Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chapter 11: Crash Into Me-Part 1

"You've got your ball,
You've got your chain
Tied to me tight, tie me up again.
Who's got their claws
In you my friend?
Into your heart I'll beat again
Sweet like candy to my soul
Sweet you rock,
And sweet you roll
Lost for you, I'm so lost for you
Oh, and you come crash into me
And I come into you
And I come into you
In a boy's dream
In a boy's dream
Touch your lips just so I know
In your eyes, love, it glows so
I'm bare-boned and crazy... for you.

Crash Into Me—Dave Matthews Band


"Happy Birthday to You!"

 I couldn't believe this day had finally come. It was midnight on September thirteenth, meaning my babydoll was officially twenty four years old.

Bella and I would be leaving for Italy in two hours. Of course Alice couldn't let Bella's birthday go by without a fuss, so she set up a surprise party. She'd driven Jaz and I crazy for days trying to find out all Bella's likes and dislikes. Ali was a pesky little pixie but she knew her shit.
We were all in Eleazar and Carmen's restaurant, which had been closed for the night and decorated with a bunch of sparkly lights and other feminine shit. There were all kinds of appetizers and main dishes set out on linen covered tables. There was also expensive wine and champagne, which I picked out. I couldn't really complain because Bella had squealed and crushed Alice and Esme when she saw the room.

Felix, Demetri, and Chanel were also celebrating with us. They were quite fond of Bella, so Alice made sure to invite them.

Keeping the party a surprise had proven difficult. The closer that we got to her birthday, the more Bella insisted that we keep it simple. She had no idea we'd be leaving for Italy tonight. She was going to find out when she opened her second gift.\

Once again, my awesome little sis had taken it upon herself to help my pathetic ass out. She had found out all my babydoll's sizes and gotten her a whole vacation wardrobe. The only thing I had done was give Ali my black card and let her go wild. I knew how much my sis liked to spend, but money was no object when it came to my family or my babydoll.

Personally, I couldn't wait for the party to be over so I could have my Bella to myself. I had snooped a little and seen some of the lingerie and bikinis Alice picked out for her. That day, I had gotten so hard that I attacked her damn near five times. Just thinking about her sweet mouth sucking me off in my office made me hard as stone again.

To stop my erotic musings, I picked up a chocolate dipped cannoli and took a bite. I chewed as I watched her dance with her brother. She looked beyond beautiful tonight, with all the lights illuminating the reds and golds in her hair. Her creamy skin shone with a soft glow that made her eyes appear luminous. Alice had picked out the dress under the guise that we were just going to have an intimate dinner, so Bella was wearing a navy blue silk cocktail dress with an empire waist that drew attention to her perfect breasts. The fact that this angelic creature wanted me was fucking astounding. I had never done anything in my goddamn life to deserve such a miracle.

After the music ended, Jasper and Bella broke apart. Esme came to the front to tell everyone that it was time for the gift giving. My babydoll was blushing and stammering about how she couldn't accept gifts. She should have known by now that we didn't give a fuck. She was special to all of us, and she deserved to have the best.

She glanced over at me, her eyes pleading for me to rescue her. I just held up my hands and winked. I would not face the scary ass wrath of my mother and Alice for anyone, including my babydoll. Alice even made Bella sit in a chair that was decorated like a Queen's throne.

The gift giving started with Felix, who looked almost as nervous as Bella. I was finding out that he was more sensitive when it came to women. Rose, Chanel, Esme, and Alice had been in a circle talking to him all night. It was almost comical to see that huge fucker turn into a pansy ass, but I couldn't talk because now, I was just as pussy whipped as the motherfuckers I used to make fun of all the time. Bella completely owned my ass, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

She unwrapped the gift. Inside was the one of the thickest motherfucking books I'd ever seen in my life. She squealed and ran over to hug Felix. I was a little jealous, but I used one of my anger management techniques to keep my cool. The next person to hand over a box was Chanel. Her present was a gorgeous black lace corset and matching panties. Bella blushed before going over to hug and thank her. I heard a few fucking cat calls from Emmett and Demetri, which stopped when I gave them the death glare. I would be the only fucker here to ever see my babydoll in that getup.

Eleazar and Carmen gave Bella one of the paintings she admired the day we'd eaten lunch here. It was painted by Carmen, who was an established artist. Bella wrapped her arms around both of them, smiling brightly. Demetri's turn was next. He handed over a large gift bag with a huge black leather purse inside. I heard all the women except Bella gasp, so I assumed that it was one of those fucking designer deals. She looked confused because she didn't know about shit like that, but she hugged and thanked the fucker anyway. He got caught up in the hug and kissed her on the cheek. I saw fucking red. I was just about to slam my fist in his face when Jasper put a heavy arm on my shoulder and shook his head. I inhaled and exhaled until I was able to calm the fuck down.

My mom and Carlisle's gift was a joint affair. Esme handed Bella a wrapped silver box. Bella opened it up and leaped over to my parents before I could see what was inside. She started talking about making pastries, so I assumed it was some kind of kitchen item. Whatever it was, my babydoll loved it, and I would get to eat whatever she made with the machine.

