Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 21: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

"The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the empty skies
The first time ever I kissed your mouth
I felt the earth move in my hands
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command my love
The first time ever I lay with you
I felt your heart so close to mine
And I knew our joy would fill the Earth
And last, and last, and last till the end of time
The first time ever I saw your face
Your face
Your face
Your face"

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face—Leona Lewis


"Yes Edward! Oh God! Right there!"

My sweaty body arched all the way in the air. I was cumming hard off of my second orgasm of the night. My gorgeous boyfriend was between my legs, pleasuring me with his gifted tongue. There were no words to describe how it felt when he licked me. If there were an award for cunnilingus, I'd nominate him for first prize.

The coil that had built in my muscles released. I fell bonelessly to the couch. Edward was still lapping at my sensitive clit. I pulled his hair a couple of times to let him know that I was done. He had been down there for over an hour, prolonging my release. He would suck me until I was close and then remove his mouth altogether. It was agonizing, but it made my orgasm a hundred times better.

Finally, Edward removed his talented mouth from my dripping core. He had licked up almost everything. "Babydoll, I could eat your sweet pussy forever. You're the only woman Bella; the only woman that I've ever gone down on. I wish that you were my first everything but know you're my first in that."

I pulled him up to my lips for a sloppy kiss. My juices were all over his lips and tongue but that just turned me on more. We took turns licking and exploring each other's mouths. Every time we kissed, it was better than the last. I was so in love with Edward that it even amazed me. I never knew that my heart had the capacity to love someone so much.

His long fingers drew circles around my naked thighs, leaving a trail of heat etched into my skin. I fisted a handful of his copper hair to draw him closer. If I could, I would have consumed his whole body. I wanted Edward all the time. I wasn't sure if it was my pregnancy hormones or the time apart that made me lust after him so much. We'd had sex on almost every surface of the Penthouse.

Our kisses were so desperate that we bruised each other's lips. Edward broke away so he could take a breath. His right hand moved to my puckered nipples. He pinched one, causing me to thrust into his boxer clad penis. He was so big and hard for me.

"Fuck! You can't do that, babydoll. I'm going to fucking jizz in my boxers."

I bucked  into him again, laughing when he let out an irritated sigh. "I want you to take your underwear off and fuck me hard, Edward." I bit down on his earlobe for emphasis. He tried to sit up but I had him in a vice grip. He was mine and I wasn't about to let him go.

"You know I'm going to pound your sweet pussy until you see stars. Fuck! I just need a minute. If you want me to be good to you, you have to give me a minute to calm the fuck down. You don't have a fucking clue how crazy you make me."

He was wrong. I had several clues. Edward went into a sort of frenzy when he was inside of me. I noticed it the first time we made love, but it was even more so now. He had started saying things in my ear; phrases in another language. The way he said the words in the heat of passion made them sound like they were wrenched from his very soul.

There was also something…off about Edward lately. He would look at me like he wanted to say something but then he'd just shake his head. He was also extremely happy. I was glad that he was in a good mood but it was strange.

The pregnancy had turned him into a big marshmallow. There was nothing that I could ask for that Edward wouldn't get for me. He bragged to everyone about how he knocked me up while I was on birth control. It was highly embarrassing but cute.

Everything about him was brighter. He'd been eating healthier and working out. His chest was a work of art. He was always toned but now it was more pronounced. I licked my lips each time he took his shirt off. Unfortunately, other women noticed too and it made me jealous. I was turning into a beach ball and my boyfriend was becoming even more of a sex god. If I needed anymore evidence that God was a man, that fact provided it.

Deep in my gut, I knew it was silly to be jealous. Edward loved me and didn't show any interest in those other women who practically threw themselves at him. A part of me was flattered that someone like him could love me so much. The other part was worried that he would want to trade me in for a better model someday.

The most astonishing thing of all was his need for me. We cuddled together all the time, just basking in our love for one another. At first, I felt almost guilty for my insatiable sexual craving for Edward, but when I saw that he wanted me just as much, I began to feel powerful. He worshiped my body. I had never felt sexier.

Edward kissed my cheek. "Babydoll, where the fuck did you go? I've been asking the same fucking question for five minutes. Are you all right?"

I blinked at him. I was so deep in thoughts that I hadn't heard a word he said. "I'm sorry Edward. I was just thinking. What were you asking me?"

I let him go so he could sit up. Then, I put an arm over my breasts. I knew it was stupid after all that we'd done, but after my musings, I was feeling a little self conscious.

He smiled that smile that made my nether regions tingle. "You're so fucking beautiful. I was asking you if you wanted to move to the bedroom. I don't want you do be uncomfortable."

I reached down so that I could take Edward's cock out of his boxers, causing him to hiss loudly. I pushed him down so that I could straddle his waist. He let out a groan that shook the couch. We were going to ruin the beautiful Italian leather with our fierce lovemaking, but I didn't care and neither did Edward.
I sucked on his strong jaw. "I'm comfortable right here. Just lay back and let me do all the work." A strong shudder went through his body as I licked his ear.

We kissed until neither one of us had any oxygen. I licked and bit a trail down Edward's torso. When I sucked his nipples, he bucked against me. I bit down on his muscular abs, basking in the beauty of his body. I pulled his boxers away to reveal his manhood. It was thick and veined just like always. The tip had a little pre-cum. Edward lifted his hips so that I could pull the rest of the offending fabric off. We were both fully nude.

I licked the drop of cum off of Edward's head. He groaned. "Shit! Shit! Bella, I'm being fucking serious here. If you keep doing that shit, I'm going blow my load and you won't get fucked properly."

I just hummed and sucked him into my mouth. His curses filled the air. I gave his dick one last chaste kiss before letting it go.

"Fine! You win, but only because I want to feel you in my pussy. I still owe you a blowjob, though, and I always pay my dues."

I crawled to the other side of the couch and perched myself over the arm rest. I wanted it to be hard and fast this time, because he had already done slow and gentle by licking me. I thought Edward would be right behind me but he wasn't. I craned my neck so that I could see him. He was still sitting in the same spot, staring at me with a funny look on his face.

"What's the matter, Edward?" I was starting to get nervous.

Had I done something to gross him out? His cock was still rock hard so clearly he was still aroused.
He started fidgeting and playing with his hands. "It's just…um…I have an urge…an urge to…never mind. It's fucking stupid."

My mind conjured up all kinds of things that Edward might want to do with me. We didn't have cookie-cutter sex by any means, but if he didn't even want to tell me what he was imagining, it must have been pretty out there. Still, I loved and trusted him to take care of me.

