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CHAPTER 1: Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me

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You don't know how you took it
You just know what you got
Oh Lordy you've been stealing
From the theives and you got caught
In the headlights
Of a stretch car
You're a star
Dressing like your sister
Living like a tart
They don't know what you're doing
Babe, it must be art
You're a headache
In a suitcase
You're a star
Oh no, don't be shy
You don't have to go blind
Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me-U2


Jesus fucking shit! My babydoll's tight pussy was pure magic. She rode me hard, occasionally biting down on my nipples. That shit drove me crazy. I was two seconds away from busting my nut deep inside of her, when all of a sudden she… pulled my fucking hair too hard and drooled on my face.

What the hell?


I opened an eye to see my son's mouth one inch from my nose. A bunch of fucking spittle landed squarely on my chin. His tiny little fists pulled my hair as he babbled some baby nonsense. Groaning, I disentangled him from my burning scalp and sat up.

Glancing over, I saw that my babydoll was fast asleep with her tits still hanging out. Her long dark hair was braided on the top of her head, like a halo. The fucking demon, also known as Onyx, was curled up next to her on the pillow. I assumed that my wife had fed our son and then fallen asleep with him still in the bed.

The amazing fuck that I thought I was having was nothing more than a motherfucking dream. Now, not only was I hard as shit, I also had to entertain my son. I loved the kid but morning wood was fucking painful.

"Daddy is awake, DC," I said, reaching for his bottle.

While he ate, I watched the stock ticker on the television. I made sure to keep it muted so Bella wouldn't wake up. She'd been busy with her business, and now her first book was being published. I was so fucking proud of her for making her dreams come true, but that meant we had even less time together. The honeymoon was definitely over.

My son played with my forefinger as he nibbled on the bottle's nipple. He was already so damn big, and I loved him to death. Leaning down, I kissed his fat, rosy cheeks. A morning orgasm would have been fucking excellent but bonding with my kid was fun, too.

After he finished, I put him on my shoulder and rubbed his back. A short while later, I was rewarded with the sound of him burping. Now that he was five months, he could sit up but not for long. I liked watching him topple over, but Bella thought it was mean when I laughed.

"So, Dante, is there any chance you're going to let daddy have play time with mommy again?"

He just stared at me, sucking on his favorite pacifier. It was a three-carat diamond and white gold concoction. I wanted nothing but the best for my son. My babydoll had balked at the price. The thing cost almost twenty grand. I planned to have it formed into a ring for when Dante was older, so I considered it a good investment.

"Don't be like that, son," I teased, taking his pacifier away. Immediately, he started screaming.

Bella woke up, reaching for him. "What's wrong, baby boy? Mommy is here."

"I've got him, babydoll. Go back to sleep. Dante and I were just playing. I'm going to get him dressed so we can have breakfast. The cook should be here in a few minutes. Any requests?"

She sat up, snapping the tank top back into place and covering her gorgeous 38C breasts. I whimpered because that meant I definitely wasn't getting any pussy this morning. Dante grabbed his pacifier from my hand before Bella hoisted him into her arms. Next, the demon woke up, meowing before curling up on my babydoll's thigh.

Yawning, Bella reached for her phone. Fortunately, she put it on speaker without me asking. There was a message from some British motherfucker. He was clearly flirting as he fawned over her new book. I definitely didn't trust assholes like him. I planned on making sure he knew my babydoll was very happily married.

"I loved the picture you submitted for the back of the book. Your beautiful face will sell at least a million, love. Call me if you need anything. I'll be in Seattle next month, and I'm looking forward to taking you out for curry. Have a great day, love."

Smiling, Bella cuddled Dante, bouncing him lightly on her knee. I looked at her sideways, trying to control my fucking temper. Eventually, it got to be too much. The fucking caveman inside of me yearned for that British motherfucker's blood.

"What the fuck was up with all that "love" shit? He knows you're married, right? I refuse to let you go anywhere with that asshole," I ranted.

She rolled her eyes, covering DC's ears. "We can talk about this later, Edward. Can you please try not to cuss so much in front of our baby? Jesus, it's not like I'm considering sleeping with the guy. He's a work colleague, and he's been very nice in our teleconferences."

"He wants to fuck you, probably up the ass from the sounds of it. You're too naive to these things…"

Her brown eyes flashed with anger. "Here," she grunted, handing over Dante, "Go get him dressed. I'll meet you in the kitchen. I can't believe you're starting this stupidity so early this morning."

Scowling, I took Dante to his nursery. By that time, he'd left me a gift in his diaper. After cleaning him up and putting on a fresh diaper, I dressed him in a little pair of Levi jeans and a long-sleeved green onesie. He made me smile by sucking on his toes and making silly faces.

"Daddy fucked up, DC, and now mommy is mad at me. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm sorry for doing that in front of you. I need to go see Dr. Uley this week."

In answer, he blew spit bubbles.

Luckily, Bella was showered and dressed when we got back to the bedroom. Her black leather pants were too fucking tight and the gray shirt was off the shoulder. Her hair was blow-dried and left to hang down her back. For makeup, she had on some smoky shit that made her eyes look huge. I had a strong urge to strip her naked, bend her over, and fuck her ass before she left for the day.

"Oooopa," Dante squealed, trying to get to his mommy. That ended my fantasy. Our son had proven his cockblocking skills time and time again.

My babydoll looked over her shoulder and smiled. "You sound so nice, Dante. Let me put on my shoes, sweetness."

By "shoes" she meant black fuck me boots. I winced, watching her walk towards me. My cock felt like it was about to explode. There was no fucking way I was going to let my wife out of the house dressed in that shit. It was too revealing.

"Change. I don't like this outfit, babydoll. Dante can wait."

"I'm not changing anything, Caveward. Besides, your little bimbos wear much skimpier clothing, and you don't seem to have a problem."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean, Bella? You're my wife. They just work for me. I thought you were over this shit."

"Well I'm not," she growled, taking Dante and exiting the room.

Like all pussy-deprived motherfuckers, I took a long, cold shower. When that didn't quell my erection, I had to use my hand. Lately, my babydoll and I had been fighting more. Em said it was to be expected, but I missed the good times.

After I finished, I got dressed in a slate gray, tailored Armani suit. I had a meeting with a union that was going to endorse me for State Senate. The campaign was going well, but my rival was trying to make me look bad. They'd already brought up HADES and my questionable morality; even having a wife and son didn't help my ass.