Em and Rose were up next. Like Mom and Carlisle, they gave the gift as a couple. Bella eagerly opened the large box they handed over. Inside was a large brown Velour teddy bear with a box tied around his neck that contained gift cards to various stores. Weeping, Bella hugged and kissed Rosie and Em. She gave the bear a huge squeeze before going onto the next person.

It was Alice and Jasper's turn. They had decided to give her two separate gifts because Jasper was Bella's brother. She opened Alice's first, which of course was the most perfectly wrapped fucking gift of all. Inside the packaging was a strapless midnight blue floor length gown with a black bow around the waist and matching lingerie. I could already tell that it was going to look fucking amazing on my babydoll. I was going to have a blast peeling those silk panties off of Bella's sweet ass. She thanked Ali by kissing and squeezing her simultaneously.

Jasper stopped to make a speech about how he had seen Bella grow up over the years and how proud he was that she was his sister. All of the women in the room were in tears during the whole fucking thing. When he managed to man up a little, he presented Bella with her gift. She kissed him on the cheek before opening it. The box contained a beautiful heart shaped keychain with keys already on it. He explained that they were the keys to his and Bella's new condominium apartment. He also gave her a gorgeous sterling silver bracelet which she could wear her swan necklace charm on. Ali and Esme interrupted to tell her of how they had decorated the whole place and it was almost ready to move in. Bella looked overwhelmed, but she managed to hug Jasper.

Their new apartment was in my building. My babydoll didn't want to live with me yet, which made me fucking angry, but she explained that she was used to living with Jaz and didn't want to give that up. Their three bedroom condo was just a floor below my Penthouse suite, and their only neighbor was Alice. Jaz would probably be spending most of his time with Ali, so I would have Bella to myself. I couldn't wait for her to be under my fucking roof.

The personal bodyguard wouldn't have to watch her so much when she moved in because my building was very secure. Bella had only been to my Penthouse once. She was a little floored by the opulence of the building and particularly my condo. I wanted her to take over and make it hers so that she would feel more comfortable there.

I walked over to her and pulled her into my arms. She giggled and looked up at me with her beautiful doe eyes sparkling with excitement.

"My turn," I whispered in her ear.

She started to argue about the cabin in Forks being my gift to her, but I cut her off. I was the one that should be thanking her for that little trip. Bella had pleasured me in every way that was possible while still remaining a virgin. I planned on going back to Bella's hometown at least once a year.

Before I presented my gift to her, I wanted to make a toast. Everyone raised their glass while I spoke. "Bella, you have made me happier than I ever thought possible. You've put up with my bullshit all the while loving me and making me a better person. I love you so goddamn much, Isabella Marie Swan, and I always will. Happy birthday to you, and many more by my side."

Bella kissed me long and hard in front of everyone. I could see my mom tearing up and burying her face in Carlisle's shoulder.

I finally released her to go over and get my gift. It had been wrapped by Alice because I couldn't do that type of shit. Bella opened the medium sized box and I heard a collective gasp. Inside was a distinctive blue Tiffany's box. She slanted her eyes at me before opening it to reveal a Jubilee necklace with sapphires, her birthstone, and diamonds. That fucking necklace cost over one hundred thousand dollars, but I was betting on Bella not knowing anything about jewelry. Alice knew, though; she winked at me and clapped her hands.

My babydoll was fucking tongue tied. "Edward… I don't… um… how much…are they real?"

I walked over and kissed her, lifting up her hair so I could remove the swan necklace and put mine on. Then,I leaned in to kiss her neck. When I turned her around, I felt a lump rise in my throat. She was breathtaking.

She smiled up at me shyly, blushing a bright pink. "Thank you Edward. I love you, but you know you don't have to buy me expensive things. Just you loving me is all I'll ever need."

We kissed like there was no one else in the room until Jasper told me to cut it out. He put up with our relationship, but didn't like seeing his sis in intimate PDA. I was the same about Ali, so I reluctantly pulled away.

Since the gift giving was over, Alice took over and started putting birthday cake on glass saucers. We had chosen Bella's favorite: chocolate butter cream. She sat in my lap while I fed her. I kept putting icing on her chest and neck so I could lick it off. She put some on my nose and kissed it off. I loved being young and playful with my babydoll. We eventually managed to disentangle ourselves long enough to chat with the rest of the party goers.

When everyone was done eating, I announced my second gift to Bella. She was so shocked that she almost dropped her glass of champagne. Before she could protest, I presented her with a passport and an Italian vacation guide book.

She looked confused for a moment before she gasped. "Edward, you're taking me to Italy? I've never been out of the country. How did you get this passport? When are we leaving?"

I shut her up with a kiss. "We're leaving in thirty minutes. Ali packed enough clothes for a lifetime and we'll be gone a week. I have connections that can make documents in a rush, and before you argue, it's perfectly legal."

Her face was torn between excitement and anger. "Please, Bella. This is kind of a gift for both of us. I want to go away with you. I love you. Don't deny me this." She studied me long and hard before nodding. I picked her up and swung her around because I was so fucking happy.

After that, Bella wanted to say her goodbyes. I called my pilot to make sure the private jet was ready at the runway. Then, I went over and spoke to Jasper. He assured me that he could handle the club. He also told me that I better bring his baby sis back the way she left. I couldn't exactly agree to that because I was planning on taking her virginity, so I just changed the subject. I was getting fucking impatient as I watched my babydoll talk to Esme and Carlisle. I wanted to go already. I had waited long enough to be inside her tight little pussy.