I turned around so that I could look Edward in the eye. He met my gaze head on. We stared at each other for several minutes. The tension in the room was as thick as smoke. If he didn't make a move soon, I was going to start playing with myself.

"Edward, you can tell me. Whatever it is, I won't get mad. Just spit it out."

He grimaced. "Don't think I'm some kind of a fucking asshole. I mean, if you don't want to do it, it's fine. I was just wondering…if…if you would let me…cum on your ass. I know it fucking sounds misogynistic…"

I let out the breath I had been holding. I had begun to think that he wanted me to take it up the ass. It wasn't that I might never do that with him, it was just something that we would have to work up to. I took my previous position over the armrest.

"Cullen! Get your sexy ass over here and fuck me! You have permission to cum all over any part of my body."

He was behind me in an instant. His hands reached under me so that he could palm my breasts. They were a little tender sometimes because of the pregnancy so Edward was always gentle. He laid a soft kiss on the back of my neck. I moved my hair to the side to give him better access. He dipped a finger into my core. I pushed back, urging him on. He must have gotten the hint because he added another finger. At the same time, his thumb squeezed my clit. I mewled like a kitten.

Edward rested his head against my back. "I love you so fucking much, Bella. It's never just sex with us. No matter what we do, it's never just fucking. It's the only way I can get as close as I need to be. You fucking own me, babydoll."

I felt the familiar trickle of tears behind my eyes. My hormones turned me into a blubbering mess sometimes. Edward didn't help my tear ducts by saying all those beautiful things all the time either. During my absence, he had become more romantic. The things he'd said to me lit an eternal fire in my heart.

I reached behind me so that I could stroke his thigh. "Please, Edward. I need to feel you inside of me. My love for you knows no bounds." He shook and held me closer.

My hand stayed on his thigh while he guided himself to me. The sensation of being completely filled up was mesmerizing. Every cell in my body was attuned to the feel of Edward inside of me. I let out a small moan, which caused Edward to thrust. Before I could get used to the feel he pulled out. A second later he joined us again.

"You're always so fucking tight, Bella. This…this is why I'm alive. I never really lived until I had you."

His arm snaked around to flick my clit. I was dangerously close to coming again. Edward sucked on my neck. He licked a trail to my shoulder. I came apart.

"I'm going to cum! Harder, Edward!" I made noise that would have embarrassed me had I heard them on playback. My toes curled as the orgasm shook me to the core. Edward kept up his relentless pounding, pulling my hips to him. He was the only thing holding me up at that point. He was in so deep that I could feel his balls against my butt.

I put my head down on the armrest and let him continue his pounding. It felt so good that all I could do was whimper. Edward was saying something in what sounded like another language. His whole body was against mine and he was pumping furiously.

He bit my shoulder. He was mumbling. I listened closer so that I could make out what he was saying. I had only taken a little Spanish in school. I wasn't a linguist, but I recognized that he was speaking Italian.

"Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te. Sei la mia anima gemella. You siete la donna che più bella ho visto mai. Non posso vivere senza voi." He was saying it over and over again, like a prayer.

Even though I didn't know what the words meant, they were beautiful and spoken with so much emotion that I cried. My stomach tightened. Edward was ruining my neck yet again. I was going to have some major love bites. I smiled at the thought. I secretly liked the fact that he wanted to show everyone that I was his.

My orgasm caught me by surprise. A billion lights exploded behind my eyes. I gripped the couch and screamed until I could see again. My body was boneless. I felt complete, like nothing could ever take me away from happiness. I vaguely felt Edward pull out of me.

"I'm cumming!! Fuck babydoll!" That's all he said before I felt his sticky ejaculate coat my buttocks. I was happy to let him coat me in his jizz. I stayed still as he finished.

When he was done, he stood up. I wanted to ask where he was going but my voice didn't work yet. He came back a minute later with a digital camera. I watched in amazement as he took a picture of my ass. After a couple of clicks, he sat the camera on the coffee table and turned me around. I was still shocked that he wanted a picture of me like that. It shouldn't have surprised me, though because throughout the week I'd been here, Edward had taken thousands of photos of me.

He wrapped his arms around my body and I snuggled into his chest. "Um…Edward…why would you want a picture of that? It's okay that you took it but it's a little weird."

"Bella, that was fucking amazing. I wanted a picture so I would always have that image; in case you never let me do that shit again. Thank you so fucking much. You…you were perfect. I love you."

I kissed his chest, right over his beating heart. "You're very welcome, and I promise that you will get to cum on me again. Maybe we can try my tits next time."

He smacked me on the ass. "I swear you're going to fucking kill me babydoll. I don't have the strength to fuck you again right now. Let's go take a normal shower and then go to bed. I'm tired as fuck."

I giggled. My arms were at his lower back. I moved them down to cup his butt cheeks. I squeezed them as I sucked on his nipples. His cock hardened again. When I looked up, his eyes were dark again with lust. I slapped him on the ass and then I ran. He caught me before I made it to the bedroom.

The next hour was spent making love in the shower. We made good use of the wall seat and the massaging shower head. By the time we got out, we were both spent. I felt like I could sleep forever. Edward helped me put on underwear and a pair of sleep shorts. We liked sleeping skin to skin so I didn't bother with a top. Edward just threw on a pair of blue silk boxers.

He scooped me up and carried me to the bed. It was so big and comfortable; like sleeping on a cloud. I snuggled down into my pillow. Edward crawled in, spooning me from the back. He laid his hand over my small bump. I felt loved.

"Sweet dreams Bella and baby. I love you both so much that it hurts. You're mine forever and that makes me the luckiest man in the world." He kissed my naked shoulder, making goose bumps break out on my skin. He said something else but I was already half asleep.

When I woke up, it was raining outside. I looked at the clock. It was a little after seven in the morning. Edward's hand was on my breast now. I smiled, gently removing him so that I could sit up. My body felt languid and I had to pee. Quietly, as to not wake up my lover, I tip toed to the bathroom.

When I was done, I looked in the mirror. My hair was a mess because I was too tired to brush it last night. Edward liked to do that for me lately, but he was just as exhausted as me from our lovemaking. I brushed out what I could and put it in two loose braids. I was way too old for pigtails but it was a comfortable style and easy.

The wardrobe closets were in an adjoining room. Edward had so many clothes that he needed extra space. Since I'd moved in, Esme and my sisters had taken me shopping several times, so now I had enough clothes to fill half of my side. Most of the outfits were things that I loved. Esme had a knack for finding elegant yet comfortable maternity clothes. I wasn't very big yet, but my old clothes didn't fit anymore.

