Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 23: All I Want is You-Part 2

"If I was a flower growing wild and free
All I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee.
And if I was a tree growing tall and green
All I'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves
If I was a flower growing wild and free
All I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee.
And if I was a tree growing tall and green
All I'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves
All I want is you, will you be my bride
Take me by the hand and stand by my side
All I want is you, will you stay with me?
Hold me in your arms and sway me like a sea.
If you were a river in the mountains tall,
The rumble of your water would be my call.
If you were the winter, I know I'd be the snow
Just as long as you were with me, let the cold winds blow"

Barry Louis Polisar


Bella waved her hands in front of me. "Edward…Edward, are you okay? Say something."

I had been sitting on the ground just staring at the ring for several minutes. All my fucking planning was ruined. Bella had proposed to me first. I was torn. I didn't know whether to be flattered that she'd asked me or upset that she had beat me to the punch.

My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. The last time I'd felt something like that was when Bella let me fuck her again after so many months apart. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. I looked down at the ring that my babydoll had bought for me. I made my decision then and there.

I smiled, until I felt my eyes crinkle. I pulled Bella into my arms for a passionate kiss. Her tiny hands fisted in my hair. She was wearing a tight pair of fucking jeans that hugged her delectable ass in all-the-right-ways. I put my hand there and squeezed. Bella moaned into my mouth and sucked on my tongue. We fought for dominance in each other's mouth. I willingly conceded when she cupped my cock.

"Fuck! Babydoll, we have to fucking stop! I really….I can't right now. We need to talk."

Bella squeezed me one more time before removing her hand. Her cheeks were dark pink. The gray sweater she was wearing was up around her breasts; I had fucking clawed at her when we kissed. Her eyes were as bright as the sun shining overhead. I fucking loved her to death. Bella was my beginning and my end. I swept a tendril of her silky hair behind her ear.

"That was a yes, right? I'm so happy, Edward. I love you so much. I'm going to be the best wife to you. I promise to spend the rest of my life by your side, keeping you happy." She kissed me on the nose.

"Bella, you trust me, right?" She nodded. "Good, then I need you to do me a favor."

"Anything, Edward," she breathed.

"I need you take the ring back for now. Ask me again later tonight and I assure you that I will accept it. There is nothing that would make me happier than being married to you. Please, don't ask questions now. Everything will be revealed later."

Bella sighed. "Okay, but I'm only agreeing because I'm so happy. You have until nine at night and then I'll ask again. I love you, Edward Cullen."

I smiled. "I love you too, Bella Cullen."

She gasped and pulled me in for another kiss. We were rolling on the ground in no time. My babydoll's hips were pressing into my rock hard erection, causing me to get even harder. I was going to fuck her right out here in the open if she didn't let up. I rolled us so that I was on top. Bella looked up at me like I was a fucking god. I leaned down to lay soft kisses all over her neck and collarbones. She hummed and continued playing with my hair. My dick was throbbing.

"Bella…Bella….we….we have to stop. I have a romantic day planned for us. Let's go change and then we can have a picnic."

My little tigress stuck her hand down my pants and squeezed my cock. I looked deep into her chocolate eyes. She was so fucking horny as she thrust her hips at me. My fucking dick did jumping jacks as I felt the leaking begin. Bella continued stroking me. I felt her fingernails lightly scrape over the head. I pulled her hand out and buttoned my pants.

"What's wrong, Edward? Did…did I do something wrong?" Tears welled up in her eyes.

I felt like a fucking asshole but if I fucked her now, I'd never stop. Then, she'd propose again and I would never get my chance. My mom and sisters had worked too fucking hard, for my libido to ruin it all. I wanted
Bella to remember the night I proposed for all time. With shaky hands and an angry dick, I stood up, taking my babydoll with me.

I kissed her forehead. "You're perfect, but I have some…business to attend to so that we can enjoy the rest of the weekend. I promise that you will be fucked thoroughly later tonight. I'll do any goddamn thing you want. I even bought a fucking paddle that I'm sure you'll love."

My babydoll's eyes lit up. She was so fucking kinky. Bella loved, and I do mean loved, when I took control and spanked her ass. I never thought that an innocent virgin would end up being the hottest pussy I'd ever gotten, but that was exactly what had happened. My babydoll was too fucking sexy for her own-good. There was nothing that I mentioned, that she wasn't willing and ready to try. Hell, she even initiated a lot of the shit we'd done lately.

For example, a couple of days ago, I'd come home after a long day of meetings. Bella was sitting on the couch watching fucking Lady and the Tramp. I'd sat down under the guise that I had wanted to watch the movie with her, but in reality, I was just eye-fucking her the entire time. She knew the words to every fucking song. She looked so cute wearing my t-shirt as she watched the movie.

When it ended, I was in fucking heat. I'd watched and fondled my babydoll during the whole motherfucking film. She stood up and excused herself before going to the rest room. I had gone to my office to send some emails. I remembered hearing the click of heels, before I saw her.

Bella had been standing in my fucking doorway wearing a uniform from my old high school. The skirt hung low and the shirt was tied up to expose her baby bump. She'd even had two fucking pigtails secured with ribbons. My dick had practically burst out of my pants. It was pretty much all a fucking blur after that. My cock had taken control and I'd followed wherever the fuck it led me. Bella fucking sucked me dry in every possible way that night. I'd never be able to watch that Disney shit again, without getting a fucking boner.

I pulled myself out of the memory and looked over at her. She was biting her lip and looking at my cock. Her nipples were puckered under her tight sweater. I bet if I slipped my fingers in her panties, I would feel the wetness from her arousal. She pouted a bit as I took her hand and led her to the castle. I kissed our interlocked fingers.

I watched with sadness as Bella put my engagement ring back in her pocket. I wanted that fucking thing on my finger more than anything in the world, because it represented how much my babydoll wanted me. No one knew it, but I was fucking sensitive when it came to her. Everyone, including my babydoll, thought that I was a cocky motherfucker, but I was insecure. Sometimes, I wondered if my love and devotion would be enough to keep Bella by my side. She could make or break my ass with a simple look. It fucking scared me to death to think of us being apart. Maybe she could live without me, but I couldn't fucking live without her-- I would fucking die if she left me again.

Thankfully, I'd never have to go through that shit again. Bella was going to be my wife, which meant that I would be with her and our children until the day we died. Then, hopefully, we'd be together somewhere in the afterlife. I wasn't fucking worthy to breathe the same air as my babydoll, but I fucking loved her to the point of insanity. I figured that that simple fact had to count for something.

I led Bella into the castle. She stopped when she took in the decorations. "Oh, Edward, it's gorgeous! I love everything," she squealed as she twirled around.

I smiled. I loved making my babydoll happy. She stopped to smell one of the white roses. I watched her close her eyes and inhale. She was too fucking cute. I would have to do something special to thank my mom and sisters for this shit. I wasn't good with decorations and flowers, so I'd enlisted the best. Ali, Esme, and Rose took over like they were commanding an army. Flowers were just prettier plants to me, but clearly, my babydoll was fond of them. I'd noticed that she liked gardens, meadows, and nature in general. The castle was supposed to be decorated for Christmas now, but I'd paid a fucking fortune for them to hold off.

The Great Hall had an open floor plan with old fashioned wood floors that were polished to perfection. There were couches that faced the tall windows. There was a fucking fireplace that was the centerpiece of the room. Currently, it was strewn with gardenias. Alice told me that they were supposed to bring about peace or some shit. I couldn't help smiling as I watched Bella pick one up and put it in her hair. She turned around and smiled at me, causing my fucking heart to stop beating.

She went through every flower in the room. I made mental notes of all the ones she seemed to particularly love, because I was a fucking asshole, and I was pretty damn sure that we'd have a fight sometime soon. I knew that flowers were one sure way for any fucker to get out of the doghouse. Fuck! I had to say that word, 'doghouse'. Now my fucking penis was throbbing again. At this rate, we'd never have a fucking puppy.