When I got to the kitchen, our cook, Ernie, was holding a spoon to my babydoll's lips. He was a big motherfucker, probably three hundred pounds and six-foot-six with dark black hair and eyes. He was one hundred percent Italian and had been cleared by the Volturi. Like most of my employees, he had weapons training. There was little chance that he'd ever have to use that shit, but I was nothing if not careful with my family.

I cleared my throat. "Is that biscuits and gravy I smell? I'm fucking starved."

My babydoll put Dante in his swing, tucking the blanket around his small body. He was starting to fall asleep. I kissed his forehead before taking a seat at the table. Ernie put a plate of country-fried steak and the biscuits and gravy I'd mentioned in front of me. Bella was eating an omelet and fresh fruit.

"You know I'd never cheat on you, babydoll," I said, taking a bite of steak.

She ate a grape, narrowing her eyes at me. "I don't know anything, Edward. I told you I don't feel comfortable with your new employees. You refuse to do anything about it. We have a meeting with Dr. A. tomorrow. Let's discuss it then."

The rest of breakfast was pretty fucking silent. Ernie left after packing our lunches. When he wasn't at our house, he worked for Garrett's restaurant. Now that Kate had her dentistry practice, Garrett was busy with Sasha in the day. Most of his clientele made night appointments to get their tats. The fucker loved being a father.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. It was Alice and Jasper. My sister was clinging to Jaz like he was going to run away. They were both glowing. I had to fight the urge to throw up watching them kiss all over each other.

"Morning, Bells. Where's my nephew?" Jasper asked.

My babydoll hugged her brother, ushering him and Ali into the kitchen. Dante was still asleep with his little fists curled up on his chest. The middle finger was up. Bella shot me a nasty look before tucking it back into his palm. Jaz and I fist bumped behind her back.

"My son is badass," I whispered.

He laughed. "Like his uncle."

Alice slapped him on the chest. "Sure, because you were so "badass" last night when we watched The Notebook together.

Bella snorted. "That sounds more like my brother. Did I tell you about the time he cried watching Lilo and Stitch?

"Dude, that's lame as shit."

"Says the man that has likes to use expensive French hand lotion and get manicures," my babydoll teased.

Alice and Jasper laughed so hard they turned red. I picked up my son and put him in his car seat. So I liked having good-looking hands; there was no crime in that shit. I just wished more motherfuckers took care of their skin. I hated shaking hands with assholes with rough hands.

After that, we all took the elevator down to the private garage. I arranged DC in the back of my babydoll's Mercedes. I'd given up on arguing with her every fucking morning about letting me drive. She wanted to be independent so I was letting her. It didn't mean I liked that shit.

"Jane will be behind you. Have a great day, babydoll. Call me if anything happens. I should be home for dinner. I'll let you know if I can't make it," I said, helping her into the car. Jasper and Alice kissed Dante before getting into their own car and driving away.

After watching my family leave, I got into the Phantom. The first thing I did was call Jane to make sure she was behind them. Thankfully, she was fully healed and ready for the job.

"Hey, Cullen. I'm on it. It's a pleasure to watch Bella's ass in motion every day. I should be paying you."

I squeezed the steering wheel. "Keep your fucking eyes on her face, Jane. The only ass you should be looking at is Jessica's."

She laughed. "You're so easy, Cullen. I'm just yanking your chain. Little DC and his lovely mother will be fine under my watch."

"All I wanted to hear," I snarled, hanging up.


Traffic was a motherfucking nightmare. I used my middle finger more times than I could count. A text from Jane let me know that Bella and DC had arrived safely. Breathing a little easier, I pulled into HADES.

Felix and some of my other men were carrying in merchandise. The boxes were supposed to contain our liquor shipment, but under every fucking bottle were bags of uncut pure cocaine. This weekend was Halloween, so drug sales were expected to skyrocket.

Inside my office, Demetri was snorting a line of coke with my new campaign manager, Gina. I didn't use anymore, but who was I to tell them what to do? They were fucking grown ass people who could make their own mistakes.

Gina Bartello came highly qualified with a MBA from Yale, and six wins on her record. Now that she was in her thirties, she was looking for a bigger paycheck. I provided that and a less stressful work environment.

"Keep it to one line. I like my workers sober," I said, hanging up my jacket.

D laughed. "We're cool man. I just need to take the edge off. It's hard to sleep at night without Maggie. I can't believe she dumped me."

Shrugging, I sat down in my chair, or throne as Bella called it. "Can you blame her? You cheated multiple times, asshole."

Gina came to sit on the corner of my desk. She was wearing a black Calvin Klein skirt suit that barely covered her ass. For some reason, she had a white feather in her short, dark hair. She wore way too much makeup for my taste. My babydoll hadn't wanted me to hire her, but there were some decisions a man had to make for himself.

"What is cheating? Sometimes people just need a little variety," Gina mused, crossing her legs.

"I get all the variety I need from my wife," I said, lighting a cigar. "Trust me, I've been with tons of bitches and it gets old."

She pouted, hopping off the desk. "Right. Um, the campaign commercial we made with you and your family has been playing well in the suburbs. Many of the voters still feel you're too "modern", their words not mine, to lead the district. Collins has a longer political career, and the Republicans are putting a lot of support behind him.

"Don't worry about Steve Collins. I can handle him. I'm more worried about the fucking voters. We need to get the Seattle LBGT endorsement. Collins hates them, but they're a large contingent of the voting public. They could put me over the edge."

Gina put on her glasses and typed something on the computer. "You're actually neck and neck for that vote. Some homosexual voters don't care that Collins is a homophobe as long as their chosen party represents him.

I frowned. "What the fuck can I do? I've already came out in favor of gay marriage."

D poured a glass of Brandy. "You could make a commercial with two women going at it."

"How would that help, dumbass?"
He chuckled. "It might not help you, but it would help a lot of fucking men get an erection."

Gina rolled her eyes. "I'll work on it. There has to be something. The good news is that you're a shoe in for the Asian vote. Collins' leaked email where he called his old campaign manager "yellow" lost him that. You're also ahead with African-American and Latino voters. You can thank Waters for that," she said, referring to the man I was replacing. He'd been loyal to the Volturi for many years, but now wanted to retire with his wife.

Before I could answer, my phone rang. I clicked the screen. It was Marcus, calling to see how the campaign was going. The Volturi were counting one me nabbing the Senate spot. We were planning on re-zoning to make it easier to get our merch through the State.

"It's going well, Marcus."