I had only been in the Penthouse a week and already it felt like home. I rubbed my bump and cooed to the baby as I searched for something to wear. We had therapy this morning and then lunch with Rosalie and Emmet. I was glad we were going to be spending some time with them because we saw Alice and Jasper all the time.

My brother was so happy now. Alice decided that she wanted a Valentine's Day wedding in San Francisco, so that was what she was going to get. I had never been to the Bay Area and was super excited. By then, I would likely be waddling like a duck. Alice had asked me to be her maid of honor. I only agreed once she assured me that my bridesmaids dress would cover me, which probably meant a muumuu. I shuddered at the thought.

I felt like taking a swim but that would have to wait until later. Our Penthouse had a private glass enclosed swimming pool and hot tub on the terrace. We had made love in both of them but it was nice to use them for recreational purposes too. I blushed, thinking of the things Edward had done to me in the water.

Pulling my mind out of the gutter, I chose a new pair of black skinny jeans. I paired them with a cashmere scoop neck hunter green sweater with a sequined bodice. My boobs had gotten bigger and I liked showing them off a bit. Caveward didn't like it though. We'd had many an argument over me choosing clothes that would make other guys 'eye-fuck' me in public. I didn't believe him when he claimed that guys were checking me out. I was pregnant for Christ's sake.

I took my clothes to the bathroom so that I could change. I put on a plain black cotton underwear set. I was too lazy to attempt my hair on an empty stomach so I left it in the ponytails. I would loosen and straighten it later. I added a little gold shimmer to my eyelids. Edward didn't like me to wear much makeup, which was fine with me because I never wore much before I met him.

When I was done dressing, I went to the kitchen to start on breakfast. Edward and I had been taking turns making each other meals. He had come a long way from the man that burnt toast. He was a fast learner and perfectionist. He liked to decorate the plate until it looked like an art piece. I took out the steak that I'd marinated the night before. I put them in the oven to cook. Then, I started making scrambled eggs with cheese. That task didn't take too long so I moved on to the bagels. Edward liked dark rye and I liked cinnamon raisin. I made enough of both for each of us.

The only thing that needed time to cook was the steak so I decided to write another chapter of my novel. I had started it while I was in Spokane, in hopes that I would be published someday. Since I wouldn't be going back to school, I had more time to devote to writing. I was grateful that Edward had given me my engraved Macbook Air back.

Tonight, I would be returning to HADES. Edward didn't want me to work but I wanted to see my friends again. Plus, he needed the help. Alice was planning on opening a boutique and didn't have the time to commit. Also, I didn't want Edward to get another secretary that would spend her time drooling all over him. I was just as possessive of him as he was of me. Well, maybe not quite so much.

When the buzzer went off, I stood up to take the steaks out of the oven. They smelled perfect and looked great. I'd already eaten two bagels while I was writing but I was still starving. I cut up some cantaloupe and pineapple. After that, I put everything on the table.

Before I could sit down, I heard heavy boots coming toward the kitchen. My Edward was awake. I wanted to squeal like a silly school girl. I looked up as he entered the kitchen. He was heart stopping in his designer blue jeans that showed off how endowed he was. I blushed. He was wearing his DILF t-shirt and black Timberland boots. Overall, he looked like sex on a stick. I wanted to lick him until my mouth ran dry.

I stood still while he walked over to me. He hugged me to his chest and kissed the top of my head. I inhaled his masculine scent before he let me go. He gave me a proper kiss on the lips. I almost melted into the floor.

"Good morning babydoll. You look fucking amazing this morning, but those jeans have got to go. I'll be damned if I have to watch some motherfucker pitch a tent over your tight little ass. On second thought, change the whole damn outfit. I can see the tops of your tits in that sweater."

I rolled my eyes and stepped away. I didn't have the energy to deal with Caveward this early. "Edward, I'm not changing. No one is looking at me. I'm pregnant and my ass is huge."

He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. "You are fucking perfect, Bella. You're a beautiful woman. Too many fuckers notice you and I don't like it. And why in the fuck are you wearing pigtails?! Are you trying to kill me?"

My jaw dropped. "I just put my hair like this until I finished breakfast. Why would pigtails 'kill you? Seriously, you're being ridiculous Edward."

He crushed his lip to mine. When he was finished, I was panting. "Those fucking pigtails make me think of naughty school girls and shit. I went to a private Catholic high school. All those supposedly good girls were sluts. I bagged more pussy…" He stopped and rubbed his neck. "Um…sorry Bella. I know you don't want to hear that shit."

I wanted to know but it would only make me angry. Edward left me and took his seat. His emerald eyes sparkled when he saw the steak. I smiled and put two on his plate. He put vanilla cream cheese on my bagel as I poured the juice.

"I'm so jealous of you, Edward. I'd kill to have coffee."

He shook his head. "No fucking way, babydoll. You heard what Carlisle said; too much caffeine can cause high blood pressure and a possible miscarriage. I'm not risking anything happening to you or our baby."

I stuck my tongue out at him. "Thank you, Mr. Responsible. I know I can't have coffee; I just wish that I could. I wouldn't ever do anything to harm our child."

Edward sighed. "I know you wouldn't, Bella. I just worry for you. All those fucking pregnancy books have made me paranoid. You are already a great mother."

We started eating. I shoveled forkfuls of steak and eggs in mouth occasionally taking time to chew. Whatever I was carrying in my belly was making me incredibly hungry all the time. The only time I felt full was after lots of food or sex.

Edward was watching me with a smile on his face. He did that a lot. I ignored him and finished my food. He got up to make me a second plate without being asked. He was so in tune with my needs and wants that it was scary sometimes. I thanked him and ate my second helping.

Eventually, we finished and Edward loaded the dishwasher. He never let me do the tiniest little thing that he considered manual labor. It was easier just not to argue. That was why I'd made breakfast before he got up.

I went back into the bedroom to do my hair. Edward walked up behind me holding the brush. We smiled at each other in the mirror. He undid my braids and pulled the bristles through my hair. It felt divine. He was always cautious so he wouldn't hurt me. I leaned back into his chest.

When he was done, he twirled me around. I laughed up at him. It was one of my perfect moments to file away when life got tough again. We didn't have any music but we waltzed around the floor. Edward settled his hands on my hips and guided my steps. I glanced at the mirror to see how we looked. The image blew me away. In that moment I found something out about myself that I had forgotten; I wanted to be Mrs. Bella Cullen.