Bella put a pink moth orchid in her hair to join the gardenia before walking over to me. It always came back to those fucking moths with us. I watched the sway of her hips. She was fucking hypnotizing my ass. Her perky breasts bounced with every step. Seeing her belly, swollen with our child, almost brought tears to my eyes. No woman would ever be as beautiful as my babydoll.

She wrapped her arms around me. "Thank you, Edward. I can see the colored lights hanging from the ceiling. They're going to look amazing tonight. Let's go upstairs so that we can change. I'm starving."

I kissed her softly on the lips and the back of her hand. I took out a copy of the brochure so that she could pick. "What room do you want to stay in first?"

Bella perused the pictures and captions for a minute before she chose. "That one," she said, pointing. "It's perfect for what I have planned for later."

I saw the fucking gleam in her eye. "I fucking swear, Bella. You're going to kill my ass. My tombstone will read: Here rests Edward Cullen. He lived, he loved, and then his beautiful wife fucked him to death. You'll have to stick some socks down my crotch, because my dick will have fallen off by then."

Bella playfully slapped my arm. "You're too funny, Edward. And I won't fuck you to death tonight, probably only just within an inch of your life. I promise to keep your cock intact, though. I'm rather fond of that part of you."

I picked her sexy ass up and carried her to our chosen room. She giggled the whole way. We stopped in front of the Grand View Suite. It had a huge king sized brass bed in the center. The windows were sixteenth century and stained glass. There was also an antique cast-iron soaking tub that I was dying to fuck my babydoll in. The suite had a private deck with a view of American Lake and the garden. Overall, I'd say it was pretty fucking romantic, and from the purring sounds that Bella was making, I would venture to say that she agreed.

I'd texted the bellhop with our room choice. He brought our luggage inside. I caught him looking at my babydoll's ass, so I lifted my jacket so he could see the SIG in my holster. The little fucker scurried away quickly after that. Bella was so enraptured with the room that she missed the whole exchange. I was thankful that the help would be leaving after everything was set up. I was going to make Bella scream her fucking lungs out tonight, and we didn't need an audience.

She was busy gazing at the sunflowers that decorated the fireplace. Bella being this close to a fucking bed, made my dick start leaking again. I had to be strong, if I was going to get through the rest of the evening, because the next time I made love to my babydoll, she'd be my fiancé.

I walked up behind her and wrapped my arm around her waist. She leaned back into me. I moved her hair aside so that I could nip at her ear. She moaned deep in her throat while pushing her hips into my painful erection. I stepped back to give my tortured cock some breathing room. Bella whimpered at the loss of contact.

"Edward, remember the last time you gave me sunflowers?" I nodded. How could I fucking forget?

"Remember what we did that night? I might be up to doing that again before we eat lunch." She batted her eyes prettily at me. My fucking dick waved goodbye.

I squeezed my eyes shut and took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. It didn't do a fucking thing, because all I could see was Bella and I in the sixty-nine position. "We…we… have to wait until later. If you want me to pound that sweet pussy all night, you'll stop torturing me."

Bella huffed. "Okay, but I'm not going to show any mercy later."

I kissed the column of her neck. "I wouldn't have it any other fucking way. Now, go to the bathroom and get dressed, so that we can have a picnic in the garden."

She kissed me before going to put on something else. It was warm in Lakewood for this time of year. The weather channel had called it a fluke. Tomorrow, it was supposed to be cold outside. The weather services were predicting snow. I couldn't wait to take my babydoll out in it. I had an image of her making fucking snow angels in the garden. The old Edward Cullen didn't even know what a snow angel was, and now I had fantasies about that shit. She had really changed my ass for the better.
I took off my coat and sweater before going across the hall. I used the restroom and washed up. Then, I slipped on a pair of khaki shorts and a short sleeved polo. I made sure to put lotion on my legs, because I didn't do ashy. I knew some fuckers that thought lotion was only for women and shaking their fucking hands was like rubbing against sandpaper. I slipped on a pair of leather sandals to complete the look.

When I got back to our room, Bella was putting something away. Her back was to me. I took time to drink her in and then I fucking gasped. "Hell no! Go change now! There is still staff about. I'm not going to let those fuckers see you in that shit."

Bella turned around and rolled her eyes. "Edward, I'll be fine. I wear less than this at the beach. Are you ready?"

I tried to control my temper to no avail. She was wearing a pair of navy blue cotton stretch shorts that were so small, that I could almost see her fucking butt cheeks. She also had on a light blue short-sleeved Coldplay t-shirt that was tied at the waist. Her bump and belly button were left exposed. The outfit was fucking hot as shit, but I didn't want any other fuckers to see her in it.

I inhaled. "Well, now that I know that, we won't be going to any public beaches anytime soon. We're not leaving until you put on something to cover up that outfit. Once we get to the private area of the garden, you can take it off."

"Fine, Caveward. I don't care as long as you feed me," she huffed.

I took out my long wool jacket and put it over Bella. She watched me with narrowed eyes the whole time. I heard her mumble some shit about being 'too hot' and how I was a fucking 'Neanderthal,' but I held my tongue. If I was a caveman, so be it, at least she was fucking covered up now. I kissed her on the forehead before we headed out.

We had to stop downstairs in the kitchen to retrieve the picnic basket. Alice had picked the menu. It was supposed to contain some things that Bella loved to eat, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were pickles and cookie dough inside. Bella ate cookie dough like it was about to become non-existent. The female cook cocked an eyebrow when she saw what Bella was wearing, but she didn't say anything.

When the basket was done, we followed a different bellhop outside. He set up some thick blankets and fluffy pillows in the garden. The top blanket was feathered. I wanted my babydoll to be as comfortable as possible. I dismissed the bellhop after everything was done. His eyes never once strayed to Bella, so I tipped him heavily.

She still wasn't talking to me, so I started unpacking the basket. I set up the wicker trays that the food would go on. There was a small glass vase with three yellow roses inside. I put them in the center of our outdoor pallet. Then, I started taking out the covered dishes one by one. I set my Iphone to play some random classical music

I looked over at Bella. She'd taken my coat off and placed it near the edge of the blankets. She was staring at me as I finished setting up. There was…something in the way that she was looking at me. It made me feel a little uneasy, because shit had been known to go horribly wrong where we were concerned.

I stood up and motioned for her to take a seat. She sat down with her back facing the pillows. I was full-on worried now, because Bella still hadn't spoken to me. The real shocker was that she wasn't fucking making a move to eat yet. Usually, Bella couldn't wait to dig in. I knew that she was hungry, because it had been at least three hours since she last ate.

I swallowed my nerves before turning to my babydoll. "Bella, what's wrong? Are you still mad about the coat? I'm sorry; it's just that I feel very protective of you. I love you."

Her eyes welled up with tears. "You…you…don't want to marry me. I knew that it was a mistake asking. Please, don't dump me, Edward. I love you too."

I sat down so that Bella was in my lap. My legs surrounded her on both sides. I wrapped my arms around her stomach and kissed her neck.

"Why the fuck do you think I don't want to marry you?! You…you…can't honestly believe I'm doing all of this just to dump you."

"I don't know what to think, Edward. I proposed and you told me to wait until later. I tried but I'm worried that you don't want to. You don't have to do it for me. I'd never force you into anything. And…and…you won't touch me. Normally, you'd be all over me by now."

I sighed. "Bella, you are my fucking heartbeat. I cannot and will not live in a world where you don't exist. I don't regret your proposal. I promise you that if you're just a little patient, everything will be revealed. Trust me; my surprise is going to be worth the hype. Now, stop second-guessing yourself. I love you and I'm going to make love to you, but not right now. Just give me a little time."

She smiled as I kissed her collarbone. "I'm sorry, Edward. I'm just so hormonal and crazy right now. Thanks for putting up with me."

I laughed. "It's a real chore, but the sex makes it all worth it." She elbowed me in the ribs.

The cook had packed little porcelain plates with flowers for us to use, as well as utensils in fancy napkins. I let go of Bella so I could help put everything out. Whatever was inside smelled fucking amazing. My stomach jumped in anticipation.