Just as I was about to grab Bella and run, Alice walked over and led her upstairs.  Jasper explained that Alice was going to get my babydoll dressed for the plane ride. I just hoped that my sister wouldn't take as long as she usually did getting ready.

While we waited, I talked with Carlisle and my mom. Esme was almost as excited as I was about this trip. She and Dr. Cullen went to Italy at least four times a year, and my whole family had been at least once.

Finally, Alice finished with Bella and brought her down the stairs. I was more than happy to see my babydoll in a lovely yellow tunic with black tights. Her hair had been put up but there were a few curls hanging loose. With the colors and her hair like that, she looked like a teenager. I hoped no one would think I was some dirty old fucker traveling with his much younger plaything.

I kissed Bella and led her outside to our waiting Bentley. I had already loaded all of her gifts, except the teddy bear and kitchen shit. Jasper and Ali were going to take those to the new condo, which would be ready by the time we got back. My babydoll sobbed, waving goodbye like she'd never see them again.

Once in the car I pulled her into my lap and started nibbling on her ears. Because she drank so much champagne, she was a little tipsy. Bella rarely imbibed, so her system wasn't used to it.

"Babydoll, I can't wait to show you my second favorite country. You're going to love Italy. We're going to have so much fun. That is if we ever get out of bed."

Her body stiffened and she stopped making eye contact. I put my thumb under her chin and turned her around. I was fucking scared that she was shutting down on me. Her beautiful chocolate eyes bore into mine.

"I love you Edward. It's just I'm scared," she confessed as I wrapped my arms around her. What the fuck? I wiped her eyes and rubbed her back in silent encouragement.

"What if you get tired of me after we have sex? What if I disappoint you and you end up hating me?" I couldn't fucking believe that she was even considering that shit. I was the loser, the one that could disappoint. She was fucking perfect.

"Babydoll, I'm never going to leave you. You never have and never will disappoint me. I know I have a fucked up past with women, but what we have is different. You have to trust me when I say I will truly love you forever."

Bella perked up at my words. She fisted her hands in my hair and kissed me harshly. I was so fucking turned on that I didn't notice the car had stopped. The driver was nervously standing outside my door trying to give us a minute. I began trying to pry my babydoll off but her hands were working magic on my cock and I was fucking hard as a rock. Unfortunately, she also noticed that we'd arrived and let go of my junk. I straightened my pants and tie before stepping out.

Grinning, I grabbed Bella's hand and pulled her out behind me. She blushed a deep shade of pink. I ignored the driver and leaned in to lick her cheeks. Our chauffeur had manners and pretended like he didn't notice. I hoisted Bella on my back to carry her the short distance.

She gasped when she got a look at the jet. "Wow! Are we really flying in that?" I nodded and put her down so that she could walk up the stairs.

When we got on the plane, she studied all our surroundings. It was a luxury jet, so it was furnished comfortably and even had a bedroom with a King sized bed. Bella sat down in one of the overstuffed reclining seats. I took the seat opposite her. We both buckled our seatbelts before takeoff. The pilot came back to chat with us and even gave my babydoll a pair of gold wings. She thanked him and put them in her new purse.

Thirty minutes later we were up in the air. Flying made my babydoll nervous, so I held her hand tightly. Soon after that, we were high enough to move around. I wasted no time in carrying her to the bedroom. Our hands were all over each other. She was tired, so I just fingered her until she came. After her body calmed, she fell into a deep sleep I took off her tunic and tights and folded them. I made sure she was comfortable under the comforter before going back out front to take care of some business.

Fallout from my beating of that motherfucker James had already begun. His father, Stephan, was livid when he saw his son. He already hated the Italians, and my pummeling James had only facilitated his anger. To top it off, we had gotten a tip that the Russians were working with a rival Italian Mafia group to take over our gun trade.

Currently, guns were the Volturi's biggest money maker because of the assault weapons ban.
The government should have learned by now that putting a ban on anything just made people want it more. Stephan hated the power that Marcus and Caius had in the Underworld. He wanted to become a major power player, and he thought he could do that by making our Organization look weak.

Eleazar and I had to recount our story to the Volturi. Of course, Marcus and Caius backed us up because they would have done the same if someone touched their women. James, on the other hand, told his father a different tale. He made up a lie about Bella being a whore and coming on to him to make me jealous. When I found out about that, I almost went to kill him before I remembered my promise to my babydoll.

The Volturi and the Boston Irish Organization, led by my good friend Liam, were tired of Stephan's coup de tats and James' fuckups. We were all ready to take them the fuck out of the equation. It turned out that my babydoll was not the first woman James had fucking manhandled. Liam's daughter, Maggie, was also subjected to his unwanted advances. He barely escaped with his life when Liam's wife, Siobhan, found out and told her husband. I was just glad that we would have reinforcements when we removed Stephan from power. I was going to personally enjoy ruining James' life.

I worked hard to keep all that bullshit away from my babydoll. Just because she knew I was a fucking mobster didn't mean I went around showing off. I had beefed up security on all my family, and my personal bodyguard still followed Bella when she was out alone. Sometimes, I wished I had never met her, because I was so goddamned frightened that she was going to suffer for my sins. If something happened to her, I would lie down and fucking die.