The realization shocked me. I stumbled in my steps but Edward kept me in place. It wasn't that I never thought of marriage; I just hadn't thought of it lately. I thought that I was content in just being Edward's girlfriend and the mother of his child. After seeing us like this together made me think of our future wedding.
My only fear was that I wasn't one hundred percent sure that Edward wanted to marry me. He expressed interest before but that was a while ago. A lot had changed between us since then. Maybe he was happy keeping our arrangement like it was. That thought filled me with sadness because I desperately wanted to be his wife.
My emotions got the best of me. I started to cry. Edward noticed and stopped dancing. His eyes were full of questioning worry. "What's wrong, babydoll?! Are you sick?" He sounded hysterical.

I managed to shake my head. "I'm okay. I was just feeling emotional watching us dance. My hormones have turned me into a teary mess."

He kissed my forehead. "Stop putting yourself down, babydoll. If you feel like crying; then fucking cry. I can't even begin to imagine what your body and brain must be going through. I'm always here for you."

I hugged him tightly. "You know what would make me really happy?" He shook his head. "Can I drive today? You've barely let me take out my Range Rover since I got here. Pretty please Edward." I batted my eyelashes and gave him my puppy dog look.

He was visibly upset. His threaded his fingers through his hair over and over again. I just sat and watched the show. He would let me have my way eventually. I was smug enough to know that I had him wrapped around my pinky finger.

"Shit! Okay, you can drive but not the Range. Um…how about my new Mercedes M-class hybrid? It's the same as Carlisle's but mine is bullet and bomb proof. It's good for the fucking environment too."
I knew next to nothing about cars, but if it was the same as Dr. Cullen's, then it would be easy to drive. I agreed and we headed down to the garage. I had to fight Edward off of me in the elevator. His sneaky hands kept palming my ass.

"Edward, stop! Do you want to be late like last week? I can barely look Dr. Russo in the eye. You could just tell that she knew what we'd been doing before we got there."

Edward just smiled and tucked his hands into his pockets. He was wearing a new leather jacket that fit him perfectly. With the jeans and boots, he looked big and dangerous. His bronze hair had that sexed up look and his green eyes were bright. He had shaved so his face was as smooth as a baby's bottom. My panties were suddenly very damp.

I was still in a daze by the time we got to the car. Edward opened the door and handed me the keys. The SUV was dark blue. It was sleek and looked very expensive. I adjusted my seat and rear view mirror. The smell of apples and cinnamon permeated the car. It was one of my calming smells because it reminded me of my mother. She had always kept something baking in the kitchen oven.

"Edward, I really like this car. It's my favorite of all. I'm surprised you chose blue because most of your others are black. And why does it smell like pie? I like the scent but it seems kind of feminine for you."

He turned to look at me. For some reason he seemed…scared. "Bella, don't kill me when I tell you this." I squinted my eyes. He was up to no good. "This is your car. The tag and title are in your name. I traded in your Range towards the cost so you really can't complain. I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep you from driving forever, and I wanted you and our baby to be safe."

I was angry that he hadn't discussed this with me but I could see the rationale. James was going to come for me eventually and I needed to do everything I could to keep my baby safe. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. It was rather sweet of him to be so concerned. Besides, I loved the car. It was the perfect color and everything.

"You're forgiven. Just promise to never let me Google the price. I don't want to know how much you spent."

I didn't even want to think how extra money he had to put up to get me the Mercedes. I'd never been into expensive things but Edward was, so I tried not to give him too much trouble.

He smiled and nodded his head. On the ride over, we bantered while listening to the News. The Alec being a crooked Agent story had started to die down. I hated that his legacy as a cop was so corrupted, but I understood that it was the only way to keep him alive.

I was still nervous about my earlier wish. Even though Edward and I had problems, I really did want to marry him. I was scared that he would reject the idea. Our relationship already had cracks that needed to be fixed.

We arrived at our destination with ten minutes to spare. Surprisingly, Edward didn't complain about how slow I'd driven. He was so patient that I wondered if he was still sitting next to me. I glanced over. He was still there all right, burning a hole in my head. I raised my eyebrow in question.

He smirked. "It's nothing. It's just hard not to stare at you sometimes. You fascinate me. I've never let a woman drive me anywhere since I was a teenager. It just feels weird but you look so fucking hot. Watching you clutch the fucking steering wheel makes me hard every time."

I swallowed. Edward got turned on from pretty much everything I did. If we had sex as much as he wanted to, we would never get anything done. I couldn't talk though because lately, I was just as bad.

"Well…uh…thanks. I'm always happy to entertain you."

When we got to our destination, I parked in the private visitor's lot. The building was small with only six floors. Dr. Russo's office was on the fifth one. She had turned out to be better than I thought. Edward was the one that chose her based on Emmett's recommendation. I was a little shy during our first meeting and spent most of the time listening. Edward had talked a lot about how he didn't feel worthy of my love. I'd told him that he was being stupid but he didn't listen.

There were two men standing in the lobby waiting for the elevator. Edward wanted us to wait for the next one but I thought that would be a waste. One of the men turned to me and said hello. I smiled and returned his greeting. He was tall and looked to be in his thirties. He had very pale blonde hair that was almost the color of Caius'. Edward pulled me to his side. His arm encircled my waist like a chain. It was pretty embarrassing.

The two men got into the elevator first. Edward and I followed. He kept turning around to look at them. The guy whom I hadn't spoken to, bolted the second the door opened on the third floor. Whatever stare Edward sent him had scared him badly. The second guy got out on the next floor. He winked at me before exiting.

Edward tried to pull away but I held him tight. The last thing I needed was to have to bail him out of jail.
We sat out in the hallway, waiting for Dr. Russo. Our hands automatically clasped together. We couldn't get enough of each other's touch. Edward was truly my soulmate. I smiled at the thought.

She came out in a fitted black suit. She was in her early forties and still single. Her skin was a dusky olive and she had shoulder length dark red hair. Her eyes were light brown and friendly. Dr. Russo was a beautiful woman but she didn't flaunt it. I respected h er professionalism and poise. She reminded me of Di and Esme. They all oozed class and refinement. I hoped that one day I would be like them.

We took seats on the white leather couch. Dr. Russo took a seat behind her desk. She was wearing her glasses today.

"Bella, Edward, it's nice to see you both. Did you practice the intimacy exercise I suggested?"