When all the containers were revealed, I heard Bella gasp. She flew across the blankets into my arms. She sprinkled tiny kisses all over my face. I didn't know why she was so fucking happy, but I was thrilled to see her beautiful smile. Her arms snaked around my neck. We kissed on the lips.

"Bella, what brought that on, not that I'm complaining, but damn."

She gave me one more deep kiss before pulling away. "You...you remembered." I must have looked confused, because she pointed at the dishes. "This is the exact meal we had the first night we spent together. There's roasted chicken, green beans with almonds, scalloped potatoes, cornbread, and white macadamia nut cookies."

Suddenly, I remembered. I had been such a fucking ass that night and my babydoll had been so sweet, making me dinner and letting me sleep in her bed. I was going to owe Ali another car for this shit. Only a woman would think of something so…sentimental. If the rest of the planned events went this well, Bella would be riding my dick all fucking night. I smiled at the thought.

While I was musing, my babydoll had begun to eat. I took a seat next to her. She had already made a plate for me. I kissed her rosy cheeks before digging into my food. We ate in silence, occasionally looking at one another and smiling. The air was fragrant with flowers. Bella's hair was in a high ponytail and the moth orchid and gardenia were tucked in it in some kind of way.

Unfortunately, Alice really had packed some of Bella's favorites. I watched in awe as she ate a dill pickle. I swear that shit was made to torture my dick. Her lips closed around the outer green rind and I almost lost my shit. She took a bite and then licked her luscious lips. I made a strangled noise, which caused Bella to look at me. I averted my eyes and continued eating.

After we finished, I helped Bella repack the leftovers, which were few, because my little babydoll could fucking eat. Our kid was going to be huge if she kept it up. I was glad though. As long as my angel and our baby were happy and healthy, my world was all perfect.

Bella laid back on the pillows. I copied the movement. We played a game of 'name that cloud'. She was very imaginative, seeing everything from a unicorn, to the Burj Dubai skyscraper in the fucking clouds. She teased me because all I saw were fluffy clouds. The truth was that I didn't even see that, because I spent the whole time staring at her tits.

My babydoll turned over onto her side. I arranged us so that her head rested on my chest. I curled one of my fingers in a loose curl of her hair. It was hot, but there was a light breeze. It felt really good. I prayed that nothing would mess up this peaceful moment we were in.

My fingers caressed Bella's silken thighs. She sighed and closed her eyes. I couldn't stop there, so I palmed her ass. She moaned and bucked into me. I carefully laid her down on the pillows. She looked up at me with questions in her eyes. I fucking ate the inside of her mouth. By the time I was done, we were both panting.

"Edward, that was…amazing. I thought you wanted to wait until tonight."

I grabbed my Iphone and sent a text message. It was a request for all the workers to stay inside of the house until I gave orders. The manager agreed to comply. I had paid them so much fucking cash, that they would have let me do almost anything. I needed privacy for what we were about to do.

"Bella, take off your shirt." It was off in a fucking heartbeat.

She started to take off her bra, but I stilled her hands. It was just a plain cotton beige bra, but on my babydoll it looked sexy as hell. I pushed the cups down until her tits were fully exposed. Her beautiful pink nipples were at attention and begging for my mouth. I leaned down and took one in my mouth. Bella screamed and pulled my hair. I suckled on her sweet titties until she pushed me away.

She looked up at me. "Edward…no more. They're too sensitive right now," she panted.

I kissed the skin over her heart, before moving down to lavish the rest of her body. I bit, licked, and sucked all of her delectable skin. I rubbed my cheek over her stomach and cooed to our unborn child. Her fingers scratched my scalp lightly. When I licked inside her bellybutton, she giggled. Eventually, my wandering took me to the Holy Grail, also known as Bella's pussy.

I pulled off those tiny fucking shorts with one swoop. Then, I buried my face in her panty covered crotch. The smell drove me fucking crazy. I could never get enough of the potent mix of strawberries, honeysuckle, rain, and her natural arousal. I kissed her pelvic bone, before discarding the underwear. I would add them to my collection later.

Bella's hips undulated under my gentle caress. I thumbed her clit to make her even wetter. Her swollen pink lips gleamed in the sunlight. I rubbed my cheek against the tiny bit of pubic hair she kept. It was just as silky and the same color as the hair on her head. I fucking loved that shit. It felt so good when I ran my cock over it, before putting it inside of her. A lot of bitches thought that it was cool to have baby girl pussy, but that shit was a turn off for me. I wasn't a fucking pedophile. I believed that a grown ass woman should look like a grown woman in all ways. If Ali or Rose ever waxed my babydoll bare, I would make them pay.

I inserted a finger in Bella's drenched pussy. She moaned loud enough to scare the birds. I laughed as a few flew out of a nearby tree. She looked down to see what I was so happy about. I just winked and inserted another finger.

"Edward…I need you to make me come. Please," she begged.

I twisted my fingers in and out of her pussy. She was writhing and making fucking animalistic sounds. I curled my fingers so that I hit her g-spot. My babydoll's hips lifted clean off of the blanket as her first orgasm hit. I kissed her thighs as I waited for her to calm down.

When she was still, I spread her legs wide. "Bella, I'm going to eat your delicious pussy now. All you have to do is come for me. I love you."

She nodded her head weakly. "La mia stella brillante. My shining star," I mumbled against her skin. The fucking Italian made her even wetter.

Tonight, I was planning to use as many Italian love words as it took to soak her fucking panties. Before Bella, I never knew that you could woo a woman with foreign words. The other bitches I'd been with hadn't been important enough to impress. I may have had a lot of sexual experience, but I was still a novice in the romance department.

I spread Bella's pussy lips and blew on her sensitive nub. "Edward! Do that again," she cried out. I repeated the action. Her hips rose to meet my tongue. I playfully licked around her walls, staying away from where she wanted me the most. "Edward, put your tongue inside and make me fucking come!"

With a request like that, how could I refuse? I sucked her clit into my mouth, biting lightly. Bella bucked into me. I held her legs down and buried my face in her pussy. I licked every area that I could see. I felt my babydoll tense up before she came like a fucking geyser. I licked up every bit of her sweet nectar. I didn't give her a chance to recover before I began to lick her clit again. Her knees clamped together, locking my head between her thighs. I reached up to spread them wide again.

I ate her pussy relentlessly. I never let Bella stop coming. Every time she had an orgasm, I'd continue licking and sucking until she had another one. I stuck my tongue as deep as it would go inside her hole. I knew that she was done when she stopped screaming. I gave her pussy one last gentle kiss and then sat up to access the damage.

My babydoll was spread eagled on the fucking blankets. Her sweaty head rested on the fluffy pillows. Her hair was loose around her shoulders. I assumed that her ponytail thing had come off while she thrashed her head about. Her tits were still pushed up in the bra. They were flushed a beautiful pink. I kissed her belly but she didn't stir. My babydoll was out like a fucking light.

I managed to put her shirt on and those tiny fucking shorts. I tucked her panties in the pocket of my pants. Then, I lifted Bella into my arms. She mumbled something, but I couldn't make it out. Her body was completely boneless. I covered her with my coat. I felt smug because I had knocked her ass out again. My dick was in fucking pain, but it was so worth it to give her pleasure.

I went in through the private entrance since we didn't have to go to the kitchen again. I'd let the help clean up outside. I was very happy with the way the day was progressing. I squeezed Bella to my chest, inhaling her scent. She was my fucking soul-mate.

When we arrived at the room, I opened the door. I walked over to the bed and tucked Bella in. I took off her bra so that she would be comfortable. She hadn't slept in one since she'd become pregnant. She said that they made her too hot now. I was just glad that she slept fucking topless most of the time. It was easier to fondle her without too many clothes in the way.

I kissed her cheek and then I exited the room. I went downstairs to the Gentleman's Parlor. My laptop had been set up at the table. Someone had even set out a glass of ice. A bottle of expensive Scotch was next to it. I poured myself a glass. The burn felt good. I didn't drink much anymore, but I still enjoyed an alcoholic beverage every now and again.

