasper. Bella blamed me and said that if I tried harder, I'd win the kitten over. I barely resisted rolling my eyes.

Unfortunately, my babydoll protested going home without me. I promised her that I would stay safe. We kissed and talked for a long time. It bothered me that she didn't have her wedding rings or necklaces anymore. I was almost certain that James would have them and I was determined to get him back. It wasn't about the cost, it was about the sentiment. I wanted her to have the rings I'd given her on those special days.

The drive to the air strip was quiet. We had to use a different one because there were even more spies and snitches in Moscow. I carried Bella onto the plane. This time I wasn't sad because I had a feeling in my fucking gut that we'd be fine. I kissed her until the Pilot came to tell us that it was time for takeoff.

Jasper wanted to get revenge for his sister too, but I put him on the plane. I told him that Bella needed him more. Besides, the cold as hell revenge bullshit wasn't really for men like Jake and Jasper. They had the physical strength to do it, but it killed something deep inside of them.

Walking away from my babydoll and our son again was the hardest fucking thing I'd ever had to do, but I did it for them. They deserved to have a happy future. Now that I had something to go home to, I planned to be a lot more careful.

After the plane was in the air, I texted Bella.

"I love you, babydoll. You own me. Don't be sad because soon we'll be back in each other's arms. Ti amo,"

I knew that she would see it sometime later and that it would make her smile.

My driver took off like a bat out of hell, the minute I entered the car. I knew shit was about to get ugly. Felix was at the front gate when we pulled up. He had the Uzi ready to fire. I nodded to him through the window as we passed.

When we got to the driveway, I knew why there was so much security. Marcus, Caius, and many other members of our Family were at the table. I'd just stepped into a Cosa Notra meeting.

Since this was a formal meeting, I kept my suit jacket on and kissed Marcus' ring finger before I took the seat at his right. Caius was on the other end of the table holding court. Everyone at the meeting was a Don. I briefly wondered why they'd travel to Russia instead of meeting in Chicago.

We spoke in Italian the first few minutes, sharing the honorary quotes. Everyone was heavily armed. Marcus rang a bell and linguini was bought out. I didn't have an appetite so I played with my food.

When everyone was done, Marcus stood up. "Edward, we are so happy to have our daughter and future grandson back. Your work, while bloody, was seen as necessary. You have shown yourself to be the man that I always knew that you could be."

Caius stood up, taking a sip of his wine. "Today, we come to bestow an honor upon you that few will ever have the privilege to experience. Since neither Marcus nor I have children nor are likely to in the future, we'd like to offer you the position of Mafia Don. That means that you rule the Volturi with us. Should the day come when we are too ill or dead to contribute, you become leader of the Volturi Family. We know that you are a Cullen in namesake, and Carlisle is a good man, You don't have to change your name, but you do have to swear allegiance to the Family"

I was stunned. I expected this one day, but not now. All the men stood up and held up their wine glasses towards me.

"Chi lar dura la vince," they said in unison.

I raised my glass with tears stinging my eyes. "I'm fucking honored. I gladly accept."

Marcus clapped me on the back before I was stormed by the other men. Caius brought out the ceremonial knife with the Italian Horn embroidered on the front. Marcus cut my hand, spilling the blood into a chalice of wine. We passed around the cup, each man taking a sip. When it got to me I downed the whole thing.

After that, my Family took turns ribbing me and giving me advice about being a good father and husband. Almost all the fucking men were married and had multiple kids. It was tradition to get a Sicilian cross tattooed on your arm when you became a Don, but since I'd been shot not too long ago, everyone agreed that I could put it off for a while.

I told the Organization what I'd found out about James. It turned out that James' dad hadn't raised Riley. His real mother kept him away from the Sokolov's but after she died, James and his dad took control of his finances and forced him into their fold. He hadn't grown up in the world so few people knew about him.