Edward and I looked at each other. She had asked us to have a romantic evening without sex. It had gone well for awhile; okay for maybe like an hour. It was the first time we'd ever had sex in the Phantom. My breasts hardened at the memory. With one quick peek, I could see that Edward remembered too. His erection was straining his jeans. He took off his leather jacket and put it over his lap.

Dr. Russo laughed. "I take it the no sex part didn't work for you guys." I blushed. "That's okay. It's important for a couple to have a healthy sex life, but you can't let it control your relationship. Bella, you barely said anything last time. What are your concerns, dear?"

I crossed my legs. "Um…I…I'm afraid that Edward will realize that he can do better and leave me. He has reassured me that he wouldn't do that but people change. I'm scared that he won't want me once I'm a mother." I had surprised myself by being so honest.

Dr. Russo was about to comment but Edward stopped her. He grabbed my chin, forcing me to look in his eyes. "I won't ever fucking leave you Bella! How many goddamn times do I have to say this shit?! I love you. I can't live without you. I want you now and forever. I'll still want you when you're a great-great grandmother. You're my fucking life! It's you that can do better."

I turned my head away. Dr. Russo wrote something down in her notepad. Edward growled his frustrations. He mumbled something that I couldn't decipher. Although I'd made him angry, it felt good to get my worries out in the open.

"Edward, Bella is entitled to her feelings. Please refrain from yelling. This is a place to discuss your relationship rationally. If you want me to help you, you have to have some control."

She focused her attention on Edward. "Now, why don't you tell me why Bella's statement made you so angry?"

"Because it's fucking bullshit! She's the one that left me. I'm so fucking afraid that she's going to do it again. I survived it the first time but it was hell. My whole fucking life was empty. Yeah, I fucked up. I fucking drove her away by being an asshole, but I've learned my lesson. I'm just not sure that she's forgiven me for the shit I've said and done."

My nerves were a mess so I played with my diamond necklace. I had forgiven Edward but a part of me was still kind of hurt that he'd wanted to cheat. I never told him that I had nightmares about him sleeping with other women but I did. I didn't know what I would do if he was ever unfaithful to me.

I turned to Edward. His head was down and his hands were resting in his lap. He looked defeated. I placed one of my hands over his. We exchanged a look. I saw all that I needed to see in his eyes. He was telling the truth.

"I'm sorry that I doubted you Edward. It's not your fault that I'm so insecure. I love you and I promise to never leave your side again. I'm here as long as you want me to be."

He kissed the back of my hand. "I want you forever and then in the afterlife. A monster like me can't ask for heaven, but even the devil can gaze upon an angel now and again."

I squeezed his fingers. "Edward, there's no heaven for me without you. If you truly believe I belong there, then so do you. It doesn't matter what you've done in the past. You're a good man and you're mine."

Edward pulled me into his lap. We shared a heated kiss until Dr. Russo interrupted. I had forgotten that she was there.

"Well it looks like you two are meant to be together. I'm glad that I got to see your deep bond. It won't be hard for me to put you two back on track."

I relaxed. We spent the rest of the session discussing trust. Edward told me how important I was to him repeatedly. I didn't know that my departure had affected him so profoundly. He confessed to not getting out of bed for days and spending nights getting sloppy drunk. Whatever happened, I vowed to never leave his side again.

"Well, that's all I have for you two today. I would like the both of you to spend an evening doing something wild. Not too wild because Bella is pregnant, but have fun. One of the biggest things that can kill a relationship is boredom. We will discuss what you did during our next session."

Edward and I both nodded our heads. On the way out, I noticed the sign on the door. It said Dr. A. Russo. I looked over at her. "Doctor, what does the A. stand for?"

She smiled. "Athenadora. My mother was a bit insane." We all laughed. It was an odd name but kind of beautiful.

Thankfully, we were the only people in the elevator this time. Edward held me in his arms the whole ride. When we got to the car, he helped me in before taking the passenger's seat. I was thrilled that I didn't have to argue with him about driving. Couple's therapy was really working out well for us.

We still had an hour to kill before lunch. Later, we were going to meet the woman that would be teaching us couples prenatal yoga. Edward seemed less than excited about taking the class but he was doing it for me. I, on the other hand, was very eager to begin.

"Edward, you really don't have to take the yoga class with me. I can just ask Alice to be my partner so you and Jaz can be let off the hook. It's incredibly sweet that you were willing to."

He looked at me like I was crazy. "I want to get closer to you, so I'm taking the fucking class. Besides, seeing you in those yoga shorts and exercise bra will keep me interested. Remember what I said, Bella; there's nothing that I wouldn't do for you and our baby."

I blushed. "Okay, but I hope your old bones can take it. You're nearly thirty now." I winked at him.

He turned away from me. "Babydoll, does my age bother you? I'm only five fucking years older than you but…" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Edward was insecure about his age. Honestly, I only joked about it to make him laugh. For some reason, he'd started to take everything I said way too seriously.

"Edward…I never…I never meant it to be like that. You're the perfect age for me. Thirty is still very young. I was only joking." He still looked a little down so I decided to do something that would cheer him up.

I drove to Alki beach. It used to be one of me and Jaz's favorite places to hang out. The weather was nice today, which was a rarity in Seattle. There was somewhere that I wanted to take Edward. This would be my wild thing to tell Dr. Russo next week.

"Why are we headed to the beach, Bella? I thought you wanted to go shopping at the mall."

I winked at Edward. "I can go shopping anytime. This will be much better. Trust me." I knew that he could see the twinkle in my eyes.

He groaned. "I trust you to be up to no good. I love you so fucking much that I let you do anything." I giggled.

When we got to the beach, I parked in one of the deserted spaces. Edward came around to open my door for me. He was such a gentleman. I kissed him on the lips. We joined hands as I led him to my special spot on the beach.

We stopped in front of the Alki Point Lighthouse. It had a great view of Puget Sound. The only problem was that it wasn't open to the public anymore. I knew a way that we could sneak in though.

"Edward, let's go around to the back fence. I hope you don't mind trespassing. I want to go inside."

He nodded. "You know I don't fucking care about that shit. I've broken more serious laws but I'm surprised that a policeman's kid would be so reckless. You're a naughty girl, Bella."

I reached out and stroked him. "I'm only naughty with you. Besides, Dr. Russo said to do something wild. This is my idea. You get the next turn."

I tried to pull my hand away but he held it in place.

"Holy fucking hell, babydoll! You have no idea how fucking turned on I am. I swear that one day, my fucking dick is just going fall off." He had to inhale and exhale a few times before he let me go. I smiled, liking that I had that power over him.