I opened my Macbook, and  Bella's beautiful face filled the screen. She was smiling and sticking out her tongue. I'd taken it the day we 'christened' the pool and hot tub. My little tigress really loved water. I ran my hand over my heart, knowing that my babydoll's name was etched into the skin.

I had several work related emails, so I answered those first. A couple of them concerned Bella's wedding gift. It was going to be a surprise. I'd purchased a lucrative local bookstore/café. Jasper had been secretly interviewing for a manager all week. I figured that Bella could run the business and still have time to write or go to school if she wanted to. The business was to be completely hers, which meant that she could do with it as she pleased. I was going to miss her sexy ass at HADES, but I didn't want my wife working for me. She could visit, but I was going to hire a new secretary; preferably someone older and married.

I made sure that my lawyer, Jay, had our wedding certificate ready. He did, so that was one less thing that I had to worry about. He updated me on the Tanya situation. She had gotten to Alaska safely and was cooperating so far. I hoped it stayed that way but with Tanya, shit could go both ways.

After all my correspondence was done, I hung up and dialed my mom. I had over twenty missed voicemails and texts from her. Her phone rang to the tune of Chopsticks. I smiled. That had been the first song she ever taught me on piano. I surpassed my mom's piano skills at the age of ten, so she'd hired a professional to give me lessons. He thought I was a natural at that shit--that was why I'd applied to Julliard. My teacher had been very disappointed when I declined their offer to go study there. If I had of known my babydoll, maybe
I would have chosen that life instead of the Mafia. It was too late for regrets now, though. Besides, the Volturi were my family and I owed my godfathers for all they'd done for me.

Eventually, Esme picked up. "Hi, mom. I'm just returning your call. What's up?"

I could hear Rose and Alice in the background as she put me on speakerphone. There were a million questions at once. They wanted to know how it was going. I thanked Ali for the picnic and told her that Bella had really loved that shit. I also thanked them all for the flowers and decorations. When I told them about

Bella proposing to me first, they all laughed. Alice was sending a stylist to dress Bella for tonight. Rose had gotten one of her photography friends to come do the pictures later tonight. My mom made me promise not to upset Bella before they all hung up. I fucking loved my family.

I texted Jaz, Em, and Carlisle to let them know that everything was going well. They were all happy for us. Jasper called and fucking cried over the phone. He didn't want to let his baby sister go. The way he was blubbering you would have thought that she was a fucking five-year-old getting ready for her first day of kindergarten. I kind of understood, though. He had basically been her father since she was sixteen. I owed him a lot because he'd had a hand in raising my babydoll.

For the rest of the afternoon, I assisted the help in making sure everything was perfect. The stylist, an elegantly dressed older woman, came around six in the evening. I woke Bella up and explained to her what was happening. She was actually excited that she'd be getting her hair and makeup done. I guessed Ali had rubbed off on her after all. I kissed her and then left the stylist to work her magic, not that my babydoll needed it, because she was a natural beauty. Alice hadn't let me see the dress that Bella would be wearing tonight, but  I knew that it would be beautiful because my sister had excellent taste.

I went to another room to take a shower and get dressed. I resisted the urge to rub one out. I was going to let the tension build so that my orgasms would be stronger. It was fucking hard though. I had to bathe in the coldest temperature possible to make my erection go away. I used lots of Bvlgari AQVA shower gel because Bella loved that shit. I'd caught her sniffing it a few times in our bathroom. I made sure to gently clean my tat but not get it too wet. I washed my hair in the same Bvlgari scented shampoo. I decided to shave so that I would look suave for tonight. My babydoll liked me with or without stubble, but I wanted to be soft for her.

I took my time dressing. Ali had picked out a tuxedo for me to wear. It was fitted and black with slim lapels. It had been tailored to fit me perfectly. I put it on and looked in the mirror. James Bond had nothing on me. I was a sexy motherfucker. I tried taming my hair but it was a lost cause, so I just pulled my fingers through it. Somehow, it looked perfect. I put on my diamond cuff links and Rolex for the special occasion. Of course, I also  paired the outfit with my favorite leather Gucci loafers. The finishing touch was a white handkerchief in the pocket.

After that was done, I went downstairs to wait on Bella. My nerves were fucking shot. What if she didn't like what I had planned? What if she decided I wasn't worth it after all? What if she fucking decided to go home early? My mind was not a safe place at the moment. I took a long swallow of scotch to give me courage.

The hired stylist came down the stairs first. She looked me up and down before nodding. I gathered that she was a woman of few words. "You're fiancé is beautiful. Brace yourself, honey. She's one of the most stunning women I've ever dressed. You're a very lucky young man."

I smiled at her. "I know. I can't wait to see how she looks. Was she okay? Did she complain about anything?"

The woman patted me on the back. "She was a perfect angel. Don't worry, she loves you. My husband was just as nervous when he asked me to marry him," she said wistfully.

I recalled Carlisle, Emmett, and Jasper telling me the same thing. Poor Emmett had worked himself into such a tizzy that his ass actually vomited on Rose's heels. He'd been so fucking embarrassed, but his Rosalie thought it was funny. If he could get an acceptance with a proposal like that, then I had nothing to worry about.

The stylist grabbed my arm, effectively pulling me out of my thoughts. "She's up there. Isn't she a vision?"

I looked up. At the top of the staircase stood my babydoll in all her glory. I dropped the water bottle that I'd been holding. I opened and closed my mouth several times. Bella always looked gorgeous, but tonight, she was ethereal. My mouth hung open as I watched her descend the stairs.

She was wearing a light blue dress that flowed over her legs and protruding stomach. The bodice and straps had sparkles that shone brightly against her pale skin. Her creamy tits sat front and center. I saw the very tops of the flawless mounds. My lips ached to suckle them. I could see matching satin slippers peeking out from the bottom of the dress.

My babydoll's hair was arranged in an intricate braided up-do. Some curls had been left to hang loose around her face. Her makeup was light and shimmery and accented her natural beauty. She looked like a cross between a queen and an angel.

Finally, she stood in front of me, blushing up a storm. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her deeply. "Bella, you're absolutely perfect. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm so happy that you chose me. I love you."

She leaned back to look at me. "Edward…you…you wore a tux. I don't think that I'm going to be able to keep my hands off of you. You look beyond handsome. I love you too."

The stylist gave Bella some instructions and then prepared to leave. I made sure to slip an envelope full of money in her hand. She winked at me before going outside. Her services were worth every penny, because my babydoll looked wonderful.

I twirled her around so that I could see the all of the dress. Her upper back was left bare. I planted soft kisses all over the exposed skin. She smelled wonderful and she tasted even better. Those chaste kisses set off my traitor dick again. I was painfully hard in an instant.

"Bella, let's go to the ballroom. Dinner is set up in there for tonight." I pulled out a silk blue blindfold. "Will you wear this?" She nodded, so I tied it her around her head. Then, I swept her into my arms and carried her to the table.

Everything was just as my mom said it would be. There were huge gleaming dishes of fancy treats as well as gourmet entrees. There was no fucking way that we'd eat it all. I set Bella in one of the padded antique chairs.

She sniffed. "Mmm, Edward, something smells delicious. Can I take off my blindfold now?"

Esme had given me specific instructions for the dinner. It was supposed to be intimate. "No, keep it on for now. Just relax, I'll feed you."

"Okay, I trust you. I'm super exited to see what you have planned," she replied cheerfully.

I grabbed the platter of assorted fruits first. I placed it on the table in front of my babydoll. Then, I took a seat next to her. I forked a chunk of pineapple and held it near Bella's lips. She opened her mouth to accept it. Some of the juice clung to her lips. I wanted to lick them dry. She moaned and opened her mouth for another chunk. I fed her a couple more before switching. The next fruit was strawberries. I repeated the same action that I'd done with the pineapples. It went on like this until she'd tried every fruit on the platter.

"Edward, that was delicious. Because I couldn't see the fruit, my senses were heightened, which made everything taste better." She opened her mouth. "'What's next?"

I couldn't resist sticking my finger inside. She sucked on my forefinger, licking it like she would my cock. I almost fucking came from the sensation. I ended up feeding her everything from pork tenderloin tips to jumbo prawns. I was too nervous to eat, but I enjoyed the sounds she made more than I would have the food. I knew that she was turned on, because she kept rubbing her legs together to create friction.