I had someone fetch the champagne so that we could toast my new position. "Noi non potemo avere perfetta vita senza amici," 

When that was over, Marcus stood up. "There's just one more thing you have to do, Edward." He waved his hand and a guard brought out someone in a sac. The person was wiggling and trying to get loose.

Caius walked over, opening the bag. I choked when I saw the wild, red, curly hair and realized who it was.

"Victoria? What the fuck?"

"This is the person that has been selling guns and spreading the date rape drug through HADES. We caught her red-handed. She was also taking payouts from the dirty DEA that were hoping to take you down."

He put a semiautomatic Glock in my hand. "Shoot her in the head. We'll call someone to dispose of the body."
Victoria's eyes popped. "Please, oh god, anything, but that!"

"Why?" I asked dumbly.

"I used to date James. I thought we had something, but he only used me so that I could get a job in the club. After we fucked and you dumped me, I decided to get even by running my own enterprise. I wanted to bring you down a notch. You and your little bitch!"

I almost slapped her. "Well, you failed, cunt! Bella is alive and we're having a baby."

She closed her eyes as I cocked the gun. I wanted to pull the trigger, but then I thought of my babydoll and our son. Could I look them in the eye after doing this? My rule had always been no women and no children.

"Shit!" I yelled, handing the gun back to Marcus. "I can't. No women and no children. I want her ass to suffer, but I won't end her life. If that means I can't be a Don, then so be it."

Caius clapped his hand and stepped forward. "Well done, Edward. Aro would be so proud. That was the test. Any man can show hate, but few can show compassion. Congratulations, son," he said, kissing my cheek.

We decided that Russian prison was harsh enough for Victoria. One of our men drove her to the local authorities. She would come up in the database as a wanted fugitive and serve at least thirty years. We'd make sure she didn't get extradition.

After that, we sat down to make plans on the best way to get into James' fortress. I was just coming from the bathroom when I heard a loud blast.

"Oh shit!" I said, palming my SIG.

Sounds of gunfire and bombings filled the air. I could smell the smoke, meaning that the enemy was in the house.

A bullet narrowly missed my head. I aimed my Sig and fired at the motherfucker's head. He was wearing an ugly ass Russian military uniform. As I went through the house, dodging bullets and taking out motherfuckers, I noticed that all the men had on a similar outfit.

I crouched down low and crawled to the nearest exit as I refilled my clip. I was a little rusty, but I managed to take out four motherfuckers quick. An adrenaline rush swept through my body so that I felt no pain.

Eventually, the whole army of Russians were either dead or injured. Felix had one of the live ones by the hair. Marcus demanded answers. The cocky little shit had a mouth full of blood that dribbled down his face, staining his uniform.

"I asked you a question, you sack of shit!" Marcus barked, socking him in the stomach.

The grunt's laughter turned maniacal. He was creeping me the fuck out. Felix dropped and kicked the guy in the stomach, but he still kept laughing. I figured that his ass was probably high on heroin or some shit.

Suddenly another grunt ran into the room. I shot him in the head before he could get too far. The guy under Felix's shoe just laughed. I watched in horror as he took something out of his pocket. He looked from me to the dead guy and then laughed.

"What is that word Americans say to describe bombing?" He asked in thick Russian brogue.

"Shit!" I screamed.

He laughed harder. "Now, you will let me and my men go, or we all go BOOM!"

My phone buzzed, distracting me from the utter fuckery that was happening right now. Numbly, I clicked on the screen. There was a text from my babydoll.

"I love you too, Edward. We're almost to Seattle. Please come home and never leave me and your son again. We miss you. He's kicking right now. Remember I still owe you a licking. xoxoxo"

I pulled my fingers through my hair and raised my SIG. "Is that all you got, motherfucker? I'm the motherfucking angel of death and your time is up," I bellowed before pulling the trigger.

*Noi non potemo avere perfetta vita senza amici—We cannot have a perfect life without friends (Dante)
*Chi lar dura la vince—He that endureth overcome
*"Non posso vivere senza voi."—I can't live without you


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