When I checked my iPhone, I noticed a voicemail from Marcus. I decided that I might as well call him, so I could enjoy the vacation and focus on Bella. He answered after two rings. "Hello, Edward. How are you and my future goddaughter doing? Did she get my gift?" I smiled when Marcus called her his future goddaughter.

"My babydoll doesn't really like presents so she's a little overwhelmed at the moment. I will give her your gifts when we return from Italy." He chuckled and asked me about the rest of my family. I assured him that they were all well.

"Son, don't worry about the Russians, Stephan and James have angered many in their own group. Those people are willing to look the other way should something happen. I was just calling to tell you to be careful and enjoy your holiday. Also, don't forget to show Bella the wine vineyards." I promised him that I would and then hung up. Marcus had always been like a father to me; I trusted him with my life.

"Edward." I turned around to see Bella yawning. She was wearing one of my t-shirts and she looked fuckworthy. My balls were going to kill me for my decision to wait.

"Hey, babydoll. Come here." She walked over and sat in my lap. I closed my laptop and put my phone away. She buried her head in my neck and went back to sleep. I didn't know what had woken her up, but I was always here to protect her when she needed me. I carried her back to the bed and placed her head on my chest. For a long time, I just sat there listening to her breathe and mumble in her sleep. After I heard my favorite words, 'love Edward,' I found my own slumber.

When I woke up, I was informed that we already in Tuscany. Bella was freshly showered, dressed in a lovely blue and white sundress with white sandals. She was sitting at the vanity brushing her long hair. The moment she noticed that I was awake, she glided over and thoroughly kissed me. I twisted my fingers in her hair and pulled her closer. She eventually released my tongue so that we could talk.

"Mmmhh, Edward, you taste amazing. I love you."

I smiled and squeezed her ass. My dick could have written a million poems about her tight plump ass. Smiling, I went to the bathroom to shower and get dressed. I put on a fresh short sleeved Polo shirt and a pair of blue slacks so that Bella and I would match. Shortly after, she came in to run her fingers through my hair. My look was complete.

Eventually, the plane landed and we got into our waiting Rolls Royce. Bella looked out the window the whole time, pointing and asking questions about the various structures. I really wanted to be all engrossed and shit, but fuck, I was horny. All I could think about was that in less than twenty four hours, I would be inside Bella.

I was planning to take her to see some sights and to the other villages but that would be after we made love.
I glanced over to see her smile at a passing child. He was holding a balloon and his mother's hand but he stopped to wave at my babydoll. She beamed, and if I thought she was beautiful before, she was a goddess in that moment. Everything about her drew me in, and I wanted to drown in her love and beauty. The strap on her sundress slipped down. I leaned over to kiss her shoulder. She took my hand and kissed my palm.

She's my fucking center.

Soon, we arrived at the gates to the villa. It was on the outskirts of Florence with a view of River Arno. I heard Bella gasp loudly. "It's so beautiful, Edward. Thank you." I kissed her neck.

The car stopped in the long driveway in front. I let Bella out of the car. She was still very shocked and almost fell before I caught her. A butler in white formal wear opened the door for us. "Buongiorno," he said in a friendly voice.

My babydoll was enthralled. Her eyes lit up like fireflies as she turned around in circles. I wrapped my arms around her waist and showed her around the villa. I made sure that the maids knew to set up her wardrobe in our room.

I showed Bella the various rooms. Most were done in reds and golds or deep blues and purples, which were the colors of my ancestors. She especially liked our master bedroom, which had deep blue silk bedding and intricate gold Italian decals on the walls. The bathrooms had Jacuzzi tubs and double sinks. Every room had different art pieces. My babydoll fucking whimpered when she saw the stacked library. I hoped tat I wouldn't have to drag her ass out of there every day while on vacation.

"Edward, it's all so beautiful. I don't want to touch anything because it's perfect." I glanced over to see Bella hovering by a beige chaise lounge.

"You deserve nothing but the best, babydoll. This won't be the last time we come here. This villa was left to me by my father. It belongs to you too now."

She looked taken aback. "I couldn't… it's yours… thanks?" I laughed at how flustered she could become when given gifts.

Walking over to my babydoll, I decided I had to let her know how I felt. "Everything I own belongs to you. Don't ever feel like you owe me anything." She kissed me chastely before letting me go.

Outside was a huge pool that had a man made waterfall that my babydoll would look perfect under. She bit her lip and looked over at me."Will you go for a swim with me sometime?"  

Bella in a bikini equals hell yeah. I nodded my head enthusiastically. She laughed at me as I led her to the living room.

"Bella, tonight I'm taking you out to the opera. The dress Alice got for you would be perfect to wear." She looked super excited. Personally, I wasn't into that whole whiny ass opera shit outside of the music, but tonight was all about her. This would be an experience she would never forget.

She had a million questions."Which opera house? What are we going to see? Is dinner before or after? Should I wear my hair up or down?"

I rubbed her upper thigh to calm her down."We're going to the Teatro della Pergola; it's supposed to be the oldest one in Italy. We will be seeing an update of Puccini's, La Bohème. Dinner is after the show. Ttext Alice to ask about your hair." My babydoll clapped her hands and sprinkled kisses all over my face.