After I fed her the truffles and cakes, she declared herself full. I removed her blindfold and kissed her lips. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me closer. I stroked the top of her breasts, She guided my head so that my lips were on her neck. Our foreplay was getting hot and heavy so I broke away.

Bella whined. "I need you now! Please, whatever you have planned can wait. I'm so horny that I'm tempted to hump your leg."

I smirked. "Just wait a little bit longer, babydoll. Your orgasms will be longer if we wait. Do you want a glass of non-alcoholic champagne?"

"I'd love a glass. This night has been so perfect so far. I'm not sure you can top the dinner, though."
I poured her a flute. "Oh yea of little faith. I'm going to knock your fucking socks off. You'll remember this night for the rest of your life."

She blushed and took a sip of her pregnancy approved drink. "I hope so, because this is amazing," she said gesturing to the room. It was decorated in sparkly lights and red and white roses.

I bowed before Bella. "Care to dance, babydoll." A harpist and cellist had been hired for the evening. Both women were set up in the corner of the ballroom. Bella's eyes widened when she saw the two tiny women behind the large instruments.

"Edward, how did you know I love the cello and harp music," she whispered.

"Alice told me. I had no fucking clue until then. We need to spend this weekend playing twenty questions or some shit. I want to get to know you better."

She blushed. "Okay, but I must warn you. I'm kind of nerdy. You'll be bored to tears after question number five."

I cupped her ass. "Mmmhh, you are anything but boring, babydoll. And if you're a nerd, then you're the sexiest one on Earth. Ti amo.

We kissed in the way that only true lovers could. The musicians started to play the opening lines of Kissing You. Bella squealed and buried her head in my chest. The music was absolutely beautiful. I could feel Bella's tears leaking though my shirt as I waltzed us around the ballroom. I wiped the wetness from her soft cheeks.

"What's the matter, babydoll? Are you too tired to dance?"

She shook her head. "Oh, Edward. It's all so beautiful and you did it for me. Thank you. You don't know how beautiful and loved I feel right now. I love you so much."

My heart caught fire. Bella's simple thanks touched something deep inside of me. Our bodies were fused together as if we were one. The moment was perfect in every way. My babydoll cried through the whole song. I felt a few tears escape my own eyes. As the last notes of the music rang out, I leaned down and claimed her lips. She kissed me back enthusiastically, putting her whole heart into it.

I could feel our baby between us. My shoulders shook with unshod tears as my babydoll sobbed in my arms.

The musicians left quietly so that they could set up on the beach. That was where the actual proposal was set to take place. I helped Bella to a nearby chair so that she rest for a minute. We were both so overwhelmed with emotion that we could barely speak.

Soon, I set the Bose speakers to play the next song. I'd chosen the Bryan Adams' song, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman because it told my story. I had never loved until Bella came along, and now that I'd had her, I would never go back to being the asshole I used to be.

I bowed in front of my her, asking permission. She put her small hand in mine. That always present jolt of electricity shot though my body. I led Bella around the room, our arms wrapped tightly around each other.

I sang the lyrics softly in her ear:

"To really love a woman
To understand her - you gotta know it deep inside
Hear every thought - see every dream
And give her wings - when she wants to fly
Then when you find yourself lyin' helpless in her arms
You know you really love a woman
When you love a woman you tell her
that she's really wanted
When you love a woman you tell her that she's the one
she needs somebody to tell her
that it's gonna last forever
So tell me have you ever really
really really ever loved a woman?
To really love a woman
Let her hold you -
til ya know how she needs to be touched
You've gotta breathe her - really taste her
Til you can feel her in your blood
And when you can see your unborn children in her eyes
You know you really love a woman
When you love a woman
you tell her that she's really wanted
When you love a woman you tell her that she's the one
she needs somebody to tell her
that you'll always be together
So tell me have you ever really -
really really ever loved a woman?
You got to give her some faith - hold her tight
A little tenderness - gotta treat her right
She will be there for you, takin' good care of you
You really gotta love your woman...
Then when you find yourself lyin' helpless in her arms
You know you really love a woman
When you love a woman you tell her
that she's really wanted
When you love a woman you tell her that she's the one
she needs somebody to tell her
that it's gonna last forever
So tell me have you ever really
really really ever loved a woman?
Just tell me have you ever really,
really, really, ever loved a woman? You got to tell me
Just tell me have you ever really,
really, really, ever loved a woman?"

"I love you, babydoll. You're the first and only woman that ever rendered me helpless. I love you past the point of desperation. My love for you is deep in my soul and it grows every day I'm with you. You make me a better man and I want to spend every day making myself worthy of you and our children."

Bella stopped moving and raised her head. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying. I kissed the remaining teardrops away. We'd been through so much shit, but it was all worth it to be here tonight. I could feel the love vibrating though the room.

"Edward, I love you too. You're…you're the only man that I've ever wanted. I never thought I could truly have you, but you made my dreams a reality. My only wishes are to spend the rest of my days making babies with you and growing old together. You're my all."

She waved her arms around. "If all of this was gone tomorrow, and I still had you, I'd be the happiest woman in the whole world. Only you, Edward; It's only ever going to be you."

I knew the meaning behind her words. I was the only man she'd ever let make love to her. I knew that I was a lucky motherfucker. When she said she wanted to make babies with me, my heart filled with pride, because this angel wanted me forever. That in itself was a miracle.

"Bella, come to the music room with me. I have an urge to play for you."

When we got there, she took a seat on the bench next to me. I began to play one of my favorite pieces, The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns. Bella placed her hand on my knee. Her fingers moved to the melody of the music.

After I finished, she lifted my hands and kissed every finger. "Edward, there are no words. I love to hear you play. Thank you."

I pulled her in for a proper kiss, one that left us moaning. I had to change the subject before we ended up fucking on top of the piano.

"Bella…Bella…umm… had you heard that piece before?" I was breathing so hard that it took a lot of concentration to get out the simple question.

My babydoll smiled. "Yes, my mom used to play The Carnival of the Animals CD for me. The Swan was always my favorite because of our last name." Her voice broke at the end. I felt horrible for reminding her of her dead parents at a time like this.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I didn't mean…."

She put her hand over my lips. "No, don't apologize. It's good to remember them sometimes. Tonight…everything has been perfect. I'm so happy with you, Edward. I love you."

I put my hand over her stomach and kissed her. She jumped in surprise. My eyes widened in fear. I tried to pull my hand away but Bella held me in place. "Edward…Edward….I felt the baby move. It moved when you touched me. It already loves you as much as I do."

I didn't feel anything. "Is…is that normal? I can't feel it moving? Does it hurt? Are you in pain?" I asked frantically.

She shook her head. "No, it doesn't hurt. It feels like there's a butterfly trapped in my lower stomach, fluttering its wings. Carlisle said I would start to feel the baby move. It's amazing. You won't be able to feel it kicking until I'm further along." I was super fucking excited. My son or daughter moved under my touch. It was the best feeling in the world.

I leaned down and placed my ear over Bella's bump. "I love you too, baby. I can't wait to meet you in person," I cooed.

Bella ran her fingers through my hair. "I love you, Edward."

I kissed her thoroughly.

"There's just one more thing. Come outside with me. I have a surprise for you on the beach by the lake. You have to wear the blindfold again, though." She nodded.

I carried her outside. "Edward, I can walk you know," she said, laughing.

"I know, but I love to carry you. Besides, you look like an angel tonight, and angel's feet don't touch the ground."

There was a private deck with a beach that was part of American Lake at the rear of the Castle. My mom and her design company had decorated that area for the special occasion. I'd also hired an orchestra to serenade my beautiful fianceé before I popped the question.

As I carried my babydoll to our destination, my fucking nerves were all over the place. I didn't remember ever feeling so out of sorts. It wasn't that I had doubts about marrying Bella, it was just that I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted her to tell the story of the night I proposed to our daughters when we got older.