"That's good to hear, son. Listen, the Cosa Notra wants to do some business with us, but you know how they are about the Italian bullshit. Vince Campinelli is considered the head of the Cosa right now. He wants to meet you."

"Shit! He's coming to Seattle? You know I hate those motherfuckers. They didn't respect my father and they don't respect me, just because we're not full blooded Italian. Fuck that!"

Marcus sighed. "Edward, I can arrange for you to meet them here, in Chicago next month. I don't like them either, but this is business, son. La Camorra is your family and we will have your back. Supposedly Vinnie wants to change because he's tired of missing out on money due to his father's old prejudices."

"Okay, set it up. I'll have to talk to Bella about going for Thanksgiving. I swear to God, though, if shit goes wrong, I want them dead. Capisce?"

"Ciao, Edward," he said, disconnecting.

Gina excused herself to the restroom. A few minutes later, D. made an excuse to leave. I lit another cigar. They must have thought I was a fucking idiot.

"Don't fuck in my bathroom, asshole. I'll know if you do. Take that shit to one of the VIP rooms," I yelled, closing my office door.

Since I was stressed, I dialed Dr. Uley. We went over some calming methods. He also recommended that I apologize to my babydoll as soon as possible. After promising him that I would be at therapy later in the week, we hung up.

An hour later, Felix came to give me a progress report. The coke, blow, and weed were stocked in our underground storage. Cocaine was mainly for the rich motherfuckers who bought the girls for the night. Most of the club-goers were interested in the weed. I didn't sell PCP or meth out of HADES, because it made motherfuckers too psychotic. I did have a piece of all that shit that ran through Seattle, though.

"Thanks, Felix. How is Chelsea?"

The fucker beamed. "She's doing good. It's been really great since we moved in together. I think I'm in love."

"It happens to the best of us. Treat her right. I think she's one of the good ones." He nodded, leaving the room.

By the time I made my work calls and answered half of my emails, it was time for lunch. I called my babydoll, eager to hear her voice. Unfortunately, she didn't answer. I left her a message before dialing Jane, who answered on the first ring.

"Hey, stalker. Bella and Bree are going over schedules in the office."

Bree, insisting that she wanted to pay her own way, worked for at my babydoll's coffee shop/bookstore. She and Maggie still shared a condo not far from the University. Riley had a large home nearby--where I had been told Bree was spending most nights. I had already warned the asshole about breaking her heart. Liam was still riding my ass about what happened with Maggie and D.

"I'm not a fucking stalker. Did she meet with any men today? Did you see any assholes staring at her ass? I told her not to wear those damn tight ass pants…"

"Slow down. Yeah, some guys looked at her ass. It's what you men like to do. Some guys looked at her boobs, too. In case you wanted to know, I've been checked out. There are a lot of horny college students that frequent this place. You can't stop men from looking at your wife."

I picked up a glass and threw it into the fireplace. As usual, it helped me feel better. Dr. Uley and his fucking calming methods weren't at the top of my thoughts at the moment. I wanted to kill every man that eye-fucked my babydoll.

She is mine!

"I'm coming over there," I hissed, reaching for my jacket.

"You can't. Bella has a meeting with that Bill guy from the publisher. Bree is going to watch DC. I'll keep you posted, Edward. She's already mad at you. Don't make it worse."

Instead of breaking another glass, I squeezed two of my stress balls. They were a gift from my babydoll. Supposedly, they were supposed to help me control my temper.

"Okay. If it looks like he's flirting or he touches her, call me. I'm trusting you, Jane."

"Will do, boss."

Gina returned to my office with lunch. We ate while going over statistics. She made me laugh and she talked like one of the guys. I found myself enjoying her company, but I would have rather had my babydoll with me.

The day flew by after that. At six, my club secretary, Anna, came for her shift. She had long blond hair and a lanky body that she encased in body hugging clothes. I didn't find her attractive, but some of the other fuckers did. If she wanted to, she could have made a living as one of the club whores.

"Hey, boss," she said in her Jersey accent, "Is D here, yet?"

Demetri and Jasper managed the club most nights so I could be home with my family. If I won Senate, I would have even less time for HADES, but I loved my club. I still didn't trust anyone to know about the lair so that part stayed a secret.

"Not yet, Anna. He'll be here in a few. You know D, he's always fucking late."

"That's okay. Did you get the expense report I sent? I managed to talk your liquor guy into a fifteen percent discount." One of the reasons I'd hired her was because she wasn't afraid to use her sexuality in business. Some people didn't like that shit, but I wanted all the advantages I could get.

"I did. Thanks. I'll make sure you get a bonus in your next check."

"That's good. Then I can get that mink stole I had my eye on," she said, laughing.

"You should do that. I know someone that will give you a good deal. I gave Bella a white fur last month. It hasn't been cold enough for her to wear it yet, though."

Anna looked away. "That's so romantic, Edward. I wish I had a handsome guy to buy me nice presents."

I smirked. "Well, she is my wife. She gave me a beautiful baby boy, and she puts up with my ass. The least I can do is give her nice things."

Luckily D walked in before the conversation could go on. Anna was a fucking gold digger. I'd known women like her most of my life. Before I hired her, I'd made it clear that I had no interest in that area. There were plenty of rich motherfuckers who came through the club she could play, but not me.

"Hold it down, D. Jasper is downstairs. Be nice to Anna. I'm out, fucker."

"Have a good night with the wife and kid, bro. I don't envy you. Okay, maybe just a little," he teased.

On the way home, I stopped by Bella's favorite florist and picked up a bouquet of sunflowers. The woman yelled at me in Italian while her husband made up the order. I promised that I would try to do better. Then, she kissed my cheeks and let me leave.

When I got to the Penthouse, Jane was in the hallway talking to one of my other men. I got an update before going inside. Instantly, the smell of fresh rosemary and cinnamon assaulted my nose. My stomach rumbled. I hadn't had much of an appetite during lunch.

My babydoll was in the living room, sitting on the floor with Dante. They were watching Baby Einstein together. Bella had changed into a pair of yoga pants and a tee shirt. Her hair was up in a ponytail. DC was between her legs, and she was helping him clap. I took a quick picture with my Nikon.

"Yowbabuh," my son squealed, kicking his fat legs.

After hanging up my jacket, I leaned down to kiss them both. My babydoll gave me some tongue, which I took as a sign that she'd forgiven my ass. I left to change into something more comfortable for dinner.

I was sneaking a piece of chicken from the pan when my babydoll caught me. She laughed, slapping my hand away. Then, she handed DC over to me so that she could fix us a plate. Exhausted, I sat down, playing and nuzzling my son.