I spoke to the maids briefly in Italian giving them instructions to help Bella prepare for tonight. Then, the took her upstairs so she could get ready. I made sure that everything had been done to my specifics. The old butler, Marcello, had been with us for years, so he was a whiz at his job. I greeted him in Italian and thanked him for doing such a great job. All the help were to be gone when Bella and I returned, leaving us completely alone until I gave the word for them to come back. I wanted my babydoll to not have any inhibitions when screaming my name tonight.

Thankfully, my suit was pressed and set out in one of the guest rooms. I took another long shower,  because I was fucking hexcited and needed to rub one out so that I wouldn't molest Bella in public. My fucking cock hadn't listened to my brain in ages. I came hard, imagining my babydoll's perfect mouth on my dick.

I took more time than usual getting ready because it was a special occasion. I'd chosen a tailored black Gucci suit with a pressed white shirt. I also added my Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks cuff links. I went with a gunmetal silk tie that Alice bought for me during one of her shopping jaunts. Italian leather loafers finished off the outfit. I looked fucking fine, if I did say so myself.

Tinkling laughter reached me as I waited at the base of the stairs. I looked up to see a vision of beauty that should have been painted and kept in a museum for all time. Bella was wearing that midnight silk dress. Her hair was done in an intricately braided updo with sparkly silver hair clips spread throughout. She was wearing the Jubilee necklace I'd  given her for her birthday and no other jewelry. Her porcelain skin was lightly flushed and had been brushed with some kind of sparkle. Her eyes were lined to make them appear even larger. On her lips was a pinkish lipstick that matched her blush.

As I stood there dumbfounded, a maid led her safely down the stairs and kissed her cheek. I heard Bella say 'thank you' and then we were alone. I couldn't think of one single fucking thing to say. I had heard the term breathtaking, but she was beyond that. I must have worried her because she began to fidget.

"Edward, what's wrong?"

The only thing I could do was stand there, smiling like a fucking idiot. Eventually, I got a hold of myself and walked over to take her hand.

I kissed her on the neck and she sighed. "You look beyond amazing tonight, babydoll. You took my fucking breath away. I cannot wait to consummate our love." Of course she blushed at my heartfelt words. She had no idea how fucking gorgeous she was, but I had no problem reminding her.

We exited the house and got into our chauffeured car. I could barely keep my hands off of my babydoll, but she didn't want to ruin her hair and makeup. The driver dropped us off in front of the theater before leaving to park. There were lots of couples standing out front talking and shit. One guy accidentally bumped into my babydoll. He turned around to say sorry, but then gave a double take. I gave him the finger and pulled her along.

I knew the owner of this particular house, so he came out to greet us personally. I introduced him to Bella and practiced my calming skills when he kissed her hand. He led us to my private box. It was the best seat in the house, and I would have her all to myself. Bella's eyes lit up with so much happiness that she looked like she was going to burst.

"This is amazing. Everyone looks gorgeous. I can't wait to show Jasper and everyone else my pictures." I was so enthralled with her that I hadn't realized she had a small digital camera and was taking photographs.

"None of these fuckers holds a candle to us. We are the best looking people here tonight." Bella tsked me for being an 'arrogant prick' and continued her exploration.

Soon, a waiter came to serve us champagne while another server brought pastries. I took one of each for Bella and me, not that she needed fucking sugar. She was bouncing so much that I almost thought she had been possessed by Alice.

One of my personal bodyguards brought over our opera glasses. I had them specially made out of gold and mother of pearl. They were another gift for Bella. I handed her set to her, and she leaned over and kissed me in front of him. He just smiled and moved back to his post.

Sadly, some of the patrons felt the need to come over and mingle before the show. One bitch leaned her whole upper body in my face to shake my hand. It looked like she was attempting to fucking breastfeed me. Another bitch was handsy and managed to accidentally brush her fingers against my dick.

To my surprise, my babydoll was leaning over and giving them the stink eye. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her, because my Bella getting all jealous was fucking hot. It was too bad that the men didn't learn from those bitches. They were like fucking hyenas trying to slobber over Bella's hand. She hadn't removed her long opera gloves, thank God, so she didn't have to be contaminated with their shit.

I turned for a minute to give a command to one of my bodyguards. Before I could finish, I heard a shriek and turned around to see some fucker with Bella in his arms kissing her neck. I pulled her roughly from him and handed her to the guard. Then, I kicked the bastard in the balls and ribs and spat on him. He was begging in Italian but I wasn't fucking listening. His friends were speaking English trying to get me to let him go. I felt the hand of my guard on my back. He bent down to pick up the fucker and took him outside. I barked a harsh order that no one was to fucking touch us for the rest of the night and had the box secured from visitors.

When I turned around, Bella looked fucking stunned. I reached for her, but she backed away. "That was too much, Edward. You seriously hurt him. He was drunk. I'm sure he meant me no harm. You're too violent."

I was still pissed off at that asshole, but I wasn't about to let her stand there and defend him. "You are naive as fuck. You really think I was going to sit back and let him touch my fucking property in my face. I don't think so." She looked devastated, and then she did the last thing I expected: she fucking slapped me. I was stunned.