We snuck around to the back where someone had cut through the fence. Edward held it open so I could go in first. It was highly exhilarating to break the law, even if it was just trespassing. I wrapped my arms around his waist once he got through.

Edward and I climbed the stairs until we reached the top. The view was spectacular. We held hands, looking out over the ocean. The water was very calming to me. This was another one of those moments that I would file away to keep forever. Edward's strong arms were around me. His sandalwood scent mixed with the sea salt air. I was in my own version of heaven. I rubbed my belly and coed love words to the baby. Edward put his hand over mine. I stood on my toes so that I could kiss him.

Our tongues touched like old lovers. The heat between us was stifling. Edward put his hand on my buttocks and pulled me closer. I moaned in his mouth. He deepened the kiss. It was wild and electric. It was the essence of us; two people that couldn't live without each other.

I pushed Edward against the wall. He started to speak but I covered his lips with my fingers. "Don't speak, just feel." I looked him in the eye as I unbuckled his pants. "I love you," I whispered. Then I got down on my knees.

He leaned his head against the wall while I took him into my mouth. His hands went to my hair. I could feel him softly scratching the scalp. I stroked his cock with one hand, while cupping his balls with the other. He thrust into my mouth as I increased the pressure. His taste was always amazing but mixed with the ocean air, it was intoxicating. I licked up the underside just like he liked. He groaned and pushed my head down further.

"Tu sei l'unico per me," he murmured. His hips were bucking rapidly. I took him down my throat. He screamed. "Fucking shit! That's so fucking good, babydoll! Don't stop."

I did it again until I couldn't breathe anymore. I removed my mouth from his shaft. I sucked and gently bit his balls. He made a strangled sound, like a wet cat. I kissed each one of his thighs. Then, I took him back in my mouth. I sucked on the head. When my teeth gently scraped against his tip, he pulled my hair. I took him down my throat one last time. He exploded screaming my name. I swallowed every drop of his cum and licked him clean.

He pulled me up to his chest. The intensity in his eyes almost floored me. He pulled me to his chest and sucked in my essence. It wasn't just a kiss; it was a declaration of deep love. His big body was still trembling from the aftershocks. He was beautiful in his post coital glow. The sun shining through the window highlighted his every feature. He was perfection defined.

"You're so beautiful, Edward," I mumbled.

He kissed me on both of my cheeks, which were as red as an apple. "I'm nothing special compared to you Bella. You're beauty is ethereal, like an angel come to life. "

Of course I blushed harder at his words. Unfortunately my stomach growled and killed the moment. Edward laughed and rubbed my belly. "I take it my little mother is hungry. Let's get out of here so we can get you fed." He took my hand and led me out of the lighthouse.

We made it back to the car without being stopped. Edward never took his eyes off of me. I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world. "Edward, what did you say to me in the lighthouse? It sounded Italian."

He smiled. "You're right. Tu sei l'unico per me. It loosely translates to: you're the only one for me. I don't speak Italian that much anymore but you bring it out of me. It's the language of love."

My heart beat faster. Watching Edward's lips move as he spoke in that accent was a major turn on. "What did you say last night while we were making love?"

He placed my palm over his heart. ""Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te. Sei la mia anima gemella. You siete la donna che più bella ho visto mai. Non posso vivere senza voi. My eyes watered because there was so much emotion in those words.

He smiled at me. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You're my soulmate. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I can't live without you." I pulled his head to me so that I could kiss him. My teardrops made both of our lips salty.

Eventually, we made it back on the road. We listened to music while driving to Red Mill. They had the best burgers in Seattle and it was close to Rosie's shop. She and Em were already seated when we arrived. They had chosen a booth near the back. Edward let me sit on the outside because I would be getting up to pee.

Rose was wearing a long sleeved blue t-shirt and jeans. Even in the casual outfit, she looked gorgeous. I kissed her on the cheek. "I know what you've been doing," she whispered in my ear. I felt my face heat up.

"Edward, can't you keep your damn hands off of her for a few minutes."

He glared at her. "For your information, Bella is the one that jumped me. I was an innocent bystander." I poked my elbow in his ribs.

Emmet laughed. "You two are cute." He winked at Edward. "I'm still proud of you, bro. The Cullen sperm is potent. I wouldn't be surprised if you had twins, too. I'm thinking of knocking Rosie up again so I can compete."

Rosalie slapped him on the back of the head. "Three children in the house are enough."

Everyone laughed at Emmett's pout. The minute he'd mentioned twins, I had spit out my water. It was scary enough to think about pushing out one kid, but two. I didn't even want to imagine what that would be like.

Edward's forehead was creased. He was in deep thought about something. "You really think we'll have twins, Em? That would be so fucking awesome. I'm thinking we could even do triplets. Maybe we should make a friendly wager, see who can have the most kids in ten years."

They fist bumped over the table.

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "Men, you can't live with them, and you can't legally kill them."

I was still freaked out that Edward mentioned triplets. Just how many kids did he want? "I'm not having twins or triplets. There is one baby inside of me and that's enough. I'm the one that has to carry any children that we have, so this may be the only one. I thought I wanted a lot of kids but after going through just the first stages of this pregnancy, I think I may have changed my mind."

Edward put his arms around my shoulders. "Is it really that bad, babydoll? I want us to have more kids. I want to give you that big family that you always wanted. If I could carry the kids for you then I would. Let's just leave the number of future kids for a later discussion."

I nodded and glanced at the menu. The double cheeseburgers and fries were to die for. My mouth watered just thinking about the food. This restaurant was always busy, so we were lucky to get a booth.

A waiter came to take our orders. He was young, like around sixteen or seventeen years old. His eyes popped out of his head when he saw Rose, but he composed himself enough to take our orders. Em put his arms around her waist in a show of possessiveness. I ended up ordering half the menu because I was starving.

The kid looked at me and smiled. "Wow. You're so tiny. Are you sure you can eat all that, beautiful." I was shocked that he was flirting with me. He was a good looking kid and his smile was perfect. I felt Edward tense up.

"Um…I'm pregnant. Right now I could probably win one of those eating contests."

He nodded his head. Before he walked away, he mumbled, "Total MILF." Edward tried to go after the kid, but I held him in place.

"It's like I wasn't even fucking here. If that little dipshit says anything else to you, I'm going to kick his scrawny little ass. He's super fucking lucky that I don't like to hurt minors. But I'll make a goddamn exception."

Em and Rosie were laughing so hard that they were turning red.