When Bella brought over the food, I put him in his booster seat. Since he was a fast learner, he already knew how to hold his own bottle. We'd had some early cognitive tests done on him and our pediatrician believed that he might have inherited my photographic memory.

"Good boy," Bella cooed, handing him a bottle filled with organic apple juice.

My son sucked on that bottle like it was his last meal. He loved all the different juices that we'd tried out on him, except the prune. Actually, I probably hated the prune more than him because that meant a fuckload of diaper changes, and it wasn't pretty. Bella said she had to give it to him sometimes to combat constipation.

"He's heavier. Last time I weighed him, he was twenty one pounds," I said, making conversation.

Nodding, Bella cut into her chicken. "He's all fat rolls and dimples, just like I like him. Carlisle says he's very healthy. Earlier, he was trying to crawl. I'm sure he's going to be an active baby. Esme said you learned to walk at an early age and got into everything."

I forked up some potatoes. "Yeah, I was a fucking speed demon. Mom said she lost the baby weight running after my little ass. I also went through a nude phase where I refused to wear clothes."

She groaned. "I really hope Dante skips that. Um, how was your day?"

"It was good."

"I just want to say I'm sorry for being a bitch this morning. I trust you, Edward. I have to for this marriage to work. If that part is gone, we have nothing. I couldn't stay with you if you cheated one me. You know that, right?

I sipped my iced tea. My mouth felt like it was filled with cotton. Why was my babydoll talking about cheating all the damn time? I hadn't done anything to make her think I was unfaithful.

"You don't think I know that? I keep my dick in my pants, Bella. You can trust me."

She nodded. "Good. The publisher is planning to feature my novel in some prominent retailers. I'm currently at number fifteen on the New York Times bestseller list. That doesn't matter, though. I'm just really happy that Vlad's wife's story is being told and Huilen's charity is benefiting."

"That's fucking great, babydoll. I'm so proud of you. I'm sure you'll be number one soon."

She beamed. "I hope so. Oh, and speaking of… They're all coming to visit us during Christmas. Nahuel is dying to meet Dante."

Groaning, I got a second helping of chicken. "Yeah, I'll make sure everything is arranged. He better keep his fucking hands to himself, though."

"You're such a caveman, Edward. Nahuel doesn't like me like that. He's my friend."

I apologized to keep the peace. By the time we finished eating, we were both tired. Dante, however, wanted to play. It took another two hours and a breastfeeding before he finally conked out. I read Dr. Seuss while my babydoll rocked him.

After that, we both tucked him in and turned on his starlight mobile. It played "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on repeat while furry stars spun in a circle. I was just glad that Bella let him sleep in his bed now. His room was right across from ours with only a door separating us, and he we had the baby monitor in case he woke up.

When we got to our room, my babydoll washed her face and changed into a pair of pink short pajamas without underwear. My cock jumped as I watched her bend over to put something away. I needed a good hard fuck really bad or sleep wasn't going to happen.

I got into bed fully nude, palming my erection. "I've got a problem, Swan. Can you help me?"

She raised her eyebrows. "I'm really tired, Edward. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you later."

As soon as he head hit the pillow, she was asleep. Onyx, probably returning from the bowels of hell, hopped on the foot of the bed and laid down. I turned over, facing away from my wife and tried to get some sleep.

I knew that she was tired, but lately our sex life was becoming non-existent. We used to be so hot for each other, but time and a kid threw a wrench into all of that. I hadn't planned on this shit when I got married.

Because I couldn't sleep, I went to the den and called my brother to see if he was still awake. "Em."

"Hey, Edward. What's up, bro?"

"Nothing, I'm just… Bella… It's like we're drifting apart. She's tired a lot and I get it, but I miss us."

He chortled. "Welcome to the club, Edward. Once the kids are born, you become less important. It takes some getting used to, but when you do finally get some, it's really damn good. Give her time."

I ran my fingers through my hair. "I know, and I feel like a fucking selfish asshole for even feeling like this. Bella is a great mother."

"It's normal, dude. Be patient and you'll earn some brownie points. How's the Senate thing going? My female clients love your flier. Most of them have been stolen."

""It's good. I just need to find a way to get the gay vote."

"I can't help you there, but I think you can win it. Then, maybe you can get all of Rose's speeding tickets canceled. She drives like a NASCAR racer."

We shot the shit until he had to go to bed. I felt better after talking to Em. After eating a bowl of flan and having a glass of Scotch, I was able to sleep.

When I woke up, my babydoll was kissing her way down my torso. I smiled, tangling my fingers in her hair. This was definitely not a fucking dream. Her naked body was on fire, making me shudder as her nipples made contact with my happy trail.

"That feels so fucking good, babydoll."

Lightly, she bit down on my hips. I bucked against her while she scraped her teeth on my upper thighs. It had been a week since she gave me a blowjob. I just hoped I wouldn't come too early.

"You taste so good, honey. I love you."

The next thing I felt was her mouth sucking on the head. Watching my babydoll bob her head up and down on my cock, made me swell even larger. I had to think of stock symbols to keep from jizzing.

"Fuck," I screamed as she yanked on my balls. "Right there, babydoll."

She went fucking deep throat on my cock, humming and scratching her nails on my thigh. I thrust deeper into her ,mouth. That shit felt like heaven. A minute later, she came up gasping for air. Thankfully, she didn't remove her soft hands from my shaft.

"Do you wanna come in my mouth or in my pussy?"

"Fuck! Pussy," I moaned.

She was lowering herself onto me when the baby monitor came alive. Our son was squealing. Bella moved, trying to run to him.

"Where are you going? Let him cry. It's good for babies."

She pulled away. "He's screaming. What if something is wrong? I'm sorry, Edward. Um, just give me a minute."

I stared down at my pained, fully-erect cock. "I don't have a minute, babydoll. This shit hurts."

"I know, and I'm sorry," she said, putting on her robe and leaving the room.

I managed to finish myself, but my hand was no substitution for pussy paradise. With a start like that, I knew the day was going to be shit. We had breakfast together before going through the normal routine. I was fucking bored.


Sensing my bad mood, Gina tried to cheer me up. I gave her more work than necessary to keep her off my back. I needed to get laid and pronto.

Bella and my sisters were participating in a fashion show for Alice's boutique next month. She had lunch with them going over outfits. I didn't want her to be in the show, but she didn't listen to me. Luckily, we were both against her modeling lingerie. Jaz and Em had my back on that point.