"You bastard! You think you can just dress me up and parade me around with all these fancy baubles and then put me on a shelf. I am not your damned property. I'm your girlfriend, and I'm not naïve. I just happen to have a heart, which obviously you don't when it comes to others." She stood up and moved to the last chair in the box, ignoring my pathetic ass.

I was such a dumb fuck; no wonder I needed therapy. I had ruined her night by making a scene when I could have dealt with it discreetly. She was right. Clearly, that man hadn't been a real threat. I could have just pulled him off of her, but no, I had to send the poor fucker to the hospital. I wasn't used to feeling this shit. I had never felt remorse for the shit I'd done. My babydoll was fucking changing me whether I wanted to be changed or not.

I sat there sulking while Act One started. Knowing my luck, I had lost any chance I had of deflowering her. I wouldn't be surprised if she demanded to go back home after the fucking play. I seriously needed a fucking drink, something stronger than the bubbly shit.

By the time intermission rolled around, I had decided to try to make amends. I called my guard over and asked him to do me a favor. I took out my checkbook and wrote a check for ten thousand dollars and told him to deliver it to the guy and to make sure his hospital bill was paid. I didn't know how to say sorry; but in my experience everyone liked money, so I went with what I knew. When I glanced over, I saw that Bella had been listening. She smiled at me softly and mouthed 'I love you,' before gathering  her skirts and coming to sit in my lap.

 "Babydoll, I'm so sorry. When it comes to you, I feel very protective. I need you to keep my ass in line and call me on my bullshit. I am working on my weaknesses in therapy, but it takes time. Please don't go home early just because I was a stupid motherfucker."

She kissed the corner of my mouth. "Of course I don't want to go home.  I love you, and tonight we will make love. I guess I just overreacted because I hate to see the weak get beaten by the mighty. Next time, take a minute to think about what you're going to do before you do it. All is forgiven." We spent the rest of  intermission kissing and feeding each other petite fours.

During the opera, Bella was curled next to me. She started sobbing in the last act, so I held her closer and mumbled sweet words in her ear. I had read the story and seen it, so I knew what was going to fucking happen. The instruments were beautiful, but I didn't care for the plot. The show ended with everyone giving a standing ovation. After our guard declared it safe, Bella and I went outside to the car. Then, we were driven to one of my favorite restaurants to eat.

I had specifically chosen a meal filled with aphrodisiacs. This was not lost on Bella as she swallowed an oyster. "Edward, are you hoping to get lucky tonight?" She fucking winked at me and continued eating.
I for one didn't need any help to be in the mood, but I was fucking starving. Bella's cooking was what I wished for, but it would've been an asshole move to ask her to cook while on vacation. I watched as she slowly swirled a strawberry in her chocolate fondue. When she put the strawberry in her mouth, I almost had a heart attack.

"Fuck, babydoll. You're too damn sexy." She just smiled and continued eating.

It was the perfect night to test my therapy skills, because there were so many fuckers eying her that I wanted to pull out an Uzi and do a mass execution. Some dark haired motherfucker two tables away had been looking at her like she was water in the desert. I ignored them all and focused on my goddess.

After dinner, we walked a little in downtown Florence. My guards were close without hovering so we would be safe. I bought Bella some things she admired along the way. She insisted on paying me back, but I would never let her. She made sure to get gifts for everyone; leave it to my babydoll to think of others during her trip.

The full moon cast shadows on the streets. Bella 'oohed' and 'ahhed' at every fucking thing. It was wonderful to see the city I often visited through new eyes. She was glorious and made me feel different. It was starting to get a little chilly, so I reached down and put my jacket over Bella's dress. She stopped long enough to kiss me before pulling out her camera and taking more pictures. I was the typical pussy whipped motherfucker holding her shopping bags and her clutch. Suddenly, she stopped at a cart to get a little Italian fig cake, which I was all for because figs were another passion food.

When I was sure she had seen everything, I led her to our waiting car. She protested at first but stopped when she saw my face. I was in fucking agony. Not only was my dick hard as diamond, but my legs were also fucking killing me.

Bella leaned over to kiss me. "Come on, old man, let's get you home." I raised all her skirts until I found her panty covered pussy. I put my thumb over her clit and pressed hard. She let out a moan.

"I'm not that old, gorgeous." For the rest of the trip, we laughed and teased each other.

When we got back to the villa, we practically ran from the car. The house was empty per my orders. Everything was just as clean as always. I took Bella's hand and led her upstairs. "Wait here, babydoll. I'll be right back,"I said.

I went to take off my suit leaving me in my black silk boxers. I put my matching robe on over it. When I returned to the bedroom, Bella was reaching behind her back, trying to unzip her dress.

"Let me, sweetheart, " I said, pulling the zipper down and earning a deep moan from Bella. She stood still while I removed her bra and panties.

"Feels so good, Edward."  I could see the arousal between her thighs.

I quickly turned around so I could take off her necklace. Being careful not to drop it, I sat it in a glass jewelry case. Thankfully, it was insured. After that, I went to the bathroom to run her a bath. I put lots of the wildflower crystals in the tub as well as her strawberry scented bubble bath. I lit candles all around the room until it was bathed in a soft glow. Next, I went back into the room to get Bella. She was sitting on a chair in the corner looking out the balcony windows. She had unplaited her hair so that it hung down her back. I walked over and picked her up.