I smiled and patted Edward's hand. "My heart, my body, my soul belongs to you. You're the only one I'll ever fuck. You own me. I love you," I whispered in his ear. His eyes widened. I kissed him on the jaw.

Rosalie groaned. "Can you two cut out the PDA for a minute? Now I see how Bella got knocked up."

Emmett kissed her on the lips. She slapped his chest. "You're just as bad."

About fifteen minutes later, the same waiter returned with our food. He winked at Rose and me as he set our plates on the table. Both Edward and Emmett growled. The kid either had a death wish or a big ego. I chose the latter.

We had a good conversation while we ate. I volunteered to babysit Colin and Brady so that Em and Rose could go out of town for the weekend. It would be good practice for me and Edward. I thought that he would complain but he didn't. He told Em that he looked forward to spending time with his nephews.
Rose went to the bathroom with me. We had the usual female bathroom chat.

When we got back to the table, the boys were smiling. Rose and I exchanged a look.

 "Why in the hell are you two so happy?" she asked. Edward and Em just smirked and looked away.

The teenage boy came back to bring us our check. He kept his eyes on the floor the whole time. He pretty much ran away from the table. "What did you do Edward?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Let's just say that he's very fond of his balls and would like to keep them." Oh my god, he'd threatened to… The kid was cocky but he didn't deserve that.

"Edward Anthony Cullen, you are going to pull out one of your many hundred dollar bills and leave it as a tip. Write I'm sorry on the bottom."

Rose nodded at Em. "I'm sure you had a hand in this too, so you get the same punishment."

They both grumbled but did as told. I winked at the boy on the way out. He turned away so quickly that he almost tripped. Edward laughed. I tsked him for thinking that it was funny. He apologized in the car. We said goodbye to Em and Rose and made plans for Sunday dinner at Carlisle and Esme's house.

The next stop was to the couple's prenatal yoga class. We just observed the instructor and the pregnant women. I couldn't believe how big some of them were. My back was to Edward's chest.

He kissed me on the forehead. "You're going to be fucking great at this. Not to mention completely gorgeous. I can't wait until your belly is bigger so that I can feel the baby kick." I was stunned. My Edward had just killed the worry without me even having to bring it up.

The teacher was a middle aged woman with short honey blonde hair. She had five kids and a doting husband. I liked her. The classes would be taught in one of the gym rooms in Edward's building. We were going to start this weekend. She gave me a DVD that she made that showed various poses. Edward and I promised to practice.

I was too tired to drive back, so Edward took the wheel. I fell asleep in the car. He carried me up to bed. I dreamed that Edward was making love to me in a field of butterflies. The vision was really erotic. I could feel myself cumming. I woke up.

My underwear was covered in my juices. I had orgasmed in my sleep. That both shocked and embarrassed me. I was just glad that Edward wasn't in bed with me. I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I stayed under the hot water until my muscles were pliant. My body was hairless because I had been freshly waxed at the spa a few days ago. I always kept a teeny amount of hair around my vag because Edward liked to rub his cheek against it.

I wanted to dance with Edward at the club tonight. I had a new party dress that would look perfect. It was taffeta, magenta colored, and strapless with a bubble hem. Edward was probably going to complain that it was too short, but I wanted to look good in case we bumped into any of the women that he had slept with prior to me.

I slipped on a strapless lace champagne bra and matching thong. Alice bought me some black Dr. Scholl's heels last week that I could wear without my feet being in too much pain. I curled my hair and left it to hang freely. I added just a little purple shimmer on my eyelids. Then I put on blush colored lipstick. I looked really good. The dress had interior boning so you really couldn't see the baby bump. I grabbed my glittery black evening bag and new cropped leather jacket before going to find Edward.

He was in his office on the phone. The minute he saw me, he dropped it. He managed to close his mouth and pick the Iphone up after a while. I heard him bark goodbye to whomever he was talking to. His eyes lingered on my legs before taking in the rest of my body. I twirled around so he could see the back.

"No fucking way! You're not going out like that. Shit! Your dress is so fucking tiny that if you bent over, I could see your panties. Go change. Now!"

I shook my head. "I want to dance tonight. I'm wearing this dress whether you like it or not. You can't order me around like a puppy." The heat in my eyes matched the anger in his. I hated to fight with Edward but I had to stand up for myself.

He walked over and kissed me roughly. I clung to his shoulders. "Babydoll, if you wear that dress, I won't let you out of the office. Please just change so we can go."

I pushed him away. He had been doing this all week. "Shut up Edward! I am wearing this dress whether you like it or not. I want to look sexy tonight. I'm going to dance in this dress with or without you."

"You're going to do what you want anyway. Don't expect me to dance with you. That shit is just too fucking tiny to be seen in public and you know it. I don't know why you never fucking listen to me."

I pulled my cell phone out of my purse. "Jasper, can I ride to the club with you and Alice tonight? No, he's here but he's being a caveman. Okay, I will meet you downstairs. Thanks." I hung up.

Edward stomped his foot. He looked like an angry bull. "You are not leaving this apartment until you change Isabella. I'm not fucking playing with you." He ran his fingers through his hair, causing it to stand on end.

I turned to leave but he grabbed me around the waist. I struggled in his arms. "Let me go, Edward! You're being unfair right now. My dress is appropriate for dancing. I do listen to you, but I'm not going to do everything you say. I want a relationship with you, not a dictatorship."

He loosened his grip. I kissed his cheek and left him to brood in peace. One of the new security guards took me down to the lobby. I assumed that Edward had called him up. Jasper and Alice were waiting for me. Ali loved the dress on me, but Jaz shared Edward's views.

The ride to the club was fun. We sang along to eighties songs. I felt kind of bad that I'd fought with Edward. Maybe I should have listened and changed my outfit. I would make it up to him when he arrived. We shouldn't be arguing over something so petty.

Felix met us at the elevator. Jaz and Ali got out on the fourth floor. I promised to visit them during my break. Felix surprised me by actually initiating conversation for once. We talked but I was the one that chose the topics.

"You look lovely tonight, Bella. I'm glad you're back. The boss is a fucking Nazi without you around."

I figured as much. Edward was mean when he didn't get his way; case in point, our fight tonight about my outfit. I tried to be patient because I knew that he was in anger management but I hated when he tried to control me.

"Well, I'm back and I'm not going anywhere again."

The office was empty. Edward hadn't arrived yet. I was sad because I wanted to see him. Felix set my bags down on the floor. He left after I told him I didn't need anything else. I put away my coat and went to the restroom to pee.

When that was done, I returned to the office, Demetri was sitting by my desk. He was wearing a designer suit and tie. His hair was a little longer than the last time I saw him. He stood up when I entered.