I looked down at my babydoll, her small hand rested lightly over my heart. All of my worries and fears flew out the window. She loved me and that was more than I fucking deserved.

The beach was fucking beautiful. There were tall lighted torches in the sand, illuminating the area. The orchestra looked perfect in their black finery. The photographer was all set up for pictures off to the side. Even the fucking moon and stars were on my side tonight.

I set Bella on her feet and uncovered her eyes. She swooned when she saw everything. I caught her in my arms. "Babydoll, are you okay? Do you need to lie down?"

She shook her head. "No, it's beautiful, Edward. I was just surprised is all. I mean there's an orchestra on the beach! Thank you for doing all of this for me. I don't think I can take any more surprises tonight."

I inclined my head to the conductor. It was his clue for the orchestra to begin playing. The first notes of Erik Satie's, Gymnopédie No.1. filled the beach. Bella looked up into my eyes. Hers were glassy and unfocused. A small smile graced her precious lips.

I held out my hand. "May I have the last dance, babydoll?" She nodded as our hands connected. I put my arm around her.

We danced in a circle. Bella was crying again so I held her tighter to my chest. My fucking shirt was soaked through with all the tears. She was too emotional to keep up with the dance steps so I was practically carrying her. I whispered Italian in her ear and kissed her neck, which only made her sob louder.

The music was getting lower. Bella looked up at me. The stars shone in her chocolate orbs. I gently stroked a loose tendril of her hair. She really was the most beautiful woman in the world. Her skin glowed under the full moon. She was truly my treasure and I would keep her safe for all time.

I kissed her flushed wet cheeks. "Please, babydoll, no more tears. Look up."

As she did, I draped my jacket over her shoulders. There was a slight chill beginning to form in the air. Fireworks of every color went off in the night sky. I stood behind my babydoll and wrapped my arms around her waist, keeping my palm over our baby. She clapped her hands and squealed. I kissed her fragrant skin, enjoying her reaction. I got so lost in Bella that I almost missed the moment. The fireworks formed words that said, "Bella Swan, I love you. Will you marry me?"

My babydoll turned around so quickly that the jacket dropped from her shoulder. I took her left hand and got down on one knee. She covered her mouth as tears fell down her gorgeous face. I kissed the soft palm of her hand.

"Bella, you crashed into my world and changed every part of me. I never knew that I was capable of true love before you came along. You make me want to be a better man, someone that is worthy of your unwavering love. You are my whole life, my heartbeat, my soul. Without you, I'm nothing. You are the only woman for me. I'll never want anyone else but you. I want to grow old and make babies with you for the rest of my days. To me, you're a goddess and an angel. You're the sunshine that breaks through all my dark places. Will you let me be yours forever? Can I have your heart? Isabella Marie Swan, please walk through this life and the next with me, for all eternity. Babydoll, will you be my wife?"

I placed the eight carat platinum Verragio couture ring on her fourth finger. The center diamond was round cut. It was surrounded by smaller diamonds that formed the infinity symbol on each side. There was an inscription on the inside with the words, 'Voglio stare con te per sempre.' I want to stay with you forever.
I looked up at the love of my life.

Deep, wrenching sobs escaped her mouth. "Yes! Oh God, Edward! Yes, I'll marry you. I…I…want to be your wife. I already belong to you, Edward. I love you, forever."

I was so excited that I pulled her into my lap, not caring that I was getting her dress dirty. I put my hands on her head and ravaged her mouth. The sweet taste of her tongue drove me crazy. She was my wife. My mind could barely grasp the concept. Bella and I kissed for a very long time. I vaguely heard the orchestra applaud, before music filled the air again.

My hands were all over Bella. I couldn't get enough. She was just as enthusiastic, making the most erotic noises.

I kissed the skin over her heart. "Tu sei la mia vita, la mia anima," I whispered in her ear. "You are my life, my soul. Ti amo con tutta l'anima. I love you with all my heart."

Bella sighed and snuggled into my neck. I watched as she took my engagement ring out of her bra. She kissed my hand before slipping it on my ring finger.

"Edward, I love you. I want to get old and wrinkled in your arms. I want lots of precious babies with you. I want to spend my life waking up in your arms and watching you fall asleep. Will you marry me, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen?"

I smiled at the full use of my name. "Absolutely, yes. I can't imagine a life without you. I love you, Bella."

Her answering smile was blinding. "I can get you a more expensive ring…"

I shut her up with a kiss. "Don't you dare! I love this one. It's perfect and it's from your heart. I promise to never take it off."

She held up her hand to study the ring. I was afraid that she was about to protest, but she surprised me. She placed her hand over her heart.

"It's beautiful, Edward. I…I never thought…I never thought that someone would want…would want to marry me. You…you made me feel so special tonight. I'll never forget this for as long as I live. The ring…the ring is perfect. It will stay on my finger for all eternity."

I owed my mom and sisters a lot for picking out the ring. I made a mental note to do something special for them all. Bella couldn't take her eyes off of her engagement ring. She studied it from every angle. I distracted her by pushing her down into the sand and attacking her mouth.

Unfortunately, we were interrupted by loud feminine throat clearing. I looked up to see the photographer glaring at me. I could see why this woman was one of Rose's friends. She seemed to be just as brash and assertive. I reluctantly untangled myself from Bella and stood up, bringing her along with me.

The photographer, Carol was her name, brushed the sand off of Bella's beautiful gown. She kept shooting death glares at me and mumbling about me getting Bella dirty. I smirked and winked at my babydoll. She blushed a gorgeous shade of pink.

Esme and Alice would kill my ass if they didn't get perfect pictures, so I held in my fucking temper and let the bitch take pictures of us. We had to pose and stand at all kinds of odd angles. I almost went off a couple of times, but my babydoll would sense it and place my hand over her stomach. Touching our baby was soothing to me. I found it fascinating that there was a person inside of Bella.

We took pictures in the Castle and in the gardens. Lighting and backgrounds had been set up while we were dining. Bella liked taking pictures about as much as I did, but she was doing it for mom and Alice too. The only bearable parts were when Carol wanted a photo of me kissing my babydoll.

Eventually, everything was finished. I was fucking exhausted and my dick had been hard for most of the day without release. If I didn't get in Bella's sweet pussy soon, I was liable to just fucking die. The orchestra was to play until Bella and I departed. I picked her up and carried her back to our room. She was already falling asleep in my arms.

When we made it to the bedroom, we both stripped and crawled under the cover. Bella kept on her beige slip but took off her bra. I was too tired to make love to her, so I suggested we take a nap. She fell asleep on my chest with her hand over my tattoo. She mumbled my favorite words, and when she mentioned 'wife', my heart soared. I kissed her fingers before succumbing to sleep myself.

I woke up disoriented. I was fucking confused, until I looked at my finger and saw my engagement ring. I smiled, remembering last night. It was just a little after five thirty in the morning, which meant that Bella and I had pretty much slept through the whole fucking night. I looked down, expecting to see my babydoll, but she wasn't there. I saw the light on in the bathroom and knew that was where she was. I scratched my stomach and stretched. I had only worn my boxers to bed. My dick was peeking through the front slit. It was so hard that I could barely touch it. I hoped that Bella was ready and in the mood, because I was horny as shit.

I grabbed a bottle of water off of the nightstand and took a swig. I was too busy feeding Bella last night and hadn't eaten much. My stomach felt like it was caving in. I was just about to make a run to the kitchen, when my babydoll came out. Suddenly, the only meal I craved was between her thighs.

She had on a tiniest piece of lingerie I'd ever seen. It consisted of a barely there pin-striped teddy that left her beautiful baby bump bare. Her pussy was covered with a tiny thong that matched the teddy. There were wrist cuffs as well as a collared one around her neck that had a tiny tie hanging from it. She was wearing black lace knee highs that were attached by white garters. Black stiletto heels made her legs look mile high. A felt black fedora had been placed over her mahogany curls and she was holding a toy Uzi. She was a fucking sexy as hell Mobster. I almost fucking came in my boxers.