"Tonight is all about you, Bella. We're going to do everything that makes you feel good. If you ever feel uncomfortable and want to stop, we can. There's no pressure." She hummed a song from the opera while I carried her to the tub.

After taking off my robe, I set Bella down in the Jacuzzi. She whined when she realized I wasn't joining her. I wanted to hop in, but I knew that if I got in now I would fuck her in the tub and never finish the night the way I'd planned. Slowly, I began to kiss her while my fingers found her sopping core. She was moaning and thrashing in the water, getting me wet in the process. She came so violently and quickly that it shocked her.

"Christ, Edward! Those aphrodisiacs must really work." I chuckled and continued bathing her.

She was so fucking beautiful in the soft candle lighting. I used gentle touches and I even washed her hair. She loved it when I massaged her scalp. She stood so that I could rinse her off with the shower head. Seeing my babydoll fucking wet and nude almost made my control slip.

I lifted her out of the tub and dried her off with a thick fluffy towel. She purred the whole time. Then, I carried her into the adjoining room. A massage table and the oils she bought in Port Angeles had been set up on a table.

"Ooohh, Edward. Are you going to give me a rub down? This really is the best night of my life." I kissed her forehead and laid her down on her stomach.

I had once taken a massage therapy class, because in my world there were a lot of fights, and it was good to know how to work out kinks and alleviate pain. I plugged in the Hitachi Magic Wand  that I bought during our jaunt to the pleasure shop. I had been so fucking impressed that my innocent babydoll wanted to go in that shop--lots of the items we'd bought were going to be used on this trip.

Bella turned around at the whirring sound of the vibrator. "What's that?" she asked nervously.
"Just a massager, babydoll, to assist my hands in making you feel good." She nodded her head and turned back around.

I turned off the wantd so that I could oil her up. I used some of the apricot kernel oil she had picked out. I started at her shoulders. She was fucking tense so I had to use pressure to unclench her muscles. She began alternating between sighs, purrs, and moans. By the time, I got to the middle of her back she was humping the fucking table. I kissed the small of her back and continued. Because I'm an ass man, I took extra time to knead and massage her buttocks. I worked out all the kinks in her legs and then messaged the back of her heels. My babydoll was blissed out by the time I finished her back.

When I turned her over, she had a dopey grin on her face. Her eyes were unfocused and she was staring at my chest and licking her lips. I leaned down to nibble on a nipple and she grabbed my head.

"There will be plenty of time later. Let's finish your massage first." She just stared at me dumbly.

I massaged the front of her shoulders working down to her nipples, which I suckled and nipped on until she cried out. I continued to massage down her flat creamy stomach, keeping the pressure light. I kneaded my fingers into her upper thighs working the muscles until they were pliant.

Minutes later, I plugged in the Hitachi again and re-massaged all the parts using the machine. Bella's moans grew louder. I put the tip of the Magic Wand on Bella's clit and she fucking screamed as she came. I had to hold her down as she rode her orgasm.

Because I was eager to taste her sweet pussy, I leaned down and licked her until she came again. I inserted one of the Hitachi's attachments inside of her, as far as it would go, to open her up a little. She was bucking and gripping the table.

I decided that now was the time, so I picked Bella up and laid her down on the silk sheets. Her eyes were still unfocused and she was shaking a little. I lay down next to her and we began to kiss. I took her bottom lip in my mouth and sucked on it until she gave me her tongue. Our bodies were eager to connect as we clutched at each other.

I kissed down Bella's body, flicking her belly button with my tongue. I continued laying open mouthed kisses on her skin until I reached her molten center. She was so wet that my fingers slid in easily. I finger fucked her hard, glorying in the rough groans her sweet mouth was emitting. I felt her walls clench as she came yet again. Feeling great, I climbed back up her body and kissed her passionately. She barely moved because she was still riding her last big O.

"Babydoll, I need you now. I'm going to try not to hurt you. I love you." She just nodded her head and kissed me deeply.

I reached down to align my cock with Bella's pussy. Tentatively, I pushed the tip in and almost died from the pleasure. Holy-motherfucking-christ! Just putting that small portion inside was setting me on fire. I had never been so worked up during sex in my life. I inhaled and exhaled a few times to calm down.

"Edward," I heard Bella's raspy voice call out. "I need you, too."

Her demand gave me all the reassurance I required. I started pushing my cock in slowly. With every inch, I heard bells ringing in my head. I had never believed in that shit before, but I sure as hell believed now. When I reached her barrier, I felt her stiffen up. I rubbed circles over her clit and started sucking and licking her neck. She moaned loudly, pulling my hair in the process.

"Wrap your legs around me, babydoll." She complied.

Finally, I plunged in and broke her hymen.

She screamed, "Fuck, Edward!" I stopped all rational thought. My babydoll never used that fucking word. Her exclamation went straight to my cock, and I began to thrust in earnest.

I slammed into her hard, harder than I should have considering it was her first time. I was fucking possessed, chanting over and over again, "I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you."

This wasn't sex, hell this wasn't even making love--what we were engaged in was a goddamned religious experience. With every thrust of my cock, I felt my soul being cleansed of my sins. I pounded into Bella's extremely tight pussy relentlessly. She was making sounds that I had never heard her make before and using all kinds of profanity.