By the end of the day, I was fucking pissed. Instead of going home, I joined a couple of patrons in the club. Some new bitch tried to give me a lap dance, but I shooed her away. I just watched the sad motherfuckers believe that the strippers liked them. More than half of the guys were wearing wedding bands.

"I can help turn that frown upside down if you'll let me," Aurora said, loosening my tie. She was one of the new dancers. I suspected her blood red ringlets were fake, but they were a big draw. She also wore blue contacts. I didn't know what the bitch looked like without all her add-ons.

"Only one woman can do that, and it ain't you. Move on. That fat guy at the end of the bar is a big tipper." She stomped away angrily.

By the time Jessica walked over to the bar, I was on my third drink. "Go home, Edward. Jane called. Bella is pissed. She's been trying to reach you."

I pulled out my phone, noticing five missed messages. "Shit."

"Shit is right. You have a wife and baby at home that need you. I'll keep the girls in line."

Nodding, I let Felix help me with my coat. He insisted on driving me home. My buzz had kicked in so I didn't give a fuck either way.

"Where the hell have you been, Edward? It's almost midnight," Bella yelled, poking me in the chest.

"I was at the club. If something had of happened, you would have gotten a call."

"I'm sorry, Bella. We tried to make him come sooner. Good luck," Felix said, making a quick exit.

"Whatever," I said, taking a seat on the couch.

"Did you forget about our treatment today? Dr. A. went over things with me, but it would have been better if you were there. Talk to me, Edward. What's wrong."

I snorted. "It's so fucking mundane now. We used to fuck each other like animals almost every day. Now, you're never in the mood or Dante is crying…"

"Don't you dare! Our son is not responsible for you acting like a jackass. So we have less sex, is that all our relationship is based on?"

I laid down on the couch. Bella was really fucking up my buzz. "No, but men have needs. I'm around pussy all fucking day. I turn it away because I have you, but lately…"

She picked up a pillow and hit me over the head several times. "You're saying that you should be allowed to cheat because I'm not putting out? Go fuck yourself, Edward! Better yet, go fuck another woman."

"That wasn't what I meant…"

She laughed. "Guess what, ass? I got Dante to sleep early so we could have a romantic night because I felt bad about this morning. I guess I'm the only one that wants to keep this marriage going."

"Babydoll, wait," I said, standing up.

"No, just… sleep in another room tonight."

I must have passed out on the couch. When I woke up, I was still in my wrinkled suit. Wincing, I went to take a shower and put on sweatpants. I took a fucking pill because both of my heads were throbbing and in pain.

After that, I went to the nursery. Dante's big green eyes were wet with tears, but he wasn't screaming. Worriedly, I lifted him out of his bed.

"Hey, little man. What's wrong?"

His little lips began to quiver and his face was pale. "Bella," I screamed, busting into the bedroom, "something is wrong with Dante. He's sick."

She was beside me in a minute. "Oh my god, Edward! He's burning up." She went to the bathroom and returned with a thermometer. Then, she inserted it into his armpit. She held it down for a few minutes.

"He's one hundred and two point five. Call Carlisle. I'll get a cool cloth for his head."

Thirty minutes later, my mom and dad showed up. Esme leaned down to feel Dante's head. My babydoll had an iron grip on him. Carlisle pulled out a bottle of something.

"This is infant Tylenol. It should help cut the fever. Bella, you're going to have to put him down so I can have a look."

She sobbed. "Okay, just help him. I can't stand that he's in pain."

I held her hand as Carlisle examined every inch of our son. He leaned DC back and used the dropper to give him some medicine. Our son cried, spitting out the first dose. Fortunately, the next one stayed down. Esme assured us both that he was all right. My babydoll nodded, but she was still crying.

After the exam, Dad put D.C. back into Bella's arms. "He's fine. It's just a cold. He's only a few months old so his immune system isn't fully formed. It's to be expected now that he's going out more."

"It's my fault. I should have kept him warmer. I'm a bad mother," she sniffled.

I tried to comfort her. "No you're not, Bella. Babies get colds all the time."

"Edward is right, Bella. Most babies have a dozen or more by the time they reach a year. Dante's a very healthy baby. He can fight this," Carlisle said, wrapping his arm around mom.

"You're both welcome to the spend the night. Thanks for coming so late." It was almost two in the morning.

"That's okay, son. Your mom and I are glad to help. I suggest you keep him for the day. Monitor his fever. If it gets higher, bring him to the hospital."

We were up all night with our baby. I felt fucking awful. My babydoll was frantic, so I spent half the time trying to keep her calm. She gave him a cool bath. DC refused both the bottle and the breast. I walked him around the apartment, humming soothing songs while Bella napped.

The fever broke before seven in the morning. Around that time, our family began to call. With the level of panic, you would have thought Dante was in the hospital. I had to repeat Carlisle's diagnosis over and over again.

"My poor nephew. I can stay with him so you both can get some sleep," Ali offered.

A minute later, Jasper chimed in. "Tell Bella not to blame herself. I know how she is. It won't be a problem for us to take D.C."

"No, we're good. Jaz, I need you to oversee things at HADES. I'm taking the day off."

"No problem, bro. We'll drop by later."

"Tell Bella we love her and kiss Dante for me, Edward. Tell him his Aunt Ali is going to buy him another teddy bear."

"I will and thanks. They'll be fine."

All my fucking phones rang off the hook, but I let them all go to voicemail. My family needed me more than any of those motherfuckers.

In the bedroom, Bella was in bed looking down at our son, who was laying on his stomach in the middle. Thankfully, he seemed to be sleeping peacefully. I laid down on the other side, kissing the back of his head.

"I was so scared, Edward," she cried, kissing my hand.

"I know, babydoll. I'm so fucking sorry for how I behaved. I shouldn't have stayed out like I did. I'll double our therapy time next week. Please, forgive me."

"He's such a little angel. Look at him." Our son did look really sweet, with his little thumb in his mouth.

"I forgive you. I just want us to talk about things. We're different now. I don't always… I can't always make love to you. We just have to work harder. I don't want us to burn out. All I can think about is...what if tonight happened and you weren't here? You're our rock, Edward. We need you."

I pulled her as close as I could without disturbing our son. "I need you both, too. This little family means everything to me. I'll always be here for you and DC."

She nodded. "Good. I'm really tired. Let's just go to sleep. I love you."

"I love you more, babydoll." Yeah, that shit was sappy but it was how I felt.