Bella smiled at me. Then, she turned and bent down, giving me a fuckawesome view of her luscious ass. I bit my lip so fucking hard that I tasted blood. My babydoll walked slowly over to the bed. She put a lot of sway in her tantalizing hips. I was panting like a fucking dog. She stopped right in front of me.

"Do you like it, Edward? I bought it for you. I thought that you might find it funny." I nodded dumbly.

Bella took the hat off and set the Uzi on the floor. My eyes never left her body. She was too fucking hot. My cock throbbed, causing me to whimper. It was fucking torture to be so close and not touch. I didn't want to come too quick and leave my babydoll wanting so I tried to calm myself down.

When I could move again, I gently pushed Bella down on the bed. I traced my fingers over the sexy costume. She looked up at me, smiling. I moved the material aside and latched onto one of her breasts. She reached up and tugged on my hair. I licked and sucked her pointy nipples as she writhed underneath me. I traced her hard nipples with the palm of my hand. She rocked her hips into me, whimpering loudly.

I kissed her sweet lips. She wrapped her arms around my neck so that my tongue could go deeper. My cock was right over her dripping pussy. I could feel the wetness through her thin thong. I kissed down her torso until I reached the promised-land. I pulled the fucking garters off with my teeth. Bella screamed and spread her legs wide. She lifted her hips so that I could slip the underwear off. I softly kissed her stomach.

"Edward! Oh, Fuck! I need you, please," she begged.

Neither one of us was going to last long this first time. Luckily, we had the castle to ourselves for the whole weekend. I propped myself up on my elbows and inhaled my babydoll's unique scent. My cock jumped in response. Bella was so fucking wet that her juices had coated her thighs. I licked the moisture there. She tried to swivel her hips to make my tongue go where she needed it most, but I held her in place.

"Not yet, babydoll. You're such a bad girl, teasing me in that outfit. I'm going to make you pay."

She screamed in frustration. I licked from her thigh to her hip. Her hips came off the bed as the sensations hit her. I teasingly licked her clit once. She moaned. I opened her wider, drawing my tongue around her outer lips. Her smell drove me fucking crazy. I had to take a minute to shake my head; all I wanted to do was make her come. I knew that once I was inside of her pussy that I wouldn't be able to last, so I had to make it good for her now.

Bella slipped her fingers back into my hair and lifted her hips. She was trying to guide me to her. I licked and sucked her swollen nub. She thrashed and made animal noises that drove me crazy. Her hands tightened in my hair. I could feel her body as it tensed up. She was about to fucking come. I continued lapping her clit, focusing on that one spot. Bella's hips lifted uncontrollably as she screamed loud enough to wake up people in Seattle.

When she started to pant loudly, I slipped my middle finger inside of her. My dick leaked as her tight inner walls clenched. I curled my finger so that I hit her g-spot. She spewed a string of curse words. My sweet, innocent babydoll cursed like a fucking sailor when she was close. I slid my index finger inside of her and curled it too. I used both fingers to thrust in and out of her while I licked her clit. She came hard, screaming my name.

"Edward! Edwarrddd! Holy Shit! Fuck…fuck…I'm coming!"

I licked up all the sweet nectar that she made. Eventually, her pussy must have gotten to sensitive because she pushed me away and curled up on her side. She was still wearing the stockings and the teddy. She had slipped off the shoes before I began my assault. I stripped her legs bare and kissed her delicate calf muscles. She barely moved. I pressed a soft kiss to her sensitive pussy and them moved back up her body. I had a dopey grin on my face because I was proud of myself for making her come so hard.

I kissed her softly, trying to keep my fucking cock from spewing. At this rate, I wasn't even going to get the damn thing inside of her. Bella was taking in huge breaths of oxygen. Her cheeks were flushed and her silken skin was covered with sweat.

My tongue explored Bella's mouth. She really got into the kiss, moaning and pulling me closer. She wrapped one of her legs over my hip, which brought my rock hard cock flush with her dripping pussy. I groaned.

"Fuck, Bella! I'm so turned on. I…I want to make it good for you."

My babydoll rolled us over so that she was on top. She looked in my eyes as she raised that tiny fucking chemise and threw it aside. Her gorgeous breasts bobbed with the movement. I licked my lips. She bent down and kissed me. Then, she moved down until she was eye level with my cock.

"Mmmhhh, Edward, you're such a big boy. I want your huge cock to fill my mouth. It's my favorite meal."

The words turned me on, not that I needed any help with that at the moment--- Bella's delicate hand wrapped around my aching cock. My hips thrust into the air. I heard her giggle. Her hot little hand moved up and down the base of my cock as she sucked my balls. I grunted and made embarrassing noises. She licked the underside and then sucked in the sensitive head. I gripped the sheets so hard that my knuckles went numb.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Bella, you're going to fucking kill me!"

I felt her smile against my dick. She let my cock slide into her mouth as far as it would go. My fucking body was ruled by pleasure. I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to fucking come. She caressed my balls each time she took me down her throat. I wound my fingers into her shiny curls. She sucked on the sensitive head before sucking me down her throat again. I fucking came, screaming Italian curse words and my babydoll's name.

She kissed my cock and climbed back up my body. She ghosted her lips over my tattoo. I wanted to say something, but my voice didn't work. I had screamed so much that it felt scratched up. Bella took a swig of water from the bottle and then held it to my lips. I sat up a little so that it wouldn't spill.

"Babydoll, that was fucking amazing. You…you have a gift for fellatio. I'm truly happy that no other fucker will ever get the chance to experience that. I love you."

She blushed. "Thank you, Edward. It's my pleasure and you're…you're the best at eating pussy."

I choked on my fucking water. Bella winked. My little tigress was a handful. I sat up so that I could see her.
She was fucking beautiful. Her cheeks were red. Her pouty lips were swollen from our kisses. Her breasts were perky and round. They had grown because of the pregnancy, but still fit perfectly in my hands. Her stomach swollen with the life that we'd created.

I covered her little body with mine, careful to keep most of the weight off of her. I reached down to feel Bella's pussy. She was soaked again. I kissed her, thrusting my tongue deeper into her mouth. She moaned and pulled my hair again. My tongue intimately explored her mouth as I thrust into her.

She screamed in surprise. She was so fucking tight that I almost came. I moved in and out slowly, letting my cock slide over her sensitive nub. I rocked my hips so that each thrust would hit Bella's g-spot-- I knew that fucking spot like the back of my hand. She wound her fingers into my hair and pulled me back to her mouth. My tongue mimicked what my dick was doing to her pussy. I felt her grow wetter.

Bella's legs were wrapped around my waist with her feet locked together. Her heels dug into my back, guiding my movements. I began forcefully shoving my dick into her sopping core. I would pull almost all the way out until only the tip was in before plunging into her again. Her head thrashed around the pillow. My strokes became stronger because I was fucking close. Bella's nails dug into my back. She came so hard that I felt her orgasm. Her walls clenched me tightly, triggering my own orgasm. I continued to thrust into her until my cock was flaccid again. I spiraled into extreme fucking ecstasy, screaming my wife's name.

I never pulled out of Bella because I didn't want to leave her sweet pussy. I rolled so that she was on top of me. We stared deep in each other's eyes. No words were needed. Our lovemaking was always intense but this had been even more so. It wasn't just sex, it was a fucking promise for eternity. Bella kissed me and my cock started to harden inside of her again.

"Lay back, Edward. I'll do all the work this time."

She rode me slowly through another orgasm. When I saw her moving up and down on my cock, as her hands fondled her breasts, I came hard. It was the sight of that fucking ring that did me in. Bella just laughed and kissed me until I was hard again. This time I made her come several times.

We slept off and on and made love all day. Bella showed me her childhood pictures, and I showed her mine. She was the most beautiful little girl I'd ever seen, even then, she'd been a blusher. We laughed and played twenty questions. I found out more about my babydoll. She was fucking amazing and I fell deeper in love with her.

It had started to snow lightly outside. I made her my famous hot chocolate, which earned me a fucking spectacular blow job by the fire in the Great Hall. She let me come on her tits and I took a picture for my porn collection. We had fucked in almost every room of the castle. If the place had of been for sale, I would have bought it, but it wasn't, so I was just going to have to build Bella her own castle. I had her against walls and trees, in bathtubs, on the dining table, and sometimes we even got to a bed.