"Shit. Fuck me harder. Deeper Edward!" I was so lost in my own pleasure that I barely registered half of what she said.

"Ahhhh, I'm going to come." I felt her muscles clench as she found her release.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stop. I lifted my babydoll's body off the bed and pounded into her harder. I  mumbled and thrust like a madman. I was addicted, and this was my motherfucking fix. I gripped her hips and she scratched her nails down my back. The headboard and the walls were shaking with the force of my movements.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," I yelled because that was the only word left in my addled brain.

Soon, I heard a noise that sounded like it belonged on Animal Planet. I was curious where it came from before I recognized it was me. I was fucking growling and snarling like a goddamned primate. I wanted to die in this moment because nothing was ever going to feel as good as being inside Bella.

I vaguely registered her screaming as she came again. Her arms fell from my shoulders and her body went limp. I pressed her body deep into the bed and continued thrusting. Part of my brain was telling me that I was fucking hurting her, but I wasn't listening.

I continued to slide my dick in and out of her slick folds while kissing her with such ferocity that her lips started to bleed. The blood only spurred me on more. I licked it off her lips, sticking my tongue inside every crevice of her sweet mouth. I raised her right leg up, holding the ankle with my hand. At this angle, she became even tighter and I slid my throbbing cock in and out over again. I couldn't even say 'fuck' anymore; all I could do was grunt like a pig.

Somewhere in my primitive mind, I realized that Bella wasn't fucking moving. I kept thrusting, not wanting to lose the high I was on. Cocaine, heroin, and meth couldn't get me this fucking high, and I'd tried them all. Mewling, I bit down on Bella's shoulder, drawing blood. At the same time, my cock went deep in her inner walls and I felt myself start to come. She screamed over and over again, but her sounds were barely heard over my hissing and snarling. I shot load after load after load of hot cum into her tight pussy before bonelessly collapsing on top of her. We must have both passed out because when I came to, I was still crushing her with my weight.

"Fuck. I'm sorry babydoll."

She was still fucking knocked out and didn't answer.  I looked down at her to make sure she was still fucking breathing. I had planned all this shit, yet when the time came, I took her like a fucking john takes a whore. She was probably in so much pain that her body was sleeping so that it could heal. I suddenly felt like throwing up.

I looked around the room and noticed that it looked like a goddamned tornado had torn through it. I vaguely remembered tearing into pillows and throwing them around. The sheets and comforter were on the floor. They had claw marks marring the perfect silk. There was a dent in the wall where the brass handled headboard had hit it repeatedly. No matter how hard I tried, all I ever caused was fucking destruction.

Finally, I worked up the nerve to look down at the only woman I ever loved. My babydoll's porcelain skin was covered in bluish purple bruises. She looked like she had been in a goddamned car accident. Her shoulder was still bleeding a little where my teeth marks went deep in the skin. Her lovely neck looked like it had been mauled by a fucking lion. We often joked about me leaving love bites on her, but this was just fucking sick. There couldn't have been love in that shit. Grimacing, I looked away with disgust.

I had always so worried about someone else hurting her, when I was the motherfucking monster. I pulled the sheet further down taking in every injury. There were fucking scratch marks on her upper thighs and pelvic bone. I didn't deserve to live after this shit. There was no way I could face her again. My eyes caught the lines of blood between her thighs, and I dry heaved.

She had given me the most precious gift that a woman had to give, and I'd fucking hurt her. I looked down at my dick to see there was blood on it, too. I ran to the bathroom and got a basin, filling it with warm water. Then, I grabbed a rag and took everything to the bedroom.

Bella still hadn't stirred. She wasn't even mumbling in her sleep, which told me how fucking out of it she had to be. I cleaned off the blood on her neck and in between her legs. I winced when I saw my demon seed mixed with her pure blood. She whimpered a little and that broke what was left of my fucking heart.

I covered her back up and went to the bathroom to shower. I stayed in there a long time thinking about what I'd just done. I knew that I was fucked up, and that I should stay away from my babydoll, but I'd honestly thought that I could change. Seeing how I had utterly abused her innocent body showed me that no matter my intention, I was still a fucking animal.

I pulled on a pair of boxers and went to the adjoining room to sleep. I hoped Bella would wake up and come in here to kick my ass. I completely deserved it after doing that shit to her. Esme had always taught me that violence against women was wrong, so I had no excuse.

For the first time in a long time, I had nightmares. One began with Esme and the rest of my family looking at me with anger and contempt in their eyes. I followed their gaze to see my babydoll in a fucking casket. They began chanting, "It's all your fault." I ran over and dropped to my knees, not believing my reason to live was gone. There lay Bella, as beautiful as ever, with her eyes closed for all eternity. Suddenly, her clothes disappeared and I saw her body the way it looked after I fucked her. There was also a gunshot through her heart. She opened her dead brown eyes and looked at me.

"How could you Edward? You promised."

I woke up with a start. There in the doorway stood the real Bella. Her hair was a tangled mess hanging down her bruised back. She was clutching a sheet to her chest and there were tears running down her cheeks. I tried to walk over to her, but my legs wouldn't work.

"You promised." Her voice sounded broken as she limped away.

I couldn't follow because she had taken my soul with her. It was only right that the fucking devil should burn in hell for ruining an angel.


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