We stared at each other for a long time. Dante babbled, but he didn't wake up. Eventually, my babydoll closed her eyes. I kissed her head, and then DC. A few minutes later, I joined them in dreamland.

I woke up alone in bed around nine in the morning. After stretching, I went to find my family. Bella was in the nursery breastfeeding Dante. His color was back, and he looked happy.

"Good morning, Edward. There's breakfast in the kitchen. I already ate."

Smiling, I leaned down to give them a morning peck. "Is he good?"

She nodded. "He's fine. The fever is gone, and he's eaten twice."

Dante unlatched, turning and reaching out for me. I lifted my boy in my arms, breathing in tha sweet powdery baby smell. All was well in my world again.

I hugged him to my chest, rejoicing in his strong heartbeat. "You scared me, little guy. I love you so much, Dante."

We spent the whole day together. Various family and friends came by to see DC. The women comforted my babydoll. Alice bought a shitload of toys, and as usual, Dante was more interested in the packaging. For some reason, he liked hearing bubble wrap pop. It scared most babies, but it made him laugh.

"He's tough, Edward. A little fever won't stop DC.," Em said, handing me a soda.

Colin and Brady didn't understand Dante's illness, so they tried to put band-aids on his arms and legs. Rose had to explain that his "ouchie" was on the inside. They spent the next hour telling the "sickies" to leave their baby alone. It was pretty fucking cute. I liked the fact that they were already close and protective.

After Carlisle gave Dante another examination, everyone left. Bella and I spent the night watching movies and monitoring our son. We discussed the campaign and planned to spend Thanksgiving in Chicago.

"That works for me, Edward. I'd like to see where you grew up," my babydoll mused, cuddling closer to me.

"We'll have fun. Last Thanksgiving wasn't great. I'm determined to make it up to you."

She buried her face in my chest. "I was such a bitch last year."

"Yeah, but it was my fucking fault. We've been through so much shit, babydoll. I really want us to last. I love you."

A little while later, she fell asleep in my arms. I carried her to bed. Dante slept peacefully in his own bed. The fever didn't return.


Two days later, my babydoll and I had lunch at her coffee shop. It was in the business district and close to the college, so there were a lot of customers. Bree and Maggie insisted on taking Dante so Bella and I could talk. Never one to turn down beautiful women, my boy smiled and cooed.

"Oh god! He's so beautiful," some random girl yelled, following Bree. Dante made one of his happy noises.

I smirked. "Like father, like son."

My babydoll giggled. "Puh-lease. They didn't even look at you. Dante has stolen daddy's thunder." I had to laugh at that shit. If I had to forfeit the crown to someone, I was glad it was my son.

After she stopped laughing, my babydoll took a bite of her salad. "Guess what? I think I've come up with something to help you win the LBGT vote."

Some guy across the way was eye-fucking. I gave him the finger and opened my jacket so he could see the fucking holster. It must have worked because he got his shit to go.

"What's that, babydoll?"

"Um, have you ever had a drag show at HADES?"

I spit out my iced latte. "We're not that kind of club. My clientele…."

"I know, but it's Halloween. I don't think they'll mind. The girls can dress up and you can have some of the city's top drag queens perform. Announce it on gay-friendly radio stations and newspapers. It will set you apart from Collins."

I texted Gina. She loved the idea and made plans to start advertising. Then, I sent an email to Jasper and D explaining what I wanted. Surprisingly, they were excited. D said chicks loved drag queens so he was expecting to get a lot of pussy. He talked a big game but would probably spend the night keeping fuckers away from Maggie.

"Um, and actually I have another idea to put you over the top, but you might not go for it." I knew that look. My babydoll was about to fuck me over.


"Have you ever see The Rocky Horror Picture Show? The transvestite, Frank N Furter… You have a nice tush and great legs, Edward."

"Oh god, " I groaned, pulling on my tie. "Are you punishing me for the other night?"

My babydoll laughed. "No. I honestly think it's a good idea."

She leaned across the table seductively. A few seconds later, she placed her foot right over my crotch. I took a deep breath, trying to remember that we were in public. "It would turn me on. I'd love to see you walking around in heels and garters. Only a man that's secure in his masculinity could pull it off. You're the club owner. Imagine how excited everyone will be."

"Okay, but I swear I better get one good hard fuck out of this, babydoll. Am I going to have to shave my legs for this shit?"


By the time the weekend came, I was shaved and ready. Em had blew a fucking gut when he found out who I was going to be. Rose didn't like that one bit. They had planned for him to be a football player and her to be cheerleader, but she switched it. Em was going as the chick.

My sister, not wanting to be left out, insisted that Jasper be Barbie. She was going as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I gave Jasper credit for fighting it, but just like me, he lost. We were going to look fucking ridiculous.

Bella and I fought over Dante's costume, too. She wanted him to be a fucking sunflower. I'd chosen a baby Superman and a ninja outfit. Eventually, my babydoll found a Winnie the Pooh costume that she fell in love with. She even got him a bottle that looked like a honey pot.

Fortunately, my parents volunteered to babysit. I was willing to hire a nanny for the night, but my mom insisted. She said she didn't get enough time with her grand babies. Carlisle had been on call the whole week, so he was looking forward to spending a night inside.

As soon as we stepped into my parent's house, DC's infectious laugh filled the air. He knew he was about to be spoiled rotten. C and B ran out with huge pumpkins filled with candy. Esme told us she'd already explained why Dante couldn't have any. The boys were both dressed as Tigger, so they got a kick out of DC's costume.

The women took a bunch of fucking pictures. They even set up the camera equipment so Di could see it all. It was a madhouse. Mom and Carlisle's house was one of the top trick or treat spots, so the doorbell never stopped ringing. I was just glad I hadn't changed in to my costume yet. Before we left, mom made Bella promise to send her pictures of me in drag.

"Be good for papa and nana, Dante," Bella said, kissing him on the cheeks.

He gurgled, playing with my mom's hair. She asked us if it was alright if he had some mashed banana and tapioca pudding. We both agreed. I swear DC understood the conversation. His pudgy little legs went crazy. He was definitely a future football star.

My babydoll was frisky in the car. We ended up pulling over so she could suck me off. This time I was able to finish. By the time we got home, I was fucking ecstatic.

Bella practically skipped to the bedroom. "I'm going to put my costume on, Edward. No peeking." Unfortunately, she had kept it a fucking secret, which didn't bode well for me.