I woke up Sunday morning, barely able to move. Bella was already dressed in jeans and a sweater, so I took her outside to play in the snow. She threw snowballs at me. We ran, kissed, and flirted with one another. It was fucking magical. I took lots of pictures of her making snow angels. She looked so young and carefree in her puffy white winter coat and matching cap. I almost fucked her in the snow. Later, Bella rode me on the piano bench after I played her an original melody.

The only time we stopped making love, was when we ate or slept. Bella was just as insatiable as me. In the evening, she decided that she wanted to learn to play pool. I took her to the game room so that I could teach her. She changed into a pair of yoga pants and over-sized sweatshirt, reminding me of that first night we spent together. I kissed her all the way to the game room.

My babydoll was a horrible player, but what she lacked in skill, she made up for in form. I knew that she could feel my dick pressing into her ass because she started wiggling her hips. I was behind her, trying to teach her how to hold the pool stick. My dick jumped and I gave up on the game. I had a feeling that she'd only asked me so that she could seduce my ass. She was so fucking bad sometimes. I bit and sucked on her neck. She dropped the ball she'd been holding.

"Edward?" The question hung in the air.

I lifted her sweatshirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. I cupped and kneaded her smooth tits. She pushed her hips back into me. I pulled her pants down her legs.

"Bend over the fucking table!" I commanded. My babydoll wasted no time in complying. "Put your hands on top and don't move them. If you do, you're punishment will be worse."

Unfortunately, there wasn't time to get the paddle. I would have to use my hand. I slapped Bella on the ass.
She moaned loud enough to wake up the dead.

"Did I tell you to make a fucking sound?" I yelled, daring her with my eyes.

I smacked her again. Her juices ran down her legs. My babydoll was fucking kinky. She loved to be spanked. I pulled a tiny finger vibrator out of my pocket that I'd been keeping on me for just such an occasion. I slapped her ass cheeks until she screamed in frustration.

"Edward! Please, put it in! I'm going to milk your fucking cock dry."

I got down on my knees. Then, I spread Bella's ass cheek wide and inserted my index finger over her anus. I flicked the switch to turn on the vibrator. The minute it connected with her hole, she screamed and jumped. I turned it off to make sure that she was okay.

"What the hell was that, Edward?!"

I felt like such a fucking idiot. Just because she said she wanted to try anal sex one day didn't mean she was ready for all of this now. "Bella, I'm sorry. You said that you wouldn't mind anal play so I thought… Never mind, I'm sorry."

She never lifted her head off of the table. "No, I liked it, a lot. I was just curious. You…you can keep playing with the vibrator."

My eyes widened in surprise. I licked my lips and went back to rubbing the vibrator over her ass. I used my other hand to squeeze her clit. She came hard, her knees bucking. I caught her and held her body until she could stand again. I couldn't wait until she was ready to take my cock up her ass. Anal sex was one of my favorites, and Bella's sweet ass was fucking perfect.

"Babydoll, that was fucking amazing. We'll go as fast or slow as you want, but hopefully, soon I'll get to fuck you up the ass."

She shivered at my dirty words. "Edward…can you spank me again. My pussy is aching for you."

I smacked her ass cheeks until they turned pink. Bella's nails were digging into the pool table. I smirked. She tried to lift her head but I pushed it back down.

 "I didn't give you permission to fucking move. Put your hands behind your back, I commanded.

Seconds later, I locked her wrists using a discarded handkerchief. There wasn't time to get the fucking fuzzy handcuffs either.

I lined my cock up and thrust hard into Bella. She screamed. I rocked my hips in a circular motion, making sure to hit her special spot. I reached around so that I could tease her clit. She pushed back into me, meeting me thrust for thrust. We both came hard in a matter of minutes. I collapsed on my babydoll's back.

We went upstairs to take a bath but ended up fucking until the water turned cold, forcing us to take a shower. My little tigress was so fucking bold, stroking my cock and sucking me off under the spray. After that, I couldn't move so we just laid in bed and watched movies. Bella fell asleep in my arms.

When we next woke, the phone was ringing off of the hook. I picked it up and grunted at whoever had dared to interrupt our sleep. It was my mother. I passed Bella the phone and laid facedown. My babydoll had fucking worn my ass out, so the least that she could do was entertain my mom and sisters.

She straddled my back and massaged me while she talked to my family. I prayed to god that my mom couldn't hear me moaning over the phone. Bella gushed about what happened last night and how much she loved her ring. I heard Alice and Rosalie squeal and ask for details as if they didn't fucking know.

My babydoll wasn't wearing any fucking panties, so I could feel her pussy juices drip onto my back. She pressed the arches of her hands into my sore muscles. I buried my head in the pillow to muffle my grunts. My dick hardened painfully. Bella was still on the fucking phone, chatting happily. All of a sudden, she shifted, causing her pussy to come into direct contact with my back. I could feel the cool wet spot she left.

"Hang up, Bella. You can talk later," I said, my voice husky with lust.

I heard a lot of giggling and catcalling before she hung up. It was beyond embarrassing that my mom knew that I was about to fuck my wife, well future wife, but in my eyes it was already final.

Bella climbed off of my back. I sat up with my back to the headboard and pulled her into my lap. She was wearing one of my old Rolling Stone's t-shirts. Since we'd moved in together, she'd stolen half of my favorite fucking shirts, but she looked so damn sexy in them that I couldn't find it myself to complain.

I kissed her passionately. Unfortunately, she broke away. "Edward, I want to get married on Christmas Day.
Is that okay with you?"

I nodded. "Honestly, Bella, I don't fucking care. In my eyes, you're already my wife. All that wedding day shit is up to you, my mom, and my sisters. So, if you want Christmas, then that's what you'll get."

She shrieked and kissed me. "Thanks, Edward. That means that we only have a little over two weeks. Alice is going to kill me. Do you have any ideas of where we can have it? I don't want anything big, just our friends and family."

I cupped her naked ass. "Mmmhh, yeah, I have a place. We own a huge cabin in Aspen. I can arrange jet
transport for everyone. There's plenty of room for guests. You can invite anyone you want."

Bella guided my cock inside of her. My hand was still on her ass. I hissed as her walls clenched around my shaft. The fucking thing was going to break off inside of her one day. We had fucked so much that I was in danger of getting a hernia.

"Ahhh, that's perfect, Edward. I'll start making a list when we get home. I want a big Christmas tree, and lots of lights…."

She droned on and one about some fucking shit. I just nodded my head, because all I'd be doing was giving her the credit card and showing up in a tux on the designated day. She rocked us to another wonderful orgasm. I buried my head in her shoulder and snarled as a hot stream of cum shot out of my cock. Bella hugged me and kissed my jaw until I came down.

I was just about to fall asleep again when something she said caught my attention. "And we can't make love until after the wedding or he won't do the ceremony. I already told Esme that I'd sign the contract and you'll have to sign too."

I held up my hand to stop her. "What?! What are you talking about, Bella?"

She rolled her eyes. "Edward, didn't you hear a thing I said on the phone." I shook my head.

She sighed. "Your mom suggested her pastor be the one to perform the service. He was in charge of Esme's and Rose's wedding ceremony and he's going to do Alice's too. So, I want him to do ours. He'll only agree if we sign a contract that we won't have sex until the wedding night and we have to attend five counseling classes."

I groaned. "Are you fucking serious?!" She nodded. Why was God cockblocking my ass? Hadn't I suffered enough? "Okay, but I swear you have to be good, babydoll. No fucking teasing me."

She saluted me. I smiled and kissed her neck.

"If I'm not going to be inside that sweet pussy for over two weeks, then I better get my fill now. Lay down so that I can eat you out, and Bella, keep the phone close. I might need you to call 911."

Later that night, when my future wife was exhaustedly sleeping in my arms, I felt whole. For the first time in my fucking life, I felt like I deserved happiness. I cuddled close to my babydoll. She said my favorite words and I fell asleep in my version of heaven.


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