"Glad to see you're back short stack. Edward is impossible without you. By the way, you look beautiful. Are you going downstairs to dance?" I nodded. "Great. Save me one." He winked at me.

As I was walking to my desk, my foot got caught on something and I tripped. D grabbed me just in time. Unfortunately, Edward chose that moment to walk in the door. Intense hatred marred his features when he set eyes on me in Demetri's arms. Before I could explain, Edward pounced.

D was doing a good job of holding him off but Edward's anger was no match. "I told you never to fucking touch her again! I fucking warned you, asshole!"

Eventually, I managed to pull Edward off of Demetri. "He didn't do anything wrong, Edward. I tripped and he caught me. You should be thanking him."

Edward apologized by giving D some type of gun. D winked at me as he left. Of course I blushed. Edward took in the whole scene in silence. He was still mad at me so I ignored him. He was being rude by staring at me in silence.

"What do you want, Edward?"

"I want to say I'm sorry. I know I say it all the fucking time, but please forgive me. I shouldn't have yelled at you at the apartment. You're a grown woman and can wear whatever the fuck you want. I'm just looking out for you. Motherfuckers have dirty minds and I don't like other guys eye fucking my woman."

"I accept your apology. I'm not trying to draw other men's attention. I wanted to look sexy for you." I stood up and walked over to him. He leaned down and kissed me. We clung to each other like a drowning couple. I sucked his bottom lip in my mouth.

"Stop, babydoll! If you want me to take you downstairs to dance, you're going to have to stop now. I don't have too much fucking control left." He gave me another chaste kiss before pulling away.

We took the elevator down to the dance floor. Felix stayed close in case we needed him. A lot of women tried to get Edward's attention. His eyes never left my body though. He wrapped his arms around my waist so that my back was facing his chest. I heard the first beats of "A Little Bit (The Remix)" by Lykke Li and Drake come on. My hips gyrated to the beat. Edward pulled me closer. Our hips were molded together.

There were a few working girls that watched us with barely veiled contempt. I barely resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at them. One blonde was only wearing a bikini top and skimpy jean skirt. She blew a kiss to Edward. I let out a tiny growl.

"What the fuck was that, babydoll?!" He turned to see who I was glaring at. "You don't have to pay those bitches any mind. They were in my past Bella; you are my forever. I never loved any of them." His words didn't stop the anger and jealously.

The blonde walked over to us. Edward snapped at her. "Get the fuck away from us, Heidi! I swear, whatever shit you're about to pull is only going to end badly. Back the fuck off!"

Felix came over. He tried to take her arm, but she slapped him away. With her big breasts and blonde hair, she looked like a Playboy bunny. Her skin was darker than Jacob's; probably the result of a tanning bed. She was at least five foot nine. Most men would probably say she was sexy.

"You weren't saying that during our little orgy Eddie." I gasped. Edward had already told me about it, but he said he didn't have sex. I recoiled from him. Heidi sneered at me. "That's right, I fucked Eddie in every way imaginable. You're just some stupid little bitch he's using. He's only being nice because he knocked you up. Don't worry though, princess, once you have get all fat and bloated, I'll continue to fuck him."

I looked up at Edward. If looks could kill, then Heidi would already be a ghost. He glanced over at me. His eyes were pleading. I squeezed his hand to let him know that I trusted him. He looked relieved.

"Felix, escort this skank off of the premises right now. If she steps one foot back in this club, have her arrested."

The blonde looked scared. She shuffled her feet on the floor. Felix took her arm and led her away. "This isn't over Eddie! You'll pay for this!" Her voice was full of fury. People had stopped to watch us. They started dancing again once Heidi was gone.

Edward pulled me back into his arms. He kissed my neck. "I didn't fuck her, Bella. Thanks for believing me. I was so scared. The shit she said wasn't fucking true. I'm never going to leave you. I love you too fucking much."

"Edward, do you remember the first time we met?"

He groaned. "Don't fucking remind me. I was a real asshole. I'm surprised you let me near you after that introduction."

I smiled at the memory. "I wanted you, even when I believed you were an arrogant bastard, I still wanted you. I always want you Edward. The first time you kissed me, my life changed. When you made love to me, my soul transcended. You're my first thought when I wake up and my last thought when I go to sleep. Ti amo."

I kissed him hard. He picked me up. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders We were in a dark corner and no one was paying attention. Edward's hands massaged my inner thigh I moaned into his mouth. He cupped my ass, grinding his erection into me. I shivered in anticipation.

"You feel that, Bella. I'm going to use it to fuck your brains out. I'm going to make you come so hard that you forget your name. Every inch of your tight pussy is mine." He thrust into me again. My eyes rolled back into my head. "Let's go upstairs so that I can strip you naked and lick you dry. I want to fuck you with those heels on."

He slid one of his hands underneath my dress. I felt a single finger enter my slick folds. I whimpered. He removed his finger and sucked on it.

"Mmm, so fucking good and all mine, babydoll."

I was so turned on that I would have let him do me right where we stood. My knees were trembling. My useless thong was drenched. Edward took my hand. He nodded at Felix to let him know that we were leaving the floor. We made our way over to the private elevator.

A woman walked up to us. Felix and Edward shared a wary look. She was medium height with curly strawberry blonde hair and big breasts. She was wearing a long black overcoat and boots. Her eyes were a light brown color.

Edward snarled at her. "Did all of you bitches gather on Twitter and plan to make my life a living hell tonight?! I banned you from the club Tanya. I don't know who let you in but they're fired. Get out before I have Felix throw you out."

She batted her eyelashes at Edward. I must have made a noise, because she looked at me for the first time.

Her eyes narrowed when she noticed Edward's arm around my waist. She flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Is that how you treat the mother of your child, Eddie? I expected more from you."

Edward fisted his hands in his hair. "What the fuck are you talking about, Tanya?! I'm treating Bella just fine. I love her. She and our baby are my life now. I'm sure you're fucking at least two other dudes anyway. Go bother one of them."

She looked at me. Her lips were turned up into an ugly smile. "So, you're pregnant?" I nodded. She began to laugh out loud. Then she turned back to Edward. "Well, that makes two babies that you have on the way, Eddie. Merry fucking Christmas to you."

My mouth hung open as she opened her jacket to reveal a very rounded belly. Felix dropped his cell phone. I looked up at Edward. His eyes were huge.

"Well, fuck me," he said.

Tanya smirked. "I already have, Edward. I already have."


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