My costume was a fucking nightmare. I had to wear a jockstrap underneath the black briefs. That shit barely held my dick. After I put on the black corset vest, garters, gloves, and stockings, I looked in the mirror. Bella had been right about my ass--it was fucking perfection. I flexed a little before putting on the heels. My sister had even provided a hair net to go with the curly, black wig.

A few minutes later, Bella came in to apply my makeup. Her costume was too fucking hot for the public. I had to use my calming breathing exercises and dig my nails into my hands to stay calm.

"Wow! I knew you'd look good in that, Edward. Your legs look better than mine, " she joked.

"Very funny. Do you really think you're leaving the house in that shit? Those stockings are see though! Please, go change."

She shook her beautiful head. "Nope. I'm a Transylvanian temptress. I don't follow your rules."

I groaned, surveying the full costume. It was long sleeved, black and red lace corset tutu thing with fishnet stockings. Her hair was curled and a little matching hat pinned to the side. She even had on heavy, black eye liner and blood red lips. When she smiled, I saw the fangs.

"Fuck me."

"I definitely will later, Edward. I'm going to fuck you all night long. Now, sit down so I can put on your lipstick."

After being assaulted with blush, powder, an eyelash curler, and a white pearl choker, I had a new appreciation for women. My babydoll even included a red boa so we would match.

"You look hot," she said, biting my neck.

I pulled away. Her fake teeth fucking hurt. "I'm glad you're happy. Promise me that we'll never show our kids pictures of me dressed like this. I'd like to keep my dignity."

I'd arranged for a stretch Hummer limo to pick everyone up. I felt less self conscious when I saw Em and Jaz. My poor brother in law was in a pink dress and a curly blond wig. The kicker was the white go-go boots. Like Bella's costume, Alice's was too revealing but they didn't want to hear that shit, so I kept it to myself.

Em made the ugliest fucking cheerleader of all time. He had on a red and gold skirt and tank top. He and Jaz had been made to wear fake tits. Thankfully, my outfit didn't call for that.

Rose was wearing a full on football uniform with her hair tied up. She almost died laughing when she saw Jasper and me. I narrowed my eyes at her as she complimented me on my legs. Em pretended to be jealous until she told him he had a sexy stomach.

Something about my costume made my babydoll horny as shit. She couldn't keep her small hands off of me. To give us some privacy, I turned on the strobe lights as everyone passed around the champagne. Loud techno music blasted from the speakers making everyone dance.

When I was sure that no one was looking, I slyly dipped my finger into Bella's pussy. She was already extremely wet. I also played with her clit, giving her just enough to get hot but not get off. She pouted when I pulled my hand away.

Bree and Riley went traditional. He was prince charming, and she was a princess. Maggie ended up bringing some new guy that she was seeing. She was dressed as a cat and the guy was a surfer. I had my doubts about the asshole because he liked my costume a little too much.

There was a long ass line of people when we pulled up to the club. Since I was doing this for press, I had our driver pull up in front instead of parking in my private garage. Everyone stared as we exited.

Bella and I were the last out. People began screaming and clapping. I took my babydoll's hand, smiling and waving to the crowd. Too many motherfuckers whistled at my wife. I palmed my black clutch, which contained my SIG. I didn't go anywhere unarmed.

When we stepped inside HADES, the first lines of Outkast's "Dracula's Wedding" greeted us. My babydoll pulled me into her arms, grinding her tight ass right over my cock.

You're all I've ever wanted, but i'm terrified of you
My castle may be haunted, but i'm terrified of you
I've cast my spell on millions, but i'm terrified of you
Baby i do this from the ceiling, but i'm terrified of you
I wait my whole life to bite the right one
Then you come along and that freaks me out
So i'm frightened..(oh!)...Dracula's wedding
I've never ran from no one, but i'm terrified of you
See my heartbeat is a slow one, but i'm terrified of you
I've been around for ages, but i'm terrified of you
Put my fang across the stage, but yet i'm terrified of you

She turned around so that we were face to face. Then she grabbed both of my ass cheeks, pushing me into the wall. It was too dark to see clearly but I felt her fangs on my neck. I slipped my hands under her skirt to cup her hot little ass. Unfortunately, we were interrupted.

The President of the Seattle LBGT business community and a few reporters came to do short interviews with me. They also took a lot of fucking pictures. I sighed, realizing I would be all over the papers in my drag costume.

Bella and my sisters had a blast, dancing and singing along with the drag queens. We had Liza, Donna Summers, and even Cher. The club was beyond capacity, but the fire chief was in our fucking pockets so I wasn't worried. By that time, Bella had drank three glasses of champagne and was extremely horny.

"Cause it's voodoo voodoo voodoo (under your spell). 'Cause it's voodoo voodoo voodoo (under your spell)," she sang, pointing at her name over my heart.

I was pretty sure what we were doing on the dance floor was indecent. There was no sign of the rest of our party. They were all off fucking around in the club. I didn't even want to think about Jaz and my sister in his office. Yuck!

I was fondling Bella's ass and dry humping in a secluded corner when the DJ put on "Starstruck" by Santogold. It was one of my babydoll's favorite songs. Sighing, I let her pull me back out on the dance floor.

The patrons knew who I was, so they gave us space. The bitches were cleaning up in the private rooms upstairs. A few of them wandered around, but they didn't touch me or say shit. News of Lauren's banishment was still fresh in everyone's head. I knew Jane had bought Jessica for the night, so one of the other bitches was running the girls.

Later, Gina came over to say hello and complimented my babydoll on her costume. Gina's devil costume didn't leave anything to the imagination. Some guy dressed like Bill Clinton pulled her away a few minutes later.

"I hate that bitch," Bella said after Gina was out of earshot.

"She was nice."

Bella snorted. "Nice my ass. She wants you. I still think you should fire her, but it's up to you."

I pulled her closer, nibbling on her neck. "I don't want to fight with you tonight. Whether she wants to fuck me or not isn't important. I don't want anyone but you."

She licked my neck and ground her pussy against my knee. "Take me to the champagne room."

I almost broke my fucking legs to get to the elevator. Motherfucking high heels were harder to walk in than they looked. Felix and Chelsea, wearing Frankenstein costumes, winked at us. Bella tried to stop and talk, so I lifted her into my arms. Felix chuckled, promising that he had things under control.

The VIP bitches loved seeing me in drag. They made jokes and laughed as I passed. I stepped on a few motherfucker's toes for looking at my babydoll. The only cock she'd be working was mine.

Finally, we got to my personal VIP room. I'd never fucked Bella in it before, but it was kept clean for me. One of the girls brought a fresh bottle of Dom. I poured a flute for my babydoll, watching her giggle when the bubbles tickled her nose.

Suddenly, she put her drink down and stood up. My mouth dropped open as she began to strip. Underneath the corset was a red thong and tassels that covered her nipples. I grabbed the bottle and fucking guzzled.

"Like what you see, Husband?" She asked, bending over.

"Fuck." Each time I saw the "Property of Edward Cullen" tattoo on her ass, my cock went crazy. She'd gotten it for her twenty-fifth birthday last month. We had fucked a lot that weekend. I was really surprised that I hadn't knocked her up again.

After straddling my lap, she let her hair down and began to gyrate her hips. I took off my gloves so I could feel her silky soft skin. She fucking purred in my ear. Then, she pulled my wig off. The vest came next. Before long I was down to just garters and stockings.

"Keep those on," Bella commanded.

"Whatever you want, babydoll."

Next, I pulled the tassels off with my teeth, smiling as her nipples hardened. I sucked them into my mouth, alternating between licking and biting down on her tit. Pretty soon, I was rewarded with Bella's sweet breast milk. She licked inside my ear, whispering "fuck" over and over again.

"Get up on the table."

My babydoll nodded, and then, walked over and laid down on the cloth. I sipped champagne as she dipped her fingers into her sweet hot pussy. When she licked her juices off of the forefinger, my cock jumped.

"Do you want to taste it, Edward? It's always for you, and you only."

Her eyelids fluttered as I walked over to the side fisting my cock. My babydoll's whole face was red. I figured one hard lick would make her come.

I pulled out the chair, taking a seat. Then, I poured champagne in her bellybutton. Like a fucking dog, I lapped that shit up, following the line until I reached her pussy. She spread her legs wider, giving me better access.

"Fuck, you taste good. Do you like this?" I asked, pinching her little nub.

"Yes. Oh god, yes," she screamed

Continuing to pour and lick, I worked my way up to her tits. She groaned, looking deep in my eyes. When I got to her mouth, I kissed her hungrily, starving for the sweetness inside. I tossed the fangs. My fingers probed deeper into the valley until I felt her come apart. She screamed her extreme pleasure into my mouth.

"Was that good enough?" I asked, backing away.


She wrapped her legs around my waist. My dick stiffened between my legs, daring me to take what was mine. I lined it up and plunged inside. The first thrust was always more potent that any street drug.

"Tell me... Tell me what you want," I grunted.

"Hard! Please."

I placed her legs over my shoulder. "You can do better than that, babydoll. Talk dirty to me."

Hissing, she gripped my arms. "I want you to fuck my pussy hard and fast. Make me scream."

Suddenly, I stopped and pulled out. My babydoll whimpered as I took a seat on the big black leather couch.

"What else do you want, babydoll?"

She hopped down, coming to kneel in front of me. Seductively, she took off my knee highs and used them to bind my hands over my head. I looked over in the mirror, noticing that most of my makeup was still on. The waterproof and all day shit must have really worked.

"I want you to stick your big cock up my ass and let me ride you, beautiful."

I chuckled. "That's more like it, babydoll."

She bent over so that her ass was only a few inches from my face. I stuck out my tongue, groaning when I realized she was just of reach. Slowly, she backed her ass into my face. I rimmed her hard, biting down on the tattoo and making her scream.

"Good, boy," she said, backing away.

After that, she took off her shoes and put a bunch of lube up her ass and on my cock. When she lowered herself onto me, my legs began to shake uncontrollably. My nuts were about to burst.

"Fuck! I'm not going to last."

She looked over her shoulder, winking at me. Then, she flexed her sphincter, which made her tiny hole even tighter. I broke free of the restraint and pounded the shit out of her ass. The sounds of wet sex and skin slapping against skin filled the room. My babydoll reached back, running her hands through my hair.

"Yes! Just like that... Ungh... Ungh... Edward... I'm so close."

Hearing her moan and call my name turned me on. I stuck three fingers into her pussy. She screamed, having another orgasm. One of my hands twisted her nipples while the other squeezed her clit. Eventually, her voice turned hoarse and she began sobbing.

"So good. I can't take it... Please... You have to come...," she pleaded.

Every nerve and muscle in my body was on fire as I thrust into the best ass in existence. Suddenly, it all felt too damn good. A minute later, an orgasm exploding, taking us both under. I wrapped my arms around Bella's small waist, pumping until there was nothing left to give.

My heart swelled with love for the woman that always made my dreams come true. I held her until she caught her breath, whispering Italian love words. We'd destroyed the champagne room. The tablecloth was shredded on the floor and there were several broken flutes.

I smirked. "You're the best, babydoll. Best sex of my life."

Carefully, I withdrew from her ass. She raised her knees and turned so that she could lay her head on my shoulder. I sent a message to one of the employees to leave two robes by the door. Five minutes later, there was a knock letting us know that they were there. Bella folded our costumes and handed me another drink.

After helping her into a robe and donning mine, we took the private exit up to my office. My VIP room was the only one that had the privilege.

"You're like Batman," Bella teased, kissing my chest.

"And you're like Catwoman. You scratched the hell out me, wife."

She purred, wiggling her ass over my groin. "You know you liked it. I'll use the fangs on you later. You do look rather tasty."

"Do whatever you want, just leave enough of me for our son to identify."

Laughing and hand in hand, we walked to the office. When we there, I was shocked to see the lights on. I figured that Felix had come up to get something, but I still took my SIG out of the clutch.

"What's wrong?" my babydoll asked, gripping my arm.

"Better safe than sorry."

At Bella's old desk, was a motherfucker that I hadn't seen in years. I groaned, putting the gun away. I had to deal with this shit sometime.

The tall, thin man stood up and smiled. "Edward, my boy. Long time no see. When you gonna come and say hi to your Uncle Paulo? Your Aunt is downstairs shaking her booty. Is this the Missus?"

My babydoll blushed and curtsied. I was just glad that the robes covered everything. Paulo didn't seem to notice that he was intruding.

Accepting my fate, I bit the bullet and introduced my wife. Even when Dante wasn't around, there was a whole team of people waiting to cockblock my ass. I guess the devil didn't escape the flames after all.

I don't like this chapter, but I hope you do. As always I'll be under the desk with Stoli and some candy corn too. I just write what Donward says. Tell me what you think about Gina and Anna. We all know they won't end well. Stay tuned for the next installment. Review and Edward will visit you in your dreams. Don't and you get the Liza Minelli drag queen singing the hits. It's your choice.


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